Whats the tabletop with the BIGGEST female fanbase in the world?

Whats the tabletop with the BIGGEST female fanbase in the world?

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settlers of catan, probably

Why are 40kids so upset that they're not the target market anymore

They should be proud of that fact


Of all the things I grew out of and desperately wished I'd never grow out of when I was a kid warhammer is the one I'm gladdest I grew out of.

Its like the fedora of tabletop games.

>Discard the people who made you who you're
Is Warhammer the George Lucas of tabletop gaming?

>Discard the people who made you who you're
I honestly had to read your post a few times because I thought you were talking about players casting off GW

George lucas is pretty based.
Disney shits the bed constantly.

Besides most casual shit that everyone plays nowadays aka boardgames?
Freeform roleplay hands down.
Though most of it happens online so it's hardly "tabetop"

came here to say this, generally at least one girl per game.

I mean, what else are you gonna play it on top of?

If we are talking rpgs in particular, WoD is pretty popular with the nerdy girls in my area.

Are we talking percentage or number wise?

Kingdom Death Monster.

I'm not joking.

Sounds perfectly reasonable. Pretty hipsterish, art style is very weird and interesting, no rank and file army stuff, has more of a storyline and not pure skirmish.

>muh childhood!
still a movie for kids senpai.


Are you perhaps a non-native english speaker? Because its not gramatically correct to use "you're" there.

Stacy's Quest: The Coming of Chad

Settlers of Catan is fun, though!

I REALLY want to play this but can't justify spending $200+ for something I might not even enjoy.

Serious answer: AoS

Never in a million years would I see people defending George Lucas unironically.

Can confirm. I play weekly on TTS and the group in 4 girls and myself after a slew of creepy males came and went. I'm still around because I'm not interested in 3DSHITFUS

World of Darkness RPGS

If wargaming as OP's pic imply, definitely Malifaux

That reference, jesus i though i forgot about that story

The screencap is literally posted every day on Veeky Forums.

Sometimes more than once a day.

>girl playing nids

By numbers likely 40k still, but by percentage it'll be Malifaux.

nids are the girl army of 40k, but which army do they play in AoS?

>recently on 40k General

Probably Chaos.

I've noticed a trend that women tend to gravitate toward army with lot of organic bits. There's always some kind of fur, chitin, horns in the armies they tend to play

Girls are also a parasitic hivemind.
If you ever had a girlfriend you'd understand why they play nids.
Also pretty much full of disease.


My dick

World of Darkness.

seraphon, skaven and sylvaneth

they decide as if they were choosing a pet

Literally all read: both girls I know who play AoS play Tomb Kings.

Or they think gaunts are cute

>>tyranid plushie: 48,000 results (0.75 seconds)

Sure it is. It's just really fucking odd looking.

>I *choose* to have girls perceive me as a creepy weirdo
Whatever you say user

George Lucas is the true god emperor
the prequels were enjoyable
TFA and R1 were unwatchable
TLJ looks like it’ll be the same

Can confirm, this user's dick is of heroic scale.
28mm from base to the top of the head

I am super interested in that game, but since the Kickstarter is over, is it even commercially available anymore?

I'm sure there are some girls that play almost any Warhammer faction.
They're just comparatively rare in the hobby as a whole so we each only get to see a tiny non-representative slice of the larger whole.
It would be interesting to see the metrics of the player base as a whole though, male and female.

Is there an uncensored version? Asking for a friend

Not that I know of, sorry.

That's the power of Disney's fuckery.

Even before Mickey Mouse got his Jew hands on Star Wars, I actually think the prequels weren't as horrid as people meme them to be. All they would have to have done is remove Jarjar, get a better fucking actor for Anakin, and run the script through some more competent editors and there wouldn't have been much WAAAHHHH-ing.

Spoken like a true virgin.
If you ever get laid you'll stop putting pussy on a pedestal.

that poor guy.. That level of gyno :(

It's not cool and contrarian to defend the prequels despite them being pretty crap and the Disney Star Wars movies being pretty okay.

My first thought was Malifaux

*now cool and contrarian

I'm guessing 40k since you can measure the size of the female fanbase by the number of articles on Mary Sue expressing outrage at the game's misogyny.

The Malifaux rulebook even defaults to female pronouns.

So does majority of WoD rulebooks.

Doesn't 3.5? It's some fucked up tradition.

As a proportion? Vampire: the Masquerade. Fat Anne Rice chicks, mostly.

No it's not. Why, some folks here probably don't even know about it.

Tonnage wise? Take your pick, dawg....

Basically. I never actually got into 40k myself but when I was looking into it I was mostly planning on tyranids, primarily 'cause they're pretty cute.

>on a pedestal.
So you just like using expressions when you have no idea what they mean, huh?


I guess you're right; it's only about twice a month.

Black dude , white girl...

Hell leave the actor for Anakin he was amazing fro look and feel. His face was great for emoting. If you rewatch, and mute all Anakins dialogue, you can still understand the emotion he is showing. Its hard to say bad lines well.

>models are actually painted

You Wish/10

You could buy the game directly from the website even after the original Kickstarter, so after this next run gets shipped out you'll probably be able to do the same. However, if it's anything like last time the non-backer option will probably be something like $400 for just the core set.

> Just be proud that GW is selling out to attract Ahmed and 'gumer grills'.

