Is comitting suicide a valid action in roleplay...

Is comitting suicide a valid action in roleplay? After all the crap that happened in the game I think that death will be my PC relief.

With prior approval of the DM and in service to the story, yes. As an expression of dissatisfaction with the game, no.

Hi Ryan

>"It's what my character would do!"

I used to have a player who would an hero every time his character had something bad happen to them, then reroll a new character with exactly the same equipment.

Eventually I just stopped introducing his character into the game.

The player did actually kill himself later, come to think of it.

Yeah I had a phase like that before I worked out my depression properly.
Got so bad I could not even escape from it in my imagination.
So yeah. People reading this. This is, or at least might be, a call for help.

First post is the best post.
Fuck anyone who just an hero because he started dislike his character. Be it a suicide by monster or just walking in-to a river. FUCK YOU

Sure. Especially if the DM just striped away every reason your character had for living.

>The player did actually kill himself later, come to think of it.

>You must continue to not have fun as not to offend my autism.
Fuck you right back.

If you aren't having fun, leave the group with grace. No need to make a show of it.

>ask DM permission to act
Gee you already control every NPC do you also want to control my character DM?

Commit suicide.

>Not suiciding by throwing yourself against endless hordes of enemies

Why even play?

No. Just stop playing. No need to make an attention whore out of your character.
So double fuck you.
>Commit suicide.
Your mom.

Thats retarded
If a player doesnt like his character that doesnt mean he doesnt like the group or campaign, he might just realise the class, backstory, or personality he chose isn't fun at all. I've had that shit happen with a ranger in an urban setting once, literally all I did was sit back and make rolls to fire my bow. The campaign itself though? It was great! Moment I rerolled I had a great time.
If the player chronically does it that's when you talk to them about sticking to a character or leaving the game, because they're probably not enjoying it for a reason that isn't character class or whatnot.

You really are cognitively impaired aren't you? if gaming as a whole isn't fun sure, but sometimes games become unfun because a character hasn't worked out the way you planned, or the game has become something different to what you expected. But by your logic, you have to sit there and put up with this until the GM deigns to give you the right to change characters? That's railroading. Again I say fuck you and not just that fuck you with a rusty chainsaw blade.

And join the train to go fuck yourself land.

I've only ever comitted suicide when confronted by That DM. It makes sense for the character since everyone inexplicably hates him and nothing makes any sense, so it must be a bad dream, right? You just need to wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

So all you're going to do is keep using non responses like "NO U" because you cant come up with a response and are deadset in your "YA GET ONE SHOT KIDDO" ways? You're just making yourself look like an ass and I bet you havent even read the responses beyond seeing if they disagree or not.

I don't agree.
How about you deal with it?

One of my players killed himself in a horror one-shot. It was by accident though, so it doesn't really count.
He shot himself from 15 minutes future

>No. Just stop playing. No need to make an attention whore out of your character.
>A character should cease existing instead of having a definitive ending
Suicide is good because you can remove your PC before you leave the table without hurting the plot or giving That DM the chance to turn him into a flaming faggot.

I referred you to the two post that already refuted this asinine position, one of which was mine so actually I did have a response beyond NO U.

I was the first of those posts, I missinderstood your meaning my bad.

If they're truly that DM, nothing can save your character from being besmirched, and in those situations, sure just get the fuck out. But sometimes you want to write a character out because it no longer has any worth to you and their suicide is as valid a way of doing it as any other.

Who said that he just vanishes? Your angle is that DM is retarded faggot who will touch your character inappropriate places once you are no longer in control. I never had this with my DMs.

I am dealing with it by pointing out that the position espoused by doesn't hold water when exposed to the slightest amount of critical thought.

There are better ways to leave the campaign. I played a Dwarf that I wasn't really liking the class for and gave him the excuse of returning to his homeland to finish his own quest.

I once watched as a fellow player's character did it because he had only just recently been officially titled as th champion of his God. The party was ambushed by a huge number of wights and they level drained him so much that if he moved anywhere he would die from the attacks of opportunity. Not wanting to be reanimated or turned into some kind of undead champion, he straight up decapitated himself. The wizard then telekinesised (spelling?) him over to us and we hauled ass out of there. A few days later we dumped most of our gold for a resurrection.

>you can remove your PC before you leave the table
Why the fuck would you care about what some faggot does to an imaginary character in an imaginary world? You'll just find a new campaign/group and forget about your old one you massive faggot.

