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It's sad how bland Eldar craftworlds are in this game. Absolutely zero equipment options. Just recruit more shuriken units. Only faction allowed to have only one heavy weapon per killteam?
Don't get me wrong, it's not a weak killteam, but after missions i don't feel excited at all to rearm or recruit. "i guess i just buy shuriken guy #8..."

Anyone feels the same or am I missing something?

Do drones ignore rough terrain?
Do drones count against the killteam body limit?


Unless it states otherwise a fighter is subject to normal restrictions and penalties. The same goes for counting towards limits.

Drones don't have any kind of exemption to either.

Should they? Maybe. Do they? Certainly not.

Sheer incompetence.

This is one of the consequences of the game not being made as a fully fleshed out product and for the most part having kill teams made up of a single box set with only the options in that box.

Maybe at some point GW will put out expanded kill teams, but otherwise this is just something you're going to live with.

It's not worse than the fact no genestealer cult fighter is ever stated as having three or more arms, despite there being a rule for if they do.

Rocking the flgs league with nids. Crushing skulls, smashing flesh and rendering biomass.

Running a second team, too: scouts. Getting wrecked on that side of things.

Some of the scenarios seem super one sided. With the raid, a decent deployment roll and a good heavy weapon and it's over first turn. Ambush can be a sack tap. Kind of bizarre how one sided heh can be.

fuck you austin

All my 40k stuff is Chaos daemons, so since none of that works for Armageddon I grabed a box of Warriors. Im glad for once they can be useful. Just got finished painting by base crew. Have a second box and a zoanthrope on the way.

So, what's the deal with not being able to take Tau Breachers, even as hirelings, despite that they were basically fluffed around this exact kind of close quarters fighting?

What's the consensus on sisters? I was looking at starting a team like this.

Sister Superior, combi-flamer (230)
Batle Sister, bolter (125)
Batle Sister, bolter (125)
Batle Sister, bolter (125)
Novitiate, bolter (115)
Gunner, heavy bolter (280)

+++ Inquisition (Shadow War: Armageddon) [1000pts] +++

++ Kill Team (Inquisition) [1000pts] ++

+ Leader [340pts] +
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor [340pts]: Camo gear [5pts], Combat blade, Plasma pistol [50pts], Power armour [10pts], Power sword [50pts]

+ Troopers [550pts] +
Inquisitorial Acolyte [90pts]: +1 BS, Bolt pistol [25pts], Combat blade, Flak armour
Inquisitorial Acolyte [90pts]: +1 WS, Chainsword [25pts], Combat blade, Flak armour
Inquisitorial Acolyte [105pts]: +1 BS, Combat blade, Flak armour, Sniper rifle [40pts]
Inquisitorial Acolyte [85pts]: +1 BS, Combat blade, Flak armour, Shotgun [20pts]
Inquisitorial Acolyte [90pts]: +1 BS, Combat blade, Flak armour, Lasgun [25pts]
Inquisitorial Acolyte [90pts]: +1 BS, Bolt pistol [25pts], Combat blade, Flak armour

+ Specialists [110pts] +
Crusader [110pts]: Carapace armour, Chainsword [25pts], Combat blade

the metamorph and acolyte special ops

No Storm Shields? Why not?

Theya re 50 each.
Where should I get the points back?
Should I drop an acolyte or downgrade the plasma pistol + power sword?

Hey I spent a while trying to summarize the rules for moving, shooting, and hand to hand to make them a little easier to understand.
It doesn't cover everything but I feel like it's good for a reference just so you don't have to keep flipping around the book constantly to check stuff.
Let me know if there's anything I should add or change.

Orks don't get Kommandos.

Don't get me started.

I'd drop either power sword or plasma. If you want shootier, keep plasma(only inquisitor can roll on shooting and 3/6 shooting traits are a godsend for pistols).
btw, plasma is really good in cqc too. My aspiring chapion is doing the whole Cypher thing, bolt+plasma pistols.

This is super helpful.

Just started looking into Shadow War with my Harlequins.

How viable is a Solitaire build? I've heard arguments that he's OP or shitty depending on the time of day, but frankly I find the idea of Big Bossing a kill teams encounter really cool provided it's not ludicrously obnoxious to play against.

time to homebrew some eldar bros then. Kind of disappointed they can't take any of the aspect warriors as elite specialists. Would love to play a game with a Banshee specialist or a Warp Spider as a contracted specialist

Make your Boyz Kommandos

The extra killteams were very obviously thrown together quickly by some randoms in the studio with the restriction of trying to keep to a single box for the core troops.

Doesn't the charging modifier only apply if the shooting model is the one being charged? That's probably an important enough note to keep in there.

What's the deal with Eldar not sending scouts, not sending infiltration specialists, not even sending their combat psykers, but civillian millitia... and their honoured dead?

From what I've seen with the Sisters they are more or less 'Exactly the same as they are TT'. Well priced, nice basic dudes with a good basic weapon but basically nothing on the unusual front.

