Choose wisely tg

choose wisely tg

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Castle. Fucking Marksmen and Crusaders wreck your shit every time.

Dungeon is patrician-tier choice. Any real adventurer can go underground and carve a kingdom out for himself, and from there on it's an endless competition of who's the baddest.

Rolled 2 (1d9)

Dolling. 7 please

What is this? Can someone give me a quick rundown?



Necropolis here.

It's the thinking man's evil.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

Fortress and Bronn

early 19 century capitalists
ayylmao deamons
underground jews
D&D random encounter table

Opps, menat Tazar

I choose you, user~.

rampart, i like it, hight def city, double shot on elves, blinding unicorns and dragons are ballin.

but it was total pain when enemy casts frenzy or hypnotize and roots half your own army

Dungeon. Now make it Veeky Forums-related.

>5500 power liches
this homm3 version of 60 multi meltas

>That time where Dwarves are also considered tree huggers.


oh and lizards, but they are forgettable at best

heroes of might and magic 3

I prefer Heroes 5 ToE

I bet you like fallout 3, faggot.

It's okay user, you are allowed to be wrong

You skipped one

also lmao at "random encounter table" but you're not wrong.


>strongest faction
>best aesthetics
>bestest fucking music

Me too. Fuck everyone else.

I played tons of HOMM2, so 3 left me feeling kind of meh. I by-far enjoyed the graphics of 2.

Five because octogon master race.

>random encounter table
Half of the Heroes 3 faction line up were basically that

Necropolis, if allowed, or Inferno.

Dungeon, obviously
second best music, best aesthetic, best creatures, FUCKING BLACK DRAGONS

I actually prefer the graphics of I, lol.
All in all, I, II and V were all better than III's decidedly vanilla D&D style.
(let's not remember IV)

Speaking of style only, I absolutely hate V's green glowy undead.

I hate this modern aesthetic of undead = green glow.

V had too much glow in general for my tastes.

meh, I love both 2 and 3 equally
I even like 4 (dat music...), but I don't consider it HoMM. it's just a nice game unrelated to Heroes in any way form or shape for me

Agreed, 4 would be better if it dropped the "Heroes" part and embraced the RPG or even left the M&M universe entirely.

Hereoes IV is great accually

If power is a concern and depending on map size I would go either Necro or Stronghold. I like Rampart the most, starting hero with Logistics or Finance, and then not buying slow units for fun.

Debatable, but the graphics were fucking dogshit no matter how you look at it.

Agreed, rpg styled campaigns are awesome

>left the M&M universe entirely
it did... through a portal... in the opening cutscene

I don't mind the graphics at all accually.

You know what I mean.

It was good, but it made a bunch of mistakes; graphics were terribad, and the stupidly granular combat map made calulating the optimal move hard for no real benefit.

Also, general imbalance and also, removing hero-specific abilities in the game that most focused around heroes.

I still can't get the black dragons jumping on their fat bellies out of my memory.


My general favorite is HoMM3, but part of that is for sentimental reasons and that I enjoy the campaigns.

For competitive multiplayer, both 5 and 3 are equally great.


Sure, no game is perfect. Hero-specific abilities is something I really miss but I don't really get why everyone is hating on the graphics.

>I actually prefer the graphics of I, lol.

1 and 2 are very very similar but I liked the battle screen of 2 better than 1

(Also I played 2 first, so because they are so similar, 1 feels like "2 but with some of the cool stuff removed," while 3, because it ISN'T so similar, feels like "2 but with more cluttered graphics and with the rules changed too much")

And like, 3 is probably """objectively""" better than 2 but it's just not to my taste. 2 came first.

I think 2s forking campaign was a lot better than 3s "you can carry over heroes and some magic items"

What about pirate city from HotA mod?

>muh HoMM castles

>no one ever mentions King's Bounty castles
>no one ever mentions Majesty castles
>no one ever mentions Disciples castles
>no one ever mentions Stronghold castles
>no one ever mentions Eador: Genesis castles


That's the animation. Why did you have to post it?..

Disciple castles are boring fuckery. 5pixel height tower upgrades, fuck them.

So, what percentage of this thread is russians?

Anyone here fond of 4 just for the very well written campaigns?
Sure they tried some shit that didn't work but Gauldoth the Half-Dead is best necromancer of the year, all years.