This here is a matter of opinion, right? Not math or exact science. I would never end my character just because I got few shitty rolls or something else unpleasant happened.

Is it really suicide if its not permadeath?

>be paladin
>your god disappears and so your powers
>BBEG makes the world diseased, only find the minimum gross food to stay alive
>monsters are titans who somehow have poisonous flesh
>get captured by an overpowered demon who puts a curse: kill an innocent person per day or go straight to hell

Why bother living?

Wouldn't killing yourself count as the innocent person and let you pass into heaven?
Suicide definitely sounds like the best option then.

One of my characters considered it.

She's a shadowrunner, and also started with Latent Dracomorphosis, which eventually triggered. Luckily, by then she had a pretty good Masking store.

Until they went to the Tir and she ended up buying some weapons from a Shasta Shaman.

When she realized it, she very strongly considered it. She actually has a poison tooth implanted right now. For now, Hestaby has been very claws-off and in fact has thwarted some rituals that MCT is using... but it's a matter of time.

You're the ones making prohibitions. Your argument hinges on no-one could ever be in a situation where a character is unsalvageable, and that them choosing to take control of the manner of their death is inconceivable.

Well suicide means to kill yourself. It never mentions how long you have to be dead. Also we were a very utilitarian group of people at the time.

Lucky you, then. A DM of mine (we don't let him DM anymore) loves to take out character sheets after a campaign, saying they were his characters and his story now. He would then incorporate the characters into the next campaign, which itself is not a bad idea, but the execution pisses off pretty much everybody. He had my (gay) sorcerer marry a psionic half-monkey race girl (another pc), turned the girl into an actual monkey, and had them found a druidic circle and fight against loli vampires.

I would rather suicided my character than watch the shit-show that was the DM role-playing my character so poorly.

Suicide isn't the solution here, homicide is.

How do you commit suicide with a rapid healing factor?


Can you regenerate if you destroy your brain?

Fire sounds appropriate - build yourself a pyre and go out like Herakles

I believe so, I recover from even incurable damage. Forked out for the best of the best in involuntary self-healing.

My PC tried to end the game with valiant sacrifice, knowing he was both the best suited to the job and the one with the least to lose after everything they'd been through. So of course the Gods say "fuck that" and we get a deus ex machina to save the party and left my PC with a strong sense of nihilism and ennui.

Sure it is. Sometimes thats just where your story leads you.

My ultra brainwashed neospartan pilot in Adeva found out that the program that made him a pilot injected angel DNA into him to do so, and it was slowly overtaking his biology. Some day, he was going turn into an Angel.

Ge immediatly started distancing himself from the rest of the party, except one girl who was also part of the same program, and also had Angel DNA.

After the last Angel was dead, he shot her to death in her sleep and then blew his brains out. It was the only way to be sure.

Which meant that there were only two pilots left to stop Seele and they list, so both of our characters breifly came back as third impact hallucinations/ghosts. He helped the still living pilots collapse the dreamworld, so I guess he technically killed himself twice.

I love being able to generate infinite gold by killing my character over and over so the rest of the group can take their gear for loot. It also gets me out of any trap or awkward situation I don't feel like dealing with.

The best part is how the DM can't do anything about it or it's railroading.

It's okay if it makes sense, but super shitty when people actually try to use it this way.

If it didn't occur to you that this was socially unacceptable before you posted it, I'd be very very careful in the future if I were you.
You're clearly deficient in some way that could result in your friends suddenly and inexplicably never inviting you to anything again.

>>get captured by an overpowered demon who puts a curse: kill an innocent person per day or go straight to hell
>go to hell or kill innocents and go to hell
Gee, what a tough choice for a paladin.

>your god disappears and so your powers
Epic fall my friend.

>a quest for permanent death
Actually sounds like an interesting character motivation. Makes me think a little bit of that scythe dude from Soulcalibur 3, who kept reincarnating but ended up being sick of living after a while.

Zasalamel best dude.

Actually they can do something about it, they can kick you out of their game.

However they're clearly keeping you around because either they're too stupid to realize it, or they like having you around.

Sure, as long as it's suicide suicide and not like leeroy jenkins shit suicide

>God falls, paladin stands

This. Blaze of glory each and every time.

Short Answer? Yes

Long Answer? /thread

>paladin stands
>falls to hell

If a samurai in Rokugan has disgraced him/herself and their family by extention, they are supposed to commit seppuku.

Does anyone have the screencap of that story where 3/4 of an adventuring group commits IC suicide after they're robbed by bandits?

