Not sure if this is That GM or bizarre brilliance

>Our PC group is apparently figured in certain prophecies in setting.
>Some of them are suspiciously accurate as to what we're "going to do", usually in stuff that was supposedly written decades or centuries ago, but we come across it after the prophesized event happens.
>Most of these books and scrolls with prophetic writing on them have magical emanations that can be detected, which has led to widespread belief in their accuracy.
>They're not always consistent. They seem to change to fit what we're actually doing.
>At one point, because in a game that meets once a week and is fairly casual, I write down some of this stuff myself instead of trusting it to the GM.
>Catch an actual, obvious change.
>GM asks to see my note
>Hand it to him.
>Rips it up and says that no such text exists in the universe, but winks at me when he says it.

I think he's going for some sort of reality warping in universe retcon effect, but at the same time, I think that actually destroying an out of character note to myself over it crosses a fairly serious line. Mostly I'm just a bit weirded out by the whole thing. Anyone have outside perspective to offer?

You see that one movie with the black guy being introduced to his girlfriend's family?

That's why you keep backup notes dummy.

No. I'm not even sure what movie you're referring to.

Sounds like reality warping, but if you feel like a line had been crossed, discuss it with the GM.

Ripping up the notes was a bit much, but I think your GM is in fact going for something here. I did a similar plot in my own game, where destiny was destroyed as a concept, and now time is bending itself assbackwards into paradox after paradox, growing in scale with every session, as reality suddenly adjusts to having its limiters torn off.

Movie called Get Out

Kinda brilliant really. In character and out of character, the players are being fucked with. This sounds like the kind of GM who would have a boss who uses the tabletop as an actual battlefield, throwing dice at the players' figures as an actual attack, and even having the GM himself be the true final boss

It's pretty good, though I probably would've just crumpled up the note and thrown it over shoulder. Easier to recover should you still feel sentimental to your own text.

Just tell your GM you thought that was a bit too much. I'm sure he'll understand. If he wants to keep changing things fine, but he might ask you to not take notes

Your GM has a cool idea. Ripping your notes was kind much though. I assume you had other stuff on that particular page that didn't change.

He should have just grabbed a pen and paper, rewrote it as the new reality and handed it back to you.

What's the problem here? The GM is obviously saying there are magical scrolls that pretend to be prophecies but rewrite themselves to reflect what you've actually done. You figured this out. Congratulations! Why is the centuries-old writer is playing this prank on you?

Your GM should've said all that

Your GM is epic, user. Most of us would kill for such a GM

You know, that'd be an amazing reveal for a game, the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Some old divine joke that gets out of hand after being lost for too long.

>Anyone have outside perspective to offer?
I think the ripping was for dramatic effect + laugh and giggles.
If you're traumatized by it I suggest discuting it with him. Eventually discuss a replacement for the lost paper

>inb4 he reveals you were actually in a simulation in Alpha Complex the entire time

I've done this shit before, in a smaller scale. Basically retconned one or two things. When I denied that, the players very easily figured out they were fighting against a reality warper of sorts. They killed him and moved on.

And if you're getting triggered by this, I'd suggest therapy.

Your GM has stolen this straight from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy. [Spoiler]Written records (or at least the prophecy scrolls) are unreliable and can be altered by some external force presumably with people being none the wiser. You however, have noticed. Be careful to think out the consequences of your actions.[/spoiler]

Learn how to spoiler faggot

It's brilliance. He runs a prophecy campaign and he's not even railroading you. Instead he is letting you go wherever and then he builds a railroad behind you.

Until he retcons their actual actions, since that is apparently a thing in setting.