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>strang and the stormcommandos and the conqueror

Talk about wasted potential.

Third for my boyfriend

>No epic Tarkin and Motti vs Krennic roasts

My current party has been having a blast with my entirely combat oriented space shoot-em-up adventures, but now I need to switch things up and go a bit more subtle: more opportunities for diplomacy and non-combat options.

One of my players read Jedi Twilight and now everyone is keen on being private investigators/scammers and such in the Coruscant undercity.

My question is, what kind of adventures can I run in which combat is only the odd incidental event? What would you use for a "clmax/boss battle" that doesn;t revolve directly around combat?

A chase or racing to intercept somebody or some cargo before it gets away are good ones

Tracking down and countering a skilled team of thieves on a spree. Defusing a conflict between two gang families before it erupts into a war.

Both these instances, combat doesn't happen much, as they shouldn't make contact with the thieves until the very end, and attacking the gangs will escalate the conflict.

Force and Destiny game pitch: A Jedi/ex-padawan who survived the purges is trying to gather up enough force users from the last 19 years to start his own temple while evading the ISB. Players would be various students who over that timeline they've recruited. Game would be about learning from him, plundering temples before the Empire does, and keeping on the down low while dealing with the Jedi and their own issues.

How would you stat the Pyschlos from Battlefield Earth? I just rewatched it the other night, and I actually find them kind of interesting, in a comical sense.

Sounds pretty groovy

Is he bald and in a wheelchair?

Wave 11 pre-release articles when?

No be that would be pretty groovy

So i'm trying to make a list, and I'm not sure how to spend the last 3 points.

I am running Howlrunner, 3 Black Cracks, and ATC/Engine Vader.

That gives me 3 points left for EPT's on Vader and Howl.

Howl can potentially use Juke, Crack, or Adapt.

Vader can potentially use Predator, Lone Wolf, Juke, Crack, VI, Trick Shot, and Adapt.

What would be best for dealing with common meta lists?

I think I'm getting the hang of the rules for Armada but I have some questions.
I'm looking at the rules on page 15, lets say there's a dozen x wing squadrons in the same firing arc and withing blue die range of your Victory 2 Star Destroy and seeing the V2SD's Anti Squadron Attack die is 1 blue die, can he still attack all one dozen swing squadrons once? or am I just reading this horribly wrong.

Yep, you declare you're firing your anti squadron armament from a certain arc, and can then have it target each squadron in that arc once.

I'd run adapt on howl and predator on vader

Thanks for clearing that up, another question. I understand that you want to keep bomber squadrons away from your ships so you tie (hue) them up with your Ties by engaging them. Now for my question is can engaged ships choose to disengage whenever they want or at all? I'm not finding anything on this on the rules other than "An engaged squadron cannot move." So they're just tied up until they win the dog fight or die?

Does Empire have a powerful ace in the 38-40 point range?

I normally run 5 Omega Squadrons with Weapons Guidance and Crack Shot, but I'd like an ace for more late-game survivability Normally, I would run something like Ryad, but that leaves me with a whopping 4 points leftover.

I could put in Rexler, but he's already good at bullying low-agility ships, and that's what the TIEs are good at eating.

I could put in Intel Whisper (Can't afford Kallus...), but then I don't have an initiative bid, which phantoms need.

I could put in Prockets+Pred/Lone Wolf Vader, but that's no TLT spam resistance.

a Fat Quickdraw is an option, for a different variety of late-game survivability (opponents don't want to shoot QD sometime)

An Upsilon would let me go the other way and have a better alpha (Run Dormitz +Hux, but Dormitz+Hux+hyperwave is 37, and that's 1 point too much to afford FCS+Pattern.)

a Palp carrier isn't really an option, as my ships are all 2 attack.

Thoughts on what works well for empire in that range?


Crew, 1 point, Empire only.

During the Place Forces step, place 3 focus tokens on Trioculus.

At the start of the combat phase, you may remove one or more focus tokens on Trioculus and assign them to a friendly ship at range 3.


Crew, 3 points, empire only-

Once per turn, when an enemy ship at range 1-3 rolls a focus result when attacking or defending, you may assign them 1 stress token.

there are a few ways that a dogfight can be broken up either by their view being obstructed by an obstacle or a ship running into them and the fight being broken up by the person placing squadrons. In the core set, yeah once a fighter is engaged its stuck there until all its enemies are taken down and it is no longer engaged or it dies.

It is worth keeping in mind once you get out of the core book things get a little bit more complicated. There are certain squadrons that don't follow that rule (some are heavy, which means that while they become engaged they don't prevent the enemy from moving away from them, and some squadrons have auras that make enemy squadrons heavy, letting you bypass them) but for right now the simplest way to understand it is exactly how you have it worked out.

I'm not sure if the lack of Crack on Vader/Howl is worth it though. I really need as much of a powerful initial joust as possible.

