WARHAMMER 40k 8th edition

So what do you think about the 8th edition?

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We don't know enough about it for this to not descend into another AoS shitslinging contest.

But everything announced so far indicates that it is gonna be Age of Warhammer40k. Codices are not valid anymore, they dumbed down the rules...

We don't know enough aboit the rules, from what I've seen, to claim they're dumbed down. Bloat isn't complexity.
And of course the old codexes aren't worth anything, they're overhauling the entire system.

But fuck rationality, the sky is falling because they're changing stuff and change is bad.

I don't even know why I'm responding, trying to talk about it without hysterics is like shouting into the wind currently.

Ok. Quote from Warhammer community:
>Usually, we’d do this for up to 4 weeks before the update was announced, but as we’re so excited about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, we’ll be extending this to 8 weeks (8 weeks for the 8th edition!).
Some people claim that the second part:
>(8 weeks for the 8th edition!).
subtly implies that there's 8 weeks untill the release.
I disagree. Which one of us is retarded?

It'll probably be the best edition of 40k yet (at least since 4th), but it still won't be good.


Best thing evar since Pathfinder :^)

Given that 40k's worst rules changes have come about under the hand of NuGW I have little faith 8e will not be horrible.

>Codices are not valid anymore
Oh noes free rules and vouchers for codexes/rulebooks bought close to the announcement.


I'll give it a go. Can't be much worse than the last two bloated clusterfuck editions.

And to think, I liked Rorschach

>change is bad

You have something to say to me??

the anons saying release is 8 weeks away.

its pretty clear the vouchers are for people who bought a rulebook/codex in the 8 weeks before the announcement.
if you buy one now you don't get a voucher, you're doing it in full knowledge it'll be obselete in the near future.

You say that, but its NuGW that made 7th even more bloated and clusterfucky of late. Its almost to the point that Id suspect they're doing all this intentionally.

Reading comprehension, bitch.

No, the NuGW only made the Gathering storm and Wrath of Magnus.

The things were fucked beyond repair way before.

I don't expect it to be fantastic, but 40k as a game has never been fantastic to begin with. It has been keeping afloat with the fluff and hobby aspect.

I dislike the idea that whoever charges first attacks first. CC sucks in 7th, but damn does this "fix" sound imbalanced. It'll lead to alpha striking lists, like what's happening in the AoS meta now.

it wasn't a problem for fantasy for years. Also big blobby anvil units will likely be a thing so things like Boyz will tarpit for counter charges.

I will buy, collect and play an army of Sisters of Silence and there is literally nothing you can do about it.

I actually like it this way. I rewards risky offensive.

Fuck off. My orks need this. WE ALL NEED THIS.

are you just going to use the same 5 sculpts over for the whole army?


They're listed as a faction so I'm sure 8th will give them some more models. Otherwise yes.

At least it means powerfists will get to strike instead of just being sniped out in combat

Given their self-reported timeline, they're responsible for some of the awful errata and FAQ that has really buggered the game of late. I agree things have been bad for a long time, but NuGW has certainly done their share to make things worse.

The fluff has been getting more and more watered down, with even more troubling signs on the horrizon, such as the lack of any mention of client races in the Tau Empire blurb on the new website.

It might still have something like always strike last.

also, we don't know how wound allocations work.

I hate to break it to you, but Im 90% certain they're not getting any more models.

maybe maybe not.
when fantasy did it certain units/weapons had a rule called alwaya strikes last. which did exactly what it sounds like.

i could easily see weapons that are currently unweildy getting that.

I'd also wager we'll see shit like genestealers and deamonettes get always strikes first.

I just don't expect the fluff to be as good as it used to be. I don't even want to read the fluff anymore. It's just boring or poorly written.

Don't know till it gets here. But I'm more concerned about the fluff than the rules really, since Chaos being the second most prominent faction and the "Main Threat" as the main rulebook puts it, is GW's idea of "not getting enough love".
It sounds like Chaos Marines are going to overthrow their loyalist breathed as the most obnoxiously jerked off faction pretty handily.

This. Challenges were neat but they ruined close combat. Things were better back when shit evolved organically and you'd end up with HQ smackdowns on occasion rather than never because the result of the matchup was so obvious.

It's what 90% of Marine armies did for years too.
And if SoB had plastics they'd suffer the same thing.

I'm feeling pretty good about it.

I already switched to an alternate ruleset that I'm pretty satisfied with.
Since 8th will be free, there's no risk to trying it and switching back to my other ruleset if it turns out to suck.

Didn't you know that April fools day in England is celebrated at the end of the month?

