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Lewdposters leave

Do Kitsune start with any kind of magic?

Definitely an angel. It doesn't really say how strong the angels are though, are we talking a human with wings and the immunities you listed, or the cosmic powerhouses that the Bible describes them as? Also, what counts as causing suffering and harm? Can I smite evil, or must I be a pacifist?

Either way, immortality gives me an eternity to improve my skills and find a foxy Kitsune wife. Then die because I accidentally found a Kumiho instead and couldn't tell the difference.

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But I only just got here!


Pokemon Personified Plus+ when?

I'm sick and tired of all these happy, goody-two-shoes cyoas. This thread is going to be dedicated to edgy, dark, donutsteel cyoas.

Amen. Just lol at still being morality cucked in your own wish fulfillment fantasies.

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The main downside of becoming an Angel is the bulkiness of the wings.
If they can be the kind that are made of light, instead of the chunks of bird stapled to my back, that would be awesome.

For the 3 boons, Enhanced Intelligence and a Companion are a guaranteed pick.

The last is a wildcard, I could see Illusion Magic, Empathy, or the Fantasy Portal (heavily dependent on the world obviously) being useful...

What do you guys think?

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I got one right here that you'll enjoy

How the hell do humans survive in fantasy land if they are just worse versions of everyone else?
Don't give me creativity bullshit either, everyone can do that.

The real mental ilness is using your cosmic powers for good, knowing that if positions were reversed you most likely wouldn't receive any kindness at all.

The powerful have always ruled society in THEIR best interest. Only an absolute moron would not do the same.

Depends on the setting. Generally speaking, it will be from:

1) Humans are the jack of all trades

2) Humans have better technology (steel weapons, plate armor, crossbows, etc.)

3) Humans have ambition, which allows them to grow prosperous and strong when other races would be content with what they have

4) Humans breed faster, and have larger populations

5) Humans are more adaptable and willing to compromise. Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves tend to be a very stubborn lot.

Did you not read Lich? The ultimate form of humans is skeltals as they don't fear death.

Illithid Savant has a typo, it says IIllithid

so does Cardinal, says Cardinall

>How the hell do humans survive in fantasy land if they are just worse versions of everyone else?
Have you ever tried to organise an army of elves? It's like herding cats. If you're *really good* you'll be able to get a hundred warriors in the same place at the same time fighting on the same side.
A human general by contrast can just roll up a few thousand conscripts and give them spears. 1-on-1 they might get slaughtered but in a real battle, I'm backing the humans.

>go take a piss in a toilet booth in a sleazy ass bar
>"for a good time stand in a chalk pentacle and say 'hastur hastur hastur'"

Please. Please for the love of God I need this in my life.
im so fucking lonely

Don't forget that while the Elves immortality makes them far more skilled and knowledgable, their immortality makes them cowards. Humans in the middle ages live for 50 years if they're lucky and then die anyway, why not go out dying in battle for your family and king? But Elves? They live on and on, and so to get them to actually fight is a rare occurrence.

Take the Lord of the Rings Elves for example. What did they do when Sauron threatened the destruction of mankind and the domination of Middle Earth? They sent a small garrison to Helm's Deep while the rest of them turned tail and ran.

Post videos that should serve as inspiration for cyoas.

We need more bad memes in cyoas.


Weapon Master
Lore Expertise

Men of the East


Corrupted Wizard
Evil Priestess
Illithid Savant

Dark Knight
Fanatic Cultists
Captured Angel
King's Councilor
Pirate Captain
Goblin Engineer
Band of Assassins

Alliance of Free Nations


Best offense is a good defense, so taking high offensive powers but also ones like Telepathy and Charisma to avoid a fight and if not possible be aware of it before it begins. Going for layer after layer of loyalty means the Treachery will most likely have to be directly against me. Fighting to save the world from Cataclysm, along with the Fanatic Cultists, Cardinal, and Evil Priestess I'll become the hero to they eyes of many, which'll further strengthen me.


