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Remember when people foolishly thought 40k was the story of the Tyranids? Good times.

First for 8th edition and AoS both using D6, therefor being exactly the same thing.

And when was this?

There were people seriously saying this?


>t. nidfag

I'm just hoping Independent Characters don't go away.

>Tho given the example they gave during Q&A of a Marine joining Guard I think we're good.

But what can Nurgles blessings do against weaponry that razes entire cities?

What are you going to do with your marinelets once they're replaced by ShinyNewUltraSuperMarines?

>implying my xenos army has ever been the focus of the narrative
>implying I'm not at peace with being sidelined and fucking irrelevant in all stories barring the one where GW actually remembers we exist because whenever we do show up it's just to get curbstomped
At least Taufags and Nidwhiners were taken down a peg.

Lol that would be the most stupid thing to remove from 40k

>"To make characters feel more heroic we made sure they can no longer join other units, making them stand out more !"
>All characters instantly get BTFO by shooting turn one
>"Wait ... this isn't what we wanted to happen ..."

Leaked picture of the new Space Marines incoming

Turn them into scenery I guess

Luckily, I only owned a few squads and a Captain. Already put them up for sale in my local ads.

Gonna focus on my IG going forwards.

Is this legit?


>This meme again

Put a marine on your desk. Put an opened GW paint pot somewhere near the marine. Compare result to pic.

'new marines' are probably 1mm taller at most, which could also just be the result of not longer squatting like an autistic monkey.

>normie user texts me that he knows his scheme is basic and that he's busy with gf and work but he'll try and get a 2k list done for late June
>isn't even worried about 8th changing his list up
I'm just glad he's focussing on getting everything 100% painted before even attempting to play the game

>playing Marines

Help me name my Kabal /40kg/

>Hedonistic former pirates who wear opulent colours and go fucking fast even for Dark Eldar
>Penchant for Heavy Weapons (so Ravagers and the like)
>Exiled for Commoragh to another world, but possess their own arena
>Current Archon is a former Dracon who overthrew his master after learning he was a Ynnaed sympathiser and planner to help awaken big Y by murdering a bunch of Eldar.
>Have now teamed up with a Nemesine Hameonculus Coven and renegades from Biel-Tan to hunt down and kill Yvraine on Vect's orders, thus ending their banishment

>inb4 'Xenosfags BTFO'

>faggots are actually already kneejerking
Fucking kek, thanks for the cheap fucking models

Forge World faggot

>6'1" on the left
>5'8" on the right

I'm afraid Yvraine is protected by plot armour son so that particular quest is going nowhere

>tfw really want to buy a titan or scratch build a Warlord titan because fuck Forgeworld they're supposed to be boxy and not just enlarged knights
>tfw both ideas are retarded

>Mfw still planning on starting Genestealer cults eventually because love how they look
>mfw story wise GW can't do anything too interesting with them because the end is always getting eaten by Tyranids
>mfw yet to see GSC that have taken over multiple planets and wage space warfare

Anyone else know this feel? It's hard to craft fluff when the ending is the same

I'd be tempted by IG if they put a non-shit regiment in plastic.

Get a china one user.

Google how to do it.

Out of the loop here, what happened with Tyranids?

I know how to do it, I just can't be bothered.

Well GSC also regularly get cleansed by space marines or inquisition for example.

But yeah, GSC always end up dead one way or another.


I don't think the guy is actually expecting his dudes to kill Yvraine but I think its a good concept for an army.

So, just a question anons - I found a Space Marine battleforce box for less than half the price my LGS would sell the parts.
I'm just wondering, are they the regular kits, but in one box, or some snapfit monopose stuff?

>not playing marines
NPCs please go

So, you want a warlord, you just can't be bothered with all the stuff in between?

Like if you could wave your hand and poof one into existence then you'd have one already?

Me too thanks

This is what happens to xenosfags. The same thing will happen to Eldar and Tau soon enough.

And nothing of value will be lost.

