Is there a complete list of PCs of James Jacobs that become Pathfinder NPCs?

Is there a complete list of PCs of James Jacobs that become Pathfinder NPCs?

Are they all girls?

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Literally who?

Obligatory "Have you tried not playing Furfinder?" reply.

Pathfinder designer notorious for playing slutty female PCs like pic related who get turned into the main cast of NPCs in PF.

I don't think Ameiko was particularly slutty. Her original name was an embarrassment tho. The whole Paizo crew needs to work out their relationship with their anima, I don't want to hear more shitty SJW/feminist stuff from them.

What was the problem with her name?

It just didn't sound like a Japanese surname at all. "Kaijitsu" or something like that.

In the original module published in 2007 Ameiko is portrayed by an artisr in the most unflattering way possible. This was intentional since the artist is an avid roleplayer and found it was of very bad taste to introduce a Donut Steel in a published book.

Which artist? Wayne Reynolds?

Fun fact: In the original character sheet for Lilly she is described as being very stacked to the point her breasts were bigger than her head.

Back then Wayne was too expensive to be hired for non cover art. The guy who I am talking did most of the inner book art for Shadowrun second edition coreboom.

I know the pic you're talking about now. I remember it from back in the day.

Donut steels as NPCs I'm ok with... the use in Jade Regent was kind of eh. It wasn't enough about the actual PCs.

She's available for romancing under the romance rules in Jade Regent.

That doesn't make her 'particularly slutty.'

Jade Regent was an insult to the players and the whole APs ethos.
Your PCs are supposed to be the heroes of the story not guest stars on someone else's show.
Also Jade Regent had Shalelu which is is another JJ's Donut Steel which had an arc going through three APs none the less.

When I ran it Shalelu was probably the NPC I enjoyed playing the most, only because the player playing her human step-brother was fucking hilarious. It's less egregious with her than Ameiko, I think, because she's not the 'chosen one' like Ameiko is. She's just an NPC traveling with the party (who, in this case, had familial connections with one of the PCs), donut steel notwithstanding.

There is an easy fix of having the PCs play Ameiko, et al which is even suggested in I think the Player's Guide for the AP.

Yes but she is shoved in as in Rise of the Runelords (you rescue her stepfather from the Graul family), Second Darkness (you fight the green dragon that did kill her mother) and then in Jade Regent (because Ameiko is her BFF).
Although is not as bad as Areelu Vorlesh.

Yeah when I ran it one of the players was playing as her stepfather's son.

>Although is not as bad as Areelu Vorlesh.
Explain? She's a villain to kill and only appear in WotR, I thought?

Shalelu seems to be there as Jabba the Jacobs' ego stroke like Ameiko, Lilly or that abomination in Hell's Rebels.
Now, what I cannot stand is Areelu because she is an actual villain to defeat and Jabba the Jacobs designed her fight to be Necrommancer Games hard to win, as if he was disgustes his fetish fueles character could be slain by others.

>Jabba the Jacobs
he's fat?

>or that abomination in Hell's Rebels.
i stopped following the adventure paths by that time?

In general when a fight is challenging in PF I assume it's random chance rather than a design choice. They're rarely competent mechanically with their own system.

>muh largest playtest in history

Wait, these overly weeb characters are by the people who made the game?
That would explain so much about pathfinder

He is fucking obese. Manboobs and all unless he finally did that liposuction.
Back in the day Areelu was James most played character in a campaign which according to what Sutter told me:
"Could make you threw up and question the sanity of most of the game designers working in here"
Is well known James does have a fetish for demons and gers along with Reynolds because both have a huge ton of sick paraphilias (Satine Phoenix was lured into the hobby by him and she is a very hardcore dominatrix).
Sutter told me that James in character did shit you could only see in sickfuck hentay like parasites. He asked his cubicle to be moved to an area distant to the reunion room because the office's wall are cardboard-like quality and could hear the fatso describing the unsavory things his CE witch was doing to NPCs with all luxury of detail.

Was the magical girl archetype and the awesome sex prestige class not enough?

Pathfinder has a sex-based prestige class?

Those actually were suggestions and ideas from the social escorts hired by the senior staff time to time.

>He is fucking obese. Manboobs and all unless he finally did that liposuction.
His photo is good at not letting it on
Although it's from 2014 which might be after lipo.