>Weapon Master
>Cast Curse

>Men of the East

Great Beast:

>Common Man
>Decadent Noble
>Evil Priestess

Servants and Vassals:
>Dark Knight
>King's Councilor
>Pirate Captain
>Band of Assassins
>Fanatic Cultists

Adversaries & Adversities
>Opposing Dark Lord
>Alliance of Free Nations
>Band of Adventurers

Unique Source of Power

Thank you for updating your choice of pictures,, I thought the nosebleed fujoshi was becoming a little trite

FInally, it's done. Special thanks to the few people who cared and the dragonposter's nonstop REEing motivating me somehow, though this CYOA may not be exactly what you wanted. Also, finding images for this was so stupid, it feels like the more mundane and commonplace something is, the harder it is to get a good image of it. Either way, hope you all enjoy, I have to >work tomorrow so it's bed for me.

I know you're just shitposting, but I took out all the attractive non-trap male options specifically because of you.

I really hope you're not just false flagging against legitimate fujoshi because that will make things worse for them, which sucks, but goddamn.


>tfw your autism turns out to be functional after all

Looking good. Going to make a build!

>nice dubs

You're just going to anger things beyond your comprehension, AKA the fujoshi hivemind.

Just for that comment I'm going to replace all waifus in my cyoa with traps. I know you're just baiting but you have to learn your actions have consequences.

I love traps and attractive male companions. I just don't shitpost about them every thread,

Whenever I was able to choose a human, I did that, largely because I'm quite a fan of humanity. But there is a benefit, choosing humans enables me to put a pro-humanity spin on my conquest, making me look better in the eyes of the human peoples.

I made sure that I was very personally powerful, to lead in battle and inspire the troops, as well as to avoid getting assassinated by a band of plucky adventurers.

However, most of my powers are targeted towards subversion and sabotage.

The Pirate Captain and Kraken will ensure that the navies and trade routes will be annihilated for me, thus cutting off supplies for my enemies. Men like the King's Councilor and Cardinall will subvert my enemies from within, thus ensuring a divided enemy when I finally arrive to conquer.

Finally, I chose an opposing Dark Lord as one of my adversaries so that I might make a temporary truce, thus keeping 2/3 of my enemies busy with a second threat for them to deal with.

I call out your shit bluff!

>he doesn't spend his days shitposting on a conceptual taiwanese thought experiment machine

Why do I even bother arguing with inferior, unenlightened mortals? Let me just tell you that no true knowledge can be found without shitposting but if you wish to remain ignorant then please continue as you are.

>meido doragon
>not meidoragon
Mild disappointment.

>Posts in the middle of the night for real people
I admire your dedication to getting it out and not waiting for a better time.

Looks cool

Hindsight is 20/20, user.

Thank god us shitty aussies got to see it first XD LMAO XDDD

>Enlightened Neet Dragon
>Hoards: Magic Leyline, Magic Artifact, Dragon Dildoes, Cornucopia
>Blood 10:

High Rise

Public Interest 2


I'm going to be honest here. The premise is literally one of the few concepts that "trigger" me: getting shafted out of your power for an arbitrary, unfair reason. In this case I was supposed to be a real dragon but became a filthy NEET for some reason. That angers me beyond measure.

I can still tell you put a lot of work into this and it seems like a good cyoa, but the premise completely ruins it for me. Sorry, dude. I'm sure plenty of other anons will like it.

Reminder that husbandos > waifus



Only if you look like pic related.

Aren't we all, user.
Aren't we all.

The trick is giving yourself a multiple personality disorder. That way you can keep yourself entertained!

One of Korea's most popular romance series was about a guy and his Kimuho girlfriend who loves him to much she gives up livers to be with him..
Just saying.

Shut up, me.

Elves and Dwarves aren't that much better statwise than humans in that cyoa, other than increased lifespan, which only matters if they have children as often as humans.
Orcs spend majority of their time fighting other orcs and it is very rare that any single orc can manage to control group larger than a tribe.
Lizardmen might be swole but they are screwed in any cold regions and a lot of places have at least cold winter. If they expand beyond areas where it's always really warm, they risk a freakishly cold year giving their enemies easy path to victory.
Liches are not a race, Elementals are not a race, who knows about Kitsunes. Angels and Demons play their usual grab-ass about souls.