Running SOB is more or less exactly how you put it. Lots of bolters and power armour. I'd be tempted to say go for a Storm Bolter over a combi-flamer but both have uses (The combi-flamer is better long-term as you can get a shooting skill to make it sustained fire 1 but the storm bolter starts there)

I'd really recommend against any of the SO for them other than the Seraphim. The Repentia is utter junk for a SO and the Celestian is 'Why didn't I just spend on getting more re-arm and MAKE a better unit'

Solitaire is either really good or really bad depending on the enemy. If the enemy relies on elite troops, the solitaire can devour them alive but he has more trouble dealing with being gunned down by a horde of orks.

Yes, good point, I'll add that.
>(Only applies on Overwatch to unit being charged.)
That's correct, right?

What are kommandos other than boyz who are good at sneaking? This user is right

Hey guys and gals, take a look at the Dark Eldar Wrack kill team I created meant to be played from the box. Hope you guys like it.

Did i get this straight? If you play Solitaire for Harlequins, you play him alone by himself???

What Models do you want to use?

Stop posting pdfs you goddamn animal

Yup. If you hire him for one game, he is the only model you can use. But he is capable of wiping out entire kill teams on his own, and auto wins close combats against about 90% of the roster. He has a modifier of 5 over elite teams, 6 over all non-elites bar Orks. He auto wounds on 4s, and 6's with his kiss are effectively an auto kill on anything. He has a charge range of 24", a blind charge range of 20", and a 3+ invuln, with 3 wounds. Its damn hard to kill him, and he kills things easily.

What deterrents should I use as CSM against Harlequins and Nids? All I can see now is Plasma, Autocannon and flamers.

Is something wrong with homebrewing?

Well Harlies and Nids are very different beasts. For Harlies, you want numbers, or at least, weight of fire. Most of the time, once fully equipped you are always firing at a net -2 to hit, Stay back, don't move forward, try to shoot them down. Hope to catch them at 4 team members and hope they bottle out.

For Nids, Plasma is the best answer. Anything that does multiple wounds, and is high impact will work well.

Yes. Games aren't for fun, user. It's not allowed!

Can we expect Shadow War to grow and include more miniatures and kill teams in the future?

Drones don't take falling damage tho

It needs expansion for sure, considering the vast number of aspects and variations within those aspects it shouldn't be too difficult to do.

That or introduce eldar corsairs.

Please cite the part where it says how many arms they have.

False. The Hover Drone that an Ethereal can take means the Ethereal doesn't take falling damage.

There is no special rule or piece of wargear that any of the drones have that means they don't take falling damage.

If people keep buying the rulebook and preaching that shadow wars is the way they got into 40k.

Finally build the last of my basic mdf terrain to fill up my board

It would help if I uploaded the right picture

Too many windows in my opinion.

But I'm a huge advocate of line of sight blocking terrain.

looks good, but i recommend something as walkways between the ruined buildings to keep the level of vertical play that Shadow War tries to have.

>7.55 MB

>owning dial-up

I have a load of walkways which are part way through construction as we speak

The bit where the model has multiple arms

You're wasting other peoples internet and being inconsiderate about it. It's quite easy resizing images so you're just a prick.

Starting a league at my store this Sunday, and I have some questions.

Is 15 promethium Caches to win too little for a league of 6-7 people? Should we have a system that tracks wins instead of Caches?

should I allow The more expensive killteams to bank points in between rounds and go in one big spending spree when they want? if I allow that should I put an upper limit?

Should I also limit the amount of certain guns (like the arquebus) to one per killteam? I've noticed a team with strength 7 snipers is ridiculously powerful, albeit very expensive.

ehh, the windows look fine, just put in a few crates if you think it's too open

>wasting other people's internet

you can choose to not open the image.

Again, please cite the part of the rules that says how many arms a fighter has is how many arms its model has.

Because if how many arms the model has is how many arms a fighter has then you can just glue an extra arm onto any GSC model and get a bonus.

If you're having trouble with Arquebus there isn't enough sight blocking terrain.

Promethium, and the campaign in general actually balances fairly well even though some games are incredibly one sided. The inability to bank up points limits harlequins, knights and nids which are otherwise incredibly powerful.

With Promethium counters you can also buy various other things, so players have to make tactical decisions over short or longer term benefits, or whether to struggle through on lower points by not cashing in any.

15 caches means a minimum of 6 games per player and more likely about 10ish depending on how thrifty your players are. Depends on whether the campaign is a full day event or over a few weeks

Wait. Don't prove him wrong yet. He might play at my store and I could buff spawn against him.

You won't find this example because there isn't one. The unit profiles just list piles of wargear and make the really dumb assumption that you should know how many arms a model is supposed to have, which doesn't work at all for genestealer cults because the models have extra arms almost at random.

It needs to specify this, but doesn't and since you can't treat a unit as having a special rule unless it's actually specified that it has that special rule RAW acolytes have the same number of arms as every other unit in the game (2).

Played in a tourney with 9 players last Sunday. After 6 rounds no one had 15 prom cache. 15 is a good number.

