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Reposting from last thread.

I need more tanks in my life, does anyone know if the Emperor's Fist Armored Squadron box comes with an accessory sprue for each tank?

Post favorite favorite model from your most played (or current favorite) faction!

Don't bother. Tanks are going to be even easier to kill in 8th, trying to use them is pointless.

Literally haven't played a single game of 40k since 4th edition, that's like telling me my Camry won't do well since NASCAR changed its regs.
I do Armies on Parade and a couple other modeling competitions, but mostly just build and paint for fun

I am still deciding on my first proper army, I have some Skitarii I have painted, but they're from when I was just starting, so they're kind of ugly and falling apart from improper handling. So I ask for advice between Orks and Guard. I know advice for armies is a bit difficult due to 8th being right around the corner, but I genuinely can't decide. Orks, for a bunch of mek type units with some flyers, or maybe wait and see if rumours of plastic steel legion are true?

oh you've read the rulebook have you?

tell me more.


Consider picking up some guard tanks as a middle ground. Either you get plastic steel Legion, or you can run them as looted vehicles for Orks

That's what people said at the start of 6E and were wrong.

Perhaps slightly off topic but anyone know why the newer pirated 40k rules ebooks are a mess, and perhaps how to fix them.

I was interesting in catching up with the Gathering storm lore, but the epub in the first link is a total mess, had to go with pdfs from the third link which aren't much use on my phone as I had intended but will do fine on my PC.

In that case, it's highly unlikely considering the Russ doesn't even come with an accessory sprue to begin with.

Spend $50 on a tank and they expect you to throw in another $15 just to get the rest of the bits. Typical GW.

>literally every unit in the game can hurt tanks in 8e with any weapon
Pretty sure that's gonna end up making it easier, yeah. Last I checked lasguns couldn't poke a Russ to death in the current rules.

Well I see my attempt at a thread catalyst crashed and burned.


>Unit Rebalancing?
>"Everything is now a legitimate choice. Even pyrovores. Everything can hurt everything else because of the new types of profiles."

Tanks confirmed dying to grot guns.

>Spend $50 on a tank and they expect you to throw in another $15 just to get the rest of the bits. Typical GW.

>put the sprue as a separate optional product so people can pay for it if they want to
>add an extra sprue of accessories to a model kit


In that case, it's highly unlikely considering the Russ doesn't even come with an accessory sprue to begin with.

Holy fuck, for real? Well, that's not the end of the world, I can nab up 28mm stowage bits and such pretty easy, but that's lame. Thanks user.

Only model I own.

>Last I checked lasguns couldn't poke a Russ to death in the current rules

Last I checked any unit can hurt Riptides with any weapon. Doesn't make massed Lasguns against them viable.

Besides, the thing everyone always complained about with vehicles was getting one-shotted with explodes results. That's likely going to get removed in favor of heavier weapons rolling for damage, which means with more hullpoints tanks will be less likely to get oneshot, as well as that change also meaning anti-tank guns can actually oneshot MCs

I like MANz but Ghazghkull and Kromlech MAN makes all the GW MANz look like gits.

current favorite. about to start collecting.


>What do you mean there are plenty other way to hit ?

I wish that angled Mk IV assault variant chest came in a non-BA variant. I love the way it looks, very angular and non-curved, non-40K. Like that Dornian Heresy Ultramarine armor.


I am actually completely unfamiliar with any of the sprues for all the different IG tank variants, would you mind clarifying what you're talking about?

While true tanks can now be hurt by anything if a Landraider has high toughness 30 wounds and a 2+ save it would probably be harder to kill than now overall, so while this definitely won't be the statline I wouldn't automatically assume vehicles are paper.

As an aside is massed vehicles actually that good in 7th I see monstrous creatures far more.

>Main battle tanks will only be able to reliably hit large groups of enemies instead of other tanks or will have a half dozen different rules on how to hit things

I am trying to get into tabletop warhammer, anyone have any tips on how to find players? I go to a uni, so I live around there.

Tips for newcomers would be appreciated aswell

A lot of AdMech stuff looks really intimidating to paint.


Not great on the table imo, but still looks cool as all get out.

It is. That bloody servo skull snapped off halfway through.
Cawl is exponentially worse.

Just get ready to go through 40 pots of leadbelcher and paint a fuckload of wires.