Homm thread so sonething around 70%+

may I remind you of number 10?

Oкoлo пoлoвины, пoтoмy чтo тpeд o Гepoях.

Necropolis all day, every day

Campains and music. Combat/units are meh. Rpg elements are ok.

So, what's with Russians and HOMM? Is it like what Starcraft is for Koreans?

гo в гepoeв пo хaмaчи

I liked the Disciples towns, they looked very surreal. Too bad about the bland music.

Pretty much, yes.

It's a cult game for those born in the 80s and 90s. Master of Orion is another Russian cult game.

Disciples II maps look gorgeou. Castles not so much besides the Undead Hordes.


I need room to park my Dragon

Not like that but its very popular in postsoviet countries.

Disciples are fucking patrician tier
especially 2
3 are fine, even though combat was extremely boring

I loved the music though. kinda bland, but veeeeery atmospheric

Wouldn't say so. But everybody over the age of 16 knows about HoMM.

4 had good writting but I hate how they deliver it, you had wall of text at the start at the map and then nothing until the end.

>HoMMV could be this

Disciples II was the objectively better universe, game, and style.

Just kys, OP

>3 are fine
Dude, no.
The graphics were shit and inconsistent with the previous instalments, the gameplay was boring, the lore got completely fucked up. We'll probably never get another sequel because of that game.

Every portrait in Disciples is in uncanny valley, except demons.
And I can't get myself to play Eador without picking up necromancy, it's just sooo useful

Russians in general are passionate about strategy/RPG fantasy/historical games of the 90s/00s. Think about it:
>Eador: Genesis
>Space Rangers
>King's Bounty
>Master of Orion
Etc., I can continue about it endlessly.

That could have been amazing

*casts spell*

Rolled 2 (1d8)

Random all day

I like to think that green glow was stolen from warpstone-powered undead of Nagash.

HoMM3 had much better music and its style wasn't bad for kitchen sink setting

I don't see nay fat belly or any jumping on it

yeah, but music was fine and design while inconsistent was quite awesome. dat engraved metal everywhere...

Disciples II had 0 variety. There was one way to play the factions optimally, and that's it.

Talking of Heroes III, has anyone else here tried Horn of the Abyss?

>There was one way to play the factions optimally
Are you saying there is more than [[1]] best way to do something?

Ruskies have good taste, that game was the shit.

The unit voices are etched in my brain forever.

Is there any system for playing in Might&Magic universe?

I want to fuck around Enroth or Xeen on the tabletop, coz MM games feel kinda restricting

Dungeon. Snake pussy all day every day.

I did, and I didn't like cove

HoMM V was basically Warhammer: the TBS, so that wouldn't surprise me in the least.

>You are the SECOND greatest lord!
>You are the third greatest lord!
>You are the fourth greatest lord.
>You are... ahah... ahahahaa!

every. fucking. time.

There's different options that can be situationally worth more or less.

In HoMM, finding the best move isn't always obvious. In Disciples, it is much more so. You never, ever touch half the buildings/upgrades if you want to actually win.

Then again, it's been literally more than a decade since I played Disciples last, maybe the meta evolved since and I was just a scrubby scrub.

Wow, that's completely wrong. One example: the witch hunters and the templars are god tier against the demons and meh against everyone else. The best strategy always depends on what faction you're playing against and often on your objective as well. With the exception of a couple of utterly broken units, such as the elven gatling archers.

Well, all of them are pretty good.
Is it just me, but it's seems that even shitiest strategy-game has some charm.

As someone who's a big fan of IV, and thinks it brought a number of improvements with it (many of which I had been wishing for for years before it was released), I agree. The graphics and design were the fucking worst.

Did anybody played Heroes 7?

Wouldn't you literally always go templars because they take a lot less time to upgrade and have massively superior stats anyway?

Or am I mixing this up?

could HoMM be made into tabletop?

Nope, didn't play Heroes 6 either

Okay, we found one.
Did anyone ever take mages that turn shit into imps over the AOE fire dudes?

>tfw ubisoft killed duel of champions
Fuck them, the game was good.

Unless you are against the undead with their typical mass paralyze and didn't get right gear for immunity/ward.