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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
Monocolor commanders: Run any? If so, how's your experience in the land of doing only one thing?

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I play Yahini / Krenko and it's nice not having to worry about colors or what lands your fetching, but only really having on game plan can get kinda boring. I don't play it often.

>Run any?
Yeah, Ghoulcaller Gisa and Kamhal, Fist of Krosa.

>If so, how's your experience in the land of doing only one thing?
Funny that you think one color=one thing. I mean, it does sometimes, but it sure doesn't have to. More that lots of commanders only do one thing. There's lots of multicolor commanders who only do one thing, but you aren't shitposting about them, are you?

Anyway, Gisa and Kamhal are fine. Gisa does her thing of zombies, though the deck can go wide or go tall and win with damage, drain, or mill (usually mill if I'm honest). Kamhal is less tuned and tweaked and basically only wins with overrunning a whole bunch with some tokens, though there's a few just huge dudes in the deck for laughs, so it occasionally sticks a Darksteel Colossus and beats someone to death with it. I'm playing with using Nemata as the general instead, unsure though.

Well, asked in the old thread just after the new thread was made. But I'll ask here too.

What is Veeky Forums's opinion(s) on using Collector's Edition cards?

Those Amonkhet Gods seem pretty cool. Maybe not as any commander by themselves but maybe as an aid to the Athreos Gods.

I do not give a shit what you're using as long as it works for you and is legal. Don't be a faggot and show it off either.

New player with a small budget, but I've finally managed to get a "functional" mono red Goblin deck with Krenko as my commander running.
Anyone else got any experience playing Krenko in Commander?

Based on the above, Collector's Edition cards are a no-no, since they aren't legal for play in any format.

Personally, I'd treat them as proxies for the real thing: allowable if you're in the process of acquiring the real thing or testing to see if you want the real thing. Otherwise, get that shit outta here and play real cards instead.

I played against a fully-tuned Krenko deck for three years (it was a friend's favorite and best deck; I helped him build it). Ask me anything you want to know about the deck.

Geth can completely take over games if I get to untap with him. He is literally a value machine if your opponents play any sort of graveyard shenanigans. Or recursion of any sort. Or library manipulation. Or artifacts. Or creatures. Or basically anything.

I think they're great to use as proxies since the card is super recognizable.

100% fine. They look just like the real card, have the correct text etc. It's EDH, as long as I can tell what the card is I don't really care.

>only doing one thing
not using my super secret red tech to play russian roulette with your deck.

What were the weaknesses? What are the absolute must include cards?

What will just outright beat me?

Ive never been in a position to ask whatever I want about anything magic, so I dont really know what to ask.

Collectors/proxies are all fine. Just build to the power level of your group. It would be just as bad to proxy food chain tazri as it would to really build it if your group consists of norin and silvos. If everyone else is rocking force of will and cradles I don't see why you need to drop a few hundred extra dollars to join us, I'm just happy to have you in my game.

So, a couple threads back, I began the process of making a list of "Waifus" (or at least eye-candy art, to allow noncreatures).


After going through basically every goddamn set, I have some observations
>White has the most waifus, followed by green. Blue, Black, and Red were all essentially tied for the majority of the process
>I think "Includes eye candy" is more skewed towards creatures than the game as a whole.
>Urza's Block is a gold mine
>While white has the longest list, I think Green might have the most qualifying EDH staples
>WGx Enchantress seems legit? At least, "Enchantress" creatures are virtually always female and enchantments are the second most populous type
>You might also be able to do Superfriends but I think you'd trip over having too many of each PW type
>There's probably enough material for decks with 40+ Eye Candy in every color identity. Not good decks, mind, but decks.

i run krenko kinda off. lots of fling/sac creature deal damage stuff and lots of those red "take control of creature for a turn" cards.
steal shit throw it back was my goal, works okay.

>What were the weaknesses?
Wraths, usually. Removal on Krenko is pretty bad. Krenko decks tend to be Krenko-centric where without him you are severely weakened. Running haste sources so you *always* get an activation is critical. Untap effects on Krenko are also critical.

>What are the absolute must include cards?
Depends. Are you building Krenko combo? Or are you building non-combo Krenko goblins?

>What will just outright beat me?
Hard control will just outright beat you. They can keep your threats down, keep Krenko off the board, and simply stop anything you go to do.

