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I'm Proud of You Edition
When's the last time you've done something in a campaign that earned the respect and admiration of either your group, NPCs or even the players themselves?

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Jeremiah Johnson is a really great movie.

Weaponized carrying capacity to an absurd degree.

Last time I checked he could hoist entire cities

What kind of character should have Bred for War as a trait? Would warlike semi-nomads count?

Here's to you, man.

If you're strong enough to carry around a house, aren't you technically strong enough to use the house as a bludgeoning weapon? Or at least drop it on some fool.

>When's the last time you've done something in a campaign that earned the respect and admiration of either your group, NPCs or even the players themselves?

Never QvQ

Never. That's never happened ingame. Or at the game table. Or among friends. Or just ever in my life.

I'm playing two different 1pp kineticists because I want to, and one's a Chirurgen.

It was! I liked it a lot. I need to watch it again soon, come to think of it. It's been awhile.

That is a nice smile.

>want to build around aether blade
>but I also want to spend a lot of time in a form with no hands
>don't know how reasonable trying to go Sif-mode would be unless I spent a feat for it, but I'm strapped for feats
>ALSO not sure how big of a fag I would be for constantly dissipating it so I could redraw it every turn for Mithral Current

The dilemmas

If you'd like to expand your Redfordkino, I also recommend Three Days of the Condor.

This one is better.

Using it as a weapon is a weird thing since it's technically an improperly sized weapon, and all sorts of other bullshit

Dropping it on someone though? Totally kosher. Nothing feels better than knowing you can, if you want to, clear a dungeon by shaking it like a giant rattle or wipe out a medium-sized country by dropping a literal comet onto it.

Well there's the casting Bard, the fighting Bard and the roguish Bard.

Casting Bards go Magician and take advantage of the strong party buffs, Enchantments and Illusions they get, supplementing with sor/wiz spells.

Fighting Bards go Arcane Duelist, Arrowsong Minstrel or Dervish of Dawn/Dawnflower Dervish to take advantage of those strong buffs being turned inwards. They grab a one handed weapon and go Dexterity, or pick up a bow/reach weapon. The recent Emo Bard archetype can actually switch between party and self buffs.

Roguish Bards go Archaeologist and take advantage of their large set of skill points, ability to enhance checks, and Use Magic Device to fill in various roles. There's also Sandman, but Archaeologist is better.

I'll check it out! The trailer has me hooked already!

I want to play as a pair of twins.

Well, let's see.

>First Campaign: 5 STR Halfling Gunslinger is the only one to succeed on a Climb check all game, as well as holding her liquor well enough to impress the townsfolk

>Second Campaign: Finding consistent uses for Throw Anything as a 4'10" Brawler. Also, knocking out the 6'2" Druid in a single punch during the fighting tournament that started the game.

>Third Campaign: Pulled off a "creepy little girl" voice for my Gnome Spiritualist. Everyone was more than a little disturbed.

>Fourth Campaign: Nothing, but my Dhampir Inquisitor seemed to be received well.

>Fifth Campaign: Not so much respect as "becoming a meme." I've talked about this one before, but I never escaped a combat without hitting 0 HP or lower.

>Sixth Campaign: Who knows? Maybe someday. Hoping for a RYU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU moment, but no guarantees.

Which one is the most suited to be the face of the group?

What are the stats for dropping a comet on a small country? Surely it's not just 20d6 of damage for the object hitting the ground.

Dvati from dragon compendium.

The first time I did it, it saved my character's life and earned him the respect and friendship of the party's resident intellectual rogue/dickass thief. He and the rogue got ambushed and the rogue basically ran off when things started looking sketchy. In the end, my PC pretty much solo'd an encounter that was meant for the whole party, but when he and the rogue started traveling back to the rest of the party my character could tell that the rogue was thinking of killing him to steal his stuff. They were still strangers to each other at the time, and he WAS terribly injured.