What about beakies?

We all know warhammer 30.000 is much better than 40k because the marines just look nicer.

Think they will go with the ugly as fuark 3rd edition looking marines again or go full horus heresy era?


How new to the game are you people bitching about charging unit striking first? This was the case for a long ass time

Even as an avid mkiv enthusiast, I think you are full of shit.

Also we are getting new more truescale marines

I want the Squats back.

I fondly remember when Age of Sigmar came out I predicted that this would happen to 40K next. Then all you shit heels whined no , GW would never do that to their highest grossing I.P.

How does it feel that your favourite game you've invested thousands in is now dead and worthless ?

How does it feel knowing GW don't give a fuck about their loyal fan base beyond how much green they can squeeze out of them?

How many of you will continue to be apologistic cunts for this company anyway ?

But it isn't that though. It's not scrapping of the entire game. All the changes are good things and they aren't repeating (so far) that they made with AOS's launch

>Even as an avid mkiv enthusiast, I think you are full of shit.
No, I'm not.
I looked at all the rulebooks as a kid with all the illustrations of horus era beakies and I wanted to play THAT game and not the boring as fuck ultramarine wankfest we got ever since.
Horus Heresy is the best thing GW ever did because of all the 80s and 90s era style armors finally getting miniatures.
They cant possibly go back to boring old ultramarines with pugsnout armor.

Boy that'll be a real kick in the cock if that truescale thing is true.

I'm not one to throw a bitchfit like some spergs, but seriously? They already released the Custodes at the standard 40k scale, and marines have always been scaled like that in 40k. Is having realistically-scaled marines really worth making thousands of models look like obsolete midgets?

I'm curious, does the thick load of GW corporate dick you just swallowed taste mildly of paint thinner ?

So when did truescale become a byword for stupidly large?

>not toughness 12, 4 wounds


For reference the new unit profiles and chamges are listed here.

I dont like the removal of initiative, charges always going first is a terrible fix, lasgun blobs can bring down land raiders, and even with modifiers, I don't like the ws/bs change. Modifiers are fine and needed, yes, but not flat hit rolls.

>I fucking love Iron Armor

Though I also commit the HH cardinal sin of armor-mixing. So much trim I've sculpted for Corvus legs to make them match Iron armor...

As a side note, I quite like the "angryface" marine helm. Yeah, it's silly and overused, but it's so endearing. Also it's the only helmet that really looks like a face, besides those custom Blood Angels ones.

never, that's oversized "heroic scale" Guardsmen are not truescale, but hilarious big.

They're bringing back some weapons dealing multiple wounds, 4 wounds would die too quickly to anti-tank fire no matter what toughness you give it.

>""""natural"""" porportions come with comical sized head and hands

Wait, what?
Just bought the AM codex at the beginning of the month from their website. Should I be looking in my email for a voucher or something?
Also? Why haven't we been making any 'clearly Khorne's Edition' jokes, with the 8 and all?

you were already doing flat hit rolls with shooting, why do you care now? Also it made no sense that two accuracy stats use completely different systems to determine value.

Isn't that just how the history of 40k goes? Chaos or Imperium gets alternately jerked off by the fluff, while one army gets randomly picked to be the most broken in crunch?

2 wound Terminators. Will they actually be viable to use?

they will be double the points now

But how is it dead and worthless? The setting is still there. With AoS, we already knew the Old World was gone. It literally exploded and then everybody died. The end. I don't know much about current events beyond Cadia being kill, and Rowboat waking up, but last I checked, shits still there.

Codicies going away? Alright, if they're reformatting everything it makes sense. Can't drop one army with move values, and static hit rules while the other 20 don't. That would be retarded.

Making factions big alliances? Whatever. Imperium functions kinda like a Grand Alliance anyways. I can live with that.

AoS, for having a totally fucked launch that had me give up on the hobby for a good year and some change, isn't all that bad, and I enjoy how it plays. If 40k gets a facelift to match how gameplay goes, cool.

It's the trade off for having battle tanks on the table at all.

Not until they're immune to small arms fire

please give us 2d6 saves

leave 2d6 for warmachine. 40k really needed a streamlining and just sticking with d6 for everything is a good design move.

You need to contact their customer service; it's not automatic. As it was an online purchase they'll have a record of it. Quote your order number.

Then a rerollable 2+ save works just fine.

Flat hit rolls in combat? Were you talking about BS? that's what we have now yes. A flat hit roll with no major modifiers. Adding modifiers to bs is fine and needed.

