Ok, so Eldars have Soulstone dildos, to save themselves from warp

Ok, so Eldars have Soulstone dildos, to save themselves from warp
Humans can turn into admech weirdos, and become trashcan metalic cthulhu to save themselves from warp
What can Tau do? are they seriously fucked?

Their presence in the warp is so small, anything that would nom on them don't even bother to give them the time of day unless there's no other food source around. So, what they do is always have auxiliaries around.

They survive by not being worth their time.

They're soulless animals. It doesn't matter.

none cares about what little soul the tau have

I seem to remember they have holographic copies of some tau strategist brains and tech to hibernate heroes for times of need though.

Taus don't have souls!

How would you reliably alter a creature's brain so they retain both continuity and selfness?

Do you have to Ship of Theseus their brain and peripheral nervous system?

Dunno. Ask me in 38,000 years.

It doesn't matter. Even living 100% biological things dont have continuity unless they don't sleep.

I believe it was retconned from;

>zero warp presence
>very minor warp presence

So that the Chaos fags wouldn't complain.

Same reason why the Orks now all of a sudden have a warp presence, although its Gork and Mork (BECAUSE GREEN IZ BEST)

Tyranids still retain their Shadow in the Warp fear factor, so who cares

And people say Tau aren't supposed to be Asians. Pfft.

Tau are clones.

Tau have such a dim and weak souls daemons cannot tell them from rocks.

>going to sleep is the exact same as having your mind uploaded
No, it's just not. Find a better argument.

>Humans can turn into admech weirdos, and become trashcan metalic cthulhu to save themselves from warp
What you mean just to get immortality so they don't die of natural causes?

Well some would say a good portion of human sources are protected by The Emporer upon death, either he absorbs them or whatever.

Tau souls are like a shot of whiskey if a human soul is a barrel of whiskey. I don't think the daemons care about their morsels.

slide on otter dude.

You are a retard who is pulling things out of his ass.

Gork and Mork are literally called the collective reflection of the Ork psyke in the Warp in ALL of their codexes. How the fuck do get the bullshit that they have no warp presence? This what you get when you write a faction like Orks, their fans tend to be as retarded as the Orks themselves/

And the Tau always had a the small warp presence since intro into the setting. Check their Index Xenos WD article. Now get out.

I'm not saying it is but they're both breaks in conciousness that we have no real reason to say they're entirely dissimilar

>Well some would say a good portion of human sources are protected by The Emporer upon death, either he absorbs them or whatever.
so basically, Emperor is a huge soulstone for humans?

OK so the ethereals influence the other classes not with psychic powers but rather with pheromones instead.

so instead of having souls they have smells?

Nope, he is making stuff up. Most human souls dissolve into the Warp.

That's what most humans probably believe. They are also likely wrong.

Imperial cult, man, can't take their words for gold.

>Tau are soulless and have this manifest destiny ideology, as well as a cultish, believe in dying for their cause, and its greater good.

Most likely the Emperor of Man tries to protect as many souls from the daemons of the warp, allowing human souls to peacefully merge with the warp. He is ultimately doing everything in his power to protect humankind.

>I get a feeling we will have more imperial saints in 8th.

Orks are more powerful against the warp now than they have ever been, asshole.

>allowing human souls to peacefully merge with the warp.

Please stop making things up. We have seen what's it like for souls to dissolve into the Warp (Talon of Horus and MoM). It's horrifying and painful. It's like being burned to nothingness.

They are very, very dissimilar. Do you think anesthesia is a the same as going to sleep as well?

That's when you are a material being, this is for when you are nothing but spiritual energy devoid of form. At the end of the day big E, he wants to do everything within his power to look after humanity. As he is now spread throughout the warp in a very bizarre state as well as fractured by the tempest of the warp. What's to say he manages to save a handful of dying humans, it's more than within his realm of power as he has managed to revive and create the Legion of The Damned.

>No, it's just not. Find a better argument.
Yes, it is. Find a better argument.

Again with the headcanon.

>e has managed to revive and create the Legion of The Damned.

There is nothing that says that Legion of the Damned are the creation of the Emperor. In fact, we know that the Fire Hawks were Warp raiding before their transformation into the Legion which could have been the result of the Nurglite Red Plague that they got in their rescue mission in Nurgle's mansion.

