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1st for greatest ally Princess

Eversor finished up shark princess

Should her head be scaled down a little? It looks huge

And maybe the nose be a little straighter, looks odd how scrunched up it is

All that being said, I would actually not mind this as final version

I dont have enough merchant princess fanart


now that's a shark i wouldn't mind jumping

bet she's a real man-eater, eh

oh well

This one doesn't have the big toothy grin the old one had.

Seconded, I miss the toothy grin

for real, I don't have the artistic prowus, if anyone could draw something like 'rasta princess' in the towergirls style. I am making something like my own edition.

You are in the same vein of problems that Blank has.
Good luck.

Who exactly is blank?

He's a naive block head who was creating his own gen, But he's our naive block head

Blockhead? Listen, I'm not stupid, I know it looks like shit and the fonts don't line up and it's all unbalanced, and it's silly. But it's just for fun. I'm making it in paint for god's sake.

I don't think he meant it insultingly, dude.
No bully

He wasn't talking about you, pay attention

>Blockhead? Listen, I'm not stupid, I know it looks like shit and the fonts don't line up and it's all unbalanced, and it's silly. But it's just for fun. I'm making it in paint for god's sake.

I wasn't talking about you, I was answering your question about who blank was

Your autism is showing bro, calm down we like you.

Where is the Monkey Princess size difference art? She's listed as being a size-changer.

Less of a Monkey thing and more of her dowry, but she can multiply for some reason.

that would be me

Everyone is welcome here. I even remember some of the earlier copies of your Gen from a ways back. No need to spaz out, friend.

sorry. It's kind of sad, I had a few more princesses that got removed because the file got corrupted, and I had to search through the old thread to find it. :/


I read that as "He's the native blockhead" and thought something totally different.

either way I am a blackhead

No worries famm, no harm no foul.

>either way I am a blackhead

No you're a blockhead you dummy. But really though you're a good guy blank

my typos prove the point and thank ya

thanks makes me feel gud
that's a bad typo to make had no clue I did that

yeah I'm making a chart too


new sketch batch from red with 3 of my princesses and Levis new potental design for fake gen

thank you user who commissioned Red

Can't believe Blank supports Blackhead! I'm going to unsubscribe from superbunnyhop!

just now saw new Gargoyle art. My duck is now as hard as her!
10/10 would pick up and have weird crossbreed children with, like that one clone chick from Gargoyles

>My duck is now as hard as her

You should take your duck to the vet user

My phone hates me. I believe it's just waiting for me to finally get fed up with it and throw it in a river.

Duck Princess when?
I'm guessing starts with 0 love but Max lust, and her fetish list is.


That's a pretty neat Levia design. The other Princesses are nice, too, though I do feel having so many kinks as "[insert] Sex" is a bit repetitive. Surely our collective vocabulary is broad enough to remedy that.

Ya I know there are specifics on kinks but I was tired/am tired so I couldn't think of the right fetish name. Is there a name for ghost sex through objects?


If there isn't a word, we can make one (do feel Ghostjobs might be able to cover this, though).

I really debated on that as a kink

Woo, acting!
Woo, Snake Monkey!
Woo sea demon from the depths!
Woo, ghost blowjob!

correction shes a snake monkey tiger tanuki

> Turning HP into Thot Princess

Although Human Princess is pretty great, there are better girls.
I wonder what the companions for the Gen I girls would have looked like?




Right, I was thinking of her idol's renouncement effect. Still, where is it?


The point is I hate human princess and she looks like a thot. THOT PRINCESS.

Man do I want to rescue Girl Sun Wukong from whatever tower she's chilling at.

You're entitled to your opinion and I respect it, though I vehemently disagree.


Have fun having the worst taste possible. Subhuman trash belongs with subhuman trash.

I happy I wasn't the only one seeing the reference.
Po-Ju should do straight stuff more often.

What the fuck are you saying? Is this English?

Ah so weve attracted a /r9k/ poster, well heres to hoping you never get your princesses drawn


Quick question, is Squire a boy or a gril?


You decide!

No, listen, here's why I don't like HP: she's yoo default. There's nothing remarkable about her. She's basically princess peach in her boringness man. I always liked TG because of the verry and how different the princesses where.

And I'm not an rk9 user, I don't go on there. I tend to go on /d/ and /qst/

Magician's choice.

Seriously, are you some kind of special?

You've the right to defend your opinion, and we've the right to call it shit

That dark souls mimic reference though.

Also the fuck is a thot?

>Also the fuck is a thot?

A image that appears in your head

Urban dictionary says it's a word for whore, /r9k/ robots like to use it to describe women, so Naga turned human princess into a thot I guess

Whichever is funnier or hotter depending on the situation.

Fuck you.

A thot is a valley girl basically. The a slut yes, the kind that wears Uggs and drinks starbucks and uses the snapchat dog filter. I can believe you've never heard of "Thot patroll" and "BEGONE THOT!"

Never heard of it at all actually. Thought it was some furry reference Or something

> I tend to go on /d/
I can see it.

psy-princess is best princess.
prove me wrong.


My favorite princesses>Your Favorite Princesses

I'd still like to see a mech princess

There needs to be more art of Fungus Knight and Insect Princess similar to pic related

There is an AI Princess already

or some more cat knight/dog princess at the very least...

Trash thread did a giant art piece of all 20 of their princesses in one scene

Every time I think "Princess you can climb inside and pilot," I think of...

Just because she lets you get inside her for pragmatic reasons doesn't mean she likes you or anything...

I don't get this picture, doesn't he get blown up in the second panel?

What is this, a picture for Ant Princess?

Who would Sir Knight have as his two partners in a three-machine-combination Mecha Princess?

Kobold and Mimic Knights.
Mimic makes up the bulk of the Mecha with his own fleshy form, hardened to be similar to strong alloys.

Yven-the blue and Bash Knight

Does that Getter have a fro?

Shin Tower Girls Armageddon

I had been hung up on who a good second partner would have been. Yven was an immediate choice for the speed-centric member, and Bash actually sounds like an excellent selection for the trio's bulk/muscle (even if they wouldn't be so much outside the cockpit, themselves).

Shin Getter's shoulders are just massive.

If I make my own princess for fun, do I just post her here?

sure go for it

also trash thread is dead again, it may be better to move it over here but ill leave it to their call

more princess deliveries




/trash/ thread died in a spam wave.
It's back.

>crown on snake held by thin string
It really is the little details like these that give the most cute factor.

ive found the solution!

Fake gen shall be renamed from Fake gen to Gen 1 expansion!

TRULY, I am a genius

and also we can get some other real princesses rather then paper and triangle if yall feelin that more

though book is staying since shes connected with GM