Something like that is in Inner Seas Intrigue. The book has a few different feature sets that key off of "intimate physical contact" and "sexual attraction".

>social escorts
what like GFE?

I am talking about back in the early 2000s when Paizo ws still working for Wizards, back rhen he was a fat bastard who always replied to any suggestion on working out and doing diet to get somewhat healthy with a "don't need to if I have enough cash for a lipo".
There was a video on youtube from around 2010 or 2012 in which he shown to still have some chub that he did took down. A promo on Rise of the Runelords anniversary ed.

I only opened this thread for the titty.

As in expensive hookers.
Some cosplayers you may see in cons are actually social escorts, some already hired for promoting material and others just showing the goods so some sad sack game designer or editor who does big numbers hire her for some company and a hand job.
When 4th edition came and Paizo started to make cash someone came with the idea of hiring social escorts as a marketing campaign. The ideas was to do something like that asshole Zack's I hit it with my axe youtube series but true to be told they only wanted to hire expensive whores with company's money. The sad thing is that they didn't do much with them in the office except for a handjob as they sperg enough to let the hookers bamboozle them.

>The sad thing is that they didn't do much with them in the office except for a handjob as they sperg enough to let the hookers bamboozle them.
kek, hilarious

>Is there a complete list of PCs of James Jacobs that become Pathfinder NPCs?

I don't think we have a complete list because he doesn't publically announce which ones are his characters.

>Are they all girls?

There's an article back when Paizo did Dragon and Dungeon for WotC where he says he only plays female characters. His character for the Age of Worms character was a female cleric of Erythnul (I think) called Tyralandi Scrimm, who later got changed into a half-demon hooker.

Let me elaborate.
When they hired the hookers instead of explaining the truth (that they wanted to fudge after company service being pwrformed) JJ told them the service was exclusively companionship with promotional performance because he was paranoid Lisa could be recording the phone calls done from the office (and he didn't want ro do the call with his own cell phone because he is married).
So the hookers come, participate in a few game sessions during several weekends because no one had the balls to ask them if they were going to do an extra for a bit more cash.
Finally Reynolds decided to be the one doing the request and two of the hookers basically are lawyers. Huh-oh, we are fucked collective reaction when the escorts start exposing them what would happen to them and the company if they do such request again.
The handjob is something I still doubt that did happen because likely was Reynolds typical make up story.

>James does have a fetish for demons and gers
gers? girls?

Sorry for the typo: for demons and gets*

Actually there was this time his computer hardrive caught malware and wanted to do a format when there was in it some important files without back up in the hard drive.
The reason was thst he had a fuckton of commissioned porn art about demons fucking his characters and other office staff PCs which no one was aware of plus lots of guro hentai porn.

The brothel madam from that D&D module about polymorphing livestock into prostitutes is one of Jacobs' PCs.

the undead succubus?

I think so. Though she was not a full succubus when she was his PC IIRC. She was a succubus-blooded tiefling.

>It just didn't sound like a Japanese surname at all.
Is she actually from Japan

I mean, people make up fake Western-sounding names for PCs all the time

Rogan Balorganon

That's not even a captcha, I just made that up.

Do you know where I can read this or get some kinda of proof?

>that D&D module about polymorphing livestock into prostitutes
This is such a player character idea

>now that I'm high enough level to cast Polymorph Other, time to turn these cows into titty babes and retire
>DM: w-what about the prince and his evil twi-

Wasn't she a Yuan-Ti iirc? Aren't those straight up monsters?
Fuck it was honestly hilarious
>one of them gets loose and captured by pirates
>they procede to rape the fuck out of the poor polymoprh monster
>during the gang rape, a wizard uses detect magic 'cause he's bored
>decides to dispel whatever is on the chick
>the hydra then fucking slaughters everyone on board
This is something that happened in the backstory of the module to explain why a monster was in some wreckage.

I don't play 5E, but it would be more funny if the hydra had come to believe that it actually was a human prostitute (a la 2E rules) after it reverted to its true form, and THAT was the reason everyone was slaughtered.

This was a module for 3.5, not 5e.

That doesn't do anything to change the intention or nature of my statement.

It would have been funny to have a hydra who thinks it's a human hooker with the intelligence of a hydra.

