Kamigakari Thread: Q&A edition

And we're back! By now, some of you that DL'ed the rulebook should have some questions, so lets hear em. I'll answer to the best of my capabilities.

Baseline stuff

Expansions and errata

Google Docs Character sheet (for if you play online)

One question i have is on how firearms work.

The way its worded is odd. Do they not add the PD value to your PD mod? or is your PD mod not added to its PD value?

The second makes more sense for guns, but the first seems to be whats implied.

On top of this, how does this affect accessories like the tactical holster that key off of guns?

Also, New expansion in a bit over a week. Kamigakari user will need some time to translate it, but get hype regardless.

No ETA on when he'll have the Eldritch book up, but get hype for that too.

If memory serves, one of the books KA is translating has a metric ton of items and equipment options.

I hope most of it will be useful, or at least interesting

So I'm making my first character in this system. What are some good basic rules to keep in mind? Like, can I start out without any defense powers and still be okay? And are there specific talents that I should be looking at?

You can easily sacrifice defense in the early levels and not feel it to terribly badly, so long as you have some restorative items. Which you will just from your hunter set.

As for specific talents, that depends entirely on what you are looking to do.

More specifically in this, what styles and race are you going to do? What weapons do you want to use? what concept are you going for?

There's a lot of factors that key into choosing your talents.

I was thinking of going Cyborg Legion A/Dragon Carrier B. But it sounds like this isn't like Double Cross where there are some powers that you NEED to have at chargen, otherwise you'll lag behind. Or are there some talents that are a part of the "meta" like that?

There isn't really a meta per say. There's one standout style, Contractor B, but thats more because the GM sections for that book hasn't been translated yet.

So yeah, there's nothing you "Need" but its probably prudent to choose talents that you think would compliment eachother. Especially timing Unique Talents.

I'd like to know more about the expanded Sanctum rules for Mononoke Realms that were mentioned in the last thread.

Am I correct in understanding that all the GM sections of the expansions will be held off until the character goodies are translated?

Are there extra Mononoke in all the books that are still to be translated or are the new ones in Books 2, 5 and 6?

I'll be trying to buy all the books, eventually but as soon as I learn the game, I'll grab the first one to honor Rikozou's hard work and KamigakariAnon's translation efforts!

For the sanctums, what do you want to know? I can give specifics or a general overview, as needed.

You are probably right that the GM sections will wait until after the player stuff.

There are likely monsters in each book, to some degree.

As for buying the books, good on you.

Are the mononoke realm sanctums more the size of a lair, a neighborhood or something like a full world?

Any new character types introduced in the eldritch info of book 6 or is it all otherworldly cthulhu mythos style monsters?

How about basic type breakdowns for characters like Kabaneri or Hellsing? Or are they too low-powered for Kamigakari?

>too underpowered

You wot m8?

Either way, Darkstalker for both. After that, alucard would probably be Legion A/Contractor B. Seras would be legion A, and probably dragon carrier B to symbolize her blood rage mode. Either that or Dark hunter A. I'll Get back to you on kabaneri.

So far as sanctums go, they are as large as the DM wants to be. They are worlds unto themselves, held together by extremely powerful beings. The only difference is the amount of things you run into, and the limit which is decided on by approximate size and difficulty. The GM section on sanctum limit hasn't been posted yet, but it needs to be moderately high comparatively to what the party faces, or it would be outright crippling.

I have no idea whats introduced in 6, besides eldritch monsters. KA didn't really give a full run down, so i just know what he told me.

K, back with the kabaneri stuff, and i'm only doing Ikoma and Mumei, seeing as their abilities are the ones most often showcased.

First, both of em would be darkstalker. Frankly, there isn't a better race for things with monster based abilities or transformations.

As for Mumei, Dark Hunter A/B. Her style is all hit and run and diversions and tactics. You could probably swap Dark hunter A or B for Arc Slayer A or B, if you want a more involved style. You'd probably need to take the ambidexterity talent, and get a couple guns. There's no real method to my knowledge to mechanically put a knife or something on a ranged weapon, but you could simply flavor it that you have done so when you attack in melee.

