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first for plastic sisters

First for Tyranids

First for vehicles with wounds!

5th for make terminators relevant again

Best vehicle to date?
Monstrous Creatures need not apply.


Nth for 8th edition doesn't look bad and no matter how much you bitch and moan, the majority of your club/flgs WILL begin to play only it in but a few short months.

Riptide battle suit!

I'm disappointed initiative and templates appear to be dead but other than that from what I've seen I agree.

2W Terminators
4W Meganobz.


From the FB comments, it appears that the terminators will have additional special rules to increase their survivability

Also, tomorrow it's weapons turn, so they're most likely going to show the bolter and a few other weapons profiles


What's their band name, again?

I'm a little bit disappointed with new profiles. Actually hoped for bigger changes but let's wait for the rest of new datasheets

That looks like balls


Is running only tempestus viable?
What are the most fun armies to run?

>most fun armies
completely subjective

have there been any datasheets shown?

New Dreadnought profile showing 8 wounds

Thick Boys.

Fuck yeah!

whats most likely?
Bolter, Missile Launcher, Lasgun, Power Sword

stale meme

Heavy bolter please, my yellow dudes desire more position fortifying

I don't understand you autists. You bitch and moan for YEARS about everything wrong with the game. Last year or so the company makes good decisions, listens to feedback (dont get me wrong, not enough to make up for a decade+ of steaming shit(yet)) and now we're being given a new rework that (should) fix the major issues and you fuckers STILL belly ache about a rule set no one has seen yet!

inb4 shill meme

How come people who don't know how to paint love to post their models over and over again?

As an Imperial Fists player, Bolter's all I really need.

Leadership 7's going to be a problem, though.

Like what? I think they did a good job of streamlining while still keeping some good complexity

I'm interested to see if weapons dealing multiple wounds will spill over to other models (like AoS) or just maximum fuck one guy.

Damn, that IS a good band name.

If it is on 1d6 and there are no modifiers to morale from shooting it means marines will never fall back from shooting.

There's too many of us. And the ones who are content - like myself - keep quiet. So all you can hear is the people who have complaints.

Probably spill over. If I'm not wrong, that's also how assaulting works in 7th. It's not that crazy. Flamers and Missile Launchers and the like are probably going to be multi-wound weapons as opposed to template.

People are afraid of change. Grab a beer and watch the flames till the new edition hits

GW was testing the battleshock rules from AoS.
IE: casualties + d6. If the number is over your ld, you lose additional models

Wasn't the thing with leadership that it was like Battleshock? So you add up the number of lost models from shooting and roll 1d6 on top of that and compare it to leadership?

That means you have to lose 4 guys in a single turn for it to be a real issue. And that's assuming they don't have a special rule to mitigate it further.

whats this about sneak peak profiles?

go check the website, they showed profiles for marines, guilliman, terminators, and dreadnaughts

Well yea duh. The people complaining don't even have legitimate complaints, it's just waaaaaah waaaaah

inb4 GW puts double turns into 40K

inb4 someone defends double turns

inb4 the faction that gets double turns is Tyranids

>it's just waaaaaah waaaaah
Ork players are faggots, is anyone surprised?


Tyranids or Orks.

Tyranids because hunting, ambushing their prey

Orks because WAAAAAGH

Nth for Orkz being leadership 5 calling it now

Double turns?


I bet people will still find a way to complain about riptides though

With the new charge rules, I'm hoping Night Lords improve and competitive CSM isn't just Nurgle bikers across the board.

I just wanna run a semi fluffy Night Lords list that can dish out a good amount of murder

Okay i have been gone since Release of Girlyman. What have i missed. i heard 8th is coming.

>you go first
>I go second
>we roll off to see who goes first next round
>I go first
>you go second

Oh boy, You've missed a lot of shitposting
Damn shame

There are the 8th FAQ in the OP
Then go to the Warhammer Community site and see the new profiles

Heavily converted ones.

TLDR: Enough salt to supply your favourite fastfood chain for another decade. We Age of Emperor now.

I haven't seen a single ork player cry. All the people bitching aren't saying what faction they are, so I can only assume they play one of the top factions and are worried they will no longer be on top.

Epic did this first.

That's stupid, why would they do that?

In AoS, there's an ability (idk who has it or what it is) that allows you to take a second turn after your first turn. It's as broken as it gets. Better yet, there's no Deny the Witch roll on it or anything. It just happens. I think it's Tzeentch Daemons that have it.

Sounds great.
Especially if you get a bonus to the roll for being behind. Lets the losing player have a chance to recuperate with a couple of quick moves.

We will keep the epubs and PDF in the OP, right guys?

Initiative gone. Poor ork meme faggots BTFO

What's the point? They're going to be free
Just go to the GW web store and download them

Epic had modifiers to the roll, made it more interesting.

No to all that.

>Lets the losing player have a chance to recuperate
>reward people for making mistakes
No, thank you.

communist detected

If you're doing that you might as well do:
player 1 and 2
>1 Move
>2 Move
>1 psyker
>2 psyker
>1 shoot etc

>the army that can flood the battlefield can do it twice now
Great, game broken since day one

Expect there to be different shitposting generals where the OP deliberately avoids putting in the 7th or 8th edition rules links.
Fuck off commie.

I bought a 7e codex last week but threw out the receipt so I can't claim a voucher
I want my fucking 23 bongbucks

>T7 8W 3+ Dread
I wonder how fast it will be to gun down a Chimera with S3 and what this means for my Leman Russ Exterminators.

>reading the FAQ
>"This is the new GamesWorkshop™
Oh no they know about the Memes

>Move, Shoot, Charge, Move, Shoot, Charge isn't broken
If potentially tabling an opponent before they can respond is balanced, then... sure. I guess.

Because fluff and they're awesome?

>Epic had modifiers to the roll, made it more interesting.
After certain point scale, it sure was. For small / medium games, failing 2+ activation order would usually cost you a game with no chance to recover (unless opponent follows suit).
But then, if you want small / medium games you probably wouldn't be playing Epic.

What you think they've never been on Veeky Forums?

>post yfw Ork Trukks are 1W

how are they going to decide attack order on on going combats without int? is it going to be like AoS where you roll off and choose and stuff because im not sure i like that system.


Probably everything simultaneously.

Poor ork meme fags won't know what to do when they get BTFO with 8th

What the fuck I watched this video like a minute ago

Charging unit goes first.

Possibly the unit with the higher movement goes first.

Ongoing you idgit

I am new to Warhammer. I have a blood angels army but they are unpainted. Is it alright to show up and play with them? There is nothing in my FLGS rules about using unpainted minis

Will the new rules make my assault army not refined shit?

Are you a retard?

Should at least prime them

It's fine. Do try and get them painted eventually.

Wait they replaced HP with wounds does that mean the fucking Anti-Explosion table fags will stop bitching?

Charging unit goes first, HOWEVER you can spend command points you gain a tot of them depending on how you build your army and you can use one per turn at most to reverse the order

Lord of the Rings did this and you people love that

Sorry. Missed that.

>WS 6+
>BS 2
>5" Movement
>Can never attack first in on-going combat

The unit that charged still strike first in the consecutive turns, it's not rocket science

1 per phase, not turn

No. Are you ass-blasted about something? Yes. Do tell.

How do they determine who goes first in the next round after the charge?

You didn't even read their question before answering

Well first things first Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Blood. what are you running for your army. Also playing with them unpainted is fine but make sure that you paint them eventually.

The owner isn't even posting them. It's some ass who thinks he's funny.

Also hey there pot. How bout you post some of your Ogryns? We can see how much better they are.
I think RGGs models look fine.