The Wheel of Time

>Variety reports that Sony Pictures Television will produce the TV adaptation of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. The news comes just about a year after Harriet McDougal, wife of the late author, announced that the TV rights for the 14-book epic fantasy series had been optioned by a major studio.
>The series has also set a showrunner: Rafe Judkins, who has written for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Chuck, and Hemlock Grove, will write and executive produce.

Could this be the most ambitious adaptation ever undertaken?

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Those guys make movies with a comitee of suits, it will bomb.

The miniseries explosion is the best thing to happen to film since vhs.

*Tugs braid*

I have just started reading the series, and just found out about this.

It's like Christmas already.

Pls be anime

Hate to say it but I agree with this guy, it's either gonna be decent and stick as close to books as possible (unlikely) or cut out a shit ton of the tension between the sexes and make interesting side villians jokes or not include them at all.

if only user was here. He would know what to do

*worried look*

*smooths skirt*


user you were always better with women than I was.


That's horrible.
They will create another shitty fanbase that bases their unimportant opinion just on the series and not on the books.
Moreover it will be very difficult to show feels, dreams and thoughts of the characters, make them and the whole world like it's described in the books.
I don't even speak about all this tolerant and sjw shit they will add like nigga-aiel, aes sedai-lesbians and many others.
Shame that Wheel of Time was chosen as sacrifice for TV.
R. Jordan will turn in his grave.

The only thing worse that I can think of is Peter "fuckwad the III" Jackson making the Silmarillion into a movie. People will die if that happens.

>aes sedai-lesbians

I mean seriously, at some point in the past the amyrlin seat suddenly thought 'wait, I can make all these bitches show me their tits', and nobody questioned it.

>aes sedai-lesbians
user, did you miss the passages about "pillow-friends"?

That was one or two times.
I guess theu will turn the whole Red Ajah into lesbians - powerful women who need no men.
Heaven for tumblr-scum.

I feel bad for Peter Jackson vis a vis the Hobbit films. I think the LotR trilogy really well follows the spirit and core of the book as well as movies could, and it was a passion project.

It's just too bad they were successful, and now there has to be more of it.

It was quite a bit more than that.

>Novices and Accepted commonly enjoy these relationships as comfort during the hardships of White Tower training, but are viewed as a thing of girlhood[1] and are almost universally abandoned upon gaining the shawl. Some attempt to continue the relationships even as Aes Sedai though.
>This has the equivalent term of heart-friends in Seanchan slang.[2][3]

And then we have this lovely statement by the author.
>Well, you put fifteen-year-old girls in a tower filled with almost entirely women, with their hormones raging on overdrive, keep them away from men, because you can’t afford to lose any of them, and what do you think is going to happen?

>I think the LotR trilogy really well follows the spirit and core of the book as well as movies could,
Four word counterexample: "Elves at Helms Deep". Especially since it is completely gratuitous and those elves add nothing except for something that pretty much takes a huge steaming shit on the spirit of the books, and they could have easily been replaced by just having more Rohirrim extras around (Why reduce them from 2,000ish to 300 in the first place?)

There's a lot more, but that one is easily the worst. They're fun, actioney movies, but they do not follow the spirit or the core of the books, and are really only tangentially related to them.



The Red Ajah was already the biggest militant femnazi dykes ever

I have another counterexample: "The hobbits go to Osgiliath". Had a fucking hissy fit when I saw that.

>Had a fucking hissy fit when I saw that.
This sort of shit is why I use the Jackson movies as a method of weeding people out of my MERP/TOR games.

Yeah, that one was pretty awful too, although I'd personally put it behind Helms Deep, that incredibly retarded scene where Frodo believes Gollum over Sam, and the general fucking over of Denethor's character (which is admittedly interlinked with the Osgiliath stuff).

Still, at least in my estimation, which could very well be wrong as I haven't asked PJ about things like this, Osgiliath was done for 2 major reasons.