The bigger threat though is politics. Krenko decks have a reputation as highly explosive and dangerous if you ignore them (and for good reason, it's true). Often, you'll be taking fire without having done much, since if people ignore you, you may just kill the table. This is why it is really important to know if you're a combo deck or not. If you're an aggro goblins deck, things are really different.

Your eye for waifus is bad. Most of these cards have man faced women, to the point where some might actually be men. Amrou Scout for instance has no defining gender traits.

If your taste runs more towards men just run a husbando deck, probably even easier to find art of shirtless beef.

Bullshit, look at that shapely ass.

The goal was a fairly comprehensive list. If I only picked the best, it would be much shorter but I wanted to not have to repeat a goddamn search if I needed filler.

Thus, I shall make no apologies. Unless I missed something good, which is possible since I wanted to get it out in less than a year.

Hey /EDHG/, since Leovold was just shot down, I decided to take his shattered remains and convert them into Nekusar, seeing as they share about half the same cards anyway. I need help cutting 15 cards from this list. Also, feel free to suggest anything that should be in but isn't. Any suggestions here would be appreciated:


Obligatory "It's cancershit boring"
Your countermagic costs too much mana, the most expensive counterspell you should be running is Counterflux at UUR, which is already extremely hard to cast at 3 colored symbols.
-Overwhelming Denial
+Swan Song
+Arcane Denial

I'm sure I don't have to tell you your manabase needs work, so get on that when you have the budget to.

Costs far too much mana, doesn't further your 15 wheels in 1 turn combo plan

Not enough impact

+Tainted Strike
+Glistening Oil
+Wheel of Fortune
-Well of Ideas
I think this is too slow
-Consuming Aberration
Milling doesn't do anything for you, all it will ever be is a big beatstick

You are running garbage like ur golems eye and elixer of immortality without running wheel of Fortune or time twister, or even the new wheel that works from your graveyard, commit // memory.

Take another look at your creatures too, you have conflicting themes in your deck like viseling and Jin gitaxis. Tighten up a little bit here, try to run stuff that will only aid your game plan or keep you alive long enough to get your shit off the ground.

>You are running garbage like ur golems eye and elixer of immortality without running wheel of Fortune or time twister
>Junk acceleration
>Recommends Power

Commit//Memory and to a lesser extent Wheel are fine, but I don't think somebody who bothers with ur-golem's is going to have the budget for twister. Pretty much ever.

Not everyone has a fucking Timetwister.

>Monocolor commanders: Run any? If so, how's your experience in the land of doing only one thing?
Ezuri/Freyalise elves that's just a slightly modified precon
Krenko goblins
Eldrazi Titan (Usually Newzilek) led colorless ramp

Elves and Goblins are brain dead to play, but I still find them fun. Colorless tends to not run too well just I still haven't played it all that much.

What are you on? Also, I'll throw Commit // Memory when I'm able to find one, but yeah I'm not going to blow a ton of money on Timetwister or even Wheel which is $50+ in it's own right. Will take out the eye tho, I probably have more than enough rocks.

jade mage is my mtg waifu, you cant have her.

I built some really amazing semi-stax style decks with both the Green and Blue Patrons from Kamigawa. Green is big mana/win off Helix Pinacle and the blue one is land shenanigans with Storm Cauldron and Amuet of Vigor. Both decks are a ton of fun and tend to do really well.

The official Wizards site has acknowledged the banning of Leovold and unbanning of Protean Hulk in Commander. Thoughts?

I myself might try to slot Protean Hulk into my Xenagos deck for lulz.

What's the general consensus on infect? Is it worth putting into a deck even if the interpretation of how much infect is needed to die from group to group?


For what it's worth, rest in piss, Leovold.

Infect goes to 10 RAW. Anything else is houserule Cancer, as at 10 Infect has the cardpool to kind of be a pubstomp and make Triumph of Hordes a decent overrun, but nothing super amazing. It is a decent pubstomp though, whether you're doing Skittles Voltron, some sort of proliferate inevitability, or some kind of combined arms with Hapatra or whatever.

They're fine as long as the guy using them uses super opaque sleeves, since the much darker backside can be seen million miles away through almost every sleeve

>Thread question
Monocolor commanders: Run any? If so, how's your experience in the land of doing only one thing?

