Dark Souls: The Board Game

>it's here

What think? These figures are crying out for a lick of paint...

Where's the main character?

He died

No Giantdad, no sale.

Models look good, but can't make out what is in front of Dancer

Undead Parish / Anor Londo Gargoyle I think

Id love to tell you, but I havent recieved my copy yet.

It feels wrong that Steamforged prioritized getting the game to retail stores above KS backers. It makes me feel cheated that I paid for this game a year in advance and am getting it weeks later than some guy who picks it up off the shelf.

That's what you get for using cuckstarter

Gee whiz, user. I can tell you spent some long nights hard at work to come up with that one. The effort really shows.

Prodos did the same thing with their AvP game, then started ignoring their backers. Then they released a second edition... many backers still don't have their 1.0 copy.

Are they involved in this game? The minis look a bit Prodosy (they make really good stuff.... then send it to the shops rather than the backers :P)

DS3 gargoyle?

If memory serves, these figures are crying for a decent casting quality first and foremost.
Though at the resolution of your image they do look passable.

How big are they exactly?

I kind of have to question their choice of bosses. I mean, I can't argue with the Dancer or the Gargoyles (at least besides saying there are far more memorable boss fights than the latter), and while it feels weird to have Smough without Ornstein, I understand that trying to implement their duo schtick into the boss mechanics they have would be impractical.

Then they decide to have two pseudo-bosses. Titanite Demon I sort of get, but why have an Outrider Knight when you could have just added Vordt? And then why in the fuck would you have a Winged Knight? It's a regular ass fucking enemy that isn't even that difficult or memorable besides the one midway through High Wall (which is still like making that one Black Knight in Undead Burg a boss), and players only really care about them because of Bazusoposting and helicopter halberds. What the fuck?

DS1 (Bell) Gargoyle. The bosses(es) at the end of Undead Parish.

Ornstein is in, his mini is just smaller because... well, he's smaller

The official website shows a second gargoyle

Including every single boss was probably not great for cost. There were several add ons for larger bosses for people that wanted them, i picked up kalameet and the guardian dragon. Im sure there will be expansions if the game is a commercial success and picks up a following.

Still waiting on mine. To other Kickstarters, do you remember how they were going to go about releasing the extra stuff?

Looks interesting, I'm very curious as to the rules themselves. I want to know how they balanced the unforgiving nature of DS.

Yeah their choices were pretty odd. I would have much rather had Iron Golem than vordt. Really I'd rather have anything that Vordt. Or why the fuck do they have executioners chariot out if the ds2 bosses?

I think the add ons would be available from retailers from the get go, i remember one of them was exclusive to retail backers

I want this game so fucking bad. None of the shops near me have it or they only got a few copies on reserve

I seem to remember them saying we'd receive our expansions about a month after release.

>Half the models are from DaS3
>Even the fucking fat angel faggot got one

And let me guess, no minis for DaS2?

Old iron king, smelter demon, alonne and turtle knights just off the top of my head.
At least do a little research.

Theres a fair amount of 2. Old iron king got his whole area and knights, last giant, chariot, guardian dragon...

I did just look it up, the only other DaS2 model I could find was for the Guardian Drake, which made very little sense when you got something like Sinh.

Why aren't the DaS2 models shown more? They had numerous better designs than Fat Angel and Bendy Limbs.

Red up more. Looks like DaS2 will be the expansions, which I guess makes a little sense? Good to see Pursuer and Alonne are in, at least.

>no ivory king
if he doesn't show up in this, I swear to god, someone's getting a dick in the eye

Any word on US backer shipping?

It's supposed to start soon, like in the next few days. I'm so hype.

Cool. That's something to hear.

I dug up the email that got sent out yesterday
>Shipwire and Backerkit are testing the first batch of US orders for smooth delivery, if all goes to plan then they will begin the process tomorrow (25th April).
>US Hub #1 Product has arrived and expected to be sending Thursday and Friday for shipping.
>US Hub #2 Product on route and expected to be sending the week after.
>EU: New boxes have been ordered (matching what we did in the UK for secure shipping), and they should arrive today (24th April). Once they have been packed up and labels printed then copies will begin to make their way to you.
>RoW/Australia/Italian and Spanish language copies: As per previous update. (basically delayed due to translation)

I watched Steamforged's SteamCON playthrough of it and it looked really really bad. Reviews are starting to come out with the game getting heavily panned by critics.

I would wait until the dust settles on this one, guys. The minis are nice, yes, you like Dark Souls, yes, but the stink is evident from here. It really looks like a heavily brainless dice-chucking high randomness adventure game, and those are a dime a dozen including many that do it better than the Dark Souls boardgame does.

But how much is it

$135 on amazon

Manus, the last giant and The chariot that has the only horses in the series are retailer exclusive
I don't have the game, but if the manus design is good, I might need to get him

does anybody have a pdf of the rules?

The sets for kickstarter backers (and the general public later) have Iron Keep and such. Smelter Demon and Sir Alonne bosses.

I'm just going to buy the mini's off ebay and create my own Souls Kingdom Death content.

That your copy? Are the models as good as we hoped?

one of their blog posts or something mentioned giantdad, said bandai namco (who had to approve every single model) said no to it

expansions are going to take a few months, apparently some chinese holidays fucked with their manufacturing plans and they wanted to get the core game out first and foremost

Here you go. Without the game components in front of me, I haven't really read it.

Is the guy on the lower left an outrider knight or one of the ruin sentinels?

Only expansion I would really care about would be The Good Hunter vs Mergo's Wet Nurse/Ludwig the Accursed.
We already have too many dudes in armor and the Healer is shit.

Vasel wasn't kidding when he said this thing was all over the place.


They best have all four knights to go with him.

Ornstien is in the base game, but he's not in the pic since his base size is smaller.
Artorias (And sif) are in the shit woods expansion
Gough and Cirian are nowhere to be found, likely since you don't FIGHT them

So is there going to be Kalameet and Manus as well?

Kalameet was an add on you could get in the KS. so yes.
Manus was a vendor only backer reward. So yes but you gotta buy it seperate even if you backed.
I might buy manus if the mini's good just so I can have it, I love his design

I just looked at the page, and noticed no crystal sages or BH Logan. No sign of any of the Lords, Kings, or Lords of Cinder either.

Other than that, I'm fucking hyped right now.

KS has the four kings. Lords of cinder will likely be later

I meant the kings from Des 2, but hopefully you're right. I just want to kick ass with Old Ivory and his bros.

*DaS 2

They already made a Demon's Souls sequel. It's called Dark Souls.

Old iron king was also an add on.
Sir Alonne is a thing too

You're right, I missed Old Iron. Shiva>Alonne tho.

Why would they add in shiva if he's deceased?

Yeah, I know. Anyway, I saw the massive amount of money the kickstarter raised. Were there any stretch goals they failed to meet, or was the board swept clean?

dang. guess he wasn't prepared.

Pretty excited to get my copy, but still so annoyed that they changed the Dancer sculpt to be so awfully posed

Just finished reading the rules. Anyone read them yet? Big fan of dark souls but this looks like it might get repetive real fast. Especially since its a co op game

It is grind nation according to most reviewers.

Well, they weren't called the Bell GargoyleS in DSI for nothing

Fucking Bandai Namco. I would have bought Giant dad