I'm talking about flat rolls in close combat. Where your skill is supposed to be compared to the skill of your opponent. Thats why we've had an opposing system. I would have been happier if they had expanded the range of the opposed system to include 2+ to hit and impossible to hit, again with modifiers, but not flat rolls.

There's no reason, modified or not, that a guardsmen conscript would be able to hit a bloodthirster in combat. Opposed rolls of model's weapon skill are needed.

It's just more thematic that way.

>As a side note, I quite like the "angryface" marine helm. Yeah, it's silly and overused, but it's so endearing
Nope. Sick of it since ca 1998.
I love how forge world released upgrade kits for ALL the chapters.

HH managed to make even the ultramarines look cool.

Love it. its gonna be great.

>immune to small arms fire

"Everything can hurt everything now"

Good luck. I'm bringing out 500 conscripts on movement trays. One of these lasguns are gonna go through that armor.

Contact customer support and let them know. If you bought it through the GW website they should give you a refund.

theme is fucking pointless.

mechanics are what that matters.

This mechanic is easier to follow for people because no comparisons are needed, chart is gone, also incentives getting the charge or at least getting your offensive charge that you want from a hammer and anvil strategy.

>chooses the ugliest upgrade kit out of all the legions to replace bulldog face
t. 30k TS player

It's cool to know they're doing this for people.
Granted, mine was bought in an order that partially used a voucher, so I dunno if they'll be willing to give a refund or not.

Wouldn't True Scale marines be smaller? If you look at the proportions of Rhinos, marine models are way too big. Or rhinos too small.

Regardless truescale is fake and gay and we're just getting a new plastic release with new poses.

Wondering if GW will have the balls to overhaul the busted old pugsnout helments in the style of HH

I dunno, man. The SoH upgrade kit is pretty fucking ugly. I know it's the aesthetic, but still.

A voucher, not a refund.
GW keeps you money but you get to spend them on another GW product.

TS upgrades were so ugly that they made a second better one.

Hey, to each their own.

I fucking love the FW upgrade kits. Some of the armor pieces are even legion-vague enough to work for multiple groups, like Iron Hands/Iron Warriors, or World Eaters/Death Guard.

And with a bit of greenstuffing and the right paintjob you can slip them in to a CSM force no problem!

>gw could pull a sigmar and replace all vanilla marines with custodes looking beefcakes

There's always Malifaux.

Worth a shot. Worst that can happen is they say no.

which I play over Infinity.

Also if anything Rorschach should be promoting Batman miniatures game since Watchmen are a team in the game.

>Hey, to each their own.
I just remember reading the old 40k books and seeing all the amazing marines that for some reason didnt look like the miniatures at all.
Was there ever any reason given as to why the early illustrations looked so different from the miniatures?
I feel like 3rd edition on everything got really corporate and lost some of that "grit" too.
Like the hair metal noise marines and shit.

>Comic trying to say something deep about the superhero genre
>Action figures in a minis game
>The fate they deserve
I hope Alan Moore cries himself to sleep every night.

Well, in the early early days, there were no minis to base it off of; they just sort of went wild.
I assume they kept going back to that stock of pre-mini pics throughout the first couple of editions.
Then came the lawsuits, and the copyright bs, and the whole 'well, if we make a picture we have to have a model for it or somebody else will'.
Copyright law is a freaking dumpster fire, and I can't really blame GW for any of that.

Is it possible to Kitbash these with the 40k Tac Marines?

>Then came the lawsuits, and the copyright bs
Never read about that.
What happened?

>I hope Alan Moore cries himself to sleep every night.
He probably does. In a bed full of merchandising money.

Why would he care?

Alan Moore is insane, but not that fucking stupid

I absolutely support the return of 80s goofiness. Like Slaanesh guitars or Goff Rokkas. I see no reason why 40k can't be both grim and zany, and have a little something for different types of fans.

I just use Scarab Occult helms. They're basically MkIV anyway.

Absolutely. You can even do it with the somewhat older CSM kits if you don't mind things looking a little weird.

Basically British and US copyright laws demand that you "make effort to protect your IP" or you lose it on the ground that you didn't care

This is why you see companies engage in petty stupid lawsuits like Bethesda trying to sue an indie developer for use of the word "scroll"

MKVII is the ugliest armor.

See also: the 'Spots the Space Marine' debacle.
That one I DO blame GW for.

Redpill me on chapterhouse and wargame exclusive.
Why was chapterhouse sued when wargame exclusive still makes kits?

Termies have 2 wounds now. I'll live.

Show me your vehicle turning angle tool, your hand flamer template and your vehicle deceleration chart, THEN tell em about dumbing down a game.