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>Thread question
What, if any, attrition-based decks have you run? I.e., things that slowly grind out a victory.

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Fuck Sheldon.

Solitary Confinement is a strong card but I don't like the idea of discarding a card before I find out it's true value because my draw for turn could change everything.

My playgroup(s) also have the reasoning if I am trying so hard to protect myself then I must have something scary planned.

>What, if any, attrition-based decks have you run?

More recently I have built pic related as stax, it is in the first version and I have yet to play it in my lgs league. (Playing it this week).

I am hoping it provides some insight for changes.

You'll have to figure out some other way to make your meta miserable, Trest Shitlord.

Alright laddy lads care to have a critique of this Dralnu deck I've been tinkering with?


I just built bird tribal, that doesn't make Sheldon less of a fucking faggot.

Hope of Ghirapur deck you say?

>What, if any, attrition-based decks have you run? I.e., things that slowly grind out a victory.
Little Lili's +2 is great for that. Play heavy card draw, out of your graveyard, and with as many group slug effects as you can. Her ultimate will win you the game, but both of her other abilities are great too. She'll draw hate before she ultimates anyway. Don't be afraid to -X her to grab a Fleshbag Marauder or Crypt Ghast or whatever when you need to, she ticks up quickly and costs only 3 mana.

I eventually took apart that deck because my friends weren't having fun against it, and because I'm usually the most vocal proponent against planeswalker cards. I felt hypocritical using one as my commander even though I don't use any in any other deck.

My Sydri decks durdles for 20 turns, drawing cards and countering spells, before dropping Lattice and ending the game. People complained about how grindy it was, and often conceded to the mid/late-game pressure. I took the deck apart due to how samey and attritiony it became to play.

Nowadays Breya allows me to run similar bullshit with more of a reanimator theme. It's harder to play though since I don't play any infinite combos and don't have the "I sin" power of Lattice. That said, I built it to prey on the 4 Brago decks at my LGS and it's worked wonders on that front

Furthermore, I dug into what Sheldon had to say about the card previously and what French Commander was doing with it.


It seems like a good card, great value, but where are these game-ending combos people are talking about? This seems like a good value engine and a step down from T&N in terms of finishing games.

How? What cards is it tutoring to end the game?

>What, if any, attrition-based decks have you run? I.e., things that slowly grind out a victory.

Ironically Attrition doesn't grind out a game, however I have used kederekt parasite to grind out a win since everyone wants to draw cards regardless of dmg. Honorable mention goes to infectious horror

Duel lacks the 13 or so ultrapowerful tutors that EDH has, making the combo nearly impossible to achieve.

Not disagreeing with Sheldon's faggotry, but this update isn't terrible. I never played with or against Leovold, so no butthurt there, and in terms of cards that win the game when played, Hulk actually has fair uses unlike some cards they unbanned before it (coughWorldgorgercough). Now they just need to unban Coalition Victory.

mikaeus + walking ballista

Learn how to use Google retard.

or wait, first phyrexian delver + sac outlet, then mik + ballista

The place that I play commander at is going to be switching to the french, duel commander rules.
Anyone have a good commander for it?

Also where do you guys buy your singles? There are some cards that i'm looking for but I dont know where to buy them.

What a fantastic answer telling me to google for cards in a combo that hasn't existed in the format prior to today. Thank you for the insight.

TCGPlayer and set it so you don't care about card quality, playable beats looks in my book.

With my burning hatred for duel commander, all I heard here was "My LGS owner decided to gargle cum and I'm considering joining him."

Without knowing the meta, I'd assume something mono-blue, Nin, or Anafenza are all safe choices.

>Hulk actually has fair uses
maybe in monogreen

Boros Partners, Bruse/Reyhan, MonoR Zurgo, Grixis Control and Selvala are all viable options.

Any suggestions for neat but not commonly used commanders? I'm not a fan of shutting players down from playing at all.


Yeah they just released Protean Hulk in Amonkhet, not Dissension over a fucking decade ago.

Isperia the Inscrutable. Can be built prison, but much more fun as flyer tribal.

Don't sweat it, some teenager has been saying that about everything for the last few threads. Hopefully he gets bored and fucks off soon enough.

Anyways, in black you can grab pretty gnarly things. Maybe rune scared demon to tutor your wincon, or picking up something like blood artist and body snatcher then sacing the snatcher to get back the hulk, so you can fish some more combo pieces.

