Why dont you play necrons?

Why dont you play necrons?

Because I don't play 40k.
If I did, I would probably play necrons, because roboskeltal.

But I do user, I do.
Or at least I would, if I ever painted them

Boring models, boring fluff, boring playstyle.

>space marine player

Because I play the Imperial Guards "Kill you from 5 boards away with artillery before you can get into Gauss range" doctrine.

Because their infantry look ok, but their vehicles look far less cool. Not all, Monoliths and the flyers look great, but stuff like the barges and destroyers just don't look right.

They have the worst models in the game.

my friend plays 'crons and he loves decurion too. At the other hand he's pretty new so he doesn't have enough stuff to balance stuff out, so i can fight him on equal stance.
Wraiths with their 3++ are pretty painful, same with entire army having 4+RP(honestly i liked old-style RP better, it added bit of suspense AND was cooler fluff-wise, now it's just another FnP type roll)

Wraiths are beautiful

Dark Eldar actually, but nice try.

Stupid sexy wraiths!

Why don't you paint your fucking models?

Most of them are painted. Just dont have as much time as you neetfucks

Considered it, but nothing *really* grabbed me about them.

Flayed Ones are cool I guess.

I find there is no other way to play crons ATM than decurion

Why are you discussing rules that will only be valid for like another 2 months?

I stopped playing, theorycrafting and list building completly and only paint my backlog now.

I hate the look of warriors.

I don't care for the new fluff of them.

A couple of friends already play them so I would rather do other projects

Otherwise yeah I would totally be up for collecting and playing them eventually, they're awesome

Used to, but between the memery 40k has become and me being forced to use the stupid formation to play my army, I've pretty much lost interest.

I came here to post this

I DO play Necrons, user, thanks for asking!

user I've literally just got two boxes of warriors, a Canoptek Spyder and a Triach Stalker to start off my new army for 8th.

I already play two other armies, too.

Waiting for 8E. I've been thinking about getting into it, been drafting up some fluff for a potential Necron army in the meantime. An army of robo-liches with tech so advanced it's more unfathomable than most of the setting's magic really appeals to me.

>that one obnoxious faggot who doesn't understand why people don't like his boring ass terminators but can't see why people love space marines

You're fucking pathetic and have shit taste.

Same as all the others: I don't bleed dollars. If I did, I would have something like pic related, plus an orky chariot with bikes instead of horses.

Because two of my friends already do so.

Becoz da old ones created ORKS to deal wif dose damn necrontyr gits

I did and I loved them on the tabletop and in the lore, but then the Newcrons arrived and killed it for me. Now they live in a cupboard.

I play Necrons for that exact reason.

Paint your models, you peasant

I did until I stopped playing 40k. It just gets so very boring after about ten games when you've pretty much done everything possible in the game twice over and realize how little depth it actually has.

maybe that was because you were playing necrons

>assuming someone is a Marine player because they call one of the most boring factions in the game exactly what they are: boring

mada mada

Although you play 40k and give Games Workshop money, you are alright, user.

Yeah no. I'm fairly certain it was becasue of the utter lack of tactical depth in 40k. I like the Necron minis (even the goofy ones) though, so there was enjoyment to be had there.

Cus there is only 2 months left to play 40k before it becomes Age of Emperor


>Must be a Blood Angels player

Literally die

Fat blob with your ugly arm tat.