While aside from LW, Predator is what I'd most have on a late-game vader (as LW will never trigger if the swarm is still alive), Crack shot is almost effectively 'Deal an extra damage once a game'

Run twin cracks? That would make your joust top.
And play under a point

I'd probably go crack on Howl and LW on Vader. More pew pew and some extra survivability for Vader.

QD just skews your towards offense, which is fine by me. People fear the revenge shot.

I support this. Dark Greetings.

then the issue is that once the cracks are spent, I have shit late game ability with Vader.

Consider Baffle on the shuttle- it's a bit jankier, but it's a shitload cheaper.

Baffle+Pattern, or Col det+pattern+ intel agent

Would you run Vader away from Howl and the gang to start, or would you run close to them and use Howl as a source of Rerolls?

Since you are an apparent expert on Quickdraw, what do you think of this build?

Quickdraw- LWF, Advanced Sensors, Predator, Sensor Cluster-39.

It's expensive, but it can do some silly shit in movement and is fairly action-independent.

Or would something like FCS+Pattern+Title+LWF and EPT of choice (DTF? Lone Wolf? VI? Snap Shot? Expertise? )

Or maybe go full jank with Baffle+PTL?

LW you want to run solo to get those sweet re-rolls. If you want to run Vader close, do adapt for that PS10 arc dodging.

QD is so fuckin baller I think you have to try really hard to build her poorly. My default is FCS, LWF, Pattern, and Crack, but you can do so much with her.

The only thing I don't like is Baffle or abs self-damaging build. A huge strength of QD is the double tap and threat of revenge. People won't shoot her just to avoid double tapping so she gets free reign to maul stuff.

The issue with crack on QD is that it's a 36 point build, and i'm looking at using it to replace 2 20 point ships.

Is the 4 point initiative bid worth it? Or do I slap some more expensive stuff on it?

I'm mostly trying to think of what would pair well with those 3 Omegas with Crack.

I have run DTF on standard quickdraw (FCS, Pattern, LWF, Title) with 3 Black Cracks and Crack Howl before, but since the TIE/FOs have shields, DTF is less useful.

Or would Rexler+Expertise be a better use of 40 points?

>Brawn 3, Agility 2, Intellect 1, Cunning 1, Willpower 3, Presence 2, because they're intimidating, but dumb as goddamn bricks
>Sil 2 because giants
>Require life support in oxygen environments
>Some bonus to Coercion checks
>75-90ish XP
Just spitballing here.

You could do homing missile QD, swapping LWF for chips.

Quickdraw is quickly becoming a high-caliber XWM waifu, as befits a true ace of PS9, and one in such a versatile and potent frame as the TIE/SF.

When do we start making shit up about her to suit her status as a waifu? All we know is she's a great pilot, a fast shot, and a woman. And FO, too. Is she aryan? A ginger? Does she have a scar? Is she as good with blasters as with regular weapons> What's her backseater like? Is it actually both of them on the card "Quick" and "Draw"? When do we commission custom art of Quickdraw?

Not for another6 weeks at least. They won't be out before Gen Con, and they aren't even listed on the product page.

This. Predator is insanely good utility on Vader.

Other alternative is juke on howl and VI on Vader.

Imperials have viable good ships at literally every price point, from 12-60+.

I've picked up on a few of them. Prockets Vader is scary stuff.

Quickdraw with Expertise, FCS, title, sensor cluster, and LWF is also a solid 39 point ship.

I'll also throw out Ryad with Expertise, TB, /D, and Mk.II. You have a lot of two attacks and making them count for more with reduced agility would work against a lot of things, especially low agility Rebels.

Would Vessery make more sense than Ryad? I can afford it (sans mk2), and I can have one of the TIEs paint a target for him.

Dark Greetings

I like Ryad because she can do a green k-turn to lose a stress and keep expertise going. Vessery would be good too, but then I'd take VI and an ion cannon.

Slow-ass thread.

can an empire apologist or antifa-g come in and start a shitstorm to get posting going and bumping active?

How about some shipfus ?


Best fighter needs to be made canon. Also Xwing fags need not apply.

Muh Emperor

But... muh democracy

Democracy hasn't gotten us anywhere

Honestly, I was hoping that they'd make the mil'tyl for xwm at some point.

What would be the largest capital ships in even semi-common use by pirates in say 5-7ABY (Legends)?

Probably a Nebulon B

Outside of the big crime syndicates, I'd say corvettes. Something CR90-sized. Maybe the occasional upgunned bulk freighter.

I'm sad guys. I really wanna play one of the FFG games but our group is busy as hell as late (not to mention in D&D hell).

x-wing needs this for the empire

Perhaps the maurauder class frigate or maybe even an old acclimator class redone like a reaver/mad max space knife.

>Costs almost as much as a TIE Defender
>For only slightly better performance than a TIE Interceptor
>Have to reprint many of the existing astromech cards to say "Rebel/Resistance only"
Seems like more hassle than it's worth. The TIE Interceptor already fills its niche.

>Implying it wont go to rebels as a refit, like the ARC170

I don't even play Armada and I want the Venator in it.

