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First for hating AoS but loving the sound of 8th.


Does anyone really hate the AoS rules right now? I gave them a once over when they came out and thought they were fine. I thought it was the complete rape of the setting that upset people.

What new factions do we want in 8th?

>tabula rasa approach with 12 pages core rules...
would love to hear what Andy Chambers thinks of this.

I get the feeling GW learned from the AoS release and has sorted out the good and bad changes to use for 40k

I kinda want to see the narrative battles more. See what kind of stories we can invent. All predicated on balanced units of course, but imagine a battle where you deploy 2000 points of guard in a column in the center of the board, then have 1000 points of Boys try to ambush them from both table edges.

They fix Orks now?

repeat of fourth edition, tanks are fucked

Motion seconded.

They have no variability. Shooting > 1st Deathstar Charge > Else. Only modifier is if your rules are newer, you're better.

Rules for AoS are great, but they wouldn't apply well to 40k.

AoS can fuck off but I am ready for 8th edition
Fight me

Didn't Chambers think current 40k is way too bloated which it is?

Are formations kill? Whered they say this?

I, for one, welcome our new AoS overlords.
Because at this point 40k can only go up.

Orks will be much much less fucked according to all the confirmed changes.

Can I get any input on my basic bitch conversion? I wanted to get some depth on the bases so I'm goin to paint the conduit bits up like pipes and maybe add some aquilas and rivets to them. I wanted to make it look like Celestine picked up the banned off a dead Guardsmen sprawled on the pipe but I haven't quite finished that yet.

Yes but just the nuorkz who are bigger than your current orkz wich are obsolete now, box of five models for $50 burgerbucks

Fucking balance what we have
Unless tau auxiliaries become a separate thing

>Implying they are not already fucked
>Implying they will be worse
Way to prove you don't play 7th

squats and an entire vespid army

>Didn't Chambers think current 40k is way too bloated which it is?
he was gonna introduce some major changes for 4th, but GW didn't let him.
So they parted ways and he wrote Straship Troopers for Moongoose instead, with what is rumored to be basically the rules for what could have been 4th edition 40k.

I think the flag should point up a bit more.

I'm out of the loop, what's confirmed about 8th so far?

How were the rules for that

That was the best angle I could get it. The thing was a massive cunt to get glued on.

> All the Imperial Armours are kill.


14 FOCs

Hrud, Rak'gol, or a Tau-friendly but not necessarily allied Demiurge.

Y'he'vesa GET!

Oh you sweet boy, you don't even know how wrong you're

summary of the twitch stream
>8th edition FAQ:

>play Night Lords
>give 3-5 penalty to fear
>totally worthless in 40k
>new edition coming
>changes to leadership as a whole
>its the 8th edition

Eighth for the Eighth boys!

Who am I kidding? Fear will still be 100% ignored by fucking everything and we'll be further reduced to the "lol raptors!!" legion instead

>Sisters of battle on titan sized toilet rolls/10
Why tho?

A "Xeno Mercenaries" codex would make me moist.

Everything from Forge World is getting updated too.

Not him, but 40k has been downhill for a while. It needs a shake up, if only so that we can get the equivalent of experimental dnd 4e that leads to the much better 5e.

>Formations are gone
>Formations are fucking gone


never played it myself, but I heard good things about them.
Downloaded them a while ago, but haven't gotten around to reading them yet.

The game only had three factions though, so it didn't last too long.
There are still people looking for miniatures from it from time to time though.

I do enjoy how nobody is really singing the praises of AoS or 8th but rather assuming 7th is so bad it couldn't possibly get worse.

To be fair, I'm sure I could fit all of 7th Edition's core rules on to 12 pages too if I didn't include any special or model-specific rules. Move everyone 6", each unit can only shoot one unit once, then roll some bones and charge.

I'm painting them up as pipes, it's to make them more dynamic.

not just FOC but 14 different types of FOC with their own special rules!

Why are they all standing on waterslide tubes?

Did they actually say formations are gone? They just said "heres 14 FoCs"

after the current dex, will buy without thinking twice, if they fit the current aesthetic.

I can't wait to see this cute guy's new rules :)

Well every book that the formations are published in is being invalidated.

Kek, stop ruining the meme

Still better than WB rules wise, at least. Fluff wise I prefer WB, but the NL TL rules seem pretty okay to me. Raptors as troops is somehing I'd gladly swap Possessed as troops, since raptors can spam fast meltaguns with melee and deepstrike capability.

And I'm sure only 3 of them will actually be useful.

>"b-but muh New Games Workshop tm!!!"

I've got a question about power levels, which I've been thinking about since I messed around with the DoW 3 beta. How strong is one space marine compared to an ork? Can they routinely carve through multiples before being over come or is it a more closely contested fight than that? Asking in context of either the lore or the table top games.

Lore Marines go through Boyz like a hot knife through butter. On the table? Dice games dictate varied results. Specialized Marines vs. Specialized Boyz usually goes to the Specialized Marines pretty hard though.

Oh yea, they're better than the WB rules for sure, which sadly isn't saying much. What's funny though is thatword bearers are in last place, leaving Night Lords to be second to last, which is 8th place. Shit, at least we get stealth. Hell, our relics are decent (SBP is busted on a tzeentch Prince), and our Decurion is pretty solid. I don't really use raptors as troops much because I'm always using a Warband, though.

