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For those who missed it.

>Actually bought the physical first edition rulebook
>Second edition announced
It hurts me deep

Let's hope the mechanics are tightened up.


Well, that really seems to be the only thing they're doing is mechanical. In an FAQ PS stated like 95% of the material in the splats would remain unchanged and usable in 2E.


Does anyone have the Mac OS X installer for Singularity? The OP link only has Win7.

Is it time to fractalpost?

Do it


>Not downloading the shareware PDF while supporting the devs by giving them rep but otherwise contributing nothing to their ongoing survival or work


is it going to suck or what?

>Faster Character Creation — package-buy character creation lets people build characters quickly without overlooking necessary items. Point-based character creation and tweaking is still available.
>Streamlined Resleeving — an aptitude-linked pool system means that skills don’t need to be recalculated when a character resleeves.
>Updated Gameplay — number of skills reduced, necessary skills made easier to acquire, gear costs eliminated.
>Four Sample Teams — pre-fabbed teams can be dropped right into a game and serve as examples of balanced parties.
>Redesigned Book — a spread-based organization keeps material close-at-hand with less page-flipping.

They've also said that the skill list has been cut down by about half, and that the setting isn't really going to be changed.

Seems like pretty good changes honestly, hopefully they don't fuck it up.

I saw it at my FLGS and I needed it, if only I had known the pain I would feel.

This is a good pain.

>tfw no fractal gf

Lets say the Jovians somehow ended up being taken to the Nier Automata setting. How would the Jovians, Androids and Machines react?




> The 5% change will be more anarcho-kids giving the finger



I'm pretty sure the 5% is all the gear/morph related stuff which would probably need conversion for the new skill/morph/gear systems.

Time to exhuman!

>Enter gate
>Local star is an orange dwarf
>Mother of monsters is now a satellite of the only planet in the system
>Her offspring populate said planet as a growing exhuman polity

>target-rich environment

Is this true? I'm having a hard time believing that this is true. It doesn't help that the poster didn't give any source or quotes.

Remains to be seen. The promised updates to the mechanics sound good but if you've got issues with the setting you're not going to see any improvements there.

Not that we'll know for sure until they start releasing playtest material. Maybe that'll cut down on the shitty editing of the first release.

Did you recently buy a copy? You might have lucked out and gotten one of the recent printings with most the day zero fuckups fixed and the updated mechanics.

I bought it about a month ago, so I think I've probably got a good version. I could go through the recent pdfs and look for every difference but I can't be fucked. Guess I'll just add it to the other out of print books I've got on my shelf and pick up the 2e book.

This sort of thing really needs a source, I don't believe it for a second. Tbh, it's probably just someone salty about how the game deals with their particular political system.

>Singularity has numerous bugs, still lacking content from latest books
>Months of silence

>User tries to buy a license but has issue processing payment
>Posthuman responds within 45 minutes

tomorrow 8pm at gmt-5

be ready

New art?

It's way better than most 1e stuff.


holy fuck that arts good

I adore that hideous 70s orange and that cute bot. Source?

what's happening tomorrow at 8pm gmt-5?

I'm kinda surprised this doesn't have a bouncer in it.

I really hope we get better art for some of the more common morphs. I'd really like to see another Remade.

The guy could be a bouncer. We can't see his feet.

Is there any art of neo-orangutans? If not we need more of it, orangutans are chill as fuck.

There's no blood or screaming or uploading going on in that last panel.
I read those, but it honestly came across as what they listed in the core but expanded and fluffed up.

Not that the game lasted long before we moved on, anyway.

Will they be rewriting any of the setting?

They're mentioned that some things have changed, like the Mars space elevator is at Pavonis Mons rather than Olympus - so they're not afraid of moving stuff around. But the setting is "mostly the same" so what that amounts to is right now a big pile of 'who knows'.

Pavonis mons is way closer to the equator. Good choice.