Shit, meant to reply to

The combo that Flash Hulk used was in a 1v1 format with 20 life, you fucking goon. None of the common Flash Hulk combos end the game or are even that great in EDH. Quit shitposting.

I get most of my singles from trading with my group or buying online from tcgplayer since I live in the USA. I don't trust SCG since they almost always charge more than the listed median of other sites.

Not just monogreen will benefit from the hulk unban I'm sure I can find a use for it in mimeoplasm but I don't want it because I'm not a tryhard who wants to win a casual format

Jori En? I haven't tried her but I feel like you can make a B-tier deck with nothing but low-CMC UR spells like bolt, counterspell, and brainstorm. Like a weaker Keranos maybe.

if you're running not monogreen and playing hulk, it's probably a game-winning spell as opposed to an extremely great spell

Oh man, how totally fucking wrong I am.


I have fun with Sisters of Stone Death. Expensive, but you're also in the two best colors for ramping to critical masses of mana.

Rune-Scarred is 7. Also that sounds strong but people in the last thread are saying it ends games. Walking Ballista and Mike seems like the strongest one I've heard so far.
Why doesn't just Mike and Ballista work?

>What, if any, attrition-based decks have you run? I.e., things that slowly grind out a victory.

Closest I got to that is Kambal. While it's not exactly an attrition deck, when it wins, it rarely does so through direct spells or creatures. Just a nice, steady drain.


You mean a 1v1, 20 life format? Wow, good job proving him wrong.

because ballista will have a static +1/+1

Ballista needs a sac outlet to undie (gets +1/+1 from Mike,)

Because infinite life loss is restricted to 20 life formats?

>people don't know common combos with Protean Hulk
>yet insist it's a fair card

It's not infinite life loss, you fucking goon.

The Disciple of the Vault variant was less interactive and hit 20 life. The infinite variants are slightly more interactive.

Well I went a little durr. Get massacre wurm round two with the hulk off body snatcher and then laugh your way to the bank. I would also be interested if there was some sort of esoteric combo I can't quite grasp.


Why is he holding his sword like that?

Also deck looks fun, I've been considering a similar style of Dralnu deck for awhile. You should probably be playing Intuition but other than that, shit's good.

>people post vague and condescending posts about a card associated with a combo that was constructed with single player 20 life formats as the context
>yet insist they aren't shitposting

I haven't played it yet so I don't really know what to expect.

>Blood Artist and infinite dying triggers isn't infinite life loss
Huh? I mean I guess it stops when they out of life.

Thanks bud, I'll find a slot for Intuition

>posts links to google searches showing infinite protean hulk combos
>doesn't bother to open the links to even check if they are relevant to the discussion

Combo doesn't use blood artist, you fucking goon.

>friend has finished Rakdos Eldrazi, can't shut up about how good it's going to be
>just finished building Edric

I can't wait to counter all his shit and then blow him out with unblockable 1/1s with Infect off Triumph of the Hordes

No need to ruin his fun.

This is without a doubt the best one I've seen brianstormed so far. It requires you to run the least amount of shitty cards and the least amount of colors.

I suppose. I just wish he'd shut up about how it's going to blow everyone else out

Yeah Modern Bubble Hulk uses Mogg Fanatic but it can tutor Blood Artist in the same way after you get in the Reveillark/BD loop by choosing to reanimate Karmic Guide, which is probably what the EDH version would use given the color identity rules.

Or instead of being a semantic cunt I could remind you that damage is loss of life retard.

Did you give up this fucking argument yet?

>friend builds a sliver deck
>its WAY more powerful than anything anyone else in our group has

do i just jam my deck full with board wipes or something?

He'll learn once he actually plays a game with it since Rakdos is pretty clunky. Fun deck, but actually enabling him and going through all of the setup usually means your opponent's have had time to set up way faster and sturdier. It doesn't take counterspells and infect to show him that. Rakdos by nature is a flimsier deck.

Get good idiot.

Is there a list of all of the cards that go infinite with Kiki? I know the classic but I'm more curious about the weird ones that arent talked about like Bounding Krasis

That all depends on your colors.
Thornbite staff + anything that sacrifices itself.

>I could remind you that damage is loss of life retard.

Uhhhh... Damage is not life loss.


Also when are they going to get Blood Artist since every lynchpin clone/reanimate creature they are fetching is 5 mana which is why Mogg Fanatic and Viscera Seer (being 1 mana) are so essential? Karmic Guide is also 5 mana so can't do it then.

