Is 8th Edition Worth It?

From what we know so far, is 8th edition worth it or should I just stick to 7th?


1. One, we don't need twenty fucking threads on this topic. Fuck off.

2. We know absolutely nothing concrete about 8th yet, so there's no way to know for sure how good it will be. Fuck off.

Fuck off.

YES ! but only if you set your current army on fire and start buying new models when they come out !
and Fuck off

>sticking to dead editions, ever

babby's first wargame is better than 7th ed

1. Anything is better than 7th
2. AoS is honestly a great game
3. Everything about 8th sounds good so far.
4. ANYTHING is better than 7th

But they are getting rid of templates and you can kill tanks with bolters.

fuck off

My guess is that S4 vs. T8 will be 7+ (roll of a 6 and then a 4+), with 8+ and 9+ filling out the chart.

>But they are getting rid of templates

Good, artillery spam is cancer that never receives attention because it's overshadowed by even worse cancer like Eldar.

>you can kill tanks with bolters

DE already lose tanks to bolters. All they have to do is slap a 2+ armor save on tanks and now it takes 600+ shots to kill a tank without anti-tank weapons.

Rules not out yet, so it's too soon to say. What we've seen so far is promising, though.

Also stats no longer cap at 10 so there's a chance you need to roll another dice after getting a six to wound the tank as they become something like T15 or some shit like that.

>Good, artillery spam is cancer that never receives attention because it's overshadowed by even worse cancer like Eldar.
Yeah. Fuck flamers and all that shit!

Let's be real, flamers are too weak to be relevant even with templates, and nobody plays the kind of horde army that auto loses to flamers. There's a reason the flamer armies like Salamanders and SoB are running 100% melta lists.

except for 6th

Flamers rek Dark Eldar

Everything wrecks DE.

You fucking retards. The devs have already stated that every unit that has a model will still be in the game. Artillery and template weapons will exist in the game- it'll probably just be something like rolling xD6 for hits instead of using a template to count hits.

Frankly such a change would be way faster and efficient. Imagine if for wyverns instead of having to do the template process for fucking blasts you instead just had to roll 2d6 for hit generation.

>thinking that there won't be twenty threads all discussing an announcement this big

Are you delusional?


1.Fluff has rhino's destroyed by bolters all the time.
2. Able to =/= easy to. I assume bolters will wound most vehicles on 6+ and they will get a save. Most vehicles will also likely have double digit wounds.
3. Templates are a loss but a nessicary one. Besides I haven't used anything besides flamer templates since 5th ed because they were so useless.

So we're removing the incentive to spread out units, and instead all units will be concentrated blobs to huddle behind cover?

God that would be great! I'm already bored with template shit for my Thunderfire cannon and I only own one.

>1. One, we don't need twenty fucking threads on this topic. Fuck off.

This is an anonymous imageboard. Threads are meant to be transient.

>those people who were seriously adamant that Age of the Emperor wouldn't happen


Sounds good. Saves a lot of time if I don't have to spread my guardsmen blob to see if everyone is 2' from another.

Goddamn the shilling is off the charts. It's been months since the last time I checked out half chan. Is it always this bad?

>j00t was so butthurt he implimented a word filter
Jesus Christ
Just to clarify I'm actually looking forward to 8th, seems breddy gud so far.

People having different opinions is not shilling.

>being this much of a negative nancy

Its ok nancy, your ass will stop bleeding one day.

>people hate the current edition and will take anything as a change

What got filtered?

Yes we are removing the part where most cheap happens and templates that "fell" on top of opponent miniatures 2 times topack then before shooting.
Yes we remove the hassle of spreading terminators every single turn to not be BTFO at the first plasma blast.
yes games will be half shorter

Should I start playing with 8th or should I wait until 9th?

wouldn't let me post half chan as one word. For some reason I thought that those spam filters wouldn't still be in place three years later.

>shilling this hard for 7E, the shittiest edition of the shittiest wargame in existence


Templates worked just fine, especially after partials went away. Only annoying thing is multi-barrage.

That flipping nonsense was bullshit. Should just be four separate templates allowing the second and onward templates to be anywhere as long as it touches or overlaps the first

Nope. Tau are getting buffed again while everyone else is getting another nerf.

The info I get from quick googling from work is a self contradicting mess. Can someone give me a rundown on what is to be expected from 8th? From this thread I understand that no templates (so what, d6 hits?) and no AV on vehicles, giving them simple T and W? Do I get it right? What else? I read something about warscrolls?

