ITT we trigger Veeky Forums

Everyone post one thing that is guaranteed replies on this board. I'll start:
>Female space marines are going to be canon soon

About time.

>Female Space Marines are canon
>The process makes them virtually identical to Male Space Marines

I'd be more mad about the possibility of them making F Space Marines more important than SoBs. Sisters are already cooler than a better portion of the Chapters out there.

My Girlfriend and I sold our painted minis for more than their unpainted value, and we didn't even try that hard! Why do people think it's that hard? Now we can finally afford the gender reassignment surgery so we can fuck as only a woman and a man can. It's really great because we only have to pay the co-pay... our insurance covers the rest!

The two lost primarchs were Amus Saran and Carah Sonnor. Their successor chapters keep their helmets on.

>5e is by far the best edition of D&D

'''''''Verisimilitude''''''' is self-superior smug nonsense in the context of fantasy RPGs.




The Tau Empire can take on the Imperium.


These are always fun.

Nobody cares about your feelings Satan.

1d4chan is the best resource for 40k lore. Also a lot of the articles are pretty clever.

i get that fuckhueg pauldrons are 40k, but jesus christ does that look ridiculous with those tiny arms

>Doomguy can kill the Chaos Gods.
>Abbadon is a loser, no matter how much Black Library shills him.
>Love can bloom in the battlefield.


>let's make Sisters of Battle worthless
Fuck off

>Walkers aren't vehicles

>implying they aren't

Pointbuy > 3d6

Try beating this:
Humans and Eldars will make peace, love each other, will make families and in 50k entire galaxy will be inhabited by halfbreds[/spoiler

>F.A.T.A.L. is a great game and Virtualoptim objectively proved it against legion of retarded whiners.

I've just noticed. Her chainsword says FRIENDSHIP (a major ideal in USSR, and also a brand of chainsaws), and the seal with some readable text seems to say NO SEX IN USSR.

No It's Totally Okay ,The Grey Knights need more living paint buckets.

She also has the hammer and sickle on her. and what is probably supposed to be Stalin's face.

Hold on, I just realized what was going on in that pic. He's holding the bolt pistol to the side of her head as she's holding the Witchblade to the back of his neck.

That doesn't seem to be very loving.

Honestly, I'd take this above the current 40k fluff.

>FRIENDSHIP (a major ideal in USSR, and also a brand of chainsaws)
Also major gas pipeline, though if I'm not mistaken it it's more of "camaraderie" than "friendship".

So... another lesbian Russian cosplayer? That's the third one this week.

Be'lakor, Abaddon and Archaon are objectively the best-written characters ever, and I have lots of carefully selected lore to back that up.

>Stalin's face
Pretty sure that's just a globe.

I tried

For what purpose?


On her knees.

Alright, let me dump a few images.

Why do female characters get -4 strength? What about males?

I think the left knee one is Stalin, right knee looks more like Lenin, but you're right, I was only looking at the chest piece.

Don't worry, all of the sisters can be melted down into better units.

I know the point of this thread is to bait, but are there actually some good Archaon novels?
Looks good.

>What about males?
They get -4 WIS, because they tend to think with their dicks.

Simo Haya would be a shitty servant, and he'd never be able to compete with actual legendary figues.

What would his NP be anyways? Getting Shot In The Face?



Ancap>Tumblrina>Comrade Kher>/pol/

Objectively true rankings.

Hi guys, I just started playing Dungeons and Dragons! I really like playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and by far my most favorite character is my Khajit Thief.

Last session I stole our barbarian's greatsword (for the lulz :D) and when he found out he killed my character! How can I convice my DM to bring back my level 3 Drow Rogue? Thanks!

Kind of, it doesn't translate 1:1 to English. Camaraderie works as well, but the word itself is much more common.

Right, but those are obvious and probably don't need any translation.

Another not-quite-obvious spot: the seals are USSR seals of quality. Pic related.

We've been over this.


I think we should just make a /wstg/ board to quarentine all of the shitty generals and 40k faggotry, and /qst/ merges back with us.

Weekend smut thread should be brought back here, and we need to hammer out with the mods precise rules about how lewd is too lewd, both for wst and for normal threads.