I agree that that particular choice makes sense, but how stuff like that extends to various other speculations like maybe making the Jovians/PC more well rounded is very much up in the air. So far, there's no indication of a broader reimagining or updating of the setting beyond technical 'accuracy'.

We'll see soon, I suppose. Or not. All I've heard is that the Kickstarter launches, doesn't mean the beta test launches too...


It could be the kickstarter being opened up? The post announcing 2e did say they would be starting a kickstarter soon, probably just to fund printing etc.

Oh fuck, d'yknow what I just realized?

The new edition is going to have a non-zero amount of anti-Trump butthurt. I bet the Junta named a habitat after him. Hell, I bet he's going to be the only US president mentioned by name in the "so here's how we got to the apocalypse" history briefing chapter.

Fuck, I really hope you're wrong but you might just be right. Hopefully they have enough sense to just avoid the topic entirely...

Yes, the Kickstarter begins today at 8PM CST. No word on whether the playtest also begins. Source: the mailing list.

Any word on reward tiers or similar? I'm considering backing this one.

Let's say you're an anarchist in the transhuman space future, and you want to take down the Junta. How do you start the fires of revolution?

I would probably cut my losses and leave

Nothing from the mailing list yet.

No idea! The email didn't say.

Emphasize autonomy over anarchy - anarchy can come later. Focus on the many habitats who want to do their own (still statist, but less repressive) thing, emphasize democracy and social support systems. Try and make the Jovian military seem comical, oppressive, and hypocritical. You can seduce the independent republics to whatever flavor of anarchy you're into after you've broken the grip of the Junta.

Probably do what subversives do now, try and educate the locals through the filtration and censorship by the government. Let them know that there's reliable nanomedicine which is not killing the millions of people outside the republic. If they're all lifeless copies, the 200 million people on Mars are living pretty normal lives for it.

The anarchist angle would be to emphasize that hey, you don't need a massive government to lead a safe, productive life. People are out in the void doing it with much less resources and space than the Republic wastes.

Establish an antipope on Mars, probably


So, what do you expect the KS addons will be?

Physical book, maybe an art book, maybe a novel or something.

A buggy chargen app coded by an amateur, delivered late and incomplete.

At least this time it will be free

For only 40$ you can attempt to wrangle the app into compliance and create an approximation of the character with a sheet that can only be accessed with the app and not exported.

How much are you donating to the KS /tg?

I got the books I was missing recently. So now I must buy EVERYTHING or my collection will get outdated!

So it's time to buy it all again! On the upside though, they did say that most of the fluff books will be compatible with 2e, so having the splats is still probably fine.

How far would people go to modify themselves for working in 0 g? Pic related, the opposable thumbs on the feet would be pretty useful in 0g.

All that good shit form basic biomods is nice (no bone density loss, etc). For a morph which is never expected to serve in a gravity well having another pair of arms instead of legs is useful, sort of like a tree-living monkey.

Oddly, it's the most recent splatbooks that won't be compatible. You know, the ones they've been working on alongside 2E.

Well except for the Argonauts book but that one has zero rules or mechanics.

RCS/TCS and radial symmetry

That is incredibly weird, I wonder why? Perhaps they were developed by separate teams and there was a miscommunication?

A body with radial symmetry would look pretty bizarre, but it would definitely fit well in 0g. RCS too, means you can't get stranded away from a surface to push from.


Not radial enough

If the tentacles stretched out it would be pretty much radially symmetric from the top down.

No. It has binocular vision off the alleged axis of symmetry

>insufficiently radially symmetric

You know they're not actually radially symmetric, right? Not like a sea anemone or true roundworms

Nah, post human is by like 3 core people at all times. I assume X-Risks was intended basically to kind of cap off 1E with all the material they had - or perhaps designing so many stat-blocks made them realize how they could improve but didn't want to delay such an anticipated title.

The Trump moon will be a bloated, overdesigned housing complex for the Jovian rich, covered in rotting orange plantlife from a botched terraforming attempt.

