Which Grand Alliance will you choose, Veeky Forums?

Which Grand Alliance will you choose, Veeky Forums?

Welcome to 8E. Welcome to the new 40k.

Why aren't Space Marines under Imperial Forces?

I know they mentioned there will be 5 "codices" at launch but is this really what it's gonna be? I'm pretty sure space marines will be lumped in with imperium and tau and necrons will be seperate from eldar.

What the fuck is that purple thing in the hordes?

Also, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, and Necrons working together, at all? Eldar/DE OCCASIONALLY, but the others? Especially Necrons? What am I missing?

>What am I missing?
GW being GW

Because they said there would be 5 army books on release, and we are just guessing how they will split them up.

So, not into 40k as a game and I only dabbled with the fluff, but aren't Space Marines the elite forces of the Empire? Why are they they own super faction instead of rolling it all in the Empire?

>Purple thing
Genestealer cult you donut

>Necrons working together with folks
New fluff sez necrons do whatever the fuck they want, they've teamed up with Blood Angels notably in the past.

Tau will work with anyone if there's a mutual benefit to be had, like them probably not dying.

on the new galactic map the tau are sandwiched between necrons and chaos, since you can't really reason with chaos they will probably try to strike an agreement with the necrons.

They work independently from the rest of the empire. They don't follow imperial law or the imperial creed and instead have their own laws and traditions, hell some of them even have their own mini-empires to themselves.

Some space marines do not even recognize the god-emperor as a god, but they're actually right in that regard.

>Muh Codex Astartes

Imperial forces every goddamn time

Because marines are the most independent faction within the Imperium and being the posterboys of thhe game means you get certain benefits, like your own book and your dudes not sucking that badly.

I hope we get some plastic noncadia noncatachan guardsmen

Technically this has been hinted at for ages, Farsight's sword is a c'tan artifact and such.

Some have gone so far as to theorize that the tau are what fleshy necrons looked like due to similar facial structure, but these people don't explain the differences in leg structure.

Interesting. I figured the 5 books would be separated thusly: Imperial Force(non space marines), Adeptus Astartes(all space marines), Chaos(all chaos), Eldar(craftworlds, dark ekdar, ynnari, and harlies), and Other Xenos(pretty much everything else)

It's either gonna be Xenos Empires (Reasonable Xenos) and Xenos Hordes (Unreasonable Xenos) or your idea: Aeldari and Other Xenos.

i can see gray knights being lumped in with space marines rather than imperium.

I just figured the eldar book to be its own because it could fill a tome on its own pretty well with all the factions within. It's THE most diverse xenos of them all. These remind me of the AoS Grand Alliance battletomes, and those ranged from really thin $15 book to rediculously huge $33 book.

Because they need to be special snowflakes and they're made redundant when the IF have the Custodes, Death Watch, and Grey Knights.

>but these people don't explain the differences in leg structure.
60 million years of evolution seems like plently of explanation to me.

They might not be allied, simply lumped into the same book.

Needs less space elf

>tfw no clue which alliance I want to join

Imperium - all imperium
Chaos - all chaos
Eldar - all eldar

on release

then later:


Honestly senpai Xenos empires sounds pretty good

The five codices will obviously be:
>Dark Angels
>Blood Angels
>Space Wolves
>Grey Knights

The rest will keep using their 4th-7th edition codices for the next few years.

>The Imperium of Man
>Halal-dari fags
>Xenos Empires
>Xenos Hordes

So will the Tau get access to the webway/inertialess drives now?

I'll still play orks, maybe it will be edition where I can field stormboyz and flash gitz.

You dont know how great alliances work in AoS, do you ?

I'm sure this can be arranged... for a price.

No, please explain.

Why Khornates aren't included in Chaos if they got the Khorne Daemonkin codex?

Khorne will probably just get some special form of summoning instead if a whole extra faction for it. They mentioned summoning somewhere, so it should still exist.

Why the fuck DW and GK are not in space marines? Are you fucking blind or read maybe one line of lore so far?

>implying blood angels are important enough for a new edition

NPCs united reporting

>Side characters

You know one of the books is fortifications and structures, as they are also getting stats and will be destructible


I'm assuming in this scenario that Skitarii and CultMech get rolled into one faction?

Chamber militants are under imperial forces, they are considered the same army as the inquisiton and don't share benefits with astartes when attached.

>Chambers Militant

I think they might have said 5 BOOKS, rather than codices, so I'd imagine one at least would be core rules, maybe another would be the equivalent of the generals handbook.

>actually speculating that the fifth book will be about scenery

Holy shit, fuck you all.
I don't want to accept it, but fuck you all for this possibility.

>not realizing the High Lords of Terra are going to turn on Big Bob's Beefcake Brigade.

Like... this is already a thing though. You can already make an army of grey knights and DAEMONS. If they did end up doing what OP's image suggest, which they won't, it wouldn't be any less fluffy than how its currently set up. I don't understand the fear of 8th, the games already fucked to shit anyway.

Obviously the Tau reverse-engineered the Necron's central computer and are now in charge.

>Technically this has been hinted at for ages, Farsight's sword is a c'tan artifact and such.

A Necron sword wouldn't have a Chaosy prophecy about it

>Mfw still planning on starting Genestealer cults eventually because love how they look
>mfw story wise GW can't do anything too interesting with them because the end is always getting eaten by Tyranids
>mfw yet to see GSC that have taken over multiple planets and wage space warfare

What if is it an Eldar prophecy?

GSC should become battle-brothers with Tyranids. Why would the Hive-Mind fuck itself over? Or even better: the smart GSC people flee to conquer other planets while the most zealous one get to jump into the genepool.

I think that the point is that Genestealers are meant to be deluded and wary to be eaten.


Aw shit, they're not giving the Age of Skubmar treatment are they?

You're coming off as rather desperate. Infinity seems like a nice game, stop giving it a bad name.

They are removing all the bloated rules, but won't reset the setting.

Joke's on you, I own armies for both
but haven't played a game of either in almost two years

So I don't have to drive a police car through the front doors to get a +1 to my rolls if I'm playing 'Crons?
That's a relief.

>Why would the Hive-Mind fuck itself over?

Free biomass