So Far as ikoma goes, I'd wager Arc slayer A/B would fit him best. For a bit of variety, maybe dragon carrier A to be his kabane-fication in the last few episodes. There's not really a pile driver weapon outright to my knowledge, but Guards or gloves (whichever strikes your fancy mechanically), with the pile driver enhancement from the third expansion would be adequate.

Wait, i just remembered you can't dual wield guns, even with ambidexterity. My bad. There might be a paired guns weapon somewhere though. I'll ask Kamigakari user about it.

Oh, a couple things i forgot. Multi-target attacks, and multiple attacks are pretty strong. Not outright game breakingly, its all a matter of altering the numbers a small bit, but they do stick out from the pack so far as efficiency goes.

You need to spend a high talent to even get a second attack timing though, so its not all that powerful.

Multiattacks are from shit like Styles. The level 5 extra attack is ON TOP of that.

You are confusing multi-target attacks and multiple attacks. Two separate things.

Multi target attacks can hit multiple things in the same round, but can't hit the same thing twice.

Multiple attacks allow for multiple attacks to be made in a single round by giving you an extra timing.

So far as i'm aware there are few to no talents outside of continuous action that give you an extra attack outright.

> So far as i'm aware there are few to no talents outside of continuous action that give you an extra attack outright.

Totally not true, there are some in Dark Hunter and I think Divine Talker?

Can you use the same talent multiple times on one roll? For example, if a talent gives 1+ rank at damage calculation, could you use it twice if you have the dice for it?

Do you mean shadow double? because that doesn't give you an entire extra attack action, it gives you a situational extra attack talent, and only if you have the cost to use the shadow double talent. Not only that, it can't be used on a regular weapon attack. And Flying Kotodama is the same, albeit at a lower cost.

Thats quite different from simply having an extra attack action outright.

No, unfortunately. First, you only have one Attack action per round unless you have continuous action. So you generally can only use one timing attack talent, and even if you have continuous action and use that action to do it again, the two do not stack. they are separate attacks.

You also cannot stack timing unique talents with the exact same talent. However, if you have multiple timing unique talents that give + to rank as an example, you can stack those onto a single attack action. like with above though, it only counts for that one Timing. If you make a second attack thanks to continuous action, the talents used on the previous action do not count.

>it gives you a situational extra attack talent
Which is really really good.

Flowing Kotodama
Timing : Unique
Range : User
Target : User
Cost : [3]
The hidden techniques and spells you've mastered continue to roll off your tongue.
Unique Effect. Use after the target performs [Damage Calculation]. The target may use 1x [Timing: Attack / Cost: X] Talent, treating the [Cost] as already paid. This Talent may be used once per round.

You don't have to pay the cost.

For what it does, no doubt it is.

But again, thats a situational thing at a fairly steep cost of half your spirit pool, if you even have that much left after your first attack. If you even have the double 2's. You can't even use it on a regular weapon attack, so it may go to waste more often than not. The Divine talker version is much easier to use, but comes with the same issue.

Where-as an extra attack action comes with no stipulations. You can attack, use a talent, whatever. There's no entry cost. So if you used it with shadow double, you could get up to 3 attacks in a turn.

You have to pay the 3 for that talent though. Its by no means a free attack.
Thats the difference between a style's talent and an extra action outright.

Pic somewhat related

You're paying 3 but you're ignoring the cost of the linked talent.

That's a damn good deal.

Not as good as free 99 though.

We're not debating how good these talents are, i'm just saying they are not the same thing as an extra timing entirely.

The extra timing is a level 5 high talent. Flowing Kotodama is level 1.

And your point is?

The original point was that there is nothing that gives you extra attacks besides Continuous action.

Regardless of how those talents interact, they are not extra timings. they do not give you an extra attack outright. They give you an extra attack TALENT sometimes, at a cost.