Humanity survives because they are numerous but still united enough.

Why don't more cyoas give singing/musical options?

SERIOUSLY is there literally even a single point to being a demon king, elven mage, hero academy student, dragon, adventurer, whatever if you can't even break out in spontaneous singing and rock the world?!

>No Maid Komodo Dragon

Now that I think about it, while there's couple cyoas about how you are dragon now, I don't think there's any where you design your lair, minions and your hoard.

Fantasy CYOA: (+24)
>Human (Free)
>Knowledge: Natural and Magical Sciences (-1)
>Magical Affinity Level 3 (-12)
>Lifespan Level 2 (-8)
>Money x3: Equivilant of 60k (-3)
>Companion Level 3 (Free)

Companion: (+8)
>Elf (Free)
>Soldier (-2)
>Entertainer: Dancer (Free)
>Knowledge: Society and Social Moores (Free)
>Grace Level 1 (Free)
>Vitality Level 1 (-2)
>Strength Level 1 (-2)
>Regeneration Level 1 (-2)
>Lifespan Level 2 (Free)
>Equipment Level 2 (Free)

>Low Magic Fantasy



>Strength - Level 2
>Form - Level 1


I don't really care about being a dragon (or at least not enough to warrant any of the really annoying enemies) so I might as well just take a load of money, an insane snakegirl and enough strength to stop her from squeezing me too tightly.

Other than that I think I won the CYOA.

If I pixelate a vagina/nipples does it count as being SFW? Or do I need to use black bars to censor everything?

>Main Power: Sorcery
In case some fool challenges me personally
To deceive is always useful
>Monster Breeding
>Demon Magic
I'm going to need an army. These will help with that.
Who can say no to mind control?
To corrupt and create division among the Forces of Good

>Army: Monsters
Designed them all myself. Very proud of them.

>Great Beast: Dragon
Powerful, scary, and may be of use in the monster-breeding program

>Infernal Duke
Neither trustworthy, but both can contribute significant power and troops
>Decadent Noble
Will help me manipulate, weaken and eventually fracture the internal alliances of the Forces of Good.

> Great werewolf
>Alpha Werewolves
Good shock troops, and with effort I may be able to include elements of lycanthropy in my monster hybrids
> Monster Hybrids
The first fruits of said program
> Captured Angel
May be able to incorporate some very unusual elements into the breeding program. Potential for even turning her to my side using Telepathy.
>Band of Assassins
More disruption and chaos. The longer I can keep the enemy divided, the more power I can accumulate.
>Goblin Engineer
Hey, maybe something he makes will work. It's worth a gamble, and I don't care too much if a few troops get incinerated during experiments.
>Wrath of the Heavens
Treating the angel like that /might/ have been a mistake.
>Alliance of Free Nations
I've done my best to prepare, to shake this alliance as best I can
>Opposing Dark Lord
Wait, is that you Obliteron? Do you always have to stick your nose into everything I do? Mom said I could have this planet, you've got your own!
>Unique Power Source: Eternal
It's a classic for a reason

>If I pixelate a vagina/nipples does it count as being SFW? Or do I need to use black bars to censor everything?
Censored porn is among the things you shouldn't be posting on blue boards. This _can_ get overlooked if it's just one or few images in a CYOA (or if the censoring is done so that the end result doesn't look censored), though.

That depends entirely on the mods/janitors/faggots that want to report who stumble onto the thread.

I've seen people who hid things behind black bars get banned, while on the other hand I've seen people post completely uncensored nudity that apparently never even got a warning based on all the identical reposts I've seen.

Basically, do what you like, and you can post uncensored versions on /d/. Which you should.

There really should be a tool that deals with text width.

No explicit nipples or vulva.