Crunchwise, fluffwise, or both?

Not much actually, but GW is making Chaos the obvious No.1 threat to humanity once again, rather than a bunch of trolls fucking around in remote regions like the Eye of Terror, and people decided that meant that all Xenos got thrown under the bus.
Tau and Necrons at least have empires that show up on the new map, but since Tyranids don't conquer territory they don't show up on the new map of the galaxy.

Just wait till AT comes out and get a babby one :^)

Depending on which battleforce you are talking about they may be older kits, but there are still completely customizable and shit. The only snapfit crap you will find in starter sets and the mini-packs of like 3 models.

>actual alien players get lumped in with space elves, space china and metal space egyptians so imperialfags can more efficiently wank at chaosfags expense.

This. No doubt in 'canon' we would eventually get wrecked when Yvraine's boyfriend(s) rock up, but it seemed more interesting than just being 'le raiders'.

4th Edition, which was also when the tone of the game was at its most dark, ironically.

I mean I technically know how to make a Warlord Titan, yes, I'm just not sure if my skill is enough to justify the material costs.
And I don't know where to store something like that.

As for Chinaman, if he wants to sell me his shitty pirate copies he can contact me any time.

>wah wah muh precious xenomorph ripoff

It sucks because as a concept it's awesome as shit, down to the star children and all that, but you never see them expand that much. Shit it reminds me of Bloodborne but it doesn't go beyond just everyone getting ate. I'd like to see some genuine mind fuckery or Like a Genestealer Magus that knows full well what will happen when the tyranids will come but welcomes it because of his mind joining the hive mind in a horrifying cacophony of voices.

Remember, if the hive fleet or the splinter gets broken then the Cult will just fester until something sparks the rebellion. There's actually a cult that misread a meteor shower, took over the planet, and has begun waging war on other planets because they think it will please their forefathers.

All evil factions except maybe the Dark Eldar is described as something that will at some point wipe out the galaxy as we know it.

Chaos is GW's true darling and is first in line for that honour.

>As for Chinaman, if he wants to sell me his shitty pirate copies he can contact me any time.

That's not how online vendors work at all.

Also I got some stuff from a nice recaster this week. Better than anything i've gotten from Forge World

>Sanguinius's vision will never come to pass
>chaos will get all the fun
>no titan battle between chaos and tyranid for the emperors corpse

Keep collecting 30k Marines because of that lovely slick aesthetic.

They look like they're still on 25mm bases, if that's of any help.
But thanks user, guess I'll go buy it.


Online vendors also don't hide behind a cryptic e-mail hunt. If he wanted my monies he'd have a webstore like everyone else.

>try a game with infinitely more shit backstory
>that's completely different to the game you play
>with shit minifigures
>made by guys who can't even speak English

But we all know 40k is the tale of the orks

Go back to 1d4ddit

Its really not that hard to find emails, especially since that leak...

Anons how do I paint the fifth company kneepad marking like these guys have? I want to go all out when I start my Dark Angels, so I know it'll probably look pretty bad when I first start. Also, are there any good how to videos on painting dark angels? The ones in the dark vengeance videos are a bit too simply done compared to the newer ones.

People are saying that xeno races can't be the ultimate victors, but didn't the warhammer fantasy end times have the fucking skaven come out on top? Wouldn't have put them in the running up until then.

Anyway, this seems like the best thread to ask about this. I'm designing an ork buggy with some intention of maybe getting it printed, possibly even mass-produced if it looks good enough. Still very much at the roughing out general shapes stage, but I'm struggling to decide how to make the overall silhouette look really 'orky'. Obviously I can add lots of those spiky bits to it, but what about the underlying structure? Is there a particular combination of angles and shapes which really screams 'ork' to you?

>Ork warboss kicks Abbadon in the nads

The only Marines i'd ever considering running would be Minotaurs

Unless we're talking 30k - Raven Guard 4 lyfe

>Paint a thin cross in white/that bone colour you use for Deathwing Terminators
>Fill in the green parts
>fill in white parts
Alternatively, you could go to youtube. Ol' Duncan has a video about doing the diamonds on harlequins, you could also look for the one with orky checkers, they use the same technique.

