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>B&R thoughts?
>Metagame thoughts?

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Wow this format is fucking trash, glad I've got a legacy deck.

Here's a reply

Hopefully it wasn't Miracles!

DSJ, Grixis Delver, Azorius Control
Sultai Control and Temur Delver
>B&R thoughts?
Glad no changes were made, a metagame takes a long period of time to adapt.
>Metagame thoughts?
The metagame is looking fairly healthy all things considered. I'm curious to see what it will look like by the next B&R update.

Because Zendikar was my first set, so I have one of the Zendikar bolts as a reminder.

>U/W control still climbing

Are you just trolling?

Just placed my order for my missing pieces (Turns out I had half the pieces sitting around). Can't wait to blow out DS decks with Condemn.

I don't get how you don't have glare on them

Truly you are enlightened by the perfection of the format that is legacy. I tip my fedora to you, as a fellow man of impeccable taste!

>infect is dead

Unsure how to feel about that

I spun the top for good luck.

G/B Tron, although my local meta has recently been infested with Eldrazi Tron so I'm considering switching to G/W.
Nothing really. I want to tackle Izzet Blitz in modern because I love that deck in pauper but I don't think Modern has the cantrips to support it.
>B&R thoughts?
I got a chuckle out of all the butthurt the top ban has caused
>Metagame thoughts?
I'm pretty happy with the current metagame. There's a wide variety of combo, aggro, and midrange decks all doing well and we're even seeing the occasional control deck put up results.

part 1/2

New update for the meme deck:

Menagerie is cute for the Redcap version, but the CoCos have been weak as fuck.

cut the Menagerie, cut the Redcap, and get those ballistas outta my face.

I present to you the true wincon:

part 2/2



Im happy there were no changes to the Modern Banned list. Deaths Shadow is fine and just barely the best deck. The Legacy/Vintage changes were interesting, im fine with Top being gone mostly due to the time issues it creates at tournaments and that Miracles was the undisputed king and nothing was going to change that. Weird that Mentor got a nerf but im no Vintage buff so ill leave that debate to those who are.

>tfw the format is such that hyper-efficient cards like pic related don't and in fact can't see play.

Desu I can't believe they hit probe before misstep.

Misstep promotes the most bullshit counter that boil down to who draw more copies. It's fucking retarded desu

Unlike crappy Ballisto he gets hit by CoCo, and unlike Invoker he's not a shitty card.
He's a literal

Ballista doesn’t need combat step

Knight tribal is probably better than Kithkin, desu

I'm building it as we speak but the superior BG version. Going to bring Infect back to it's rightful place

You take that back you filthy whore.

You're doing Yawgmoths work, user.

>take that back
Not a chance

Now away with thee, plebeian midget

This is just the saddest little post I've seen all day

Probe was far worse than Mistep in mentor decks and Mistep is kind of dead card in alot of matchups but you just pitch it to FoW. Other than Ancestral Recall, Brainstorm, Ponder, Sol Ring it doesn't really hit much and these cards are restricted. You might catch the odd Pyroblast or two but that's about it. Shops certainly doesn't care about it and neither does Eldrazi or Oath decks. There's actually alot of shit in Vintage that gets played at cmc 2 or 3 regularly.

There are times when you have to sit there and think about Mana Draining the Probe because you don't want them to have info about your hand only for them to Probe again anyway but you don't want to risk fighting a counter war because they'll just get more dudes. Not only was probe giving free draws and dudes to the Mentor decks but you could also just sit there and Mistep your probe and then Mistep your Misteps in a chain to just get more dudes and huge dudes fast on top of free draws and perfect information. It was getting so dumb that I started playing Engineered Plague in the mainboard of Grixis Thieves.

>mfw his tribe isn't even connected mentally for perfect coordination
How are knights even supposed to compete?

Knights cant compete with the BKC

>lose any counter play, unblockable infect and unblockable pumps
>for a 2/2 for 3 infect that dies to push

>lose any counter play
Not him, but Black has discard, user

Deck is still totally shit, though. I feel bad for that guy.

you guys ready for all the legacy refugees trying to force UWX control for the next 6 months?
the stinky fat ones, i mean. not the normal legacy miracles players. they'll all switch to stoneblade or bug pile.

>agree with a friend to help each other playtest matchups for our decks
>I am on Bant Spirits, he - on merfolk
>Agree to run few games unsideboarded to get an idea of game 1

>Play land, hierarch, go
>gut shot ;^)
>"I just run these mainboard lol!"