>Human [0]
Muh 0 cost
>Hedge mage [1]
I don't wanna be limited or spend all my points on magic affinity. I can deal with shitty treatment.
>Magic affinity x3 [6]
Phenominal cosmic power, minus the itty bitty living space.
>Lifespan x2 [8]
Immortality is nice.
>Tongues [4]
Being able to actually talk to people tends to help.
>Vitality [2]
I don't wanna die before I can achieve the previously stated phenominal cosmic power.
>Regeneration [2]
See above.
>Craftsman: Alchemist [1]
I wanna make potions, seems neat.
>Companion Lv.4 (free)

Companion: Orc
>Soldier [2]
Because I need someone to protect me early on.
>Craftsman: Blacksmith [1]
Getting money is a little bit essential, so having a job is neato.
>Knowledge: Societies & Mores [1]
Someone needs to know if I'm complimenting or offending people, and it's sure as hell not gonna be me.
>Survivalist [2]
Because with no starting funds, we're likely to be camping/hunting for food a fair amount.
>Vitality [0]
They need to be able to take a hit, and it's free.
>Strength x2 [2]
1st one is free, and having him hella strong means he can solve most problems with punching.
>Setting: Low magic fantasy
I don't plan on using magic too much in public, mostly just to make like easier. It'll be harder to learn magic, but I still have forever to do it.
All in all, it's a fun adventure with a bro.

>encouraging the shitposter
I hope you burn in hell.

I don't think companions can take misc items, so you can't have the level 2 equipment.

Naga, Portal, Partner, 10 million dollars.

I see, I didn't see that on the first read through. Cheers.

I wanted to post the nemesis Cyoa to break that but there's a bunch of faggots with the anti Nemisis Cyoa shit going. Seriously if you're going to get powers GET A WORTHY OPPONENT NOT SOME WEAK ASS NPC BULL SHIT

Remember Battle Brother> Husbandos> Waifus

>Manse: Cannot be taken with High Rise
>High Rise: Can be combined with Manse


>Battle Brother

There's also another bunch of faggots with an anti-anti-Nemesis CYOA.

Problem remains that quite frankly the powers that the Nemesis cyoa give you are vastly superior to whatever it is you get in most cyoas. It's the edgiest of powerfantasies. There's no element of fairness to it.

I quite like it though.

Shit that's a good idea. I think I'll do it too. It sucks I really liked their character.


Lore Expertise
Runic Armor

Scattered tribes and mercs


Corrupted Wiz
Common Man
Spirit in a Gem

Goblin Engi
Golem Battalion
Captured Angel
Dark Knight
Vamp First
Pirate Captain

Wrath of the Heavens


(do I only get to pick one or can I pick many?)
Social Anxiety
PTSD for dat empathy

Church, I want friends lol

Mai Waifu

Today on my way to pick up my little sis from school I saw this really amazing guy. He was maybe 6'4", handsome face, full head of hair, looked amazing basically. He was walking with this beautiful girl, like seriously fucking hot but not trashy. It made me think. Has that guy known any adversity in his life? What did he do to deserve a life like that? Does he in fact deserve a life like that? I basically concluded that if a cyoa were to ever give me serious powers, I'd wreck his life. His life and all the lucky people like him. That's it though. "Lucky". Odds are that if anyone received powers in any situation it'd be guys like him. Guys like him end up becoming Superman or heroes or whatever. Shit. But if, just if, I got lucky, I'd fuck up all people like him. Fuck fate. Fuck that roll of the dice.

Why am I such a terrible person? I don't deserve cyoas.

>(do I only get to pick one or can I pick many?)
AFAIK, it's one illness, one cause, one type of self-medication, and three companions (you only need to meet one of the requirements for those).


You're not a terrible person. In this world you either have power or you don't. Do whatever you want with the powers a cyoa gives you. Your actions are just by virtue of your might.

Can i just be be the Sorceress who serves the Dark Lord instead of being the Dark Lord myself?

>morality is subjective

I don't care what you belief in but if your morals aren't grounded in a system of objectivity, kindly kill yourself.

The jews are winning because beta fags like you exist.

But you're not making a cyoa, you're just bitching online about the nonexistence of cyoas you want.

