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Second for kobold dog noses.


What is the most unfair encounter you've thrown at your players?

What's a good, non-generic way to start a campaign off? To make matters worse Or better? I'm doing a homebrew world specifically so the players and I don't have to learn Faerun.

Reposting on the new thread: What are some good spells to use with this? 10th level Arcane Trickster, so only 1st and 2nd level spells.

>Magical Ambush. Starting at 9th level, if you are hidden from a creature when you cast a spell on it, the creature has disadvantage on any saving throw it makes against the spell this turn.

Well since half-orcs can get the Aggressive trait, an orc feat could give them Relentless Endurance and/or Savage Attacks.

On a side note why are orcs so shit? Comparing to half-orc they have Aggressive and Powerful Build, but lose both traits (above) that make half-orcs good and -2 Int to top it off. What if orcs got +3 Str?

Thinking of what to make for a party with a fighter, barbarian, paladin, and cleric. Thinking wizard, sorc, or warlock. Mostly wanting to rain down pain and devastation but also be a bit stylish. Which is best?

A lich disguised as a jester who is insane and talks in rhyme, they don't know he's a lich yet. They were smart and didn't attack since they had little to no resources, even though I know they wanted to so bad, left but it'll be fun to see how they act when they do.

Also, Yeenoghu before his unholy gains.

Your party needs some sort of control, because I assume cleric won't be focusing on such spells as hold person.

Looks more like a wingless bat 2bh

All are part of a mercenary company, they got put together due to reorganization.

All traveling with a caravan to where ever when it gets attacked.

Wake up in cells and have to help each other escape where ever it is.

Start them off with a musical number.

>I said non-generic

That's pretty generic for movies, sure. When was the last time you had a campaign that began with singing?

>All these pfg tier posts already

I just kidnapped the characters and transported them to a whole another world where they need to stick together or die. Strangers in a strange land.

The party are fighting guards on a castle roof top during a thunderstorm.

Leave it to the players to figure out why.

You know what I've never seen before as a start to a campaign? A tournament. The player group, having adventured for a few months together, enter into a tournament together to see just who's best, not to mention pad the numbers so that if one of them wins the prize, they can all share in the rewards. It lets players figure out their playstyle, have friendly fights, and introduces the organization/kingdom that holds the tournament.
This will only work if none of the players are shitbags who would try and fight to the death in a friendly tourney, and it may make some players hold grudges, but if they're good players, it will work wonders for group cohesion.

Yeah, I know control is probably more important over damage in this group. I just like the idea of playing a blaster lock. but I guess sorcerer would allow me to both have hard hitting spells and control the battlefield.

Because people seem to be in love with sandbox worlds for 5e.

I'm still planning to fix this.

Anons? I wanna convert the Phanaton for use in my homebrew setting: 1d4chan.org/wiki/Phanaton

Just how overpowered is this first draft?

Ability Score Modifiers: +2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom
Size: Small
Speed: 20 feet, Climb 20 feet
Vision: Normal
Bred for the Treetops: You have a Climb speed of 20 feet and Advantage on Athletics checks made in relation to climbing and jumping.
Forest Ghosts: You have Proficiency in Stealth, and gain Advantage on all Stealth checks made whilst in forest and jungle terrain.
Fangs: When you make an Unarmed Strike, you can choose to bite your opponent. Biting causes your attack, on a hit, to deliver 1d4 Piercing damage. If you have the Martial Arts class feature, your bite attack uses your Martial Arts damage dice instead, although it is still Piercing damage.
Glide: So long as you are not Incapacitated, overburdened, or wearing medium or heavy armor, you can use your Reaction to Glide if you fall or jump off of a high place. Gliding negates all damage you would normally take from falling, and allows you to cover a horizontal distance of 20 feet for every 5 feet you descend.

That could be a fun and different way to portray Yeenoghu and gnolls. Less hyena and more bat-like.

Obviously you'd need to change their pack animals.

Don't fall for the sorcerer meme. You'll be able to do virtually everything the sorcerer can as a wizard, but with more spell variety.

Stop posting this shit.

Are sorcerers that weak compared to wizards? Do warlocks provide no battlefield control?

Unfortunately sorcerers got cucked from their original state. Personally I just let sorcerers have access to wizard spell list because in my mind sorcerers just do it, it's a natural talent and state. Where wizard have to study and work to master the arcane but they studied sorcerers to gain this knowledge.

