Being a good loser

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I got a friend who always plays grey knights. Sometimes with Inquisition or Imperial Guards, but now also custodian guards. In 10 games I maybe win one if he has really bad dice rolls - but in the end I'll lose most of the time. When he wins, he'll also mock me at least till the next game and also during our matches. How can I continue like this? I like the game but I don't like to lose all the time. I'm not asking for a list to beat his, since I got shit luck with every die I touch but I want to know how I can overcome this feeling of inferiority and be a good player.

>Losing to Grey Knights
What army do you play?

Black Legion

>When he wins, he'll also mock me at least till the next game and also during our matches.
Ask him to lay off? I understand that that can be easier said than done when emotions are running high, but if you can get through to hm that solves all your problems. Well, except for the actual losing, but what do you want from me? I'm not Merlin.

Just say that it's bad enough getting your ass handed to you without him constantly rubbing it in. Even if it's meant as a good-natured ribbing, it gets frustrating after a while and you're starting to lose interest in playing as a result.

As far as the losing thing goes; maybe you could ask him to give you a hand? Ask him how you could improve your strategy. Maybe play some friendly games with him where he points out what he'd do in your situation. Or if things primarily come down to army building, maybe he could give you a hand with that.

Play the new primarch marines. Should fix your problem.

I want to know how to continue when I'm losing all the time. WH40k is not the only game - he beats me in each and every one regardless of cards, tabletop or video games.

Being a good sport is an admirable goal, but everybody has their limit. If you're losing 9 out of 10 games and still making a good show of keeping your cool while he mocks you, you're doing great in the area of sportsmanship. Not getting pissy with him under these conditions probably puts you in the top 10% of people when it comes to such things. So by all means, try to be more zen and at peace with yourself -- that's always a good thing -- but recognize that, realistically speaking, the problem is on the other side of the fence. Thus, the main issue for you is to come up with a way to successfully converse with him in order to get him to change *his* behavior without feathers getting ruffled.

Shit, I've had somebody refuse to play board games with me anymore because I beat them at total of four times in a row at various different games... and all of the matches except one were close.

I'll continue playing a game even if I lose 100% of the time, as long as I can see that I'm improving. As a result, only about 1% of the people I know can beat me at a fighting game (I know, vidya) with the exception of Smash Bros. which I never considered to be competitive (until I began spending time with the people I do now).

I had a friend in college who could destroy me in chess. He'd pull one of his rooks off the board and I could still only beat him when he fucked around too much. It was a little disheartening, but not devastating because I didn't have an illusions that I was a match for him going in. I just did the best I could and tried to take him by surprise, or at least give him the best run for his money that I could.

So maybe you need to set lesser goals. Try to take as many of his pieces off the board as you can. And hell, maybe you could convince him to give you a handicap. That's what handicaps are for. If he's consistently better than you, he should be willing to give you a points advantage. And if he isn't, then that kind of makes him the bad sport.

>Ask him to lay off
>maybe you could ask him to give you a hand?
I tried both but only got more mockery. In the end it's just a game. I'm like the abused wife that keeps returning for the next beating. There is just no help from his side but I also don't want to stop playing.

Find someone else who plays?

Your friend is a dick.

Well I guess I really have to try to talk to him again.

>set lesser goals
Now that should be reachable, thank you user.

>I tried both but only got more mockery.
Don't play him. Even if it's only to avoid enabling his shitty behavior. He may otherwise be a cool guy, but he's being an asshole here, and I don't see why you should have to struggle to be a good sport when he's being a douche. Just refuse to play him. If he asks why, tell him he's a bad sport (being a bad winner is at least as bad as being a bad loser) and that you don't find it enjoyable anymore because he can't be considerate.

Take his list, come here and post it, and get a list to specifically counter his. Then repeatedly stomp his shitty face in and mock him until he kills himself.

Thanks user, but we only agree on points limit - there is no switching of our lists beforehand.

That's where he is fucking you.

Well, he is right to mock you. GK are trash.

is right. Get his entire army comp and post it here so we can make you an army which you can use to beat him so bad he quits playing.

At this point I have to wonder why you consider this asshole your 'friend'. If he knows he's killing your enjoyment in this and keeps doing it you should just stop playing him.

You are an abused wife, drop him like a hot potato and find someone decent.

>tfw used to play 3.5ed Iron Warriors
>got into tournaments and that scene
>kind of went quiet when I was 18-23
>these days I just want to play genteel skirmish games like Song of Blades and Heroes with old miniatures

I am so sorry