All the waifu crap around here made me think you guys like loyal submissive women.

I think all authors should not include anything this dipshit asks for

I'm not her/him but I've made like 6 cyoas. If I were less of a loser I'd finish the dozen I started on too. I'm just fucking tired with this whole thing. I always add male and female romance options because it just makes sense. Yet most authors don't. Either waifus or husbandos. So now I feel like balancing stuff out by abandoning the waifus. I won't though. I like some of the girls I've half designed in my quarter finished cyoas.

To compromise I'll just turn one of the girls into a huge cuckqueen. She's a brothel owner anyway so it makes sense.

Who else thinks is

EnlightenedNEET Dragon

+2 Public Unrest

Ramen Stash
Library of Liberandia

Miserable Families
The Prince
The Enterprisers

Level 3 Scales
Level 3 Breath
Level 3 Immortality
Level 1 Wings
Level 1 Form
Level 1 Claws


> arbitrarily punishing cyoa players because you're sick of seeing overused content

I mean that's a choice I guess. Isn't a better one to just do what you want and be satisfied with it? Make a thing centered around dudes if you like. I guess I just don't get why people are mad about waifus like this, even as a joke. Usually people just think of it as degeneracy (or sexism in the sjw tripefests), not overused. Truth is, I like cute girls. I want to read about cute girls. I want to make more things about cute girls. If someone has the same feelings about anything, I've gotten to the point where I have to disregard their subject and instead look toward their passion. You know something; I'd even like to see dudes in cyoas cool enough that can actually make me want to pick them over several waifu options. But that has to be earned through appeal, I think.

Are you a male again if you choose kitsune and then sex change? if so I'll pick: kitsune, sex change, enhanced intelligence and portal

otherwise I'll pick: orc, enhanced intelligence, illusion magic and portal

It's extremely easy to add a single male option to your cyoa but a lot of authors don't. Yet people scream if a cyoa hasn't got enough waifus. It's a matter of entitlement. The waifu crowd contains some of the most entitled, rotten players of cyoag. They'll burn a thread to ashes if you even include the wrong kind of waifu. Yet they'll complain endlessly if someone asks for male options. They're trash. Like that time someone asked why female characters couldn't rule in a medieval fantasy cyoa and we got dozens of posts insisting that women can only be subservient waifus because clearly everything remotely medieval has to folllow west european christian values. On a normal, adult forum such a question might have lead to an interesting discussion about female characters in a magical medieval fantasy setting and how different such a society could be or couldn't be to ours. Not here.

Locusts. That's what they are. Ungrateful bastards who demand waifus, spend 5 min. jerking off to what took you hours to make, then throw your work into oblivion, never to be posted again.

Screw the waifu crowd. What we need are adventures. A few companions, actual fleshed out characters of either gender, tops.

I'm just ranting though.

This is kinda shit. Doesn't sound very fun. The risk doesn't really feel worth the reward. Too many enemies are literally invincible/negate any boons I might have and the only way I can see being able to beat some of them is by cheating HARD with the only hoard items with open interpretation.

Then again the CYOA opens with you being a pathetic shit of a dragon anyway. So I doubt even maxed out you could meet a dragon standard I guess.

Build coming soon despite my bitching.

Race: Fae (14)
Gender: Female
Appearance: I'll be very tiny and have little butterfly wings. Much more on the approachable than the super-bizarre side, though I'd like to have some neon bioluminescence if that's okay.

Magic Affinity Level 4 (8)
Lifespan Level 1
Grace Level 1
Knowledge (Science) (6)
Tongues (4)
Level 4 Companion (0)

Race: Fae (8)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Humanoid, looks like an elf, but a little eerie.

Lifespan Level 1
Grace Level 1
Glamour (6)
Magic Affinity Level 4 (0)

> women can't rule in medieval cyoas
I need to call bullshit on that one. Seems pretty anime to me. I could understand if someone called BS on homosexuality in that setting because procreating royalty is probably necessary, but strong queens are true to real life. You kind of lost me there. Megolomaniac monster-type waifus are my thing after all.