System Mechanics

i came here awhile back asking about tips for making my own system, I've spent the last month working on it and I've made some okay progress.

Get your laughs out now, I've seen the sperglords who try to make their own system (like that fucking retarded one where each skill rolls off 3 stats at the same time)

anyways I'm at a point where i need some outside help. i need help figuring out what
- Luck stat
- Stances
- Minor Actions
Exactly are.

So far for the luck stat, its an average of all your other stats, usually landing around 7 and it lets you get 1 re-roll for 1 point, no more than 2 per turn. and it resets every new session. what else can it be good for?

Stances, its been asked a couple times wether i have stances, it seems people want them. I'm not sure what kind of stances i can include besides

lastly action economy and whatnot, i want to give the players options in combat besides shoot or move so I've started on a system where theyre allowed 1 minor action and 1 major action per turn. i just dont know what to qualify as a minor action besides
-1/4 move/talk/manipulate object/interact

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What is the game supposed to be about?

the system is rules-medium. i was looking for something a little more than savage worlds rules light, but something way fucking less than GURPS or Anima, but still gave the character the ability to play any concept that fit the setting.

play testing has gone well and I've been using a space sci-fi setting for tests, so it does include rule/mechanics for both guns and swords.

i want to give the players full choice about what their abilities are and who they are, if they choose not to have combat ability they dont need to buy it, if they only want to spend points on the persuasion skill, so be it.

>Luck stat
Do they have to take the new roll regardless of the outcome? Can you use luck on your allies?

Literally steal the personalities from Pokemon and give them fluffy names

>Action Economy
I'm D&D biased, so sorry in advance.

Major Actions
- Attacking
- Defending
- Looking through your gear for a thing
- Doing something complicated like affixing rope to a crossbow or setting a simple trap

Minor Actions
- Using an item in hand
- Using a counter attack
- Changing stance

Non actions
- Dropping a held item
- Moving
- Speaking a sentence

>Do they have to take the new roll regardless of the outcome? Can you use luck on your allies?

They keep the new roll, unless they spend another luck point (up to 2) in which case they keep the 3rd one.

Luck to have another person re-roll? i dont think so.

>Literally steal the personalities from Pokemon and give them fluffy names

never played, ill have to go look

and those actions seem pretty good

sorry, they're called natures.

huh these are actually pretty neat. i can see this working out. thanks

post what you got nerd

u first qt

Ah, generic. Doomed to fail if you ask me.

yeah i dont need some retarded ass system, what the fuck is everyone with these special unique systems. i just want something simple and fun that just our group can enjoy.

you go have fun with that retarded system where persuasion rolls off 2 mental stats and 1 physical stat, enjoy your "non generic" piece of shit

now you gonna participate or just gonna be a waste?

Hrm? No, i will not. I asked OP what the game was about, I stated why I think it will fail hard out of common courtesy. I'm not gonna bitch, I simply answered.

uhh its pretty simple, but heres what I've got so far.

Dice - D10

Health - Con x2

Classes - Specs Grant bonuses to a set of related skills

Psychic/Magic - uses based on your power stat
Ability roll based on your power stat

Attributes - Generated by 1d10+2

Resistance -
You count every success versus their CON
½ causes minor effect
1 causes major
1.5 causes total effect

Init - Agility minus Armor weight

Attack/Defense - 1d10 + Skill

Armor - Armor reduces Damage by its Reduction amount
It also reduces speed by it's weight

Special moves - ???

Races - Picking a race gives you 1 less perk point

Health Regen - Regen 1d10 health, until con 11 then roll 2d10

Movement - You get free movement equal to ¼ your agility
You can do a major action of your full move value

Damage - 1 damage for every success above the enemies defense

Action economy - You get 1 major and 1 minor action per turn

Skills - 1d10+Skill+Attribute

Point buy -
HP Mod: 2 pts for con/5
Skills: you pay the cost for the level you want (lvl 1 costs 1, lvl 3 cost 3 [6 total] and so on)
Attributes: 10 if below 10, 20 if 11+, 30 if 21+

Stances - WIP

Perks/Quirks - WIP

Random - Attacks of opportunity are a thing

LUCK - based off the average (round down) of all your stats
Allow you to re-roll any roll, up to 2 times per turn
Refresh at the beginning of each session

XP and Levels - The recommended starting points is 30, GM’s may change it freely


These are the skills I've come up with so far. i can't think too many more would be helpful, they might bog it down.

