I made a Powered by the Apocalypse JoJo homebrew. It's still pretty early on but I think it's kind of neat

I made a Powered by the Apocalypse JoJo homebrew. It's still pretty early on but I think it's kind of neat.

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Have you tried running the system yet? PbtA is an interesting choice for JJBA because of the vague narrative rules. My only issue is that trying to create PbtA Moves off the top of your head is a little confusing.

I haven't tried running it, and I'll almost certainly end of tweaking HP numbers and things like that. I was attracted to PbtA especially because of the vagueness. A system where you can arbitrarily break the rules is really useful for JoJo.

PbtA moves are the hardest thing to wrap your head around, but when you're making moves for your character in JoJo it more or less requires GM input or at least approval as to what it does.

However as long as you keep the basic principle of 10+ does the thing, 7-9 does it, but shittier, and 6- fails, you can at least keep the narrative flow going.

Also one of the big advantages of PbtA is how easy it is to do multiple characters, so treating a Stand as a second character was pretty simple to slot in.

This is the best Jojo RPG PDF I've managed to find so far, and it's found a place in my bookmarks. Keep us posted, friendo.

Thanks. My next goal is to fill out the Hamon playbook and I'll consider it basically fully playable. There may be moves I'll find in playtesting but the only thing left after that is a "bestiary" list for various monsters and some Stand users.

Do you have a discord or something I could talk more with you about?

This looks fun, i may try this soon!

This is fucking great

Superficial proofread results:
Page 7:
>When you Defy Danger with Willpower,
gain +1
Gain one WHAT?
Page 9:
It's spelled "camaraderie".

Other than that (and the currently-nonexistant Hamon and Vampires/Pillar Men) sourcebook,
>Your next line will be, "I think it's pretty cool!"
I think it's pretty cool- HOW DID YOU INTERRUPT MY POST

IIRC, +1 just means +1 to the roll, so in that example you roll 2d6+Will+1 when defying danger with Will.

This is awesome. You are awesome. Thanks for this.

This really just highlights how poorly written jojo is.

The previous entries had "+1 Forward" to them; I felt that entry was ambiguous as a result.



Thanks for the formatting

Also Comradey is a valid, if US-specific, spelling, but yeah I should switch it with the more common spelling.


JoJo isn't poorly written. It's merely intentionally nonsensical.

Invite's broke friendo.

That's objectively wrong. Many of the characters only use an ability once and never use it again (Diavolo making Buccellati his future self) and plotlines get dropped with no conclusion (Josuke's encounter with himself in the past). I love me some JoJo but there are times when the quality of the writing takes a dip.

There's things araki intentionally drops because he felt they wouldn't fit, changed his mind (Anasui being female originally) or were too broken (Giorno's touch ability that he used on Bruno). I heard that thing with josuke was a dropped plotline that was supposed to be involved with bites the dust but idk how true that is. I do agree that there are definitely quality issues all around jojo but araki makes it an entertaining ride nonetheless I think

Please, don't embarrass yourself by trying to defend Araki's writing. JoJo is like all the worst elements of Fist of the North Star (with Berserk being all the best).

I agree that its entertaining but some things conflict with how they've been explained. Like Heavy Weather and the snail eaters.

I like both JoJo and Berserk, JoJo because it's over the top ridiculous, and Berserk because autism-tier cross hatching.
I ain't saying JoJo's perfect, not by a country fucking mile, but it is enjoyable.

You want something to be mad at just check anything past season 2 of Initial D.

I wasn't defending it senpai, I was just telling that dude what was up with that shit calm your tits
Yeaaaaaah I honestly still don't buy weather being able to do that shit with subliminal messaging jesus christ what

This is great man, I hope you post future versions.

Well then you shoulda checked it before the half-hour was over.


If JoJo was supposed to make sense it'd just be called JoJo's Adventure.