>Test a different deck, Grixis Control, he is still on fish
>He plays turn one Relic of Progenitus
>"What? I always run two mainboard!"

>End of another game w/ spirits
>Mention how I've never seen spreading seas this game
>"yah lol I don't put them in they're bad against you"
>but aren't we running game 1 simulations?
>"well duh that's my mainboard"

why are merfolk players so braindead

Jerking off to fish kills braincells, it's a scientific fact

Find some friends that aren't retarded.

To be fair, some lists do run Relic mainboard.

no merfolk list doesnt run spreading seas.

>get rekt by a nextlevel fish list running nextlevel cards
>calls the fish player bad
he's simply moved beyond spreading seas. the opponent will play an island for him.

jk dudebro just memeing heh, I'm sorry you feel that way though.
also is there a way to make bloodhall ooze work in sneks?

4 Bloodhall Ooze
2 Servant of the Scale
4 Experiment One
4 Winding Constrictor
2 Scavenging Ooze
4 Avatar of the Resolute
4 Narnam Renegade
4 Walking Ballista
1 Rishkar, Peema Renegade
2 Hangarback Walker

4 Hardened Scales

1 Jund Charm
2 Lightning Bolt
2 Fatal Push

20 Lands

Why would you even be "friends" with a merfolk player? What do you hope to achieve?

No shit, I was only talking about Relic.

>all this samefag merfolk hate

Where did the fish touch you?

With his Spreading Seas, right on my second White source.

>eldrazi tron

Is this deck really that good

Seems very straightforward and easy to blow out

I know for sure he doesn't though. He did mention that some lists do - but for some mysterious, otherworldly reasons I never saw any of the relics in any of my games on Spirits.

Anyone have the decklist for scapeshift. I'm talking izzet charm, cryptic, snappy and mana leak with scapeshift as the combo win con. The good old days.

I know you're memeing. The issue is not him actually playing a different list - that's would have been fine. But I know for sure that he runs a standard list - he just "happens" to "adjust" it "just a tiny bit" specifically for whenever we play in private.

It's quite powerful. It also folds to stony silence and is not fast enough, from my experience, to beat an aggro deck backed by some removal

>play bant spirits v eldrazi tron
>game 1 on the play - hand has mausoleum wanderer, selfless spirit, rattlechains, rattlechains, hierarch, cavern and gavony township
>I have a choice of casting cavern on humans and actually having a hierarch or never getting to play hierarch
>go with the latter
>never draw another land
>win with flying bear beats by casting one per turn and saccing wanderer to counter all is dust

>game 2
>turn 2 stony silence, turn 3 geist
>path his batterskull token so he never gets to re-equip it

I think it's a strong deck but it's a fair one - as far as shitty mistakes that are eldrazi go

>nowhere to be found

man am i glad to have sold that to buy into abzan midrange

>UBx Death's Shadow

I can't find lists for this anywhere. Anyone got any? I have a UB manabase from an old brew, so I might be able to buy this up for fairly cheap.

It's not UB, it's Grixis. The list goes something like the following, sometimes splashing white for Lingering Souls:

I am thinking about being a tryhard faggot and upgrading my Grixis Control to this but am still missing Thoughtseizes and motherfucking Street Wraith (which is not an 8 dollar card apparently) and am not sure if buying into it is a good idea, since WotC have been utterly retarded with the B&R list lately.

Lol stop this meme. It's bad enough sam black had to roast 1R r&d on twatter for mentioning that shit card.

Thanks anons.

What are your thoughts on Bant Knightfall as opposed to spirits and other "fair" coco decks? Is it worth blowing 70 quid to get sets of voices and knights?

If I posted a green stompy list would you guys give me good feedback or just make fun of me?

Post it and find out


Creatures (26)
4 Experiment One
4 Strangleroot Geist
4 Avatar of the Resolute
4 Leatherback Baloth
4 Dryad Militant
4 Narnam Renegade
2 Dungrove Elder

Enchantments (4)
4 Rancor

Instants (9)
2 Aspect of Hydra
4 Vines of Vastwood
3 Blossoming Defense

Lands (21)
2 Treetop Village
19 Forest

Sideboard (15)
1 Thrun, the Last Troll
2 Choke
2 Root Maze
3 Dismember
2 Feed the Clan
3 Natural State
2 Creeping Corrosion

I had Consumptive Oozes in the list before realizing they're a nonbo with the Militants.

I think the deck's in a similar spot to where Death's Shadow was before it became 10-15% of the metagame by slotting into GBx. There are probably other shells that aren't CoCo that aren't even being explored right now, because CoCo is just the way everyone does it.