Yes, embrace change.

there will be a keyword system and warsrcrolls just like age of sigmar. every unit of every army is getting new rules apparently. there are 2 different points systems being made and you can use either one, one simple and one complex. templates are gone. stats are no longer capped at 10 so there can be units with like 16 wounds and shit. core rules will be in the form of a free downloadable pdf as well as 5 purchaseable rulebooks that have stuff about multiple different armies that will supposedly be much cheaper than current codexes.

Have you tried not playing GW?

but we now know for certain its not happening. this is just another eddition change for the same setting.

they've said army rules will be in 5 books. sounds much like the 4 grand alliance books of AoS, which are 16-35 dollars depending on their size.

>Space Marines
Calling it

>there will be a keyword system and warsrcrolls just like age of sigmar.

Honestly, keywords doesn't sound like a bad idea.

My 6 8s say warhammer 40k 8th edition will rock

This board is too slow to have repeating numbers mean anything.

I tryharded in every warhammer thread
I'm a newfag

I'm betting
Xenos empires (necrons and tau)
Xenos hordes (tyranids, GSC and orks)

Cutting all the bloat will be a good thing.
Take it back to 4/5th level rules, where they had a good balance between being deep enough, without having to get out the rulebook every 5 minutes to read the all the fineprint and exceptions.
That being said, removing templates is retarded, when everyone has them, and they are the quickest thing in the world to use.

Tyranids would go into xenos
It'll be Imperium, Space Marines, Chaos, Xenos, Ynnari

>Tyranids would go into xenos
>It'll be Imperium, Space Marines, Chaos, Xenos, Ynnari
hmm that'd be what 6, 6, 4, 3 and 5 codexs condensed together respectively. guess thats an even enough spread.

>Creation Xenos (Tau, Eldar)
>Destruction Xenos (Tyranids, Orks)
>Neutral Xenos (Necrons, DEldar)

Would make more sense.

Or possibly just the AoS system, plus the Imperium:
>Order (Tau, Eldar)
>Death (Necrons, maybe Nids)
>Destruction (Orks, maybe Nids)

*Imperium, Space Marines, Chaos, Xenos, Eldars

They're not gonna give a codex to a subfaction.
And Eldars are the Xenos specie with the most subfactions.

>AoS is honestly a great game

Now this is shilling.

>its impossible for someone to like something I don't.

as a game system it is genuinely good, if it had been released by any other company for any other setting it wouldn't have all the bad press it got.

It would have gotten no press at all and sunk into its rightful place among the mediocrity.

Shadow war is just better.
Get that.

Most likely scenario from what I can guess. Imperium in all it's glory, Spikey bits with all their demons and traitorous followers, Eldar with varying degrees of arrogance, organized xenos that (re)building their empire and the hordes lumped together.
Removing templates is a mistake, I like flamer templates and putting big blasts over infantry mobs.

thats an old meme user, eldars are the new faction to complain endlessly about

I want Hrud, Rak'Gol & all the other background guys. I want Pariahs to return.

The keywords is the best thing about AoS. Removes a lot of ambiguity.

Cite sources pls.

>Is it always this bad?

Age of Sigmar started picking up steam, so the people playing it are banging their feet and demanding 40k be gutted down to its level so they can play as well.

Move on to new games.

What's the difference between Keywords and Special Abilities?

It all seems cool except
>Static roll to hit in CC
>No initiative anymore
>Command points sound a bit meh

Everything else im all for

>Space marines
They've already said those 2
>Other xenos? Though necrons, orks, tau, cults and nids all in 1 book feels a bit hefty

i love templates but they really suck

almost all of my arguments in game come from templates

>you didnt center it on the model
>you dropped it on the model
>actually its hitting this armour value
>no the arrow is pointing more this way, you only kill 2 not 5
>but the template scatter behind LOS, how would he hit them?
>no its only hitting 3 guys not 5, your looking at it wrong

honestly what do people hate so much about AOS?

I play AOS and 40k and i like both, AOS is not as complex but sometimes thats honestly a good thing.

So there is no more scatter dice and it's all done on BS?


Something similar, but not the same.

> this is EXACTLY the same!

I dunno, my friends and I played 6th ed fantasy warhammer even after 8th ed had come out.

There is no way they would do it like that.
The Imperium book would end up with 13 codexes, while everything else gets 3-4

they kinda did that with AoS. grand alliance order was like 9 army books combined while death was 2.
though the order book is bigger and $35 while deaths is $16

Neither of the two is complex. 40k just happens to have a lot of rules. AOS isn't terrible. It's just terribly unremarkable. I've seen a bunch of other low-effort, rules-light wargames and they all do it better. If AOS was not backed by GW nobody would as much as look at it.