So my PC took his Necklace of Fireballs (a magic item where each bead of the necklace can be thrown to detonate like a Fireball spell) and put it in his mouth, then scribbled down a note and handed it to the rogue. It basically said. "I know you're probably thinking of killing me, so I've placed those explosives you saw me using earlier in my mouth and if you stab me I'm going to bite down before I die." The rogue looked back at my PC in disbelief, my PC gave him a cheeky smile to prove he wasn't bluffing, and the rogue called him, "a bitch, but a clever bitch" and then offered to buy him a round of drinks when they got back to town because he was impressed.

Literally rocks fall, everyone dies.


A worthy goal, especially with judicious use of 80s hair.

>Not an asteroid but a comet.

Everyone on the planet dies.

How do we know you're not a Veiled Master?

To be fair it wasn't actually the rock itself that killed everything, if that was the case it would have stripped the planet of its crust and literally nothing would have survived. No, the non-nuclear fallout afterwards that cooled the planet significantly due to the clouds of dust in the air did the deed.

Depends on how fast it's going when it hits, if the moon landed on the Earth from a foot away it would only take out a chunk of the planet the size of Australia.

Trust me, I only cover my face because people kept reeling back in horror.

Should I drop out of one game to join another?

When will a new game open up that allows for comfy apps, /pfg/?

Do you want to?

Is the spot in the new game confirmed? Do you like the current game?

I can advertise a comfy game for everyone, love, I just can't guarantee running it.

I kinda do.

Yes, and while I like the people I'm really struggling to enjoy the game itself.

What sort of game would you bamboozle with, user?

no game is a better than a bad game.

>I kinda do.
Then do it.

So I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to find out who Wubu is picking for Blingmaker after all. Why must we suffer like this?

But is tomorrow.

Read some ReLife in the mean time! Or Mousou telepathy!

It's tomorrow where I'm at. East side, baby!


Wubu is probably busy PLEASING MEN FOR MONEY. I mean, come on. Wubu clearly got money on the mind.

How useful is fascinating groups of enemies?

Amazing for out of combat, states in the rules that it's useless for in-combat unless stated otherwise.





I wish you would fascinate me instead, user.

You're a smart person.

Not that user, but I'd bamboozle /pfg/ with a game about being young witches/wizards in a boarding school for witchcraft and wizardry to help test my homebrew magic system.

Comfy hogwarts campaign.

I do feel better now having gotten some shit posting out of the way now. Night night, loves.

Goodnight, user.

Do you remember love, /pfg/?

It hasn't even been two months, user. It still burns me if I touch it in its dark cave deep inside my mind where I've tried to bury it.

When I think of love all I can think about is all the friends I've yet to meet!

What happened, user?

I unironically think this is one of the greatest songs of all time.

>I never escaped a combat without hitting 0 HP or lower.
Oh hey codon friend

She revealed her treacherous affair with one of my best friends and left after seven years together. It was life-shattering; it's the reason I'm here again after years away. I'm very, very good at sealing it away most of the time; my therapist calls them intellectual defenses, but sometimes it breaks out and floods my mind with maddening emotion.

But at least I've gotten to play with some really nice people here now. It's very interesting; I'm glad I've had the opportunity.

Fuck off Minshit.

This song?

Look, I don't have to like minmay to like the song. Or do you not want to have a nice slow dance in a gentle embrace with your waifu by the fireplace, faggot.

I don't.


Fuck that run LWA


Speaking of fireplaces, do any of your character own property? Do they have a cozy shack somewhere with a fireplace they can sit next to and weep bitterly, alone, without (You) by their side.


What's that?

>You gain the Conceal Spell feat as a bonus feat without needing to meet the prerequisites.

>The whispers of intrigue sing to you with glimpses of insight into others’ presence and motives, granting you greater awareness than your own senses could manage. You can add your Charisma modifier instead of your Wisdom bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks.

Which would you choose at 1st level?