What made Veeky Forums great in the past was the content creators, and we've been aelienating them consistantly for quite a while now at the demands of shitppsters and summerfags, which results in the low quality posting and everlasting generals we see all the time now.

>mixing cyrillic and latin letters
Pig disgusting


That is too silly to trigger anyone.

>Undead abominations who have turned away from God's light
>Unclean servants of Lucifer himself
>Child-eating pagan monstrosities
>Tools of the Devil
>Living proof of the Devil's work, demons that must be exterminated by good Christian knights

Get your terminology right, faggot.

>Drow Rogue
Nice touch.

>throw all the traditional games out of Veeky Forums and bring back our god awful circle jerks!
Questfags everyone.

Stalin and Lenin on her kneepads.

that apostrophe use is triggering the fuck out of me
well done user

Seems legit.

>implying monotheism

>Olny a tcaitacl ginues culod plul tihs off





I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons


I can't find the screencap! Help me present the context!

I'm triggered so you don't have to be.

I remember when this was originally posted and the context so it just makes me kek.

>remember when Veeky Forums was this bullshit nostalgia I made up that's really what I want it to be like now?
>its not this way anymore because of X
>I have been here for 200 years so my anecdotes are worth more (Yous)

This just flat makes me mad, kinda like that pseudo snuff drawing of an execution.

Why do people find military women in bad positions to be hot?

Space Wolves are unironically the best chapter.

[x] Lick the Soul Gem.

[x] "Get fucked."

[x] Show him.

Knock knock, dog fucker.

desu I prefer 1d4chan over both the english and german 40k wiki, because I feel better informed about the important shenanigans of the characters. Also its more fun and engaging written.

>that soup part
That hurt

I was going to post this one. the b8 thread a while back was glorius.

>I think everyone can just admit that 5e is the best roleplaying system.

Path of War is overpowered anime bullshit

But Spheres of Might is even worse




>He doesn't know what the Iron Cage was really about.

Chaos god you like = Normie shit for edgy 14 yo babies hahahaha how do you even look at yourself at mirror little man
Chaos god I like = Truly a patrician choice

I don't think things are that black & white user.

I play traditional games to have fun, and embrace rule updates/change knowing that all players will be playing on the same level at all times. I also enjoy power shifts that have large impacts in game play because it keeps me thinking. Age of sigmar is a great game.

Hey remember that time Robute released a bestseller and everyone agreed his guide is the best and that his version of space marines are superior?

And Dorn said fuck you, I'll kill so many of my men by the end of the day what little that remains will be unbreakable hardasses. Now where's Perturabo?
Except he did, and his chapter got wiped out anyway by orks shortly after.




>Hey remember that time Robute released a bestseller and everyone agreed his guide is the best and that his version of space marines are superior?

No, because that didn't happen. If anything, Guilliman's book is what drove the Fists to the Iron Cage in the first place.

Age of Sigmar is better than Fantasy.

>Tfw I got almost roped into moderating some subreddit about Orks because I would tell people how stupid they were being about Orks in another subreddit

Youth is a magical time. Wonder how that place is doing.

This is really how it comes up on any thread about chaos in general. Someone brings up their ranking, and you get :
>Khorne is for braindead LOLSORANDUMB faggots
>Tzeentch lovers think they're so smart, they're actually just autistic NEETS
>Slaanesh is for 14yo that just discovered sex
>Nurgle is for fat nerds who are into vore and mac and cheese ASMR

Except that ACSHULLY, there is 1 god out of the 4 that is less faggy than the others, and it's the only choice that decent people would make.

I think Wil Wheaton is a pretty cool guy. We should nominate him as the voice for us geeks.


>Dornfag too literal to get a joke

>Iron Warrior thinking he matters


Imperial fists baited again and again

Female my ass, that's just a Blood Angel.

The reason a group of crackpot Serbs made that animation is because LCB has had more staying power than all the other embarrassing shit smears of "romance" that Veeky Forums has produced. Even in its half assed, poorly researched, unfinished abomination of a state, it is better written than anything else that's come out of this board.

That isn't praise for Love Can Bloom. That just shows what bad fucking writers you all are.

Also Lofn is cute.

I like your style