Well, hopefully it'll be relatively easy to port over to 2e, since they're keeping mostly the same ruleset right?

Dear god I hope not.

Sure, but they're close enough surely. You can't get much more radially symmetric than an octopus and still be practically useful.

I think the FAQ does basically say 'Yeah, so all the stats in X-Risks will be incorrect in 2E but conversion won't be hard". Since that is the 5% which they claim is invalidated in like every other splat book I'm assuming conversion/compatibility is a design goal here. We'll see tonight maybe when they start the KS and outline it.

>You can't get much more radially symmetric than an octopus and still be practically useful.
Counterexample: something like an octopus but with true radial symmetry


I expect additional adventures or other stuff in 2E form - maybe even some lofty goals - otherwise probably it's just little stuff like the morph cards or something. Changing editions gives them a lot of room for little addon levels and stretch goals. And they're pretty tied in in some tabletop communities to, like RPPR is going to blast about this while it's going on, probably will several other podcasts and associated game designers.

Hour until kickstarter drops, wallets at the ready boys.

>giving any money to SJW cucks who stated that men shouldn't have rights and EP purpose is to indoctrinate players

Source this and maybe I'll consider believing you.

He's bitching about when MRAs were banned from the official forums.


Holy fuck he's right.

>We believe we live in a world where patriarchy and male privilege are real, ongoing problems, and equality for all people, regardless of sex, is a worthy goal.

>Here's our stance: If you self-define as an MRA, please fire yourself as an Eclipse Phase fan. We don't want you. We want our forums to be open and inclusive, and we don't see the point of debating with you anymore. You have other places on the internet where you can wallow in the awfulness of your male privilege.

Suddenly the Trump references seem a lot more credible, hopefully they know enough to keep current politics out of their work, but shit I don't know anymore.

>know enough to keep current politics out of their work

Motherfucker, these authors are diehard socialist-anarchists and have built their entire setting around it. The game has been political from page one of book one.

You're probably right, I didn't notice the bias on my skin through but I didn't look too far for it. At the very least, I can take the rulesets and fuck with their setting if I get the book. Genuinely wondering whether I want to back the KS though.

Dude they pushed for the use of singular they/them pronouns all the way back in 2009. Are you really surprised that this is a thing?

Skim through*

I wasn't paying attention to EP at all in 09, I only downloaded the core book in maybe 2012, then it just sat on my hard drive because I haven't been able to set up a game for it.

>tfw you agree with most of the devs political views and enjoy that they try to have diversity in the setting but you find the obvious pro-autonomist bias in the setting material annoying as shit and just want a game you can enjoy without turning on your political brain.

>tfw you're a pretty diehard lefty and huge on queer stuff but don't trust full anarchism and wish the opposition blocs in EP could be presented as interestingly flawed rather than as cartoonishly evil because it gives you more options as a GM


It's live.


Holy shit, ~74 backers and $7.4 k there must be some real big fish on the line already.

Anyway, so 20 bucks for your PDF, 60 for print, 40 for PDF+Strech goals (not yet announced), 75 for Print+PDF, 100 for Print/PDF/Stretch.

Addons are any 1E print titles, including the fiction collection and their cardgame thing.

>1000$ stretch goal
>Everything Posthuman makes until 2020
I question the value of this.

That's not a stretch, it's a reward. But yeah, so basically anything PS produced in print an electronic form for the next 4 years basically will be delivered to you. They say "trinket" so that probably means physical merch too.

Have they said whether this game is going to be open source like 1e? There doesn't seem to be a mention of it on the KS page.

Yeah, it's CC as well, and they're doing an open playtest at some point.

>I like politics unless they aren't my politics

y'know there's a difference between a game having a lot of representation and having the bloc that aligns with the devs political views be condescendingly perfect while any blocs that aren't are mustache-twirlingly evil (at least on the surface level), right?