Perfect time to introduce the Imperial Astromech slot! Also slap one on the Nimbus V-Wing.

I need a ship that can go interstellar with a crew of no more than 15, and carry a bit of cargo.

I couldn't find stats on crew size for this ship, though?

Aethersprites are nicer

>Implying Delta-7s wouldn't be Rebel
>Implying we wouldn't have a Delta-7 Wedge Antilles card

I used some french site through my phone so I couldn't adjust the points cost. Not that the rest is balanced anyways.
Just add a "Prototype Astromech" card type or something.

I'd fill my pants with cum so fast

Or we could finally introduce an Imperial astromech upgrade type.

Maybe even mousedroids

If this image triggers you than you aren't a true Star Wars fan plain and simple.

>Aethersprite and Actis wave
>Wedge and Vader pilots
How do we make FFG do it?

Chum has some more wins to make.

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Venator is a great shipfu. My heart belongs ro Imperial-II, but Imperial is more like "the girl I love", while Venator is "her hot milf mom".

>I couldn't get people to bite before, so I'll just switch the text completely around this time!


It's a good, solid brick.
How can other ships even compete?

I want pet Yoda to live in my house and occasionally dispense wisdom.

It looks like a space dick.

That's a nice picture of one, too.
Usually you see un-detailed drawn versions which just dont look that great.
That's a sexy beast.


>not wanting to fuck rebel scum or empire fucking shits with your massive space dong.

It's like you hate fun.

I'm just one man!

We bombard worlds with it until they capitulate.

I prefer that beast once someone put her on a diet.

I admit to my retardation if I'm just not seeing it in the pastebin links but is there a Clone Wars supplement or homebrew for the RPG stuff? And if so where?

Even when Apologists and Antifa-ggots aren't around, some asshole still has to drag politics in.

You've done it now.

Not a single person commented until you user. YOU are the one trying to start this fire.

Any unofficial splats or guides for running a campaign as empire or clones?
I've always found the guys with blasters to be cooler than the force users.

>empire apologist
Just now kind of getting into the Star Wars games, what's wrong with liking the empire?
I'm not baiting

No one's really commenting much on this thread to begin with.

AoR is easy to tweak to an Imperial stance, and there's also an Imperial Duty chart in the Mediafire folder.


Whenever someone shows up liking the Empire thought it tends to get the post count going, because a lot of people get really angry about it. The same goes when someone posts super-negatively of the Empire or talks about politics.

Assuming this isn't bait, there's nothing wrong with liking the Imperial aesthetic, ships, characters, etc. Where things go off the rails is the "Empire dindu nuffin" apologia.

>implying the Empire did anything wrong

I just like the armor. Really dislike the Rebels' weird helmets.

There's nothing wrong with thinking the Empire was the good side either.

Yeah it's silly to say they never did anything wrong at all, but saying they were more of the good side, or at the very least the lesser of two evils, isn't really off the rails, bait, or crazytalk.

It's just, like, your opinion, man.

Has anyone run an empire game before? I'd like to focus less on blasting rebels and more on exploring the outer rim and dealing with the natives/dangerous wildlife.
Or would the empire be more likely to shoot primitive locals?

They're fun to do, but you do have to be unique. If it's just about blasting rebels it can get too easy because of how much military power you have on your side, whereas a Rebel campaign is a little scrappier and more desperate.

Their policy on locals will depend on the team, the planet, their mission, and the locals themselves. If it's research, they might at most try to capture a primitive local and study them. Otherwise, co-habitation. Even on Dantooine the Imperials co-existed pretty well with the Danteri, giving the latter food in exchange for guiding the former.

If the locals are violent, negotiation is almost invariably off the table, and shoot first is put in place.

And sometimes the Imperials just hunt the locals for their blaster resistant hide, it's also very fashionable in the core right now.

Can non-humans be storm troopers?

I remember reading that certain animals could be force sensitive and even emit force attacks.
What are some good ideas for wildlife that hunts by using the force?

Humans and Near-Humans (like Chiss, Zeltrons, Zabrak) can. For completely alien races, it's significantly harder, but not unheard of.

force-electric eels

Vornskrs and Yslamiri are good inspiration, Sith warbeasts could work too. The advice I'll give is that the Force allows the impossible to become possible, so get real weird with it.

Yes, but expect racism if your stationed anywhere near a core world. Even if you're near human.

The higher ups are probably some core worlder who got into the Academy because their Daddy has money.

Pessimistic view of the Empire you got there.

Why would this trigger anyone? Yoda was a jedi grandmaster with 800+ years of experience. Why would he not be a an absolute beast with a lightsaber? And please don't complain about him being small when he clearly said size matters not.

>If it's just about blasting rebels it can get too easy because of how much military power you have on your side, whereas a Rebel campaign is a little scrappier and more desperate.
Depends on what sort of campaign you want to run. Regular stormtrooper legion shit? Yeah, that can get too easy. But I can see Rainbow Six Siege 2: Imperial Commando working as a campaign premise.

accurate, too!