Anonimi Thread: The Potential Resurgance

About a year ago, I suggested we create a race that was based on the Anons of Veeky Forums and the boards that they inhabit.

Things... kinda went to pot.

So I'm trying again this year! I present to you the minuscule Anonimi, meme incarnate!

Anonimi, fighting the good fight against the evil forces of the Tumblr Witches...

...and other such horrors all across the massive (To them) land of... This land... Didn't give it a name at the time...

...From the mightiest Veeky Forumsizen, the strongest of the Anonimi ...

... the /out/landers, savagely cunning survivalist...

...The brave and fearless /k/ommandos, armed and ready to charge into death's embrace...

... and even the repulsive but useful nor/mlp/eople, forever changed by their demented obsession.

All of them together, fighting to exist in a world that would rather see them wiped from existence.

Who knows what horrors will be faced in the darkness where only the brave inve/x/tigators dare to tread!

When around every corner, evil forces lie in wait! Redditors prowling, ever hungry!

Tell me of the /d/enizens

The /d/enizens, one of the more promiscuous clans of the Anonimi Tribes! Known for there odd and varying taste! Their fetishes give them power, kept in physical form as a totem around their necks!

Only they and their fellows can fight unhindered against the seduction of the other races!

Sorry did not have a picture of the /d/enizens ready at all. I'm just using the content created last year.

Magic of all kinds! Small in size and power but enhanced by their collective might and the materials unique to their homeland.

But not all is bad in the lands of the Anonimi! Where there are moments of war and terror, there are those of peace and camaraderie!

In there homes, built into hills, in and on to trees, into the very cracks of the mountain they live!

what about the /pol/acks?

In the swamps! Were the useful black powder berries are grown and dried for use in the many weapons created! Or jellied and burned as fuel for their miniature mechanical marvels!

Those of the long winded house of /pol/? Debtors of the highest and lowest order, always looking at the events of the here and then to figure out what may or may not be and how it effects the Anonimi.

how do they reproduce?
and what of the Robots 9000?

Resourceful and bright, they use any and everything to get by. Wither by taking the scraps of others or using natures bounty for their own ends?

A mystery to be sure! When Anonimi find their choice mate, they come together and away from prying eyes! They aren't always successful and sometimes only one returns... but only a short time later a new Anonimi is born, but kept away from prying eyes to keep the young Anonimi from the dreaded b&er flies who pray on Newly born Anonimi!

And as to those who dwell within the secret temples, the monks of /r9k/ think on the everything in life and how to look at it from a fresh and new prospective. Always looking for something else and another way to look at it.

Sometimes all they see is more of the same, but in those rare but amazing moments of brilliance they envision and bring forth something new for all Anonimi to see!

And though the tribes and clans may be at odds from time to time and old and bitter rivalries rear their ugly head, they will always come together in time.

For there are monsters afoot!

Only the brave, crazy... or incredibly fast can hope to survive alone!

It is only together that they can hope to make war against those desperate to see them wiped from the world of Inter!

I'm running out of things to say and images to post, I'll make more if needed, but that's what I'm proposing.

Let's bring these little guys into existence as a race Veeky Forums can be proud(less ashamed) about!

Holy crap, I remember this. I still have the images saved to my computer.

Hey! Welcome back! Think you'd want to take another crack at it? I've come to the realization that even though I wanted to do it together last time, I was still rather possessive. I'm over that now, so I'm trying again!

Well, first thing would be a system- as far into this creation you have, there isn't really anything to do with them. It's just fluff.
This seems like it'd be a neat world to play around in, with the little folks trying to combat the internet's dark corners.

Then the next would be to create a race for all of the boards; you have some already, but there's tons more. You'd confer them bonuses based on those, like Veeky Forums would get a extra for cooking, Veeky Forums for mechanical, etc.
/b/ would probably get a heavily reduced bonus, but gain them for all skills? like, a 2d6 bonus down to 1d4?

Anyway, this idea is neat. I would also look into mice and mystics, since this seems to give off some of the same vibes, what with the little peoples and the scrap weapons. Perhaps the world was destroyed a long time ago, and that's why there are these items everywhere?

You are absolutely correct... sad as it is, I'm more of a fluff guy. I can do that all day and night. Figuring out a system? That's something left to a better fa/tg/entleman than me. But I will take your advice and look into it.

I remember this, it was fun.
I think you're right user, this would be a good fit for a light hearted RPG, but what should we do mechanics wise?