>Pretty sure that's gonna end up making it easier, yeah. Last I checked lasguns couldn't poke a Russ to death in the current rules
that's not that big a change. pretty much everything can do it in 8e, gaunts can (potentially) fleshborer a russ to death.for example. really it seems a decent move, now you can't end up in that shit scenario where 1 players remaining forces can't possivle hurt the others which is fun for neither player.

tanks are sure to be very high toughness and wounds which woukd make actually trying to kill them with lasguns unfeasible as anything but a desperate last resort.

Please kill yourself, regardless if you are actually a GW shill or not.

Just paint them as best as you can, nothing else matters, if you want some guidance look for Duncan videos, he makes everything look easy to paint

Always have one on my lists and the model itself is great in its simplicity.

Really makes you feel like basic troops are going to be stealing necron warriors' turf fine by me, fuck them

If those are yours, looking good user. Nice crisp colors.

Pimp Daddy Warpsmith bout to bring the party!

Hey man, 8th edition is about to start up, so I'd just recommend reading the lore of the army you like best, buying a box of basic troops or snapfit dudes and painting them up to learn how to paint, since everyone's sperging out right now. This will actually be a pretty nice time to join once it's officially released and the rules are out. I'd say check if there's
any clubs, Games Workshop Warhammer stores, or any other local game store that stocks 40k and has tables for playing. Watch Warhammer TV's how to paint videos, they're amazing, man.

LRBT were shit at doing anything to tanks and MC's anyway.

If it's not something that can happen reliably then it really doesn't change
>now you can't end up in that shit scenario where 1 players remaining forces can't possivle hurt the others

>Chimera includes an accessory sprue
>model that is almost double the price but doesn't include even 50% more plastic doesn't
You see the problem here, right?

Not technically true. S1/2 can't hurt a riptide at all. Not that you'll face a lot of that, but that's for good reason.

Yep. It's bullshit for the reasons I already listed above. Way more money for a disproportionate amount of model.

Gauss was just there due to the lack of special weapons providing AT, so it doesn't really matter if it goes.

Have you ever stopped and realized how many times you type the word "shill" a day? Really makes you think.

About how retarded you are.


I can't decide between Dreadnoughts or Interrogator Chaplain. Just look at this guy, he's ready to torture the crap out of you with his Captain statline, man.

See what local game stores there are and if they are on your college's bus routes or near one. Then find out if they have a warhammer night and go. If you like the people, enter the hobby and have fun, if you don't like them, don't join the group. You can also see if there is a tabletop group at your uni, it might have some people that play 40k

And all they had to do to make that gorgeous model playable was allow more upgrades like a bike or some long range weapon upgrade so he can actually do something in the formations that require him

A bit disappointing how Big G towers of Ghazzy now. Fingers crossed for a wave of new Ork stuff eh?

>mfw I got two metal ones
Would you join me in the eternal crusade brother?


Is that from Chechnya?

So instead of actually buffing them you make them worse at things they were already mediocre at. Also they had no issue taking out transports. Also what would be the point of variants like the Punisher if the battlecannon will just autohit swarms anyways and do xd6 wounds? Either there will be no reason to bring one because the other will be objectively better than the other.

>tfw Plasma Cannons no longer having templates means that it can be snapfired and used in Overwatch
>they're finally viable with DA chapter tactics and stuff boosting our Overwatch as our chapter gimmick alongside our love of plasma
>my plasma cannon devs/tacs/dreads/termis can finally defend themselves


the chalice symbol looks lie it'd be really easy to shave/file off.


I love Chaos Termies. If there's one thing I dislike about them, it's that there aren't even more cool ways to kit them out.

Thanks guys, I'll check it out. Cheers

I like big boxy robots

Hell, I'm trying to find excuses to buy another one

Is that confirmed? I play IF and like to sit a plasma cannon devastator squad and a librarian on a haemotrope reactor and cook the entire battlefield.

What is the change?

>tfw own two metal ones
>tfw never ever played BTs
>tfw converted one into a VV Sarge with dual LCs
>tfw the other one has seen no battles in about 12 years

>What is the change?
they are confirmed getting rid of templates. user assumes this means all weapons will be able to fire overwatch.