Jacobs did some heavy duty retcons on Ameiko as well. When she was first introduced as an innkeeper in Rise of the Runelords she was described as a retired adventurer who while still attractive was clearly having her age catch up to her. There was also no hint of her mysterious backstory of mystery from Jade Regent with dead unknown parents and such. When Jacobs started to get the idea to make Ameiko the central character of Jade Regent he de-aged her and gave her a new backstory to make her more attractive, and made a post on the Paizo forum that this version now replaces the original version in the official canon.

So yes, instead of making a new character to fit the role that he was writing for the new AP he loved his own character so much that he made her young and hot retroactively just so he could write in the romance story for her in JR.

Isn't the new version of Ameiko older because her previous timeline implied she became an adventurer at 13 and retired at like 16?

The timeline of events was just off.

There were two, one zombie succubus and one yuan-ti. The succubus was Jacobs' one because it's name was the same as his Age of Worms tiefling cleric, Tyralandi.

Was the petrified elf in HR one of his?
The one you find naked on her knees, mouth open and hands raised as if gripping "swords"?
The one that works out to a 36 point buy, and is a polymorph-redeemed drow turned aquatic elf dince birth, with all the features of both?
The one that's famous in the opera, has no points in bluff, diplomacy or sense motive and is trying to slerp her way to information from more competent Chelaxians?
The one that canonically keeps getting caught and killed horribly, only for her friends to repeatedly raise her?

Seems like his type.

I don't work for those disfunctional assholes anymore but if you look in Youtube for James Jacobs+Paizo you may footage of the game testing sessions they did show to the hookers.

>The one you find naked on her knees, mouth open and hands raised as if gripping "swords"?
I would prefer to see a screencap of this passage.

Yes. She is.

>ywn get the Int 2 hydra succ

Isn't this what bimbo fetishists want?

Wow, and I wondered who was the bad influence on Pathfinder and its players

You forgot that she does have a denonychus pet.

I'm only phone posting but if someone else can post it that would be great.

I bet JJ has a scene somewhere that she gets raped and eaten by it too.

Actually there was a PC mentioned in Ameiki's background which died vored by a huge sneek.

>Is she actually from Japan

Her father was from Minkai, which is Not!Japan.

Her real last name however is Amatatsu.

He didn't get vored. He got poisoned and died.

JJ loves dinosaurs.

It's actually because he made her very quirky, the embodiment of *raises spork.*

Fuck James Jacobs with a rusty spoon. The fact that he "redeemed" a drow and then turned her into an aquatic elf, only to use the ability modifiers of both races, discarding the penalties, is retarded.

Fuck him and fuck his spunky CG characters.

She's not naked and she's holding a schimitar. It's not a euphemism. She was petrified while trying to defend herself
To be fair her story is
>be drow child
>adventurers roll up on your family
>kill you
>druid feels bad so she reincarnates you into a half elf.
The ability modifier thing is because of how reincarnate works, you keep mental stats regardless of where they came from. So a wizard reincarnated into an Orc body is still just as smart as he was before.

It's still cheesy as fuck to do for an NPC.

Everyone who ended up romancing Ameiko was in fact romancing James Jacobs.

It says a lot that user recalled this passage as stating that she was naked on her knees as if she had just been the centerpiece of a gangbang.

Who cares? Ameiko is a sweetheart and a very nicely-done NPC if your DM has any competency in roleplay.

>It's still cheesy as fuck to do for an NPC.
It's cheesy for a PC. For an NPC it's just "wut. you can write any rules you like"

A PC has no control over what they reincarnate as.

Yep, gonna have a chat with my dm about magical realms if that's the real description. Not that I would be all that surprised by the pervy version but if paizo gave us something reasonable there's no good reason to go back to shit fitting JJ's tastes.

>not getting hot and heavy when she lifts her felt and shows a little frame

Are you not men?

Here it is.
Nigga that isn't even the main fucking problem. The problem is that this same PC has a fucking velociraptor as a pet.

Well, to be fair, dinosaurs ARE awesome.

Yeah like you would turn down the chance to own a pet dinosaur.

There is canonically a dinosaur trade like a country away. It's not totally inconceivable someone managed to smuggle a few eggs into Cheliax.

People really underestimate how easy and often shit moves around Golarion.