Well, because of their small size, maybe a teamwork aspect? Every PC rolls a dice, and its all added to some grand total for certain situations and abilities.

I Remember these guys! Lots of fun. Do you have a consolidated fluff resource anywhere online?
This is an excellent idea

Shit, I remember this. Was only around for the first thread, though. What's with the Gondola in ?

What about a "lead" Anonimi for the skill determining how many dice can be thrown into the Tiny Pool?

Glad to have you both back!

Unfortunately I do not at this time, but I will be getting all my fluff online sometime soon!

Someone suggested Gondola's as symbiotic animal in like the... 4th thread? We protect them and we basically use them as mounts and as River (stream) crossers. And the user that did the other pictures put it in their to show it off.

That might work fairly well, we'd have to see.

Is anger a common racial trait?

Anger... him. How about a 'Short Fuse' or a 'Triggered'/'Rustled' Rage? With every Anonimi having something that will set off its anger as a debuff to mental or skill abilities but a boost to physical?

So the /mlp/ people are actual horses?

It looked like some kind of fucked up centaur to me.

Can we discuss a tribe for /co/ it's my home away from my home board and I'd like to see them represented. That being said I've no idea what they should be like... any ideas anons?

Yes, some of the /co/horts delved into some messed up shit and while many were able to prevent the corruption from consuming them, those that weren't so lucky were changed from normal form into the form of that which corrupted them.

That way the stigma on them still exist in game and no one can say anything about including them since they're still shunned.

That would be hard to do with the base design of the Anonimi.

What would you like to know about the /co/horts?

That works. Can't overlook that. Ooh what about shit posters and trolls being kind of like changelings. Monsters who masquerade as anonimis to cause conflict and lure away the foolish to their demise.

What distinguishes them from the other tribes. What are their stenghts and failings. That sort of thing. Also that's a great way of handling mlp I think.

>Ooh what about shit posters and trolls being kind of like changelings. Monsters who masquerade as anonimis to cause conflict and lure away the foolish to their demise.

Oh I like that, for one it fits the theme rather nicely since the world is supposed to be a parody of the Internet. Having them around as common monster would make perfect sense.

Seeing as they are /co/horts ( the s makes it soind plural to me)could the tribe be divided into two rival groups?

Every Tribe has a skill or specialty that makes them unique. The Anonimi of clan /co/horts specialty is their story telling. They tell stories of heroes and villains to inspire their fellows into following in the footsteps of great heroes or not giving up hope.

Think of a bard, but just with spoken words.

Technically clan /co/harts is divided into subgroups. It's to mirror the division caused by those who only like Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, etc etc. They're still all one clan but they're competitive in their story telling, wanting to one up the others most of the time.

How are trip and namefags represented? Are they treated with scorn, reverence, or indifference by the anonimis?

What of the /j/anitors?

I'm thinking about a d4/6 system, with Anonimi having at least one "racial" stat that uses a d6.
Say, the other party members roll their d4 and add they add it all together, thats the amount of d6 the "lead" throws. You all help the Veeky Forumsizen lift the great door! (a cat door?) The party's wagon is being chased! Divide your efforts shooting with the /k/ommando, speeding with the nor/mlp/eople and avoiding the obstacles and loosing your pursuers under Veeky Forums!

This was debated to a great extent in the original threads last year.

Generally speaking it was decided that a Trip/Name fag was to be treated negatively in their desire to have a larger Identity than an Anonimi of clan/tribe *insert here*.

However, since they do have a larger identity they are hard to ignore, so they kind of get a boost to charisma/social checks, but they have the penalty of being generally disliked until they bring a good reputation to their name.

Just like some Trip/Name fags earn a positive rep from contributing while others make negative rep by being a general asshat.

So I guess its something anyone can do, but if done its permanent and while you get a buff, you're reputation becomes a more prominent aspect of your character.

I beg your pardon but I'm not seeing anything in my notes about "/j/anitors" I'm pretty sure I got nearly every board done to some degree and I'm not seeing a /j/ here?

Oh that is brilliant! I love it!

Found a few more images! They were in one of my unsorted folders.

Are these guys Veeky Forums or Veeky Forums?

No idea, but it feels like Veeky Forums to me. We love the fucking pike.

I can't seem to recall, they might be /k/ actually, initially I wanted to make them a race that could go in any kind of setting and be playable. So if we wanted a non-firearm setting, conventional melee weapons wouldn't be out of question.

In a Sci-fi setting it would kinda of be like that Space Borrowers green, just not that tiny I think they were smaller than the Anonimi who are only about this tall.