Thus, my original point still stands. Also, its not as great as you'd think. Rather than using spirit to make an additional attack, you'd be better of using that spirit pool to make the first attack stronger. In the early levels, the extra damage you gain from that attack talent would easily be mitigated by armor or barrier.

Its a marginal gain to damage, maybe. But continuous action gives you extra damage outright without any cost.

>you'd be better of using that spirit pool to make the first attack stronger. In the early levels, the extra damage you gain from that attack talent would easily be mitigated by armor or barrier.
Not true, you can get PD and Rank really high.

If you're a Divine Talker A, your default power buffs all your attacks for your turns, so go and throw out some multiattacks/multitarget attacks.

Frankly, rank isn't as strong as you'd think. Its a potential extra 6 damage, but its also a potential extra 1 damage. PD mod outright is way stronger than rank.

Even then, it requires you to pay cost O to use that and cost 3 to use another attack. Thats 2 of your 4 spirit dice right there. And that assumes you have a 3 after using O.

On top of this, this doesn't even take into account what you used on your first attack. The only way to really effectively use this is to squander your first attack on a regular weapon attack.

You are seriously better off just making that first attack stronger.

Sorry, to correct myself, a potential 6 and a potential 2. To actually get 1 means fumbling so no damage is done at all.

Now that i brought it up earlier though, why can't guns be dual wielded? that seems strange to me considering how big of a trope that is.

>You are seriously better off just making that first attack stronger.

Yeah, no, you're the one saying "rank isn't as strong as you think" when you're basically guaranteed to get +4 to +6 more damage out of it because the way a 2d6 works.

There really should be some sort of dual wielded guns, multi-limb/tentacle attacks, etc. for the trope source material or at least a way of faking it.

So no gunblades either?

So what's the gimmick here, mechanically and flavor wise?

This another FEAR system Jap game?

None that i know of right now.

That said, one of the books KA is translating has massive amounts of weapons. If it isn't there right now, it will be at some point.

You only get one more D6 per rank, you dolt. Regardless of how it 'Works" you still only get a potential extra 2-6 damage. Comparatively, anything that adds a main stat to damage automatically will beat rank because its generally going to be a guarantee'd 4 or 5. maybe even 6, depending on Race. And thats at level 1.

A guaranteed X amount of damage will do more in the long run than a range of 2-12, or 3-18.

Its peaky as shit, and unreliable to boot.

I keep forgetting one is a fumble, so 4-12 or 6-18

Still, that isn't a boost outright, thats added on to your already 2-6.

So each rank will give you a minimum of 2 more damage, and a maximum of 6 more damage.

If a talent only gives one rank, it will fall off comparatively to ones that add to PD.

>You only get one more D6 per rank

That's not how it works, you take your highest die and multiple it by rank.

And you're rolling 2d6 and want to make your rolls high with Influence because you want to HIT...

>Comparatively, anything that adds a main stat to damage
That's also more expensive/harder to get cheaply.

Hello, hello! I might have worded this a little poorly, so I'll try to explain. Basically, it's the idea that while you can add your own personal, physical strength to a throwing weapon or a whip, your muscle mass means nothing when shooting a gun, at least as far as damage inflicted goes.

So, your base PD, prior to any weapons or anything being equipped, is NOT added to your total PD. Essentially the PD from your gun replaces your base PD entirely. ...Unless you have the tactical holster! Then you treat it as any other weapon, and add your base PD to your weapons.

Even if you don't have the tactical holster, other items like the Magatama Bangle add to your PD, as do any Talents or the like. The only thing you don't add is the sub stat PD itself.

Also since I think you're the person who asked how dual wielding guns works, you can totally dual wield guns with Ambidexterity! It just is the same thing--you add the PD of the guns together, but not your substat (unless you have the holster).

Make sense?

For most of that, thats how i thought it should work, but the wording in the PDF is off.

That means i gave my friend good advice, at least.

As for the ambidexterity thing, you are right, i was being retarded. You can't dual wield a gun with anything else. You can only dual wield ※ weapons with themselves.