Alternatively, if you don't like either of them, which of these appeal to you the most? Since most of them seem roleplaying focused I'm not entirely sure how to prioritize them.

A great movie that everyone should watch.

My character would like to own a lot of property, if they get into Blingmaker that dream might become reality. MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE WUBU.

I hope you don't mind, but here's a (You) and a headpat. Cheer up, okay?


Best watch out for the Gold Diggers, user. Even if you get in, there's no guarantee you'll be safe from ALIMONY

So if the blingmaker party ends up being nothing but ladies what kind of princes will be fit for our princesses? Anybody care to hazard a guess at what kind of men the female blingmakers fancy?

Milre wants a devoted patriot that's still an earthly, rustic man. Someone who can sweep her off her feet sore as they are from heels probably sweep her off them literally. Useful business connections a plus.

Viviana would want a man that's in a rough spot, someone to pull out of the darkness like she was. But he's gotta have potential, he's gotta have a spark in him somewhere that shows her something to believe in.

Sofia needs a man that will indulge her crazy tastes, but one that's hearty and strong, someone that she's confident could overpower her so she can feel safe that she won't go too far again. He needs to be well-off too, not necessarily rich but at least affluent. Probably a good knight.

And one for (you)

I think Sofia would want young inexperienced men to prey on.

Even though they're totally stupid, I still think the drills are super cute.


She'd never settle for a man whose enthusiasm for progress and philosophical ideals don't match her own. He needs to have a touch of wildness to him though, she looks like the kind of girl who'd walk into a Noble Savage stereotype and walk away with her heart pounding and a flush to her cheeks.

She needs someone who has faith in her and believes she in her, but it also has to be a powerful warrior she can respect too. Also, he gotta have the skymetal. Fuck a diamond ring, get this girl an adamantine ring.


A respectable gentleman, probably a retired adventurer or ex-guardsman. Probably has to share her vision, but not as much as with Anna. Must be past his childish years and possessing great wisdom and a calming aura, so as to sooth her psychosis and paranoia. Iroh, basically.

She pleases old men for money. Anybody can take her to pound town if they've got the bling, but she'll never settle down with just one unless he can make the perfect PC.

What would you buy as a 1st level character with ~1100 starting gold?

What class are you?

Good answers are:
>Combat Trained Heavy Horse
level 1 they're actually strong enough to be extremely relevant in combat
>MwK Armor of choice
>MwK Weapon of choice
>MwK Ranged Weapon of choice

Suggestion: All characters should have 1 free Profression only skillpoint per level. Probably restricted to a number of professions like 1-3 to split them among.

I cannot think of a single reason this isn't already a rule and can only see it improving the game.

Literally read the Background Skills rules. It's a better version of what you suggest.

You mean like Background Skills?

The Paizo-published optional rule that's actually really good and gives even people like 10 int fighters room to put ranks in things like perform or profession?

Taming of the shrew?

A farm.

I'm an oracle. Spell focused, so weapons aren't something I'm really looking to invest in. Armor would probably be a good idea though.

Not sure about a horse since I don't know anything about the campaign yet.

What about Antoinette?

Does Shocking Grasp's +4 to hit metal wearers affect a Magus when they're channeling the spell into their weapons? Because if so I'm going to cry at how much I let poor Shura suck for no reason.

All of them can do it, since Charisma is your money stat, but Caster/Roguish Bards need it most, go for that.

If I wanted to use a tower shield and shoot ray attacks, what class/style would I play to not suck?

I guess play a warder and trait into E-flux.

Forrest should make a tower shield-using Avowed archetype.

>cram more into avowed.
Just let the thing be ironed out and released, goddamn.

Psion or Sphere Caster

Who are the inexperienced hunks of Blingmaker?

My players didn't like Lore and expanded skills stuff when I pitched that. I guess the same thing could be accomplished by stripping down Background Skills.

Iroh... That would be fucking great, honestly.

Greg's pretty inexperienced.