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>army builder

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Second for "it's been 10,000 years and chaos still can't kill us all"-Guilds.

Freedom ain't free, the skull splitter gotta be watered by the blood of devoted. Archaon AKA Witchhunter fedora tipper is not my lord and is probably abaddon. Hammers and griffons not spikes and bad teeth ok praise Sigmar

Deathfags should just kill themselves. This game is already garbage without your whining and bitching.
I don't even get why people play this game. All the models look like fucking rescue heroes


>this youtube comments tier bait

6th for Death is highly uncompetative, and depressing to play.

Our heros get sniped, our Monsters aren't as deadly as they need to be, and we struggle to surivive agaibst shooting.

As a death player, im shelving my army until we get a Battletomb

>TFW I miss the old world and it's lore..

I've given up on playing this game until gw releases something worthwhile for death. Something more than a still shit tier, pestilens esque repack

Remember when Vampires could wipe whole units on their own? I remember.

I think this one is more fighty.

Allegiance: Khorne
Bloodthirster Of Unfettered Fury (300)
- General
- Trait: Immense Power
- Artefact: Deathdealer
Bloodsecrator (120)
Slaughterpriest (100)
- Bloodbathed Axe
Slaughterpriest (100)
- Bloodbathed Axe
20 x Bloodreavers (140)
- Reaver Blades
20 x Bloodreavers (140)
- Reaver Blades
5 x Blood Warriors (100)
- Goreaxes

Is this image in the middle a reference to Hashut? Note it's already canon that Khorne had the Chaos Stunties build his fortresses

Not an AoS player so forgive me if it actully makes sense.

But whoes bright idea was it to have heroes not being able to join units? Why the hell would a necromancer NOT hide behind his hordes?

I can't get it through my head how anoying it must be to have no option but take a full unit's shooting on something that squishy.

I plan on jumping ship to another faction. Im just waiting till we get the Dark Elves/Skaven, incase I like their asthetic. But if not, im going to Slyvanneth or Kharadron. Because fuck, im tired of watching whole units of Skeletons, Ghouls and Zombies evaporate from shooting, before even getting the chance to charge.

Image of Hashut now

Oh do you not have VLoZD with red fury anymore?

No, why? Just a typical khornate ugly face. They're all over the Bloodbound armour.

Daemon Prince Of Nurgle (160)
Daemon Prince Of Nurgle (160)
Great Unclean One (240)
Epidemius (180)

30 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (300)
30 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (300)
10 x Plaguebearers Of Nurgle (100)

3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220)
3 x Plague Drones Of Nurgle (220)

Tallyband of Nurgle (100)

Total: 1980/2000

Yeah, how about actually HIDING HIM BEHIND the hordes instead of establishing some bullshit mystical soul link?

You just put him behind the horde and it breaks LoS instead

I agree with all deathbros. We are just in deathwatch and left behind so we dont have any other option than play other alliances or wait until our multiple factions with poor choices atm gets some love from GW

>Something more than a still shit tier, pestilens esque repack

>tfw even Beastclaw raiders got a slightly better release
>tfw even if censers were plastic they are total shit in game

Nigger, when the Zombie Dragon does more damage than the Vampire riding it, something has fucked up. Not only that, but Red Fury is such a crapshoot.

I agree with this list, playing daemons right know is low tier just for casual games, mortals are just better or mix them

>Mfw the shattered dominion realm of battle set

Why is it such a cluster fuck? What exactly is any of it supposed to be? Why are there random ass mismatching colored tiles put all around the place on it?

I have a rather distasteful question. If Valkia the bloody is the blood bride of khorne and the good of skulls and slaughter is forver bound to his iron chair but can see all that is struggle, would pushing Valkia down, ripping off her chaos armor and raping her be considered NTR?


Problem is, most players dont care about LoS like that, or dont think it works that way. If it's not 100% covered, they are going to nail it with all the shooting they can. And when coupled with things like Flamers, Kurnoth Hunters, Kharadron, and such, death just cannot compete.

Can't: Valkia's armor is her flesh. Besides, you wouldn't be the first, nor last to try. Her shield is a good example.

If death is losing it isn't because they spent way too much shooting killing a meaningless necromancer.

Those new flying dwarves are pretty cool. Probably the first AoS models I like.

But holy shit, game is still so bad.

>tfw no soulblight battletome that focuses around an elite vampire coven with ogre tier points cost models with mechanics centred around regeneration from kills, damageing themselves or allies to gain bonuses etc
Please GW

All it takes is one Mystic bolt, or a single dedicated turn of shooting to kill a necro.

uh huh. nice blog fag

I don't know about your store but here if you say "my dude is hiding behind these equally tall skeletons" people are pretty nice about deliberate LoS blocking attempts

Arcane bolt is D3 mortal wounds, it literally cannot one shot a necromancer and on average it'll take 3 arcane bolts to do him in.

Better get used to them, that's how 40k vehicles are going to work now too

If you didn't like the Tzeentch releases, you don't like fantasy.

Sup, /aosg. Take a look at this Blood Bowl skaven, it's tail looks exactly like rumored one.

>human semen can't melt steel armor

I think its just a skaven shadespire warband

Huh, at least leaked tail belongs clearly to skaven.

Has anyone good ideas on how to convert vampires ? Are there any good resources for bits/ third party models ?

GW finally doing something about the grey tide of shit that is lazy waacfag armies.

