Why does no one eat the dragon? I'll eat the dragon

Why does no one eat the dragon? I'll eat the dragon.

My god is hunger.
If my god were to disappoint me,
I will devour him too.

Because dragon meat is poisonous, I'm not a Dwarf and our party doesn't have a druid or cleric to purify it.

Ill eat the dragon out

Eating a sentient race is ethically identical to cannibalism user.

>not eating inedible foods
what are you some kind of pansy la-la elf?


Waste not.

Prions motherfucker.

I ain't against it, But how would you cook the big beast? Spit roast it?

>not just taking it raw

Do you want Dire Tapeworms? Because that's how you get Dire Tapeworms.

I'd rather sell the meat and become rich than to horde it for myself.

Hide and bones are another matter, where I'd take the lion's share to make myself equipment, store an amount for repairs/replacement, then sell the excess if any.

>horde it for myself

Dragon meat goes straight to your ass

I'd rather feed the dragon.

Yeah I don't think I'm going to stick the meat of a creature that typically breathes fire in my mouth.

What you don't like a little spice?

I will eat the dragons.

Post people who eat the Dragon.

You mean sapient. Unless your vegan. Most animal are sentient.

Support natural food-chain,
eat a vegan.


Well because thanks to one very weird player hearing the words eat and dragon in the same sentence are forever tainted to me


>tfw not sure if this is a regular thread, a shitpost thread, a fatfag thread, or a vorefag thread

>Now when you said you were going to eat the dragon, I thought you meant literally eat her flesh, not this...

It's a fatvorefag thread. Get out now.

bruh im pretty sure this dude eats anything.

>I told you numerous times before that dragon blood is corrosive. Take 100d6 damage from getting that shit inside you.



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Source is Dungeon Meshi "Delicious in Dungeon"
It involves cooking various monsters.

Better to lay the dragon than to slay the dragon. Half Dragon children will be far superior and given the proper training will be the king or queen of the land.

I'm not eating your tail, Tooru.

I was wondering when Lauis would show up...
Also you don't eat the dragon cause $0me shit head dark elf shows up and steals the cleric/