1) He's going to be cutting out most of the post-Ring destruction stuff in RoTK; and that creates enormous pacing problems, so he needs SOMETHING to fill up the Two Towers portion with Frodo and Sam.
2)In a medium where you can't directly show what people are thinking, he wants to play up the Ring's corruption on people, and has to do it more overtly than Tolkien did, which leads to the Osgiliath retardation.

That's bad, don't get me wrong, but again, as far as I can tell, the idea behind the Helms Deep Elves is that he wanted to show how all the Good Guys get together to fight the Bad Guys, which is not only wrong, but it actually directly contradicts the themes of the books, namely how they are NOT getting together, and it's really the Men who are doing 90+% of the fighting against the Shadow, which is why they're going to inherit the earth.

least favorite character, no matter how small, go!

Zaida din Parede Blackwing. Most of the sea people sucked, but she was absolutely awful.


Absolutely the fucking worst and THEY WILL DO IT. There is no scenario where they can try and explain white-bronze people in vaguely bedouin clothing, fighting guerrilla with spears. The salt in the liberal media would be off the charts.

They have a stronger case for the idea of making Borderlanders black, and ffs, they can just make the Seafolk black BECAUSE THEY ALREADY ARE

I almost feel like I have to say Perrin.
Thing is, I don't dislike him, but his chapters just annoyed me the most. The wolf dream was boring the majority of the time and he just kept on moaning to himself, even as he had mastered his gift. Not hate him universally, but the wolf stuff is the biggest persistent dent in my enjoyment of the series.

Among the minor characters Loials girlfriend sucks, she is just boring.

Also not fond of Julin, just never started liking him. His main contribution I have forgotten, because it's been a long time since I read the books before Sanderson. And then he just kept being in scenes and never really did something of note. I always feel like I am supposed to like him the way he kept coming up. Well, I guess I lost or never picked up on the crucial piece.

I never build grudges against the roadbumps. Funny how perception differs.

Min and Aviendha

Fine characters by themselves, but the harem bullshit was a massive shark-jump and kinda eroded my like of the books.

they put elves at helms deep because they wanted a reason to throw a bunch of elves into the second movie

>huge steaming shit on the spirit of the books

Speaking personally, it seemed like you were really supposed to like elves, but elves throw their hands up and refuse to help, because men are shit, even though men are heroes.

Whether that was in the books or not, I have no idea, but speaking from watching the movies, it just seemed like elves were useless. Having a 100 elves show up at helms deep was a statement that said "maybe elves are complete shitheads"

>maybe elves are complete shitheads


Mother. Fucking. Egwene.

Ugh. Men.

Personally I liked that joke.

user, elves ARE supposed to be complete shit heads, same with dwarves. Only the specific, named elves and Gimli are supposed to be seen as reasonable people. Even in Lothlorien, only Galadriel is supposed to show any humaninty, and half of that is playing up her being a ring-bearer.

>elves ARE supposed to be complete shit heads

Yeah, see, that may be true, but I don't think Tolkien intended that. Everyone in-setting seemed very in love with elves.

Maybe it's meant to be something like everybody being in love with the idea of elves, and the book shows that the reality doesn't match what people think they are?

Fucking Perrin. Reading about him alternately mope about killing people and how much he loves his wife was just awful

>Fucking Perrin
>his wife

The Berelain chapters were hard to read

What happens?

>reality doesn't match what people think they are?

I'll buy that. i'm still not sure what was intended by Tokien and perverted by Jackson. Whether the idea that Jackson wanted elves to be more likable, or what

You like they Percy Jackson movies?

The Wheel of time series is fucking shit and you should all be ashamed for liking it

I've never had any interaction with the Percy Jackson series. I use the Peter Jackson LotR films as a litmus test for lore spergs, because if they sperg hard about the PJ films then that means they'll likely sperg hard if I fuck up or deliberately alter something, and I don't want to deal with that. A little lore sperg is OK, a lot is just a headache.