They'd still be good at killing heavy infantry compared to a punisher and would have more potential against vehicles than a single str8 ap3 hit.

Even flamers? Sternguard heavy flamers are my go-to unit...

>tfw really like broadsides and want to include one
>but running a stealth based close-range cadre so it would completely clash against fluff

They'll get a random number of hits, like they do when you fire overwatch. They aren't getting rid of the weapons, just the templates.

the games workshop website has a store finder function if you're having trouble finding anything.

it basically just gives you all the stockists of GW stuff in the area tou specify.

Better yet, AA.

Flamers could overwatch already.

Except they're not hitting either of those reliably since it's probably hitting on a 4+ and you'd have better options to do both of those things.

I only own play Orks right now and own a few Space Marine models but I snagged three Broadsides for a decent price despite owning no other Tau stuff right now and no ambition to get any until my painting is done. Railsides are honestly my favorite model in the whole game and I want to run a small group of Tau allies just to have an excuse to use them.

Ah cool. Hopefully they buff heavy bolters, if I could stack my IF army with that I would be a happy camper.

I was referring to the removal of flamer templates. More importantly the ignores cover part of it

I hope you enjoy getting a whopping D3 hits per shot now that templates are gone.

It's been too long. I'm sick of painting these damn Pathfinders

But user, that'll be so much more reliable and fast than those fiddly templates!

we've no idea if they're losing ignores cover.

all we knw is that the number of hits is no longer determined by a template.

Wow that's awful, I would use them to plop down in the middle of guard swarms and cook half the squad.

If they are taking out my ability to do that, then they'd better make marines a hell of a lot harder to kill.

Burninating the countryside.

It always hits if they have at least 6 models, and it's still like a 60% chance even against one model, which is about what scatter gives you, depending on size.

Figured it would be D3 for a small blast and D6 for large, but do we have confirmation or is it just based off of the changes from WHFB to AoS?

Yes, it's SO difficult to hold up a clear piece of plastic and count how many bases it covers.

Why, once I got so many hits I had to count with my toes too! It was pretty tough.

do wish they were a bit less monopose, but the railgun looks so much nicer than the fucking missile arms

we don't know if it'll be only D3, that user pulled that number out of his ass.
for all we know it could be 2D6 hits

Railsides look good, shame missilesides are the better loadout

>doesn't have Trogdor written on it

I don't hate the missile arms, but giving them a big missile rig to hold like the railgun would have been nicer, I think.

Anyone know where I can find some super cool ork armies that are kitbashes from defeated tau armies? like kill kans or deathdreds with riptide or battlesuit parts?

Not anymore you aren't.

Where are you even getting a 60% chance to hit one model on a 4+ roll.

Never in a million years will it be 2d6. Maybe d6 if we're lucky, but I'm honestly expecting d3. Muh balance.

Too bad removing templates is going to utterly rape Hellhounds and deprive them of any usefulness whatsoever. 125 points of pointlessness.

we could see something like a new "blast X" type. that does say XD3 hits.

if they're removing templates theres no reason to stick only 2 types lf blast.


Missile fists look stupid
I wonder if they'll buff or rework broadsides

Unless they start giving ICs 10+ wounds rolling 2d6 autohits against one model would be bonkers.

Made a mistake and counted the autohit as equal or less than. Still not awful compared to scatter, which is far from guaranteed.

that's a smug looking ork for someone with very exposed joints

as for models, i really like the exalted seeker chariot. when it gets the charge it's amazing.

I have these, I run them as MANz

Orks believe mega armor are super protective, therefore they magically become super protective. His is red so it probably makes him faster too.

> Also what would be the point of variants like the Punisher if the battlecannon will just autohit swarms anyways and do xd6 wounds? Either there will be no reason to bring one because the other will be objectively better than the other.

A) That's already the case- there is no reason to ever take a LRBT instead of a punisher, and even though only the Paskisher variant. Blast weapons that aren't AP2 are universally shit because the scale of the game has outgrown the point where templates are useful.

B) xD6 isn't strictly better nor worse then a non-template firing tank because you still have to aim with regular weapons-they can miss.

But you have to account for the fact that scatter has a chance to scatter into other units too, or that it still manages to clip a larger model despite the scatter.

Making it all or nothing is very much a nerf.


This implies overwatch will even exist in other, let alone work in the same manner