Yeah, I'm giving serious consideration to rewriting the entire PDF. A lot of it is wonky wording.

While thats correct, that still means you only get a potential extra D6 worth of damage. The absolute max you can get from extra rank is 6 more damage per rank. And the lowest is an extra 2 per rank.

Even if its uniform, the fact that its peaky doesn't change at all.

And that's good seeing how Rank is easier to come by/pay for.

How so? PD Can come from weapons outright, material synthesis, additional effects, talents upon talents, accessories. On Top of that, many PD increase talents key off your main stats, which means they will scale far better than rank.

Rank is the one thats harder to get, honestly, and it always amounts to the same amount.

>PD Can come from weapons outright, material synthesis, additional effects, talents upon talents, accessories
Those are easy to get. You stack the Rank boosters on top of that.

>many PD increase talents
These, less so.

You just gonna keep cherry picking arguments till i get tired of arguing back? That second part was so forced its retarded. You obviously didn't read the entire statement, and if you did you purposely avoided its point.

Also, you directly contradicted yourself

>And that's good seeing how Rank is easier to come by/pay for.

>Those are easy to get. You stack the Rank boosters on top of that.

Are you even trying at this point?

I counted it, there are 12 different talents across the core book alone that add main stat to PD. 3 of them are in scion even.

On a more positive note. I'd like to thank the translator. This is honestly one of the more mechanically interesting action RPGs to come out of Japan.

Thank you for the thanks! I hope you're able to play some games of it!

This is something i agree with.

its a bit much to chew on at first, but once you actually start in on it its smooth as butter.

I hope so too. But in the meantime I'll be running it for a few of my friends.

For the sake of showcasing some of the stronger low-level builds possible, here are two of mine.

The first is a level 1 Arc Slayer A/Contractor B.

• World Influence Level: 1
• Race: Cyborg (Cyberdive, Precise Adjustment)
• Stat Type: Martial
• Main Stats: Strength 7, Agility 6, Intellect 1, Will 1, Luck 1
• Main Style: Arc Slayer A (Secrets of the Destroyer, Yang Style, Mysteries of Battle)
• Secondary Style: Contractor B (Contract Summon [Insectoid])

• Weapon: Form: Ranged: Firearm, 1300G, plus free Enhancing Modifications, plus Multi-Target for 1500G
• Accessory: Hand: Magatama Bangle, 500G
• Accessory: Lower: Tactical Holster, 1000G
• Accessory: Upper: Jacket, 100G
• Remaining: 600G
• Session Prep: Gain 200G, then buy Protector: Suit: Resist Jacket, 800G

Derived Statistics:
• Accuracy: 8 = 7 Strength + 1 Arc Slayer
• Evasion: 7 = 6 Agility + 2 Arc Slayer - 1 Resist Jacket
• Conjure: 1 Intellect
• Resist: 1 Will
• Insight: 1 Luck
• PD: 18 = 4 Arc Slayer + 4 Firearm + 4 Enhancing Modifications + 2 Magatama Bangle + 4 Tactical Holster
• MD: 1 half Intellect rounded up
• Initiative: 14 = 6 Agility + 5 base + 7 Arc Slayer - 2 Firearm - 2 Resist Jacket
• HP: 46 = 7 Strength + 1 Will + 3 thrice level + 35 Arc Slayer
• Armor: None
• Barrier: 3 Resist Jacket

For [E] and [O], the character can activate Precise Adjustment, Yang Style, and Mysteries of Battle. This gives +1 Accuracy, +1 Rank, and +10 damage.

In other words, this character can, on a regular basis, target three enemies within 8 squares at a total of Accuracy +9, Rank +1, and PD +28.

On top of all this, they are doing battle alongside an Insectoid mononoke. As they gain levels, they gain access to stronger and stronger Insectoid mononoke. Later, with a 1000G Ashura Record, they increase their level by 1 for the purpose of mononoke summoning.

Even at level 1, Bloodsucker Locust x10 is quite strong. (No, it does not actually have extra timings.)