Dragon princes make good blood knights, that's all I know, sir

Lame. Wish they'd give us actual realeases and not just some board game crap nobody wanted

Unpainted armies have always been banned from GW stores.

Darkelves, eldar/dark eldar bits can be used in lots of things
Also gamezone mournful knights for bloodknights


Yeah 2bh its gay that they even put that games news on the age of sigmar page
I dont give a shit about it

Chaos always was and always will be crap for kids.

Aelves go and stay go

I wish you burned your army with the other delf fag

Does anybody have a link for Skaven tomes? only has Pestilens, which is great, but I'd like to get the others too if possible.

>Chaos -> left wing
>Order -> normies
>Destruction -> rapefugees
>Death -> right wing

>Chaos being left wing
im right wing as fuck, am I an outlier?


>Chaos = SJW

>radfem - Khorne
>LGBT - Slaanesh
>bodypositive - Nurgle
>transgenders - Tzeench

wtf i hate chaos now

Thanks a lot guys ! Will have a look at those, really looking forward to start my soulblight army

Also tree revenant heads make way better vampire heads than the standard ones

That model in no way looks like a vampire

>hates elves so much he accuses random anons of being elf sympathizers with nothing but paranoid delusions to base it on.

as if there is anything wrong with liking what is arguably the most popular race in all of fantasy

Replace the yaoi angel wings for bat wings and hes GOAT

Spotted the aelf engineer

Go back to your cuckshed

He would look like an edgy craftworld eldar

fucking cool user. two thumbs up

So... a vampire

>ironically proved he is paranoid delusional by accusing me of being random person I never heard of and don't give a shit about.

>he says, while on an age of sigmar thread

>Spotted the aelf engineerGo back to your cuckshed
stop being an autistic faggot

engineer > basement dwelling autistic last time I checked

Kharadron Frigate averages a whopping 3 damage of shooting per turn for 280 points by itself.

A Frigate uses its mobility to drop 10 Aethercannon Thunderers and and a Khemist, they all shoot at a target 9" away for 22 damage that turn for 580 points.
This seems to be its intended use.
>fly up
>drop thunderers and shoot
>get charged and use Detonation Drills
>Khemist uses Atmospheric Isolation
>Thunderers retreat with keep your distance before they are attacked.

40 Arkanauts with a Khemist shoot for 16, or 21 damage with glory seekers, per turn from 24" and 27(40 glory seekers) damage from 12".

The Thunderers have 14 wounds of 5+ for a screen, the Company can sacrifice 28 wounds of 5+ pistols.

What are the most useful artifacts and command traits for Chaos?

THe problem with that combo is that you have to disembark before moving


this guy was on the money

Yeah, the ships aren't even fast either, I'm trying to find and actual use for these things.

this guy was on the money**

Other don't exist.

I have a game tonight against a bloodbound army. I have the following stuff for a roughly 2000 point game. why you all think I should take?

1 dreadlord on black dragon
one high elf dragon lord
balewind vortex
alarielle on foot handmaiden of everqueen
anointed on foot
2 frost phoenix
5 dreadlords on cold ones
high elf wizard on foot
high elf prince on griffon
20 cold one knights
10 dark riders
10 doomfire warlocks
30 dreadspears that have crossbows models to use as alternates for darkshards
30 darkshards
1 cold one chariot
10 sisters of slaughter
5 sisters of the thorn
10 sisters of avelorn
20 glade guard
20 executioners
20 phoenix guard
30 witch elves
cauldron of blood
3 shadow elf assassins

everything is of course painted

he is a friend who is getting into the game so I am not trying to blow him out of the water.

he has the bloodbound from the base game and the characters from the gorechosen game

How do I beat the fucking Skyfire Coven?!?! Help me or I will commit suicide.

t. Ironjawz



This is an interesting post, generalisations are always weak, but i'd be so interested to see a graph of what player chose to play and what their political allegiances were, I like Chaos and Order, and I'm probably somewhere between left wing and a normie so it kinda works.


If anyone is right wing it is fucking Dawi.

I disagree, I think he does, the paint job will save it imo. I mean what does a Vampire look like to you? because it's bound to be a little different for everybody.

Except they arent.

Tbh there is a direct link to people liking elves and that person being arrogant, annoying slightly autistic and boring.

PS. I love elves.

And what are dwarf players like?


More Brutes, but seriously, I dunno Skyfires are OP hopefully they'll be nerf/d in GHB2.

Er... It can't. Mate, you might wanna get your willy checked out if you semen has a rend value

not who you were talking to, but they are where i'm from.

>Except they arent.
Nor should they be for the fact that people just getting into the hobby might want to play games before they are done painting.

but I do wish more people would paint. Grey armies look like shit.

I am over 6'4

And I am not a lanklet.

Yeah I agree.

I'm sorry, there's literally no way. It's one of the most broken bullshit battalions in the entire game. On the other hand, you have the full right to refuse to play with the person who fields it and feel good about yourself.

Always looking for the humour in things, sore losers, wanting stability, super judgmental of thing that are not the exact thing they like.

>playing dwarfs
>sore losers
Tee hee hee, I guess you could say they're masochists as well?

Yeah that is me.

I am a fucking terrible winner also.

I don't follow.

What about dark elves and vampires?
Asking for a friend

Is Death really in that bad? I mean Vampires are powerful and they have ordes and even ethereal units, they dont have a good list?

Death is pretty good in 1000 pts
But we get btfo in 2k competitive, we dont have the synergys other armies do yet. Except tomb kings