>Be Berelain
>Know your smoking hot
>Ready to throw yourself at the Lord Dragon
>Hopfully will get some positive favors from him out of this.
>Find out he is just a bashful village bumpkin when starting to uncloth
>Fucking clones oh him jump out of the mirrors and I need to sit helplessly and watch while crazy shit goes down
>WELP guess I will just go after his best friend

The hell was Perrin thinking, its not like her knew Faile was nobility and he had a smoking hot Queen hounding his ass

No, Tolkien definitely intended that. He says that Legolas was the least accomplished of the Fellowship, and that it was an act of cowardice to keep sailing west. Everyone in-setting loves the elves, but that's because the Elves are the source of things like written language and are holders of a 'cultural monopoly'.

Never made it past book 3.

I gave up halfway through book3. I thought it was super dry and slow going, so I looked up whether it picks up going into the series, but apparently not. There's apparently an entire book that's set over three days and fucking nothing happens in it.

Yep, same spot I stopped

If you'd caught them 20 years before the series plot, they were actually led by somebody who's idea of a good time is to get drunk and do some straight-shota.

I shit you not, user. It's a big tent, although Elaida and Galena suck so hard it's hard to see around them.

Pretty much all of them.

Nynaeve doesn't deserve all the shit she gets. She's horrible at the start, but she becomes an absolute bro to Rand by the end.

Fuck Egwene, though.

Fucking Egwene, solely for what she did to Nynaeve.

>gee Nynaeve, I just had to torture you emotionally far beyond what was done to any other Aes Sedai, you see, we can't have my enemies thinking I'm preferential towards you
>it's TOTALLY fine for them to think that I'm so weak-willed I'll let them get away with torturing my allies, though
>also I'm not going to give you any kind of real apology

Her and Gawyn deserve each other. Lord, they are just miserable people. He runs a close second for being such an obtuse, idiotic, murdering scumbag.


Forbidden love!

Elayne can fuck right off. I don't know why her and Rand were in love and I didn't give a shit about her entire claim the throne arc.

What right did Rand have to give you the throne?
He defended the city from a fucking Forsaken while you were off playing shitty Aes Sedai. At least your parts had Birgitte.

>If you'd caught them 20 years before the series plot, they were actually led by somebody who's idea of a good time is to get drunk and do some straight-shota.
Who was this?

>What right did Rand have to give you the throne?
>He defended the city from a fucking Forsaken while you were off playing shitty Aes Sedai. At least your parts had Birgitte.
That's not the point and you know it. Her reign could never be successful if she was thought of as Rand's puppet, and by saying he's giving her the throne, a lot of Andor's nobility will be thinking along those lines. Yappy little dog syndrome among client states is hardly something new. Just look at De Gaulle, or Judea under Roman rule.

>wheel of time will never be the anime it was always meant to be

Toviene. She's doing time as a menial worker on a farm in the middle of nowhere at series start as part of that political compromise that saw all the current generation of Aes Sedai ascend to power a bit too young (well... they did kind of kill an Amyrillin, and there was that unsanctioned channeller purge). Elaida "rehabilitates" her, Soviet-style..

>cut out a shit ton of the tension between the sexes
user, you realize they're just going to keep that in, hijack it, and make the entire series about feminism, right? This is fucking SONY, for fuck's sake–the company that Wikileaks proved exists solely for propaganda.

It's kind of the point.. it gets just a little bit funny right at the end when it starts to become clear that Perrin can well and truly see himself going to war against Elayne, and Mat at least has to take her very seriously at times. Rand thinks they're all good friends.

>Wheel of Time TV series
Oh boy, I can't see the Seanchan going over well in the current political climate, what with a lot of them being black and the whole damane thing.

Either they'll change it around or the shitstorm will be glorious to watch.

There won't be any problems having black people holding white people in collars.

