Why is Chaos so seemingly concerned with just the inhabitants of the Milky Way...

Why is Chaos so seemingly concerned with just the inhabitants of the Milky Way? Surely there are plenty of other civilizations in other galaxies that they could fuck with.

Because that requires GW to go less grimderp and admit that the other galaxies haven't been nommed by nids or turned into daemon galaxies.
They kind of have a massive boner for Chaos.

Because they're the collective sins of sapient life made manifest. If life exists outside the milky way in 40k then there's probably other gods for those galaxies.

The game and story focus on the events taking place in the milky way galaxy, which has billions of worlds, more than enough for the setting. If the nids ate every thing else in the cluster or even the observable universe, we wouldnt know for a long time considering the distance and how fast light travels

Obviously they lost to the C'tan in other galaxies.

Who says they don't?

Because Nids ate the sapient life in other galaxies already.

Why is this a thread?
Setting takes place in Milky Way Galaxy.
Setting features content about humans, elves, orks and other fantastical shit that live or have lived in Milky Way Galaxy.
Hurr durr why don't we have Chaos fighing Nids in NGC 147!

While we are at it, Darth Vader just left on vacation a few days ago to a galaxy somewhat nearby.

Its a side effect of runaway chaos wank leading to massive fluff retardation.

Originally, the Chaos Gods were a local phenomenon. The warp is universal, but because the warp is stirred by the material, there is a vast ocean of stillness between galaxies. The chaos gods, born of humans and eldar and shit, dont reach beyond the part of the warp thats a reflection of our galaxy. They cant.

More recently, GW employed chaostards decided to trump up the ruinous powers and attribute all sorts of new powers and scope to them that describes them as essentially omnipotent and omnipresent and just the baddest thing ever. But they never actually gave chaos anytjing to do outside the milky way.

So we are supposed to believe that Khorne can unmake galaxies at a thought and only his self restraint keeps him from OHKOing the entire material universe with his OP sword... but 20 space marines consistently foil his plans and after 40k years he cant really do much directly to our galaxy.

Really, the only way to reconcile the lire is to assume that anything you read in a chaos codex is outright lies.

This most likely, the warp exists with daemons and shit because of life, if you try to leave the galaxy the warp outside it becomes calm and quiet and for some reason that also makes it impossible to travel through properly

Chances are other galaxies have their own chaos gods

> that awkward feel when you reach a new galaxy and get swarmed by demons of the chaos god of new friendships, who are really happy to see you and are genuinely excited to show you around the place
> there is no other shoe to drop. No trick. The warp over here is just really goddamn nice.

>Wanting 40k: Andromeda

To be fair, a bunch of humans saying 'fuck this shitty galaxy' and leaving would be probably the single smartest thing anyone in the setting has ever done.

>tfw you realize you have reached a galaxy that wasn't written by humans

Because Chaos gods by their nature are actually local emotional vampires who completely dependent on Milk Way population to keep them existing. Thats why Necrons chopping warp off (are they still doing it in modern 40k?), Tyranids Hive Mind entering galaxy or Emperor`s humanity ascension plan fuck them over so hard.

Necrons being anti-warp made Chaosfags whine about no longer being literally unbeatable. So now Necrons dont have anything to do with the pylons, the pylons sucked anyway and exploded due to the sheer awesomness of Abbadon, the Necrons are completely dependent on warp based forms of FTL and have no interest in blanks or nulls because whats a pariah?

Cant have anything that might get between the writers and stroking that chaos dick.

>Everything you read in the Chaos Codex are straight out lies.


Yeah. It makes no sense for Chaos gods to be infinite, especially since Slaanesh was specifically created by Eldar and loves their souls above all others.

You'd think the souls of all the Eldar, even if they're nice, would pale in comparison to an infinite galaxy's worth of psykers.

Slaanesh is by the very nature of the Warp, eternal. The moment Slaanesh came into being, it has always existed. Hell, there were Slaaneshi daemons and cultists running around LONG before we figured out the actual source of them. Also Eldar are capable of feeling a wider emotional range than most others, and their psychic powers are thusly increased. That's why Slaanesh primarily dines on them. They're just the better dish all in all.

Wasn't the Warp calm and pleasant before the Old Ones decided to weaponize it in their war against the Necrons?

There are galaxies that are so far away from each other that it is literally impossible for both of them to ever see each other let alone reach them. There's no way the Tyranids have eaten every galaxy in creation.

Most galaxies are probably barren of life. Either they don't have enough heavy elements to even form planets, there's too much radiation coming from gamma ray burst or active galactic cores, or the stars are dying out without new nebula ready to make new ones. Between 90% and 99% of the galaxies in this universe are too hostile or barren of materials for any form life.

How do you know they aren't fucking with the other galaxies?

According to some of the current lore, nope. The Warp was still a shithole, and Daemons regularly assailed both sides during the War. It was only after the Necrons started doing their thing that stuff began to settle down.

>implying the nids haven't eaten everything.

Since humans in flak vests and WW2 tanks have routinely defeated the tyranids, I really doubt they have consumed the rest of the universe

GW writers have no sense of scale.

They can't. Chaos exists only in our galaxy.