>Hit someone in the face with a greatsword
>Use fangs to make it deal 1d4 piercing damage
>Shoot someone with a blowgun dart
>Use fangs to make it deal 1d4 piercing damage
There's honestly no way to abuse this I feel aside from using it for netfighting (Net attacks dealing damage but also then triggerin sneak attack while doing all the things a net does) but the wording is pretty stupid. Instead they should be natural weapons.

Overall not very powerful at all, needs a slight buff unless you want them to be underdogs.

pic related

I want to make a group of NPCs that have gone to great lengths just to be a petty assholes. My first thought was a wizard who became a lich just because someone's great-great-great-great grandfather scuffed his shoes, so he decided to inconvenience every generation of the man's family for the rest of time.

The goal is not to be directly lethal, just to be an asshole. I'm talking about stuff like spending a lot of time invisible just to cast Thaumaturgy near someone who is trying to sneak around, or casting Wall of Force right in front of someone who is running.

What are the most petty of assholes you can make out of existing monsters? What incredibly petty, childish uses of abilities for the sake of spite can you think of?

Why not a sorlock?

While the only thing a sorcerer really gives that a wizard doesn't tends to be shit like 'twinning haste', what a sorlock has is endless blasting.

Ask your DM if you can use the Spell Point variant for sorcerer, then it gets much better. Still not as versatile as a wizard, nothing is, but you'll have a much finer control over your resources.

>Playing a Half-Elf Rogue, level 2
>Due to bad luck, bad timing, and intervention from Orcish gods, ended up becoming a half-orc
I was planning on going swashbuckler, but what's the best path for a Half-Orc rogue?

How did you get GREEN'd, user?

Where can I find resources detailing game mechanics during the playtest? I want to see stuff like all fighters having superiority dice or casters being consolidated into one class

It's fucking cancer. I'm sick of little dinky random bullshit for quests. Let me delve nigger. This game is called DUNGEONS and DRAGONS and so far every game I've played has been extremely light on both.

The Mega has all the playtest packets in it. You'll have to sort through it yourself though.

Thanks user

Keep going Swashbuckler and become a Rogue that strolls up to people and stabs them REALLY hard in the guy for Sneak Attack damage. Use Strength as your attack stat, for bonus points.

>in the guy
I meant the gut, but that works, too, to be honest.

It was pretty fast. Interrupted a ritual to save another party member, killed a bunch of orcs to get through, fumbled some dice rolls, got grappled and thrown into the circle, then I rolled poorly on the saves as well.

Barbarian/Rogue so that you can Reckless Attack to proc Sneak Attack at will. Does require Strength, though.

that sounds like shit since he can just use the buddy system whenever he wants in order to just get sneak attack.

Thinking on these. What about a bard as well?

Go into mastermind instead. Remember that you only need to use finese weapons to sneak attack, and you don't need to actually use dexterity. Then multiclass into battlemaster.
Become Warlord Silverleaf - a half-orc half-elf extraordinare.

A bard who is a genius at pettiness. He has brought entire kingdoms to their knees with a whisper. His every word is a casting of vicious mockery. Maybe a cackling Gnoll?

Maybe some kind bigger monster. Something that is just your typical gym lunk, taunting the fighter with his superior size and mass. Basically a less homoerotic Veeky Forums

Bards are fucking awesome and are great at support and control. You can't go wrong with a bard. Just don't expect to be doing damage.

Campaign idea:

All the PCs have died and have gone to the limbo for adventurers, Dungeonworld. How deep they progress decides their fate; those who die on the first few levels go to a bad afterlife or get reincarnated as something shitty like a bug. Those who get to the end get the best afterlife or leave the reincarnation cycle and ascend. To make things interesting, there are people who have decided not to pass on and have made Dungeonworld their second life. They might hunt/scavenge other adventurers for their gear, which they sell in the hub of Dungeonworld, which is accessible every 10 levels of the dungeon. You have to restart if you go to the hub, but any keys/artifacts used to progress to the lower levels is kept, allowing you to skip large portions of dungeons in repeat visits.

What do you think?

What are the best druid spells for dragon fighting of 6th level and under /5eg/?

>great-great-great-great grandfather scuffed his shoes, so he decided to inconvenience every generation of the man's family for the rest of time.
Let's assume every generation has only 3 kids.
That's already 3^6= 729 people for those great-great-great-great-grandchildren. He has time to harass 1 for 12 hours every year or so.
Or are you going to do something like "direct first son/child descendants only"

They were all kidnapped for a daemon ritual.

All are from a different dojo, in a friendly contest to show each other's skills off.