Perhaps the Contractor B is too cheesy for you. Maybe you want to be the one to personally kill enemies with PD-stacking, multitarget attacks. Here is just the build for you. It is strong enough at level 1 with Swift Art or Yang Style alone, but where it truly shines is at level 2 with both of those.

• World Influence Level: 2
• Race: Human (Adaptive Capability [Strength and Will], Hidden Talent)
• Stat Type: Martial
• Main Stats: Strength 7, Agility 5, Intellect 1, Will 5, Luck 2
• Main Style: God Hand A (Enlightenment, Extension of Self, Swift Art)
• Secondary Style: Arc Slayer A (Secrets of the Destroyer, Mysteries of Battle, Yang Style)

• Weapon: Form: Ranged: Firearm, 1300G, plus free Enhancing Modifications, plus Multi-Target for 1500G
• Protector: Suit: Shinto Robes, 1000G
• Accessory: Hand: Magatama Bangle, 500G
• Accessory: Lower: Tactical Holster, 1000G
• Accessory: Upper: Regalia Sheath, 1000G
• Accessory: Upper: Jacket, 100G, equipped out of combat
• Remaining: 100G
• Session Prep: Gain 200G

Derived Statistics:
• Accuracy: 10 = 7 Strength + 2 God Hand + 1 Regalia Sheath
• Evasion: 6 = 5 Agility + 1 God Hand
• Conjure: 2 = 1 Intellect + 1 Regalia Sheath
• Resist: 5 Will
• Insight: 2 Luck
• PD: 18 = 4 God Hand + 4 Firearm + 4 Enhancing Modifications + 2 Magatama Bangle + 4 Tactical Holster
• MD: 1 = 1 half Intellect rounded up
• Initiative: 12 = 5 Agility + 5 base + 6 God Hand - 2 Firearm - 2 Shinto Robes
• HP: 56 = 7 Strength + 5 Will + 6 thrice level + 38 God Hand
• Armor: 1 Shinto Robes
• Barrier: 1 Shinto Robes

This character can pay [E] and [E] to activate Swift Art and Yang Style to boost their Accuracy to +12, and deal a total of PD +38 damage. If they can spare [6], they can add +1 Rank with Enlightenment; with a [4, 4] instead, they can add +2 Ranks with Secrets of the Destroyer.

Would anyone like to offer suggestions on how to improve either of these builds?

Is there a point in improving these further? They are already strong enough to deal with most things at level pretty much alone.

I never understood the mentality behind breaking a system, besides as a playtester.

If people are discussing a "meta," then it is relevant to try to showcase some of the stronger builds possible.

Either way, theorycrafting helps figure out the upper limits of a game's optimization ceiling.

A common theme in either of these builds is stacking as many damage bonuses as possible onto multitarget attacks. The first build also happens to bring in the infamous Contractor B, and scales well to the point of bringing out an Annelidist at level 4 with an Ashura Record, which is totally insane.


Well, there's about to be a shitload more items, so there'll probably be a lot of improvements to your builds when that happens.

Aw shit, almost lost the thread

Now that i think on it, have you looked into the Damage difference between dual wielding weapons and using 2 handed or switch-handed ones?

As of right now, this one doesn't actually work. Godhand A talents require you be Unarmed, either through wielding no weapons, or being equipped with Nunchucks, Guards, etc. that count as unarmed. While the Firearm could be used in one hand, base unarmed is a two-handed weapon, which would mean it isn't able to be used offhanded.

It can be used by using nunchucks with kung fu shoes instead of a firearm and tactical holster, and Briar Rivets instead of Enchancing Modifications, not sure if there is anything like Multi-Target for hammers in one of the expansions though, but you can use Expansion Function to make an Area attack once per combat.

>Damage difference between dual wielding weapons and using 2 handed or switch-handed ones
Ambidexterity does not seem particularly strong compared to just wielding a switch or two-handed weapon.

You are wrong. The build in question uses Extension of Self.