There wouldn't be, but all those in collars are female, and that will be trouble.

Also remember the shitstorm that happened in LoTR with the southern people being black.

>Those guys make movies with a comitee of suits,
I fucking wish, they make movies with a committee of gay men and fat girls with pastel dyed hair, suits pander in ways that often fail to land, but Sony deliberately tries to find ways to piss of the target audience.

Gawyn, I started the books hating Galad but by the end Galad was one of the best characters, meanwhile his brother Gawyn went in the complete opposite direction
>sides with Elaida
>STAYS with Elaida after it's made clear she's the sworn enemy of his country, his family, and the woman he loves
>continues to remain with Elaida as she tries to get him killed even though he's one of her most important supporters
>hates Rand because of a rumor he heard that he never bothered to verify despite countless opportunities
>circlejerks about how he'll kill Rand even though he has a snowball's chance in hell of pulling it off
In general Gawyn and every character around him tends to overestimate his combat prowess
>"all right Gawyn protect Egwene during the battle, it's very important that you-"
>"lol fuck that, I'm Gawyn mutherfuckin' Trakand, if you need me I'll be getting my ass blasted by Demandred"

I wonder how much of Robert Jordan's magical realm will make it into the final series.

Perrin as a character I quite liked, to be perfectly honest.

What sucked was that nothing ever happened in his chapters, his supporting cast was shit and his overall arc was largely irrelevant.

On my reread I kind of felt bad for Berelain, all of the women treat he with hostility right out of the gate because they're threatened by her because she's pretty and doesn't immediately nag or insult every man she meets, a combination of traits that apparently threatens the very core of Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve. Also every time she tries to romance any of the men she gets attacked by mirror monsters or kidnapped by Aiel or something. All she wanted to do was protect her crappy little country from powerful neighbors and maybe get laid along the way,her motivations are more pure than 90% of the characters in the series.

Hopefully most of it.

Assuming they keep slave collars as prevalent and the women as intolerably controlling as they are in the series, 100%.

sad part is, berelain and galad ended up being perfect for eachother because they were probably the most competent people in the series on top of being hot and handsome respectively. berelain regularly provided honest, legitimate council and aid and galad got the whitecloaks straightened out pretty much by himself.

Yeah, Galad turned out to be the *good* kind of unhinged. Gawyn just had emotional problems.

You mean like in any one of their ceremonies? I forget the phrase they use, but it's something like, "naked before the Light." Yeah, pretty much.

The man was maniacally sane.

>Galad and Perrin are so obsessed with dotting every procedural "i" and crossing every "t" in their Whitecloak/Wolfbrother nemesis plot that *they never get around to fighting eachother*
>they find an impartial arbiter with jurisdiction over the matter
>get a verdict of manslaughter and take a moment to marvel over the sheer legalness of it
>the Forsaken behind that particular "let's you and him fight" actually gets pissed off and frustrated by it all
>*they just won't kill eachother*

Yeah, they're convinced that they're *enemies*, sure enough. But that's no reason not to do things the right way.

I'll admit that I've only gotten into book 2, but I'm devasted to find out Jordan somehow writes characters more atrocious than egwene. I don't know how you develop a personality that distasteful unintentionally.

I think he personally sought out loners in coffee shops and wrote down their worst characteristics to make some of his characters, they're that fucking annoying to just read about. I can only imagine what their characters would be like if they were portrayed accurately in a television show.

> shitstorm that happened in LoTR with the southern people being black.

Hmm? I don't recall this.

Haradrim are north africans and mena in general (with the corsair thing, light cavalry, elephant trainig ala carthago and Curved.Swords.) I'm sure people at the very south was black but it's a very long treck.

Berelain might be one of the most tragic (romantically) characters in the series.