All part of some kind of convention or meeting, something happens.

They are in the middle of a scene in the adventure. A trap just sprung, their wagon just crashed into the river to avoid a giant dire bat.

They all meet at a crossroad and there's a sort of stand off situation, before anybody makes a (combat) move, you get attacked.

Like a 6th level druid or 6th level spells?

6th level spells

I'd play it

Pretty much. I've played at least 5 games even if most of them didn't last long and I've not really played through any proper dungeons-
Actually, my very first 5e game had a dungeon in it and honestly while nobody knew what the fuck was going on that was probably the most fun I've had. Probably helps that everything's more fun when you're blind.

In a game where variant humans and all UA are allowed, how do I become the king of opportunity attacks?

I'm thinking of going for an eldritch knight fighter to use war caster booming blade along with tunnel fighter, sentinel and great weapon fighter

Primordial ward for defense, Conjure Elemental, conjure woodland beings, Call lightning,

What Racial feats would you design for your Goblin players, in light of the new UA?

Flexible, easily impregnable, and shortstack feats.

Nowhere does it say they have to all be inconvenienced at once, and nowhere does it say they can only be inconvenienced one at a time. Don't turn this into a spergout.

I'm aiming more for ideas of using incredibly powerful things for spiteful, petty reasons. Like a white dragon using his breath attack to freeze the rain on a bridge just so a farmer slips while trying to cross it.

Assuming these are generic fire-breathing dragons, investiture of flame gives fire immunity, a big plus.

Give them Squat Nimbleness.


>Angel of Death
>+1 Cha
>Whenever you heal a target other than yourself, heal yourself for half the same amount.

>Angel of the Tower
>+1 Str
>Add +2 to all necrotic or radiant damage rolls

>Angel of the Hanged Man
>+1 Con
>You spread hope in sacrifice. Once per short rest you may may elect, at the start of your turn until the start of your next turn, to give your allies within 30 feet resistance to all damage at the cost of making yourself vulnerable to all damage.

>Angel of the Star
>+1 Wis
>Allies within 15 feet have advantage on saving throws against fear.

>Angel of the Chariot
>+1 Cha or Wis
>Whenever you would force a target to make a Wisdom saving throw, once per long rest, you may force them to have disadvantage on that roll.

>Angel of Justice
>+1 Str or Dex
>Whenever you have advantage on an attack roll you may add +1 to damage rolls for that attack roll.

Gonna run a game for a bunch of nerds who haven't played DnD before and one of them wants to play ranger. Is the UA Revised Ranger alright to use?

Ive heard that rise of tiamat is roleplay heavy. Is that true

I mean, the first one is easy.
>+1 Dex
>Advantage on dexterity (acrobatics) checks
The other ones, not so much.


That's the only ranger you should use.

2nd can easily be +1 con, and some other stuff that's not really important. Shortstack can easily be +1 cha and expertise on persuasion checks.

>On ALL checks
Advantage is a situational thing, user. You only have it in some conditions, not ALL of one check.
i.e. 'You have advantage on stealth when in a forest' or 'You have advantage for 4 hours after using this spell' rather than 'You have advantage on stealth'.

I've never played a wizard before but I'm about to play a Conjuration wizard with the Keen Mind feat at level 2 soon. What would be some good spells to take? I want to play him as a flamboyant asshole with a superiority complex, especially in regards to any non-caster players.

Sounds fair. When I heard that he wanted to play ranger, I basically already decided to use it. Just wasn't sure if it was still horrific or if it was wayyy too much. I remember there being a ranger UA where you had 2d6 hp/lvl, was that a beta of the UA?

Any spells that allow you to summon and control creatures of course.

>Human Determination
>"You are filled with a determination..."

Do I even need to say it?

If you want him to hate DnD and never want to play it again use the PHB ranger, if not the UA is a fix to the useless class they published.

Also if I remember right they even AL lets people use the UA ranger.

>I remember there being a ranger UA where you had 2d6 hp/lvl, was that a beta of the UA?

That was a scrapped design that only had 5 levels. The one called Revised Ranger is what you want.

Heroes' Feast, obviously. The night before, if you can.

>This game is called DUNGEONS and DRAGONS and so far every game I've played has been extremely light on both.
>tfw I'm running Tyranny of Dragons and it has plenty of both
I feel for you, anons. Anyone interested in playing online some adventures from Tales of the Yawning Portal? Only if you haven't read the book, naturally.

Doesn't matter, the party will likely just kill you in your sleep or tell you to fuck off.