Still, all that's going away with 8th, so here's hoping.

I thank Guliman everyday for the impending AoSification of 40k. Long live the Age of Guilliman!

Anyone know how long FW will lag being GW? Excited for 8th but a little sad that my R&H will be unplayable for a while. So glad to have more than 1 army though.

One day user, possessed might be as good as gal'vorbak from 30k.

Loving all the negativity. It makes me feel better about myself when people get sad about nothing :)

Losers crying over 8ty edition already are in the same boat as SJWs crying about random comments on Facebook :)

I think it'll depend a lot on the faction. I wouldn't be surprised of we got something similar to Castellans that encouraged loading up on basic troops, but had a tradeoff of needing more HQs and not having as many Elites.

They said in the live post that FW are all day one release as well.

Isn't fear decent in 30k since marines dont get ATSKNF and other morale ignoring rules?

I for one hope the edgelords get squatted. I know it's not your fault and I know their lore is kind of sort of interesting but I've not met IRL an NL player who wasn't a truly obnoxious cunt (sample size 5).

Off topic post, this is 40kg not 30kg

Holy shit. I was not expecting that.

I hope this edition makes people rage quit so I can buy armies from cry babbies

I'm waiting for them to conveniently "forget" the Vendetta

Are the rumors that there will be plastic Steel legion true?

It amazes me how but blasted people are about as Vehicles getting monsters creature rules, considering that monsters creatures are statistically more durable than all vehicles, and have been for years.

Yes, it is very exciting. I am worried about my plague hulk of Nurgle, as it is no longer available on the webstore. They did specifically say that "all of your FW models" will be getting rules.

Yes, that's a big thing in 30k, and arguably NL biggest strength.

>5 NL players
Holy shit. I'm literally the only one in my group.

They were never true.

You should have your new 8th Ed rule sometime near 9th ed

In AoS even out if print models got rules

So I recently started to look into the Badab War again.
>see this

Where are the Badab War books? Did FW only sell them for a limited time to begin with?
Or am I a silly cunt that just can't find shit?

It's the
> but muh immershun
crowd, for the most part.

On the tabletop, one basic marine is probably worth around three basic ork boys. In the lore, he can beat dozens of them.

Out of print

I'm going to enjoy charging my vehicles into things and tying them up in melee.

Thanks for reinvigorating my boner good sir :)

It's funny that your trying to be a downer and posting le-ironic epic dank maymays but as someone who played orks for 8 years and quit 2 years ago since the game got so bloated and generally shit what you suggest would have me buying "nuorks" again.

Just get the PDFs for fluff. All codices are invalid for rules shortly anyway.

>Angron has fanboys who want to paint him as a dindu
>literally the only way to do this is to make The Emperor, all the loyalists, the entirety of human race and every objectively good and positive value in the universe be evil and impure
>they take that route anyway
Derp for the retard god, amrite?

Not all of them no have an oop wood elf model with no rules. Pic related.

Wanted to pick up a Deathwatch Kill Team box. Should I just wait until 8th Ed comes out?

it is 5 over 20 odd years, like 1 in warhammer club at school, 1 in my post school bumming about, 2 at my old LGS and 1 at my current group. I don't mind playing with them but as people holy fuck.

Vehicles will probably have a special rule that lets you just disengage with them.

But otherwise, absolutely. Now I can actually crush heretics beneath the armored treads of my Land Raider instead of just making them move 2d6 inches.


And every new release will add even more and probably Faction specific ones!

Maybe even with limitations for what you can choose to keep it fluffy!

Maybe even give them unique faction-specific rules for it!

I dunno, I like Angron BECAUSE he's basically a complete fucking retard who did everything wrong. Really the only defense you can give anything he's done is that he was just too insane to know better.

its definitely the butt hurt over whfb being replaced by AoS. AoS actually has pretty sweet rules that I think would make 40k much better. Shooting first is way too good in 40k right now, and the back and forth system that AoS uses would fix this.

Ah, ok. I've literally never met another NL player. My one friend was always EC, the other guy I knew played Black Legion, and my other friend played 1ks. Other than that, I think I've seen one WE and 2 KDK as far as chaos Marines go.

Mortarion dindu nuffin rong. It was all Typhon's fault

I already got them, but was hoping to put the dead tree version into my bookshelf.
I just buy the books I like/seem worth it to me and the Badab wars have a lot of fluff in it that I really enjoyed.

Oh well... guess I won't have to spring for them then.
Thanks, guys.

>Borderline insane as a result of the Nails and a horrible life
>Emperor teleports him away from the decisive battle in the slave uprising and refuses to send him back
>Could've just fought alongside his son and deployed his own forces
>Everyone Angron cared about in his shitty life died without him
>Angron is now truly insane

will this cat ever find happiness?

croneworld and rak'gol

The war hounds got fucked by angron. Just like the death guard got fucked by mortarion, and the word bearers got fucked by lorgar.

The emperor didn't slaughter the command staff and drill nails into the skulls of every trooper while banging on about how much he hated the nails.

Imperials and Rebels