>Min does a reading of Perrin and says he will have to choose between two women
>Berelain hits on him for like a chapter
>Perrin runs off and falls COMPLETELY in love with Faile.
>Berelain is reintroduced and Perrin is has already made his decision that was supposed to be core to his character.
>Every time she tries to hit on him again, Perrin gets legitimately angry and screams at her.
>Doesn't get an apology because Perrin was only screaming at her because he didn't know his wife was jealous BECAUSE he was screaming at her.

I like Perrin. And I admittedly haven't finished the series. But Berelaine had a set up, and nothing happened, and then she just got shit on from then on out. She didn't even deserve it the way Mat did.

That actually sounds interesting and funny, because it's exactly why I like both of those characters. But I have no doubt that if I read that, it would be the most painfully boring and irritating thing to read.

I know part of the plot was "teach Rand the game so he can play it and doesn't fall for stupid tricks" but I can't help but feel like so much of the political bullshit could have been avoided with "I know literally nothing about this fucking political bullshit and just want to assemble an army to fight the shadow, I'm just going to protect the throne until the heir shows up and you guys can get back to the status quo.". And then he can just scream "I'M THE DRAGON REBORN" at anybody who disagrees like he did anyway.

Until that one Aes Sedai showed up and put him in his place by pinching him whenever he was being an arrogant dick at least.

But it really wasnt. It was kind of awesome.

>I kind of felt bad for Berelain

Considering its implied that shes basically supposed to whore herself out to Tear nobles in order to keep her country safe, and as such, being pretty is just part of the job.

I reread WOT about two years ago and was amazed how like a decade after I read it as a teenager it was STILL anime as fuck. How an elderly Carolinian wrote something THAT anime in an anime vacuum is kind of shocking.

Yeah, being powerful women who need no men is literally the whole red ajahs schtick.

Red Ajah - Feminazi Magical Inquisition
Green Ajah - Battlesluts
Brown Ajah - Nerdy Librarians
Blue Ajah - Secret Service Bitches who know too much for their own good
Grey Ajah - Wait, there is a grey Ajah?
White Ajah - Insert feminist KKK joke here
Yellow Ajah - Someone needs to patch all these idiots up amirite?
Black Ajah - Pretty sure that's actually some kind of Aes Sedai exclusive BDSM club.
EVERYONE is a member, no one wants to admit it.

Did I miss anything out? Which Ajah is best Ajah?

>Which Ajah is best Ajah?
Brown, one of them got to be the PC of a video game.

Also Verin.

I actually think the Red Ajah is pretty underrated in terms of good characters, mostly because they're portrayed pretty poorly in the early books. Much like the Whitecloaks, they get significantly better by the end. Pevara, Teslyn, Silviana, and Sashalle are all great secondary/minor characters, and Galina and Liandrin were pretty solid antagonists at various points. I was actually really shocked that Liandrin never really got a comeback considering how critical she was as an adversary early on. Really Elaida is the only major Red character who's frustrating due to how fucking incompetent she is.

Also, I liked that one Grey Ajah chick who was in Rand's camp of sworn sedai, she metaphorically slapped his shit after the Sea Folk negotiations and he actually ate the crow he rightfully deserved on it. Kudos for her.

I really need the Seanchean to do their whole collaring thing. The gymnastic exercises with the various forsaken wouldn't hurt either.

who is the best character and why is it mat

I'm undecided between mat and perin.
i like perin more as a character, but mats chapters are more entertaining.

I liked Perrin as a character, but I always like Mat chapter's more because you know he's going to do something entertaining, or get shit on because he's an asshole. The only thing more entertaining than Mat pulling some lucky bullshit/generations of commanders out of his ass is when he gets so assblasted at getting his comeuppance that he turns inside out.

Shit what was his name....Bain I think it was. Rhuharc was pretty awesome as well.

>Until that one Aes Sedai showed up and put him in his place by pinching him whenever he was being an arrogant dick at least.

That chick didn't accomplish anything, really, except piss him off so much he almost became mass murderer.

Surprisingly enough, Rand. Especially in the final books when he turns into Magic Jesus