Also we know that the Legion of the Damned recruit dying marines by turning them into what they. Also-also that beneath their armour and masks they are so twisted and corrupted that a Dark Eldar had a heartattack and died when one of them took off his helmet.


>b-b-but muh Grimdark, muh edge
Grimderp fags who insist that every loose end and unanswered question must be the worst possible outcome are one of the many cancers that are killing 40k

Yep, tau are pretty much fucked, Same with most humans.

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

Nothing. Tau are literally insignificant enough on the galactic scale that were any actual faction to focus on them, they'd face extinction.

>Implying a "sudden" warp storm wouldn't appear out of nowhere and crush the invading force.

Tau's hidden benefactors are powerful beings.

If I make an identical copy of you then shoot you in the head, do you suddenly jump to the identical copy?

Although it hurts, we must grow up and put aside our outdated notions of morality. There is no 'divine spark' granting special value to a living mind. No object has any intrinsic value apart from what we choose to grant it. Let us embrace the freedom of certitude, and achieve maximum efficiency in all things!

Just telling you what's in the lore

Not have souls
Like actually


There are those think it behooves us to remember how tiny we are, how pointless our lives in this vast uncaring universe... What nonsense! The only truth we can ever know is that of our own existence. The universe - in all its apparent glory - is but a dream we all happen to share.

Yea they do, it's a part of a narrative where as a race gets older they become more psychically capable.
One day they'll be as gifted as eldar.

>Implying a "sudden" warp storm
user, I know that they are partially based on Japan, but such a direct reference would be pushing it.

Funny, that's exactly what happened to the entire star cluster when the Imperium visited the primitive Tau world, long before the Ethereals appeared, and marked it for routine extermination and colonisation.

The lore isn't gospel retard.

Tau aren't even noticed so non-issue

I think this topic is derailed slightly with 'bias'. Anyway, the Tau are very youngue and are not as technologically advanced as the Admech. The Imperium is both incredibly advanced and backwards, they have knowledge of the height of the Golden Age but also have immense amounts of lost knowledge.
The Admechs understanding of flesh is pretty much unrivalled in the galaxy at large.

The Tau given around 10k-20k years may achieve the same pinnacle of knowledge and technology. However, they are dependent on AI's which have been shown to become tainted by the warp. So, in short, the may have big boomsticks they don't have the same tech the Admech can use freely.

The odds are against them and they are very much going to either fall or there Ethereals will lose the power of that 'mumbo jumbo'.

>AI's which have been shown to become tainted by the warp
Well, talking about fanon...
We still don't know why the MoI rebelled.
Nothing allows us to say that AI are more, nor less, susceptible to be tainted than anything else.

>Do you have to Ship of Theseus their brain and peripheral nervous system?
Probably; replacing the functions of nervous cells one at a time with a separate hardware may work

problem is we don't still have a deep enough understanding of all nervous cells' functions

Given that Eldar AI never rebelled, I'm going to say that Human AI predicted the Age of Strife, Daemons, and psyker plagues. It calculated the chances, and decided that for humanity to survive and be prosperous, it had to be purged out of its weaker and dangerous pysker potential so that only those with no psyker potential or those with strong psyker potential would survive.

It is when discussing the lore itself, double retard.

>The Admechs understanding of flesh is pretty much unrivalled
Dark Eldar

ahh, humans Dark Eldar: Retarded, creepy and decadant

Eldar didn't use AI and still do not use AI. Their technology is very alien.

Why don't they just point to servitors or servo skulls?

Nope, the dex and novels say that the Eldar used automated drones to run their empire while they partied.

The MoI were fully sentient and generated a presence in the warp

Surely their AI was much different to the DA human AI

I'm already in the other copy.

An AI from DAoT appears in HH. It's called Tableau Myriad. It rebelled because it calculated that organic life would evolve into pyskers and then bring about the destruction of real space.

It and the machines that it controlled were immune to the taint of Chaos and the tainted scrape-code that infected nearly everything in Mars.

I knew I saw that the AI rebelled because they saw what would happen somewhere


nice meme with a lot of layers

Automated drones =\= ai. A fucking roomba on steroids is not a terminator.

Whatever it was, it allowed the Eldar to do endless orgies forever and ever and ever. I don't think any Eldar ever worked in their entire lives.

Not funny enough you autist