Party tries to bring up hit points IC

>Party tries to bring up hit points IC
>Tell them it's an abstract method and not something their characters would actually know of
>Now the healer instead goes "On a scale of 1 to 10 how badly hurt are you?"
>The fighter actually says "Make that scale 1 to 19 and I'm about 5."
>Wizard climbs up from his acid bath and says "On 1 to 11, I'm at one. The pain is excruciating."

I can't tell if they're making fun of me or not.

Yes, bit it looks like they are actually making fun out of it instead of just mocking you.

>1 to 19
>1 to 11
Wanna know how I know your story is made-up?

You're allowed to have meta-knowledge though, right? Like, in character you're all: "Prithee, I am wounded badly!" and out of character you're all: "Yo Mark I'm down to 5hp here, make with the heals." Right?

I'm just curious.

Top kek user.

All depends on the game. Some GMs are alright with it, others fly into an autistic shitfit. You really have to know who's running the game.

>I can't tell if they're making fun of me or not.

They are, but it's funny so I'd give them a pass

This. Your players are keepers. I wouldn't even be mad, I'd be impressed. That's the sort of ingenuity good players have.

It might not be out of the question for say: a cleric obsessed with life and death to experiment on a number of prisoners with various weapons, healing them back up when they're about to kick the bucket, recording the results, like just how many 10 STR unarmed strikes it takes to knock someone out, and eventually come up with a theory of hit points.

Why don't you allow the players to discuss hit points out of character then?

Depending on the edition there are abilities that inform you of how many hitpoints something has left.

Your group sounds pretty fun OP.

It's fucking stupid so of course it's to be made fun of, just like most things D&D.

Hit points are an abstraction for the sake of turn based combat.
Unless you're going to make a meme setting where game mechanics are the meta-physics of the world like 80% of shitty isekai novels

But I do.

I admit that "healer" is a bit cringy, but have you never played games where players roll for hit points?

> but have you never played games where players roll for hit points?
That's not the fucking problem.
If their hitpoints are in the range of

It was a joke man.

>At the level where you have around 20 HP, you either sleep it off (rest), use potions, or magical devices, because your cleric is shit and can't afford wasting his Cure X Wounds willy-nilly.

Oh, you seem to be referencing a garbage edition. In 2E, this is not an uncommon situation to be in. Also
>only 20 HP
>has potions
>has "magical devices" that can cure injuries

The highest laughs were had.

>doesn't have potions from his starting gold
>dosn't have wands of Cure Light Wounds from his starting gold
As a rule of thumb, magical items are more useful than spells at lower levels, while spells are more useful than magical items at higher levels.

>magical potions and wands from starting gold

Still talking of a garbage edition I see.

>A starting adventurer being able to afford expensive alchemical healing or a magic item
Sure, if you want to walk out of the gate with a potato sack and dagger instead of mail and a longsword.

You mean the only edition that is talked about outside of generals?

Was about to jump down your throat and lay burning eggs of rage and bile in your stomach, but then I saw you just have a problem with it in character. So your players are being dicks.

Every edition is talked about outside generals when applicable
Only one is done so infamously because it's such a toxic meme, and we need to start forgetting about those mistakes and stop holding it as standard

That's really setting dependent. For example in Dark Suns the characters wouldn't have magic items at start.

>doesn't have potions from his starting gold
How the fuck am I supposed to afford potions with 5d4x10 starting gold when there aren't even any "potion shops" because this isn't a garbage edition

>dosn't have wands of Cure Light Wounds from his starting gold
Good god, I remember when my druid finally got their hands on a staff of cure light wounds. I think I was somewhere around level 10.

You have awesome players, keep them.

That sounds like my group. Our old DM moved out to Cali and my brother took up the mantel. When I was finally forced into the position of DM to run Curse of Strahd it finally made sense to me. I could full appreciate how dumb and goofy everyone was. We had bouts of seriousness and memorable rp that still stick with me, but things usually get a bit derailed by having 3 dudes with some type of attention disorder and what not.
As long as the games are good just roll with it.

In some versions of dnd, the exact value of other player's hp are discovered with a heal or medicine skill check. So you know how fucked up you are, but arent supposed to share it unless the healer is searching you.

Then why aren't they just talking about it ooc? And if they're allowed to talk about it ooc, then why is such a problem when they're talking about it ic?

lol what? What kind of game are you playing where HP bloats so fast? HP should be in a range of 10-20, and you're only going to heal 1HP/day with a successful Health roll. Minor Healing alone is invaluable, and it caps out at 3HP/day unless you have a high skill level with it to risk the penalty for multiple heals.

And the best first-aid can do at TL3 is 1d-3. That's not going to bring anybody back to full unless we're talking very minor injuries. And don't even bring up healing potions; a minor one alone costs $120, which is a significant investment. You're not gonna be running around with a backpack full of those. And they only heal 1d HP. Entirely possible to get fucked over on a bad roll.

And don't even bring up magical devices. A wand of Minor Healing is $15,000, and you still have to pay the energy to cast the spell, and non-mages can't use it unless they have Physician at 15+, which won't exist until TL5, meaning it's 100% up to the mages to use.

I find it hilarious that someone is defying the TG standard of D&D and using GURPs as their baseline.