>Newfags can't into spoilers

>Newfags can't into spoilers
Oh my you are clever aren't you?

one of my character had a really fucking hard life, long story short she was an orphan elf girl raised by generations of the same family of humans (war was waging in elfland) for decades, just for them to be murdered by a revolting mob during a revolution taking place in the country. At that point she had been a bandit and a mercenary for a decade, and her life was pretty much shit. She met the other pcs , an elf bard and a half-elf rogue, and epic adventures were had.
She wasn't so fond of the bard. One time, bandits ( as you may imagine, lots of bandits and mercenaries in a land in state of constant anarchy was the setting) told him to chose between them breaking his lute or them raping his friend (my character). He didn't chose the lute breaking. And berated my character for being such a shitty friend and mercenary as to get captured by bandits.
On the other side , my character liked the half-elf rogue, for no particular reason. Just because she wanted a friend, and maybe because the girl looked like she needed a friend too.

I'll tell you now, the GM was a genius, because the BG of the rogue was basically the "I'm an orphan, didn't know my parents, and I hate them for abandoning me." Turned out we encountered the party rogue while she was on a job to assassinate our characters for mercenary guild reasons, and didn't carry out the job, because we wasted her and also because she "didn't felt like it anymore" after that. Typical dick-ass tsundere rogue shit. Turned out she began the game with a memento from her mother which was a necklace with a portrait of my character.

I didn't think the GM would use the part on my character's background about having an illegitimate child with a mob of rioters which was left in an orphanage twenty years ago.
It was wonderfull story-telling really. But the thing was : The rogue was unsure with her feelings, chaotic evil, and conviced that my character had abandonned her because she was a slut and a bitch.

>he goes to hell, ends up smiting demons and redeeming the damned down there

On the other side, my PC was conviced to be in a weird elven affectionate love beyond reincarnations stuff elves might have (she didn't have a fucking clue about what elves were supposed to do, really, the elven bard not wanting to spill the beans about super secret elven culture club.)
Basically, she thought that maybe she was in love with that half-elf girl which was her daughter. You see, at this point, the rogue was fucking pretty much everything avalaible, subconsciously just to have her mother do her mother job and trying to tell her to do something in her life and stop being a good-for-nothing-slut-and-assassin. (when her mother was, in fact, pretty much this, but was trying to get better), and my pc was pretty much heartbroken because she was in a deluded-one-sided-love fantasy with her own daughter.

So one night, when the half-elf left the door of her inn room open so that her mother could hear her fuck with a random guy they met at that very inn, my character went to see her afterwards. She made a move and proposed to her the most low charisma/low-self-esteem way you could imagine, in the worst moment possible.
Something along the lines of "you know, if you want, we could fuck together too sometimes, maybe it would be fun."

And of course her daughter was totally creeped out and nopped out hard, for very understandable reasons.

Yet my pc was devastated. More adventuring was had, but the party mood was totally ruined, my pc was in depression, the rogue was being a shut-in and the bard was being a fucking prick.

One day, my pc proposed an "activity" that would bring the group together once more. Everyone had to write on a paper what they thought about each other and why they kept adventuring with them, and everyone will have to read each other messages and discuss about it. She was terribly depressed and that was a distress call more than anything.

>Go out in a blaze of glory suicide
>Leap into swarm
>Critical success after critical success - critically fail your suicide
>Party looks on as you give an inspiring speech about living life like it's your last day, joins in and slaughters the hoard and BBEG 20 chapters early despite minimal DM scripting
>Be literal an hero

Her letter was basically a "help me" suicide letter, in which she wrote that while the bard was a huge dick, he also was her only friend , and she needed him to help her get better, and while that she was madly in love with the half-elf rogue, she could understand she didn't feel the same way and could live with that as long as they could still be friends .

The rogue letter was one where she wrote she couldn't stay with the party, because while she couldn't kill them because they were , at this point , her friends, she didn't want to stay anymore. She wrote that she hated my character for being so weak and whiny and hated the bard because he was a huge prick. (Latter , we learnt that she wrote that because while unsure of her feelings, she did want her mother to hate her so she wouldn't be sad of her departure. And also she wrote that the bard was a prick because he basically was.)

The bard response was as hilarious OOC as it was devastating in character. On the sheet of paper , there was only written in elven. "Fuck you and your party bonding ideas."

The very night of that, the rogue left , and my pc commited suicide in the inn by slicing her own wrists.

Turned out the campaign had an happy ending (kinda), but that moment was fucking intense for everyone.