Simple geometric shapes like that are perfect for masking tape.

It isn't too hard to do that design freehand either. Brace your hands together to eliminate shake, use a good brush and don't thin your paints.

>not Carcharadons
Come on they're the best of a bad bunch

No chaos destroyed the world.

Skaven was technically Chaos with their god being a minor Chaos god.

Look to the Trukk for design cues. FW has some great Trukk alternatives to draw from too.

Some scrap metal paneling and a big engine with a silly blower would be good. Maybe a more angular frame?

Infinty is shit. Nobody says it because it triggers infinty players and result in a thread being drowned in their butthurt, but it's shit.

But user, all those things you just said are completely wrong.

I would have said them, but my irl buddy said with 8th is more assault friendly we'd both run meme lists for banter

Ideally you would have two names. I would not suffer to keep the same Kabal name as my former and weakling master

>Former Name: Kabal of the Shadesword Nightmare
>Symbol: Runes for Shadow and Sword ensnared in/tearing apart the rune for Rest/Repose

1000% edge, perfect for Dark Lance heavy 'muh raids' that wanted to transition into the big leagues and join the grim shade death edge Ynnead cult.

>New Name: Kabal of the Death's Humility
>Sigil: Rune for Death split asunder by the rune for Young Successor

The new name mocks both Yvraine and Co., and accurately describes what a dark lace does: it takes the heaviest armor and humbles it (nevermind that grav does this 1000% times better). Plus Haemonculi tend to laugh at Death.

Except the first and second points.

neither. he's just shitposting.

Hunters in the Lightning's Shadow

That's why Nids and Orks belong in the trash.

Actually, yeah, Infinity is completely a different game.

hey does anyone have that like d100 chart with all the different space marine chapters? i wanna roll on it to pick what chapter i go with

Except he's right
>inb4 "but muh half-naked anime catgirl and generic weeb super soldier models are really good you guyz!!!1! You just don't get it!!!1!"

Thanks lads. Death's Humility sounds pretty good,a and I might use some variation of the Lightning Shadow for the Craftworld contingent.

Shut up, Carnac.

So, we know that there are going to be five books which cover all the existing armies, but is it confirmed that they will be split up like this or is that part just speculation?

I'm kind of expecting Imperium, Chaos, Xenos, Wargear and Fortifications.

>Mfw 8th ed orks no longer a meme
>Mfw collect salty humies tears

You mean this one?

The only good thing about Infinity is Shasvastii.

nah the one i'm thinking of is an image of heaps of different chapters with their colours and you roll to choose on the list

GW confirmed (?) that there will be two Xeno books. And people speculate that Space Marines will get their own book.

So new factions were mentioned. What are people expecting?

>is it confirmed that they will be split up like this or is that part just speculation

The fuck you think? All we know is what you know, anything else is a shitpost.

You have no idea how much I wanted Ghazzy to pull a Grimgor Ironhide on Abaddon.

No probelm
Just remember that the Sunscreamer pattern Dark Lances can be fitted unto any compatible vehicle and all currency is accepted

For the younger Kabals there's even long term payment options in order to purchase our superior weaponry

As long as it's not femmarines I'll be happy.

Death gaurd is most likely the one on release

Rangdan army when?

Plastic Valhallans When?

>People selling illegal goods should do so openly and solicit people
>If people wanted to sell me drugs they should open up a store that sells them!
You're a dense motherfucker.

Unfortunately Valhalla got blown up too. Only planets that remain are Ultramar, Terra and Mars.

Now would be a good time to starting a Blood Axes army.

Never. Generic WW2 ripoff guardsmen are on their way out. If IG got new plastics expect Vostroyans or something suitably 40k.

If people wanted to sell me drugs they should go neck themselves and directly make all of humanity a little better.

Death Guard