>I haven't read the rules, but I'll still spout bullshit as if I had, hoping to people fall for it
fuck off

My thoughts exactly.

A lot of these feels like meme shit. Like the always strike first elf feat.

Use Revised Ranger.

Beware if they want to be Beast Conclave as that archetype is still wonky even in RR.

>Players finally getting up in levels
>Time for dragons to start fucking up the world and having to go in dungeons to find the equipment needed to stop them

So I'm trying to come up with the most Halloween-ish character that I can. I'm thinking about going with a Hobgoblin Necromancer that wields a glaive re-flavored as a scythe and is trying to befriend a giant bat mount. Any tips for maximizing my spookiness?

Why the fuck would they do that? I don't plan to work against the party or anything, just be a little smug and looking down on martials. How do your games ever make it past the first session if that would be enough to cause party infighting?

Id rather use that money on awakenig trees

Good idea
>make the Bard give introductions

Because when you think you're being smug, you're just being an annoying cunt IC and OOC that no one wants to deal with. I see no reason why a group wouldn't boot your character.

Hm. I guess it can be? There are some social missions and a council that the players are a part of. It still has lots of combat, though.

He needs a mask-wearing bugbear companion wielding a machete who is seemingly impervious to pain and cannot be deterred from his path.

I'm sorry you're too lazy to read the rules, user.

Go through the PHB and any UA and see how many instances of 'You have advantage on all checks forever' you can find, then report back to me.

It's an unwritten rule, because advantage isn't there to give you a solid permanent buff to a skill. That's what expertise is for.

How to I convince someone who has zero creativity and drive to make and care about a character (as well as read the rulebooks). I'm starting a campaign in a few weeks have two really enthusiastic players who are totally ready, one or two that need to sit down and make characters but otherwise have good tabletop behavior, one total lost cause who will not read the rulebooks and has remade something like 8 characters in a previous campaign cause he doesn't know what roleplaying is, and one who randomly rolls every character but is always left with a ridiculous hodgepodge and he always ends up complaining that D&D is zero fun. As you can guess, I need help with the latter two.

I guess I'm just asking how people get away from the videogame mentality and put them in a tabletop one. The uncreative guy plays World of Warcraft like 18 hours a day so it's the worst with him, but whenever I was a fellow player I always really disliked his approach and need to try and be a little more objective as a first-time DM.

Caster or not I'd want your ass booted if you were going to constantly fellate yourself.

I mean im preping for rise of tiamat and going into it from storm king's thunder. Our party has already killed one ancient dragon lets go for the rest

Ooh, I really like going for the tarot theme for the Aasimar.

Because what you think is "cute" or "smug" is just being an asshole out to have fun at the other players expenses. Being a low level wizard this is the stupidest plan I've ever heard.

The only way to make it work is in a campaign where you all are starting at a higher level and have already traveled together. So you might be an annoying prick but you've actually helped the group and are friends with them anime style.

Just make backwards non-lethal damage rules and tell them about it, then any asshole characters that actually use lethal damage get disqualified because the ref saw you thumb other dude in the eye or whatever, and you can punish the assholes without it ever getting too serious like a PC death.
And if any of them do somehow kill eachother, put them in jail, fine them, shit like that, make them have to beg the rest of the party to let them out.

At level 1 you should get the Blade Mastery Feat for advantage on opportunity attacks, that will make you good at it. You should also be a Devotion Paladin and Turn the Unholy when you are surrounded by enemies.

>How do your games ever make it past the first session if that would be enough to cause party infighting?

To directly address this it wouldn't be the first time someone rerolled a character in my group because someone made an asshat that pissed others off.

If my character doesn't like some random jack off looking down on him there could easily be problems and from the sound of it you don't know how to actually pull it off so it would work and not cause conflict.


>+1 Dex or Cha
>Gain expertise in stealth and proficiency in intimidation. Gain expertise in intimidation if you are already proficient.

>Lazy bug
>+1 Con
>Recover all your hit die on a long rest.
>In addition, you keep your passive perception, with disadvantage, when sleeping.

>Combo Attack
>+1 Str or Dex
>Your Surprise Attack racial trait can now be used when an enemy of your target is within 5 feet your target.

>If my character doesn't like some random jack off looking down on him there could easily be problems and from the sound of it you don't know how to actually pull it off so it would work and not cause conflict.

>says the boy doesn't know how to play a character whos a little bit of an asshole
>by the sound of it his characters first reaction to someone being smug to him is to kill him in his sleep even though hes in your party

pot, meet kettle