Nature - Intelligence
Art - Willpower
Electronics - Intelligence
Sleight of hand - Agility
Athletics - Agility
Ranged - Intelligence
Melee - Strength
Thrown - Strength
Dodge - Agility
Stealth - Agility
Persuade - Willpower
Lockpick - Intelligence
Intimidate - Strength
Sense motive - Intelligence
Traps - Intelligence
Craft - Intelligence
Engineering - Intelligence
Chems - Intelligence
Knowledge(Subject) - Int
Cooking - Willpower
First aid - Intelligence
Observation - Intelligence
Navigate - Intelligence
Vehicles - Intelligence

then lastly, because we've just been playing and testing we haven't made equipment or anything. but this is how combat works

Weapons grant a bonus to your attack roll (Ex: Rifle = +3 Ranged) so when you roll ranged attack, add 3 to your roll. and if you score 4 above your enemies defense you deal 4 damage.

im positive i missed a few minor things because my notes are pretty scattered. but I'm here to answer any questions, and yesill accept any and all feedback

So do bows and rifles use the same skill?


i currently dont like that skills
Intimidate - is based off strength.
and Intelligence dominates the skills section

Well, part of the reason it seems that way is because a lot of specialties could be consolidated.

- Art
- Arms and Armor
- Technology
- Traps
- Chems
- Cooking

- Nature
- Engineering
- Etc Etc

Melee and Ranged I think should work in the same way

- Unarmed
- One-Handed Weapons
- Two-Handed Weapons

- Chemical
- Mechanical
- Energy

Vehicles should be agility
Persuasion is why D&D has a Charisma stat

thanks, ill add some of these to the play test this week and see how it goes, i very much appreciate the help

No problem, system building/homebrew is fun. Keep asking stuff and I'll keep throwing out opions.

I'm working on perks right now. currently I'm thinking you start with 3, and picking a race reduces that to 2. but depending on your game Races might get exclusive powers or benefits. hope the GM isn't a dick.

read through GURPS and got these so far. this is very first draft.

(1)Contacts: a small array of contacts whom you can rely upon for information
(1)Ambidextrous: you can make a small -3 penalty attack with your off hand (you can only dual wield small items)
(1)Attribute: increase any attribute by +2
(1)Charismatic: +2 to any social related rolls
(1)Mutation: you have developed a mutation, discuss with your GM
(2)Combat Senses: you are never surprised on an ambush, you are given an alert when you might be in danger
(1)Thick Skin/Subdermal Armor: you have 1 natural Reduction
(1)Dark Vision: Negate up to -5 for penalties of being in the dark
(2)Dual Spec: Pick a second spec for your character
(1)Psychic Potential: Gain 3 psychic powers (spells for magic games)
(1)Psychic Adept: Your psychic reserve is now 3/4 instead of 1/2
(1-2)Quick foot: as a passive you may move ½ your movement value (grade 2 = +5 init)
(1)Eagle Eye: Aim maneuver grants +2 on the first turn, and then +1 every turn after
(1)Lucky: You gain +3 Luck
(1)Hearty: grants +6 bonus HP
(1)Quick Healer: Whenever you roll to regain health, add 5 to the result.
(1-2)Signature Gear: Start game with a single item worth up to 500 Credits (grade 2 = 1000 credits)
(2)Jack of all trades: all skills are considered base 1 for you

But I'm also still missing stuff for the luck stat.

ive added
- for 1 point you gain +5 to your next roll

I've honestly never been that big a fan of luck as a stat, that's supposed to be what your primary mechanic represents. I would say it should always be a gamble. It represents overall luck, not how much good luck you have.

How exactly does your base mechanic work. Is it just d10 (+ whatever), roll to beat a DC?

Using a d10 you gotta keep in mind that every +1 is a pretty decent increase in success, 2 or 3 might have a huge impact on a character's ability to do things. And you have to think of synergy. Say the average luck is 7, and you take lucky, that's almost a 50% increase in usage at character creation. With low numbers, a character might blow 10 luck to essentially be an untouchable death machine for 5-10 rounds of combat.

for most things it is 1d10+Skill+Relevant attribute unless it is an opposed check like attack/defense rolls

i do see your point on luck, i think I'm going to cut down luck by either half, or limit it to just a bonus on rolls.