No thanks.

Wonderful, isn't it?

They're really going all in with 8th aren't they?

Only black guy I know That plays used to play oldcrons but stopped once they became tomb kangz in space, really makes you think 2 be honest

Yes it is.

It's not. You can't contract in any case where the stressed word is the one being diminished.

why is it always an interracial couple

Says who?

50% of the people crying over this pic are virgin /pol/beards triggered by a black girl + white girl

20% are angry that it has a woman

10% are angry that it has kids

>literally one fucking picture
How entitled are you?


Literally anyone who knows how to speak English correctly. There's no dialect where this isn't true.

1) Jar Jar was pushed by Lucas.

2) Hayden is a good actor. So is Natalie Portman. Hell, the series is full of awesome actors. They gave the performance Lucas told him to give. I wish I could find that account of someone on the set who remembers Hayden giving this really emotional line, only for Lucas to step in and tell him to tone down the raw emotion in favor of something more "classical" and melodramatic.

3) The script could never be properly edited because Lucas had so much control that he was able to force stupid shit in. Remember Jabba the Hutt's cousin that sounded like Truman Capote? All Lucas. They tried to fight it, but Lucas insisted.

The Prequels weren't horrid. We all watch them and exaggerate some parts, but they're still just so ripe for parody.

Uno>Vampire>Malifaux>Ticket to Ride>D&D
According to my LGS' sales figures.

>literally anyone

Nice source.

HeroClix hands down.

Because it targets two demographics for the price of one advertisement.

People that were kids when they came out are adults now and they fall under "anything that came out when I was a kid was good" syndrome.

Why is it alwas black and whitey?
I've never in my life seen a white girl who wasn't obese or ugly with a black guy and activelly believe black guys only like white girls who are fat from my experience playing football. These guys were ripped, cool and fun, could have picked any girl they wanted, and they wen't for fatties.

IR couples I've actually seen in my adult life
>Asian woman, white male
>Arabic woman, white male
>Hispanic woman, white male
>Black woman, white male
>Asian woman, hispanic male
>Indian woman, hispanic male
>Native american, woman hispanic male
>Asian woman, indian male
>Asian woman, native american male

When the BLOODY HELL will the Imperium realise diversity is our strength

the photo itself doesn't bother me, it's good to bring new blood into the hobby, and I like the changes they are making, the problem is GW has autism, and while they've always known there target market, they've never really had much of a social media presence (comparative to other companies of there size) and I'm worried on how there gonna go about brining in "minorities" and women. There previous attempt have been pretty good, if not slightly autistic, I really like the Tallahran desert raiders, and new stuff for the SoB is always a good thing, however these things have never really been done while moving the over arching plot of the universe forward, in short I hope they don't pull a marvel but there's not much of a chance of that because the "SJW" tend to not like ultra violence.

No more initiative!


Rogue One was ok.
The Force Awakens was A New Hope with worse actors and writing, and seeing a worse version of a movie I've already seen a million times was a waste of time and money.

What do you want? It's too intuitive for the shit that pops up on google, which normally applies to English speakers who don't know how to write formally, or for C-level learners who don't know how to use a contraction in the first place, and scholarly articles don't deal with shit that's this basic and well known. You'd have to look in a text book, and judging from your ignorance, there's probably not a lot of good ones in your native language. I certainly don't have one, I haven't taught this shit in years and have no interest in doing it again.

>he doesn't know that "minorities" already play his traditional games, and they are far more popular than he thinks, it's just not discussed over dinner
t. Black guy that used to run 2e D&D for the people at his mosque

Just like the OT, then?

I have basically everything you could hope for for the game, lucky me.

But none of my friends have the fortitude to play, fml

Why I put it in parentheses, minorities already buy there shit but white people are far more vocal about it

By numbers or by mass?

>ad hominem



I'm not concerned about that. Even when they've done major overhauls or universe-changing events, GW has kept the core of the universe intact, so I don't think we're in for FemMarines or anything like that. Hell one of the biggest complaints after Gathering Storm was finished is that too much remained the same. Really, all GW has to do is include more minorities and women in the models and paint schemes they produce, something they've been doing already.

I'd say, from my position as a consumer, it's more like "white people clamor to be catered to and complain louder when it seems like they aren't".
I mean, OP is a perfect example. There is nothing that says that they don't want white dudes money in it, it's people howling that for once, they don't see themselves and oddly believe they should.
I wager it's different when you are already used to not seeing someone that resembles you in advertising or gaming. Shit, I remember people (quietly) bitching that the Diablo archetypal paladin was black.

>Really, all GW has to do is include more minorities and women in the models and paint schemes they produce
Has to? For what purpose? Balancing the game will attract far more new blood than appealing to people you have to alter your in-game universe to appease.

It's like the catholic church pandering to degenerates in a desperate attempt to increase attendance. The degenerates will never go to church, and the institution destroys itself in vain.

lol, that's fucking hilarious. Go on twitter and search "shea moisture" to see who's the most vocal about representation.

It's not even necessarily white people it's /pol/ or nu/pol/ or whatever the fucking fuck you wanna call it, there the white equivalent of social justice warriors bitching when something isn't the right skin color, and just like there left wing doppelganger's they refuse to see any wrong doing on there part.

>the left is the same as the right, only me and the people who I explicitly agree with are smart enough to see it

lol, normies