What do you run user? I'd be happy to help.

What does he run for Commander? Queen? Legion? Hivelord? Overlord?

If he runs old Slivers, they're vulnerable to you stealing them away and getting those tasty benefits for yourself.

>buy 5 copies last year at $1 each and forget about them
>see this thread
>check tcgplayer
Oh boy. Into Marath and Hapatra, I suppose

Forgot to add in you fucking goon.

What the fuck you should have a few wipes in all your decks anyways! Everyone needs to be able to wrangle an I winnable board state.

Fuck me, I'm tired.

Not him but what is with you and calling people goons? That's such a goofy name to go with. I mean, it's better than some of the gobbledygook people go with, but still.

To let shitposter-san know that it's the same person hounding him with semantics. It's a little less faggy than a tripcode.

It sure is you fucking goon.

Damage causes loss of life, but by the rules they are not the same thing.

"Prevent X damage" does not prevent "Target player loses X life." Etc.

Ah yes, telling people Protean Hulk creates an infinite combo when it dies is shitposting.

Get a Pact if you can. That shit will save your ass when you go for the Doomsday sequence. Maybe some more spot removal for things that you don't need to get rid of with a counter.

Also Reality Shift is dank. Use that

No. This is shitposting. Pretending a barely tier 2 deck in a dead format that made waves 3 years ago in one PT is common knowledge when EVERYONE knows the premiere Hulk combo is Flash Hulk with Disciple.

>Damage CAUSES Loss of Life

First you can't count to 6 now you can't read cards. This is getting extraordinarily embarrassing, you fucking goon.

Well this thread is a fucking dumpster fire

Post 'em

And yet Googling Protean Hulk combo got me there.

You're welcome for being spoonfed by the way.

>Is attempting to fix a shitty thread by reposting the same fucking picture he posts every thread that adds no discussion to the thread

You're not helping, asshole.

Hey how 'bout you take the thorny rose stem out of your urethra and lighten up

God you guys get so fucking mad about the dumbest shit

Oh boy let's fill the image cap with crap no one responds to.

Post your theme song next user.

How about you contribute something fucking new to these threads. What's next is that asshole gonna post his decklists with his incredibly unfunny song-inspired deck titles? Or are we gonna have another post your deck theme comment chain? How about a rinse-repeat of the "What I built/What I expected/What I Got" with the guy that starts out with his shitty Nebuchadnezzar pic. This general is like fucking Groundhog's Day and you want to fix it by reposting the same shit. No you fucking lighten up and stop spamming these threads.

At least I have fun while I do it, friend

I think you're just mad that Leovold got the axe and you have to take it out on anyone who will respond to you

You act like the image cap even matters. At least the image he posted is on topic. People will just use of spaces with shitty reaction images or some shit. Image cap is not a solid argument. I'd rather see people post their decks because at least there's a chance for some discussion that isn't just shitposting to take root.

Not him, but I'm mad that the banlist is controlled by literal retards who ban things for the wrong reason, and I've never even played Leovold.

So I bought 6 Near Mint Protean Hulks from my local game store today for $3.59 each, it's currently $22ish for moderately played condition on TCG, what do

Do you plan on using all of them? That's a whole lotta green

It's better than the shitposting we have currently. He said nothing about "theme songs" or any of that nonsense. You're like the fucking pancakes guy. At least posting your decks might get someone to ask about the list or tech choices.

No I don't plan on using any

>"hey I bought recently unbanned very powerful card for cheap, it's selling for a lot, what do"
What the fuck do you think you should do you fucking scalper

They'll probably keep rising in price for a little while. Try and sell those babies at the peak of their value.

We're the same 20 autists in every iteration of this general. I haven't seen anyone ask about a decklist in these decklist pic chains in these threads since I've seen that shit posted.

The Volute deck feels like a fun project, I don't know where it will take me but hopefully it is a fun place.
Can't wait to work out the Meloku kinks as well.

Put them in your deck of course.

I ask every now in then just in hopes that someone is playing something nifty in their decks. I go on deck building sprees and use everyone's deck images they post for inspiration on what to build next.

Your group let you build Spellweaver Volute as your commander? With Sunforger? You gotta post a list, I need to see that shit

The picture doesn't explain properly, I plan on building a deck using the Volute as a focus, I don't know who the general is yet or the direction I am going.