I run Lovisa Coldeyes tribal with a land destruction subtheme. It's intentionally underpowered for when new people join us while at the same time teaching people that LD happens.

I also have a Kalitas 2.0 Vampire Tribal/Stax/MonoB Goodstuff deck. Probably my second strongest deck, especially once shit gets going. Can do a little bit of everything with enchantments being the only real weakness.

Not that user but do you have a list?

Mono-color? I started Commander with the 2015 precons, so I had a bunch. Only one left is Teferi, and that became Jin-Gitaxias artifact control. I don't have the cards for expensive Mana bases, so mono blue does just fine with 25 islands, while being strong enough to compete with decks with more colors and more expensive Mana bases.

I'm thinking of building Nekusar, since my first deck was Niv-Mizzet wheels, and I want a deck that makes everyone draw cards. Seeing if I kill the others or enable other people sounds like a fun double-edged sword. Is that How Nekusar usually plays? Or is it more wheeling to kill them ASAP?

Got a list? Geth looks fun, and let's me play with other people's stuff outside of blue.

Nah. It was my buddy's deck and it was awhile ago that we built it. It was pretty well tuned to look like all other hard combo Krenko lists, power pieces and everything (Crypt, Recruiter, all the fast mana available, the aggro goblins package, all the combo pieces, etc). You should be able to find a few lists online and build from there.

The thing I like about Nekusar is that he can be as deadly as you make him. My playgroup is pretty chill so it's mostly just Grixis Zombie tribal, but the items to allow Nekusar to obliterate ARE there. It just depends on how fast you want your wincon, if you want your wincon right away, or if you don't mind just stumbling across your wincon.

What's with the crazy price spikes for Memory Jar since february?

Has anyone built anything for Neheb yet?

It's only gone from $5 to $10.


Janky tribal shit but yes.


My first artifact commander deck. I searched through all the commanders that interact with artifacts and Mishra seemed to have the colours that fit the colours I wanna use the best. Any tips on what fat to trim or cool/interesting cards I've missed would be greatly appreciated.

As of right now, it is $16 USD. As of Feb 20ish, it was $21 USD, and in January, it was $9 USD. It spiked a good amount and has been creeping downwards. We'll see how it moves as time progresses, but signs indicate that it was subject to a controlled buyout of some sort.

If you are taking apart a deck where the commander alone is worth $50+ then I am not going to assume a deck is budget. You need to include that info negro.

Also time spiral is probably the best wheel and is in the 30$ range for foreign copies. Not sure where your budget does or doesn't start but that ones good af.

I enjoy the collection aspect of MTG, so to me part of the appeal of EDH is showing off your collection of rare/pricey/"pimp" cards so I very much prefer using real tournament-legal cards. That said, if someone else wants to use them as fancy proxies I don't give a shit, 99% of EDH games are just for casual fun.

Spend $50 on the commander and spending $50 on one single card where acceptable substitutes exist are two very different things.

Also, I traded for Leo when he was $5

What the fuck that's incredible

Who's your commander?

How do I make a deck more consistent? In white/green, well.

What kind of deck it is?

The answer to that is usually tutors and card draw.

Trostani tokens. I run elamdaris, but I have no idea what else.

in Trostani?

Some good card draw would be pic related, skull clamp, you now have access to protean hulk.

It's literally $10 on tcgplayer.


Most of my tokens aren't that small so I don't think it would be great. I maybe should put the protean there.

Sorry, I just assumed it would be weenies.

Harmonize works, Collective unconscious, regal force, shamanic revelation. They are a bit spendy, but allow card draw based on your creatures.

You could also focus on just cheating your creatures out via, genesis wave/hydra.

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>If you want your wincon right away, or if you don't mind just stumbling across your wincon.

That's always been something of an inner conflict for me. I could never decide if a calculated tutor for a wincon was better than just coming across it and winning out of nowhere. I've always favored the stumbling approach though. Which, in a wheeling deck like Nekusar feels less random I guess, since you're always cycling through your deck and drawing cards.

Most of my decks and groups are pretty chill, so I wasn't planning to be cutthroat or anything. Glad to hear he's flexible.

Why can't you build a good deck? Some of these things are intrinsic dude.

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Oh shit is that The Grid? I used to play there when I lived in CT.

>Thinks elixer is good

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phyrexian processor. & