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Have you featured a Tlacique in your game?

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New thread so reposting

I'm rereading the rules on withstand for sympathetic casting. Maybe I'm missing something here but the withstand for teleporting along your sympathy should never be an issue or anything else for that matter after adept level.

The default potency of teleporting is 4 at adept level. Even a weak connection has a withstand of only 3. You only need 1 for a spell to work.

Curiosity question, and I apologize in advance, how do archmasters get around the seven fold wrath thing when fighting Caine.

Why must you do this.

This was previously discussed, over and over again. Magic is variable enough to work around it, but what if you don't want to?
Prime 6 is all you need. There's a Rote specifically designed to counteract God-driven curses & blessings, or just divine shit in general

>Entropy 4, Life 4, Matter 4, Prime 6.

Remember that the seven-fold curse targets Caine, not itself.


Because we're not allowed to have nice things.

Magefags are like fucking librarians. Jesus. You're always there to answer questions.

By ignoring Cain and killing God.
Next question.

>Next question.

Oftentimes my household sponges accumulate an awful amount of buildup. What can I do to prevent this?

Ignore sponges kill God.

Wring it out throughly after use. You can also microwave it for a few seconds to sanitize it.

I have this itch on the back of my leg, and I can't figure out if it's a bug bite or dry skin

>Next question.
Now I have a fatal illness from sticking dirty sponges in my microwave. What do?

Find a Life Mage.

They're all busy taking the knot.

Is it localized or on other parts of your body?

Have you recently changed soaps, bedding, brand of socks, etc.?

Do you have a history of dry skin/prone to folliculitis?

Do you live in a dry or cold climate?

Do, at the very end of old vampire, how many clans were there total?

Listen, you can either piss off or fuck off.
Whichever you prefer.

I would prefer both.

It must be a mixture of soaps and hot showers.

>the most tsundere magefag thus far

I'm not convinced about hot showers. Sebum isn't that much more soluble at temperature a person would find tolerable. Localized itching on the extremities can be anything from diabetic neuropathy to a zit.

Real talk user if this is chronic go see a real doctor.

I've never touched any oWoD. If I want to start should I just jump in at X20 cores or should I go back to revised and all that for learning the full story so to speak.

I-it's not like we want the life enhanced knot or anything. B-baka

why its comically easy to teleport people who dont want to be teleported.

Sensory range?
Sympathetic casting?
Also yes but requires a smidge more prep work.

go further back to 1e, ignore the avatar storm and all that highway to heaven power level shit

>tfw my kindred has put a vinculum on a freshly awakened mage and nobody knows

Careful not to let another mage know about that. It's an easy matter to fix.

I'll try not to have a giant neon sign that talks about it.

Mostly the Mage and I meet up and talk. Vampire offers counsel, occasional shelter or resources, and the Mage simply talks about the goings on in Mage world.

What's the most PC/SJW gameline?



Either Beast or Vampire.

Why Beast?

>muh oppressed otherkin

It's about sociopathic narcissists that punish people because they deserve it.

You're super special otherkin with a backstory that claims ultimate ownership over all other supernaturals (bar Demons), who torment people for their own good, and who are opposed by "heroes" who would see exactly how special and wonderful you are if they could only get over themselves.

dick eggs


To be fair, while Beast sucks, the reviewer isn't much better.

He's mostly correct in his assessments, though, which is enough.

Oh my god the rest of the review is out.

Poor writing and planning.

Beast > Mage > the rest

How are Heroes bad guys again?

dick eggs

Because the writers said so

heroes are autists, autists are baddies

What's the biggest threat to a Mage, and why is it Hunters?

It's clearly ex amish 20 somethings with smartphones.

Nice trips

>What's the biggest threat to a Mage, and why is it Hunters?

Don't you mean the biggest threat to mages are ex-Amish pacifists with smartphones?

hunters need to also be sleepwalkers now to remember magic in 2e?

1e a high willpower helped

wont most hunters forget shit if they even survived in the first place?

Now kiss.

>The Plain Supremacy

becuz beasts dindu nuffin

Yes, but any supernatural merit e.g. telekinesis, aura reading, etc. counts as being a sleepwalker.

Run of the mill hunters suck against any full splat.

Is there anything playable that`s even considered a threat to mages?

>Is there anything playable that`s even considered a threat to mages?

An experienced Demon or high Sekhem mummy against a lower level mage.

you had it coming, an archmage!

A really fucking stupid mage can be taken out as easily as a mortal, but most mages, even very young ones, aren't really fucking stupid.

im lying tho archmasters arnt really allowed to interfere, the worst you'd get is some form of ochemata.

except the ones who think that they can shield themselves from gravity with forces 2 and fly the fuck away, those mages are retards

You wouldn't fly, but you would float up towards space.

Bad idea.

Its probably dumb and wrong but I bet I could bully an ST into allowing it.

Although with Forces 2, they can Shield themselves from damage from all kinetic energy.

That's not too shabby, and no sells the offensive capabilities of a lot of adversaries.

Wouldn't that just make you immune to fall damage?

>You wouldn't fly, but you would float up towards space.

Shielding only protects against damage or similar effect. It doesn't negate a purview of an Arcanum.

Yes. You wouldn't float though. That would be a weaving spell.

It's a false flagging shitposter. Just fucking report him, hide the posts and don't reply to them.

yes but i learned recently that some some people think

>Normally sympathetic villains is seen as a hallmark of good writing, the fact that he railed against it so hard made several people nervous about what the actual intent of the book would be. The fact that he compared his detractors to MRAs didn’t help at all.

Dude, what?

Yep, he actually did that.

What I find particularly funny is that Beast actually drew some criticism FROM left-leaning people as well, because to them the material read like something an alt-righter would put together as a scathing parody of social justice.

So I'm guessing you can't defend against kinetic energy or make yourself immune to fire or disease then?

>Beasts were still born special. Not only that but the other monsters in the World of Darkness were compelled to be friendly towards Beasts, because they were all just pale reflections of the true terror that Beasts represented. Also there were several more example beast feeding methods, including a pair of gay beasts who tricked people into hunting down hidden treasure and then killed them for their greed. Or a female beast who catfished people into laying a hand on her so she could beat them up and feel justified about it. Or a Beast that killed bad tippers.

What the fuck?

>Heroes were directly equated to Internet Trolls, Pick Up Artists, and Mens Rights Activists. A specific requirement of being a hero is having an integrity stat of 3 or lower, and if you’re actually able, somehow, to raise a Hero’s integrity to 4 or above they just… stop being a hero. So yes, every hero is specifically an asshole. Even if their integrity was brought that low due to being tormented by a Beast. The example Heroes offered as NPCs weren’t any better, barring one. A teenage girl stuck in a Coma after an attack by a Beast, hunting Beasts in her dreams trying to find her way back to her body while struggling to keep her soul alive. But since Heroes are by definition terrible people, Group A tore through her character description like someone trying to Dox their worst internet enemy searching for justification of her terrible nature.

Jesus fucking Christ.

What the fuck went so horribly wrong? The review linked said the guy did Demon: The Descent which was exceptionally well done and received warmly by players, yet this Beast shit reads like a tumblr blog of some demented cunt with a completely warped take on the world.

From what I remember it had literal victim blaming passages.

It's just the inevitable consequence of letting your shitty identity politics leak into your work.


>So I'm guessing you can't defend against kinetic energy or make yourself immune to fire or disease then?

You can easily render your character immune to kinetic damage or fire or protect them from disease, with Forces 2 or Life 2, respectively.

The earlier user obviously doesn't understand the Practices. Shielding protects you from damage and similar effects, but does not cancel or disrupt the purview of an Arcanum.

>It’s not easy being the monster everyone was raised to hate and destroy. The Beast who evoured you, your Big Brother or Sister, told you to do your best to minimize the harm, to teach without causing lasting damage, and to choose targets who will spread the wisdom you grant them.

Okay, what fucking wisdom are they talking about here? They're just torturing people here.

>The world has grown too crowded; human settlements have grown too large. People's minds are overloaded, and they can't hear the lessons the Primoridal Dream teaches.

What? So, basically victim-blaming?

>Beasts are inherently evil: False That's just a vile Hero lie! A beast is only as evil as his actions, and most beasts instill fear to teach wisdom!

>Wise Beasts understand, however, that Heroes are often the people most in need of the lessons they can impart, and that instruction is more useful than violence. That being said, Heroes don't always give them a choice.

Don't you see? A Beast torturing people is for their own good!

>Beasts don't apologize for their harsh methods - wisdom doesn't come without loss.

Okay, so who teaches Beasts wisdom? Who tortures them into being oh so wise?

>I'm reasonably certain that the primordial dream doesn't contain the primal forgotten knowledge of C++ and how to use a Pivot Table. What Beasts do seems completely superfluous in a modern society.

I like the guy who's tearing this shit apart.

So hypothetical. A mage is going to physically die, and is not in a position to prevent itIs there a means to transfer his conscious into other humans to essential create a hive mind?

Yes. If someone has the arcana to perform the spell and you have the hubris it can be done.

You'll also lose your magic which is a fate worse than death for most mages.

Liches transfer their consciousness to bodies and retain their magic.

This was something DaveB had previously mentioned.

Yeah this is Beast in a nut shell. There is an ok game somewhere in there but it would require a lot of reworking to make it paletable.

Thou Lair rules are kinda cool and I wish I had idea how to introduce that to another game line as I did with some atavisms and nightmares. Wonder if someone here fiddled with the idea?

Yeah I actually think that's a Legacy or something.

Steal Body is a thing, user. You don't lose your magic.

You mean a Tremere house?

The Tremere don't steal bodies, they reap souls.

How would you know? Unless you're a tremere double agent.

Fuck off, Diamond whore.

No no, there's some kind of Mind Legacy that's basically a hivemind. I know Dave made or used one called the Parliament of the Needle that lets the consciousnesses of Mages persist after their physical bodies die, and there's a similar Legacy. Dreamspeakers, I think.

Death 5, Life 3 spell from the Free Council book.
You kill someone, and steal their body.


For what, wiping out some groggy half-mind?


Anyone have a pdf of Rio?

>As far as Beasts are concerned, their family ties to other supernatural creatures are obvious. Even Mages, Prometheans, and Sin Eaters are kin to Beasts (And if you think about any of those for a second you should probably be going "Wait what?") Beasts can use the power of the Dark Mother to empower their kin, or use their connection to their kin to create new Nightmares.

Okay, yeah, this is pure bullshit.

It has been stated before that this is only what THEY believe, and it isn't necessarily true.

Not to mention that mages (not just demons) shouldn't even be minimally related to them, considering how the Supernal works.