Only genestealer cults and tyranids have any kind of extra limbs rule and neither of them say that any of their guys have extra limbs.

Sorry working, or I would answer all questions in one shot.

As for the points, the game works well with the 200 points max without skills or campaign bonuses.

Arquebus is great. But if they want to field 4 models to field 2. It's very hard to win. I wouldn't limit it, imho.

I'm jelly, so far I'm arts-and-craftsing some scaffolds with wood davers and popsicle sticks..

Friend ran a playtest of mass shankboys against necrons on a tau map.

The Necrons didn't stand a chance.

I wonder how they'd do against Harlies.

Hey pretty much exactly like tabletop! Seriously....had mine chop knights to bits but die to 20 guardsmen...

I think its more having to download the whole PDF and not an image. Probably has shitty internet or a download limit.

Thanks for that by the way, I was disappointed they made a pure wych kill team... I prefer Kabalites personally, always have.

The other consequence being that they didn't fix any of the things that didn't work too well in Necromunda. They really should have sorted out close-combat.... The current system is a bit of a mess and doesn't scale well...

Is SWAG actually good in campaign play? I'm keen to give it a go, but the between mission stuff seems pretty lacklustre and some of the factions feel like they have no place in a small and scrappy skirmish game.

TTCombat boards are good. Bought a couple of sets... all I need now is a 6x4 table...

Most of the factions work fine. The only ones that are really derpy is ones like Eldar that have basically no options or upgradeability.

The default campaign is quite short and not really well suited to lots of players.

What's been determined to be the best table size?

We've only played on 4x4 and shooting is absolutely dominating. A big part of that is that we don't have enough LOS blocking terrain. But I'm also wondering if needing melee to footslog an extra 12" (compared to a 3x3 table) against a turtling shooty army adds into it

If only the US had a decent MDF seller.

4x4 is fine, but the game is nearly unplayable without tons of terrain.

I'm considering getting some mdf to fill up the table. I've been looking at a few sites but would greatly appreciate suggestions on brands that you have experience with.

Don't forget when buying terrain that you need big LOS blockers. If you are going for classic Necromunda terrain you're going to have a bad time due to how much better shooting is in SW:A.

If you're talking to me then yes, I will add the mdf to my own builds to get a good variety.

The UK has a glut of e-bay MDF sellers... I think I might have terrain/parts from 4 or 5 of them in my collection. The quality varies from great to... questionable (though the only questionable one was just starting up when I last bought from them. They may be better now).

>no deathwatch killteam

give me a fucking break

You want to drop some brand names?

If you're in the UK....


Those are just the ones I've dealt with....

These two I haven't... but they have decent reputations.

Darkops Wargaming make some interesting pieces...

Sarissa Productions too... rather nicely polished...

There are other companies too....

>If you're in the UK...
I'm in Europe so that's good enough. Thanks.

Gunslinger Virtuoso incoming!

>drones with frenzy

I messed up... It's Wargames Model Mods who do the Pringles Can conversion kits. Other than that... Get yourself a glue-gun, some PVA, elastic bands, clothes-pegs and a ton of spray paint. I've never had any of the simple stuff take a long time to assemble. Some of the CNC workshop stuff was a bit of a pain though.

Also, if it helps at all... There's a Youtub channel called 'the terrain tutor' that specialises in gaming boards.

I've got all those things already, apart from the spray paint. Have you tried regular paint on it, and if so, does it work?

It certainly does. I'm always on the hunt for more inspiration.

>the light's turned red

Regular paint works ok... I've never witnessed any warping, but MDF can soak up a lot of paint, so a quick spray can be easier. Give it a try and see what you prefer.

Looking at a ton of the kill teams, I think the idea is to help push lesser used models.

Personally I'm gonna pick up a wych box and hope they're good in 8th, stick it with some kabalites etc

>Harlequin troops and Tyranid warriors, easily the two worst units in 40k with plastic kits have the most murderous kill teams
checks out

So far does /swag/ go with making their gangs unique? Do you do minor/major conversions? Name your dudes? Look up optimal ways to equip them? How does /swag/ swag?

And wyches, scouts (probably not as bad as the others, but I never see them at my LGS) etc.

Conversions and names, absolutely. Optimization I tend to avoid like the plague.

Scout lists are a thing.

My buddy ran a themed scoot scout list in I think 6e and it absolutely wrecked in tourneys

Even though these rules are completely different is is possible to strait up steal some missions from Infinity?

If you want to take a quick look over here:
and here:
and one more quick trip to here:

Can you tell me which have more than one arm?
It's not random. The degree of mutation is based on their generation. Neophytes are typically 4th generation hybrids and predominately show traits of their host species. Earlier generations, Acolytes and Metamorphs being 2nd and 3rd, are much more mutated.

I do agree it's a little shitty they make you do hard mental connections, but the same mental connections had to be made in the Tyranid's wargear because some dumb faggots were assuming they could have more than 2 pairs of arms on Warriors when the Ravenor's profile is the only one stating it comes with 3 pairs of arms.

Read the whole goddamn thing and stop being terrible,