Can he compete with other high level Liches?

Can he compete with other high level Liches?

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He got killed, if just for a moment, by a fucking sweater. Dude's a joke.

Acererak 'died' by tripping on a sidewalk.
Or shanked by timetraveling adventurers.

Pointing out one other lich's fuck up does not make this lich any less of a retard.

Or shanked on the sidewalk by time-traveling adventurers after he tripped, even.

Sure he got killed by a sweater, but he's so powerful that he can't really be permanently defeated. Even when he got turned into a giant baby with a new personality, the Lich is still "alive" in there.

Don't know

How many other Lich's aim for multiversal destruction?

Vecna, I guess?

The sweater was just a focus for the magical power of LIking Someone Alot

He does? I thought he just wanted to screw over the world. That just makes things more horrifying.

He's the only one in the setting so I shouldn't think so.

Until further notice that's true, but I was thinking of comparing him to D&D Liches in terms of power. He's already a terror in AT, but what if he's small-time to the likes of 3.5/PF?

We know he's the reason a solid chunk of the earth is just gone. Like a quarter of the earth is space rubble directly because of his actions. His capture and defeat are due to plot reasons, not due to his lack of firepower. His goal is also complete universal doom, and it is implied when he rolls up that he is capable of doing so.

Yeah, there's a whole plot in the fifth or sixth season that involves him trying to find a portal to the multiverse to fuck shit up

"I will command a great and terrible army. We will sail to a billion worlds, we will sail until every light has been extinguished."

I'm pretty sure that implies going to other planets/universes and fucking them up.

The terrifying thing about this particular lich is that he's largely a vessel for destruction. He exists only to extingiush life, where even Vecna only wants to become a god in comparison.

On the other hand, that limits him a bit as that means that he's not going to be too diplomatic beyond using deception, like that time he masquaraded as Billy.

It was kinda freaky until that kid fell into a pile of spooge, then I called the cops.

God DAMMIT these cops are useless!

Oh don't worry, the spooge is just Lawful Outsider blood, it just regenerates flesh...
Or turns a skeleton who never lived into a giant innocent infant.
With the soul of the ultimate evil still trapped within.

Probably fine.

Here, he gets a hair's breath from murdering everything and everyone that has ever lived or will live

The Lich isn't a singular entity, it is the very concept of mass destruction, death, and decay. You cannot "kill" it without removing the very concept of destruction from the multiverse, in many ways, the Lich is a god

How many other liches are the living embodiment of nuclear war?

How many other liches are around by the time the hobbits get tired of everyone else's shit and fire their nukes while living safely in their underground shelters?

He's a neat lich and his goals are certainly nastier than most, with wanting to kill *everything*. By his powers alone though (limited by exposure in the show) he doesn't measure up.

Then again, he's not the most dangerous entity from his own setting anyway.

>reguarly beaten by a 8th level fighter

Kek no

He's the embodiment of death and destruction, actually. Nuclear war just set him free, he came to Earth in a comet during dinosaur times.

I'd argue Finn only got lucky with how he dealt with the Lich, without the.... life goo? Sure, let's call it "life goo". Without the life goo, the lich would have won.

I get this basically comes down to a Superman vs. Goku argument, waged totally with what-if's, but honestly? If the goo hadn't been there? Finn would'a died, and all of existence would have probably gone with him.

It seems like most of the time they beat the lich by being sneaky or lucky, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it does say something about his power I think.

He's destruction and corruption, they already have a personification of Death.

Waste of a get. Mcfucking kill yourself.

Jealousy will get you nowhere, user. Guess you just don't have what it takes.

All of them

Barring the liberal applications of magical fuckery that Finn repeatedly stumbled upon in order to defeat the lich (who still exists), I'd wager that the lich is immensely powerful. Competing with other liches would be somewhat simple.

We would need an actual breakdown of his abilities though.