Make guns highly effective against anomimi and smaller threats but innefective against larger monsters who you need a method of keeping off of you. Like long pike. Tadaa niche roles.

What of the /trash/pandas?

Very nice! That would make sense since threats like the Tumblr Witches and small Redditors are roughly the same size.

The /Trash/ers a band of exiles from all the clans/tribes for practicing things banned by their original clans/tribes. They're pretty much scavengers and are the second least agreeable of the clans/tribes.

The only one worse than them are the /b/arbarians of the Random Caverns.

There was this thing about the /k/ammandos that was pretty funny. The longer they were deployed the more Rambo they'd get. Since they're cousins of the /out/landers they sometimes go 'savage'. It's usually harmless but it kind of makes them a bit unhinged.

What about /vip/? Are they the wealthiest tribe? Do they get any special privileges?

The /vip/ers are kind of like a mafia, they keep to themselves, flaunting their wealth and while you can watch you better not utter a peep cause they'll make you disappear, capiche?

They're sort of the upper class but its kinds sketchy, and they don't have to wait on tables at the restaurant. They probably get a discounts or special treatment but they're generally mistrusted.

Wait, so how developed of a civilization are we talking about here? Because I was getting the impression of basically a Smurf-style communist-by-necessity deal.

Since the ball is rolling, I'll probably start putting out some fresh drawings in a bit, since I'm running out of the oldies finally.

can I see some /co/hort performers in full regalia? Maybe unmasking the troll/shitposter in their midst?

Like I said, its kind of meant to be flexible and adjustable, so its whatever the setting calls for.

As for the smurf style communist deal, you're right on most accounts, but the Anonimi clans are meant to be based on their origin boards to some degree. I've kinda always though of /vip/ as that in my head so that's how their clan is.

Honestly though that can be changed if someone give me something better.

I really couldn't think of a story teller outfit immediately. Almost all Anonimi clothing is based on the black suit and red tie and are just variations of it. And figuring out how to reveal the troll with a story was kind of odd.

But I figured this might make you chuckle. An Anonimi using the story of the Superman and its message of TRUTH and justice to reveal the Troll.

Obviously it's not going to be like this in game but I thought you might like it.


Well as far as story teller outfits go I would go with something like the mask on a stick with a super hero on it (kinda like pic related. Best i could get to convey my idea) , or like a cape or something. They dress up as the heroes they tell stories about, kind of like early theater or mummery.

Just ripping off the ? face like it was a cloth mask and having something indicative of a troll underneath and thereby revealing him would work fine for an image. Have the /co/hort be done up like batman or the question or something.

Or don't. The scenerio you described was already pretty entertaining. Just spit balling ideas.

Okay that's absolutely perfect. Thank you. d


I can't to that Uber-Satan, honestly the mask suggestion is actually really good!

but you already provided me with an awesome pic of super anomimi unmasking a troll, I couldn't ask for more. I only put that up because I didn't realize you'd already done a picture.

Yes, but the suggestion is great, its more practical the donning the entire costume. Maybe the mask, or item related to these heroes are enchanted so that when they are being worn or used an illusion is cast on them to make their clothes look like the rest of the costume.

....Do you think they ever ride the /mlp/ like horses as cavalry?


Also here

Why do the Redditors want to hurt the anons?

Meme rivalry IRL makes them monsters in this setting apparently.

We really remind me of the guys in the Madness games.

I think the sudden appearance of /mlpol/ shows that it would be the /pol/lacks who use them as steeds.

heh, could be that the April Merging magical event merged both boards' characteristics for a short while, thus causing an uproar in the /pol/ camp because they've been turned into lowly work-beasts. They blame the longnoses, as always.

wait are /k/ommandos strategist or are Veeky Forumstorians much more adept in that field

also the strengths of /b/ would be nice

A circlejerk is no fun if you notice the smell and the grunts.

Requesting /c/ute anons, I want to do a quest (loosely)based on this world

Morning, bump. I have things to do right now but will be back to answer questions and get to those of /c/ute Anonimi.

bumperino for potentialerino

Man, has it already been a year? i remember posting in the original threads, i loved the idea to bits.

Remember when it went to shit because some people wanted lore and some people wanted memes?

I remember.

Question for anyone to discuss.
What would /qst/ anions be?
What would the defining feature or features of the clan be?
I reckon they would be some kind of seer or oracle, able to tell the future using numbers.

>we accidentally ended up making our own 40k
Remember the mechs that each faction had?