>Consumptive Ooze

I meant Scavenging Ooze. I should probably sleep at some point.

Mardu tempo?

What could the list be and why is not the superior Mardu tokens list that user used to post last summer?

Looks good user. As a fellow Stompy player (and poor fag) I'd probably run 3 Dismember mainboard along with 2-3 Scooze. Militant only hits Instants and Sorceries, so it's irrelevant to Scooze's activated ability.

>mfw I was the nonbo all along

Thanks user!

What competitive GW decks are out there that run under 1k? I just want to play Voice and Township.

>b&r thoughtsan
Should have banned deaths shadow, goyf, tron lands and the colour blue

>GW with Township and Voice
Just grab some 2/2's and play GW hatebears

>no on plays Soul Sisters anymore

I hate this fucking format.

Then why don't you play it

>tfw even more draw-go autists shitting up the thread

I don't know if there's a correct thread for this but does modo have block constructed back for Amonkhet?

>mfw someone used my eldrazi meme
truly today is a wondrous day.

I just don't like Renegade Rallier in my Melira deck, I have tested it into hell and 70% of the time it feels clunky as opposed to the clean value you get from Ewitt.

Going to cut him, maybe push a second mainboard Tracker.

Little Kid, Hatebears or GW CoCo

GW hatebears is not under 1k. Atleast my build isn't.

The big hit are the Horizon Canopies, you can sub them out and build them over time but even with them I don't think it goes over 1k. Goldfish has it just about 970 with the full built included.

Can someone photoshop Aron Forsythe's head onto death's shadow with a speech bubble that says "it's okay you have condemn". We need a meme from this bullshit..

As a burnfag the fact that anyone would recommend Condemn to deal with DS triggers me

Forsythe is just completely disconnected from any competitive format. When he talked about standard bans in the ban announcement prior to the last he mentioned Dampening Pulse seeing use to counter Standard Mardu Vehicles when it's a) sideboard tech for Saheeli and b) actually shit only fridge decks were playing

Poorly done and not what you asked for, but here.

It's serviceable. Thanks

No problem.

>Turn 2 Thing in Ice
>Turn 3 Blighted Agent

Did I miss a meme?

I guess we both did, because Thing in the Ice goes in U/R prowess decks, where infect creatures don't.

>Hating Draw-Go
Lil timmy's windmill ex-slam-aganza cancer

What the fuck are you talking about? Condemn -IS- a good card against death's shadow.

If they have no discard prior to attacking it can be good against DSJ while being shit everywhere else. Blessed Alliance served a very similar purpose while being more useful in a variety of match ups, which is why we see actual tiered decks like bant eldrazi and GW tron play it. Saying condemn is emerging to counter death shadow is wrong because it's not emerging at all. Aron Forsythe isn't informed about the modern meta game, he just quickly googles reddit threads on what secret tech counters death shadow.

Yes it is. Condemn is popping up it a lot of u/w lists specifically because of death's shadow. I run it for that purpose. Paul Cheon put up a video with him running it. This is a real trend that is actually happening.

UWx lists were already running condemn to get more removal after path.

>a single deck, which runs Blessed Alliance more often than Condemn
>a trend

>suffer from social anxiety
>decide to go to a lgs so I can play regularly
>everyone there is formed into cliques and generally acting like assholes
>only one guy acts friendly and tries to help out a new player like me
>had such a bad time I've never gone to any other stores
I've been super sheepish since then and have thought about going back, but I just needed to vent a bit
What's the best event to go to if im starting up again?


You should come back, Tony. You are a cool dude.

Not the user who originally posted this image, but I have a different question:

What deck would you put in a deckbox that looks this smug?

I want one like it so people know that I am a shitlord.

Persuade me not to buy into Grixis Shadow - I have almost all of the cards, except 1 Inquisition, 4 Thoughtseizes, 2 Shadows and 4 Street Wraiths - so it will cost me some 80 Yuro to buy it all.

Wizards' banning retardation traumatised me to the point that I no longer feel safe doing so.

>tfw your first modern deck that you loved and knew in great depths became obsolete overnight
At least I made the best of that shit situation and got into legacy but still

All replies still valid.

Forest Belcher desu

Probably some bloodmoon chalice ensnaring bridge bullshit with mana monkeys. If your meta is good for it eternal command works too.

>Not running a single Stomping Ground for MAXIMUM DAMAGE

Shit list, would not touch.