We know his spells require both vocal and somatic components, but he often uses a single word and gesture. We've never seen him run out of magic, but every encounter with him has been incredibly short. The best gauge we can use is when he was first released; he carved a swath of destruction through Ooo, then immediately began an epic-level ritual without rest. His familiarity with the outer planes is usually something reserved for demi-liches, but in the setting of adventure time, gods regularly play MtG with mortals, so that point may be utterly moot.

A lot of what he does is based on using preexisting stuff, not his own power. He can corrupt stuff and blast stuff, but didnt jake just ball up the alternate lich and tank him for like two minutes?

>caring about post numbers
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>he came to Earth in a comet
He didn't come in the comet. The comet was his previous incarnation. Finn was also a comet in a previous life, but I suspect you won't try to claim that he too is from outer space.

Who would that be? Orgalorg? Prizmo? Some other third thing?

Rolled 10 (1d20)

I mean hey, half of this board is about rolling dice, so it sort of makes sense.

'm not guaranteed to get a roll of 11 because I'm rolling after you.

Checkshit has no place on this board of nerds.

I think the alternate lich is supposed to be not quite up to full speed yet


This one

>Destroying the multiverse
>Not just destroying anything that has the audacity to stand in the way of his plans while he aims to become the de-facto ruler of all existence, rising in power beyond the over-deities themselves on distant day

He desires the destruction of all things in the entire multiverse, and has come VERY close to doing that on two occasions, and was only beaten by sheer fucking luck in both cases. He also annihilated a prison for multiversal criminals, literal eldritch abominations capable of lifewiping planets in seconds, just by being there. He is also very knowledgeable of the eldritch horrors that came before the nothing that preceded the multiverse itself, and may even be a part of their number. Most other liches just can't compare.

Liches aren't really in competition. It's rare for a setting to have more than one.

Anyway, he's interesting enough for a cartoon character, but what could be done to make him more interesting for a game?


That clip was dope. I should really get back to watching Adventure Time.

Wasn't the sweater m8. It was Love. Don't fuck with Love. Love of OP; everything jobs to it. It's the worst thing since Hope.

>Reddit time

>The final hole is mine! To put my thing in!


user. do I have news for you. This is paraphrasing by the way.

Finn is actually a reincarnation of a blue Catalyst Comet. An agent of change, similar to the Lich. Finn is not just a PC, he's probably a demi-god if he can access his true abilities.

Plus that grass arm was on some pretty crazy shit while he had it

An ultimate evil that may have just been reawakened after the elemental cleansing spell.


He does straight up cast Power World Kill in the show. I think he's pretty on par in 3.5 by some kind of measure.

The Lich even transcends rebirth. "Here's your gold star."

Probably, his spell list seems to count a lot of what a Lich would have. Top that with a Str stat that can stop someone that can use a sword to heave an evil creature over fifty times their size dead in their tracks, along with the fact that Death himself is scared of him, and you've got a strong contender.

Also he can possess people like a spooky ghost, so that's a thing.

Fighter Level 8. Mythic 10.

What is it

The only other lich I know who was a big enough pussy to lose to love is Voldemort.
So, yeah, he's as tough as a guy who's only menacing to grade-schoolers and their parents.

...At this point, it becomes more obvious that Adventure Time was a mistake.

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Yes, if it's a rap battle

To be honest, his final death in Return to the Tomb of Horrors was less wimpy.

And talking about Acererak,
Not destruction strictly, but becoming -the negative energy plane-, thus gaining control over every single undead being, even Vecna.

O shit, Orgalorg is in the part with the monsters.
Also I think the Lich is one of the better Liches/Darklords. His show holds him back somewhat. But his monologues are fucking top tier.

He is literally the embodiment of death across the multiverse. I think he's the endgame of most liches

This show has gone bonkers.

If memory serves he's a demon that not even Prismos' OP wish power can touch.

It's been a while since I've seen that one but is it vaguely implied that he's some sort of 'Devil' analogue or was that my own interpretation?

He was an enemy of Glob, who is kinda treated like God but is just some powerful dude on mars.