Wait, I misremembered, is right.
>36 point buy
I once straight up rolled a 44 point buy character. He turned into a final boss for another campaign because I needed to get rid of him storywise in the setting.
I'd be more surprised that the thing would listen to me.
Wait, are you serious? Pathfinder is weird.

If your DM has any competency in roleplay they could make ANY NPC "nicely-done" without resorting to making some slutty animu knockoff character. People who defend poorly written inserts like Ameiko are what led to Pathfinder having such a horrendous fanbase, and it's amusing that people like continue to blame furries when it's very clearly the weebs who have infested the system.

Ameiko as written isn't even slutty. She's written as pretty much refusing all suitors, decling questions about romance, and is the hardest NPC to actually get in a relationship with in Jade Regeant.

Wouldn't all petrified people end up naked eventually? It's not like most petrification effects target non-living things.

Another factoid, the main form of transportation in the main city (I forget its name, but it's the one the Pathfinder Society has their main HQ in) is axe beaks, because they don't want to offend the island's large centaur population by riding horses.

>Wait, are you serious? Pathfinder is weird.
Yes there are two. The one I was referencing was in Varisia. Orcs bring Dinosaurs down from the realm of the mamoth lords to trade in Kaer Maga.

Dinosaurs also exist in the Mwangi Expanse which is !Africa, Cheliax has a trading colony there so that's another potential way she could have ended up with an egg.

Huh. I've only played in two Golarion campaigns, and both of them died within the first few sessions. I'm signing up for a Way f the Wicked adapted to 5e campaign. The more you know.

Way of the Wicked doesn't take place in Golarion unless your GM is transplanting it there.

Either way, hope you have fun with it. I heard it's pretty good.

Sounds like they weren't hookers, then.

Paizo are so weird because they're so blatant about their fetish insertions and yet they try to play the "we're totally inclusive and SJW and please buy our stuff".

Does Reign of Winter take place in Golarion?
Because whoever thought the title 'Rasputin Must Die' was good for anything more than a Toon campaign concept deserves to have their desk cleaned out.

>still kept the tit window


Reign of Winter starts in Golarion but you enter a portal that takes you to WW1 era russia. Earth is like in the 1910's in Golarion's timeline and THE Baba Yaga from our Earth got into some bullshit and teleported there and decided to set up shop.

Also the Egyptian gods, Cthulhu Mythos, and the Mad Arab all exist in Pathfinde'sr primary campaign setting.

Oh, that's such bullshit.
Who was in charge of writing that dumpster fire.?
>Brandon Hodge first stormed into the world of Pathfinder with his module From Shore to Sea, the first patronage project written for the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting. When not busy writing, Brandon owns a store specializing in gifts and esoterica and a steampunk candy shop.
>Lives in Austin
Of fucking course he does. I love my hometown, but goddamn if it's not hippie hell at times.
Because it's not a kitchen sink if we don't shove everything in, right?

Hate to break it to you, but real world crossovers were a thing in D&D back in the 70s too, and since the Paizo crew idolize that era that's what they went for.

For instance, the sorceress-queen Igglwiv in Greyhawk was really Baba Yaga's daughter Vassilia (I think) who had journeyed from Earth to Oerth at some point.

It sounds stupid but it's actually handled quite well. Reign of Winter and the more "pulpy" adventures tend to be much higher in quality than the traditional fantasy ones.

It's not like this is without precedent. There was a wizard in Spell Jammer that records adventures and shit and sells the tapes to Hollywood as movie pitches.

I'm not arguing it's a bad thing see
>For instance, the sorceress-queen Igglwiv in Greyhawk was really Baba Yaga's daughter Vassilia (I think) who had journeyed from Earth to Oerth at some point.
That is pretty much the lore behind Irrisen/Reign of Winter wholesale.

Alright, I'll lay off of it.
Just by association with everything else, I'm not bent on trusting it, but if you say so.
Besides, nostalgia goggles have ruined better things.

If she's the NPC I'm thinking of, you have to go really far out of your way to trap her soul or something so you can actually kill her, and becomes a demon lord or something if you don't go through those steps.

Meanwhile that same AP has you kill a major Demon Lord.

>The problem is that this same PC has a fucking velociraptor as a pet.
Was this character created before or after Runaways was published