Extension of Self
Timing : Constant
Range : User
Target : User
Cost : None
Through supernatural power or training, any Regalia in your hands is just an extension of your fist.
Passive Effect. Once the target has acquired «Extension of Self», they may use [Style: God Hand / Type: A] Style Talents regardless of what [Weapon] they have [Equipped]. Also, they may change each [Style: God Hand / Type: A / Timing: Attack] Style Talent's [Range] to be [Item].

Dual wielding one-handers has a greater effect later in the game, because they can both have the same Additional Effects, effectively allowing you to double up on them. For example, if you're dual wielding light firearms, they can both have Enhancing Modifications.

As for switch weapons, they have a certain drawback which is that they have the same synthesis limit as one handed weapons (two materials max). Since you can only wield one switch hand weapon, this means it's worse than just using a two-handed weapon (which has a limit of four), or dual wielding (which is also four, 2 + 2).

I suspect switch hands are mainly meant to be used for shield users, but that's a bit weird given, you know, I've yet to really see anyone think shields are cool in a modern fantasy setting. And there's ~so many~ switch hands.

I think shields are cool, if i can use them as a weapon to slam people. If not thats pretty boring.

Are there any hammer type weapons that act like shields? I'd like to make a character that wields just one giant shield

There will be in the new supplement coming out... today, in fact! (Though I don't get my copy for another week or so, boo.)

I'm actually rather excited for all the new stuff. Hopefully most of it will be useful, but more than that i hope it actually manages to be diverse and interesting.

A new thread to lurk, yay. This is the typo user, btw,

Since last thread I actually managed to run a few short sessions for some friends. I limited it to the core book + expansion 1 (because fuck those item lists).
It ran pretty good, we ran into some hiccups with calculating stuff and the Bonds system as written is kinda stupid - if I set up a long campaign I'll probably houserule it.

First game (~ 2 sessions), we played the 'normal' way using the example city. We ended up wrecking the mall.
Second game (~ 4 sessions), I went "exotic". I banned magic and refluffed everything as being derived from SCIENCE!. Then we played basically Cowboy Bebop. It went well, and ended up with one character dead and one disabled after the final confrontation. Good stuff.

Sounds pretty cool.

The bonds system isn't really that hard to understand, its just to prevent you from abusing the higher two spirit burn abilities.

I mean, you always have the first bond, and one of the players is always a second for another player, so you are already basically 1/3 of the max. Then there's whoever you talk to in said session. talking to around 5 people for an extended length of time isn't terribly difficult.

The issue with homebrewing the bonds system is that it pervades a lot of the other systems, like experience and spirit burn.

Sessions != Days.

We played on the weekend (Friday to Sunday). About 12 hours total?

First game was one long episode. We started Friday evening and finished Saturday. This was the get used to stuff episode. Took about 6 hours in all.
Second game we started Saturday evening (after finishing game 1) and finished it Sunday. It was composed of 4 short episodes that took about 1 hour each to play through.

If you have the structure down I think you can play even faster.

Like with what says, Bonds do impact a few systems. While it's not impossible to houserule them, I think maybe changing the perception of them a little bit might be in order.

Think of an episodic television show. Two characters are friends, but how that friendship is portrayed changes every episode, even if it's slightly. For example, a soldier who is friends with a scientist might be annoyed one episode because the scientist is being overly nerdy. The next, he's feeling overly protective because they're in danger. The next, they're arguing with each other and working something serious out between them. Finally, they're hanging out together and enjoying each other's company.

They never lose the friendship, but that's four different Bonds across four different episodes. In reality, the soldier probably doesn't have a Bond with the scientist every episode--sometimes it focuses on another soldier, or the base commander. But that doesn't mean the soldier and scientist stop being friends.

At least, that's how I view the system. It reminds me a bit of the Tenra Bansho Zero emotion matrix--it's more "what you're feeling right now" as opposed to "what you feel ever period".

