Lets discuss battlefield/tabletop/d&d props

Lets discuss battlefield/tabletop/d&d props.
What do you prefer? Self-built or made by companies?
I'm kinda torn. I grew so sick and tired of sets made of toilet paper rolls and playdough that I welcome prefab terrain.
But games workshop is super jewy about their plastic junk.
Whats the Veeky Forums choice?

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Wow unpopular subject

Most of us either play online or lie about playing in real life.

tabletop war.
all flgs use them heavily here

tabletop world**

When I used to game more, I made tons of terrain out of all kinds of plastic and metal garbage. Pill bottles, soda caps, chunks of sprues from WHFB zombies, pieces I clipped off of old circuit boards, cheap junk jewelry chains, whatever I could get my hands on. Building terrain is almost as fun as playing a game.

Whats that cost you in average?
To deck out a full set

I used to use WorldWorks paper terrain. Then I lost the PDFs for my set, so...

That places looks really cool. Any places that sell little bit more modern terrain?

Im indifferent to if its scratch build or company made, so long as its not the overpriced GW terrain.

Real of Battle by Gamesworkshop, Citadel and Forgeworld is the best.

You're only going to have to dish out $20k for half a themed table but it will be worth it.
Don't forget to buy REAL OF BATTLE boards for all your diverse terrain needs.


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Unironically forgeworld.
But its expensive AS SHIT.

I roll papercraft. Most of my stuff is cut & paste heavy paper

Are there any printing guides or is this a largely untapped market?

I think if you have the talent, the vision for making your own then it's absolutely the way to go, even if it's just hammering out the bottom of a coke can, gluing on some straws and painting it to make a water tower then absolutely go for it.
It might not looks quite as good, but the appreciation aspect of it, both as the maker who knows they put the work into that bit of the table and as other players who get to use unique bits of terrain to make their games that much better, that's where the worth of it is.

I played on one of those once. It was fucking horrible.

Really? For how expensive they are thats surprising to hear.
Any more info?

Any body here used tablescapes, by secret weapon?
I've been feeling the urge to get a table for while now, even though i don't play, but I'm autistic like that.
Anyway, the destroyed city one looks great for all kind of modern and sci-fi games, and the temple one here would work for mordheim and frostgrave.

This. I build all my own terrain using foam, balsa and foam core. I spent maybe $100 for a 4xm2m sheet of 2" thick foam, picked up a few boxes of 3mm balsa sheets and a box of 50 1mx2m 5mm foam core sheets. Between that I've built at least 3 tables worth of terrain, enough to crowd them to mordheim level. I still have a shit load of the supplies left over.

Not that user, but I have played on those boards pretty often for the past few years. The main issue is that the hills are really slippy to the point where I started carrying blu-tack in my case to keep models on them, and they're not large enough to really be of any use cover-wise. Secondly is the skull pits, aesthetically they're a bit shit looking, but also a pain to roll dice near.

With the advent of cheap mousepad mats I wouldn't bother buying a plastic gameboard like that.

anybody know where one might find embossed wallpaper like this?

They are a small team and have huge christmas sale.
You can also negociate woth them if you buy in groups.

Last time we bought for like 2700€ (prob 200€each, I took for approx 600.) and got a fuckload of everything.
We could recreate fucking laketown with that.
I would advise ordering a very large ammoun in group and you can get as low as -50%

its fuck awfull to roll on

DIY stores, bath/home decorating section.

>With the advent of cheap mousepad mats
An entire tabbletop covered in custom (99p) mousepads?

Quads of Truth.


Can't decide if this is genius or retarded

Little bit from Category A, little bit from Category B

This triggers my autism. Align the tiles with the building.
Glue the tiles into place 45 degree tilted to the boards x and y axis to make it more dynamic.

Got photos? Did you paint it too?

>Most of us either play online
If I ever actually have the time, I'm gonna try this. All the games on Veeky Forums look like a ton of fun and I've never played a single one, except on accident one time.