I'm thinking about making Bonds more permanent. As is, they dissolve after each episode - I'm not fond of that.
Considering a long campaign, I'll probably turn them into "campaign bonds":
1. They don't dissolve after each episode and never give XP
2. No bonds with other player characters - these are roleplayed instead
3. PCs start with two bonds, representing important people in their life
4. Other bonds are acquired over the whole runtime of the campaign
5. Bonded NPcs can be replaced - needs a reason and has to be roleplayed
6. Forming a bond with an NPC basically means that a Player is interested in that NPC and wants to see more of them; it's basically a flag for the GM to include them in future sessions.

These are my current thoughts. I'll see where it goes.

Thats not a bad way to go about it, but how that rolls with experience and things may get awkward.

Plus, being able to use concept destruction constantly seriously shifts the power balance. An extra +1d6 to rank is nothing to sneeze at.

Them being permanent also makes adding and replacing them somewhat awkward.

@Kamigakari user

Could you post the TOCs of all Expansions? I'm curious to see what's in them-

It's a work in progress. ;)

In a long campaign I'll probably nerf XP anyway. PCs advance Ranks too quickly right now, IMO.

I do agree, they do advance too quickly. The system as is isn't exactly designed for long running campaigns though.

Thats more what sanctums are for.

A final bump for the day. I'll lurk again tomorrow.

Autism. Not joking. Legit, on the spectrum, autism.

It's a mechanical exercise useful for one of three things: playtesting material to bring it in line with the rest of the system, revealing pitfalls in the system to be avoided (or in Exalted 2e's case, to be used for a functional game), or personal dick measuring.

Exalted 2e is bad enough that you need to use broken mechanics to make it functional? that sounds bad.

You have no idea. The game is effectively you either use a low cost null this attack right now or you explode and die.

And the only way to keep using the low cost null this attack right now is if you think of more absurd stunts per turn to give you more points to null with. So effectively in a supposedly high powered super hero game the first person to do anything spectacular with their powers will lose because they'll get nulled out then explode due to their foe poking them.

What race is best suited for catgirls? I'm asking for reasons. Like wanting to play a catgirl.

Darkstalker! Hanyou may also work, depending on your interests.

If the race was ever featured in the darkstalkers series, the darkstalker race is exactly what you are looking for.

If you want less of a monster connotation though, hanyou works best, like said.

Sounds retarded as fuck and poorly playtested.

>Sounds retarded as fuck and poorly playtested.

That's not even getting into things like some perfect defenses has larger weaknesses then others and basing the games social interaction system on old school roman forum debates. So trying to convince someone not to stab you boils down to effectively yelling at each other until the other guy agrees.

I'd go darkstalker personally. Then go recreate Felicia from darkstalker.

Compared to, say, Mutants and Masterminds, how good would Kamigakari be for running a super-hero styled campaign?
Like, literally My Hero Academia styled.

Well, since its really easy to fluff so many skills to be used any way you wish (for example dragon carriers transformations could be kamen riders, magical girls, ETC), Its stupid easy to do that kinda thing.

I would even wager a guess that someone intended it for that use to some degree

Good point. Looking over it, Dragon Carrier A or B would work for something my friend wants to use, just refluff it as his Quirk and we're running.

Though more specific Quirks may have to be freeformed or up to the DM's digression. Either way, thanks.

Yeah, there are some that would take some doing. A lot of them are simple, but some of them are needlessly complex.

However you decide to do that, good luck to you.

What exactly is your friend intending? i could see B working as a hardening type quirk, and A working like bakugo's explosion quirk.

Or is he going for something else entirely?


Neither actually, the character's Quirk is basically being able to bulk up when he gets hyped enough.
So it is an enhancement type Quirk that gives him strength/endurance but it only activates when he's confident and hyped up, so his costume has speakers that blare fight music etc etc.

So mechanically I was thinking either Dragon Carrier and only using Crystallize/Crystal Transformation etc when his conditions are met.

So something like it, with present mics outift.

Not a bad idea.

As for what conditions or limits you propose, be careful not to go overboard.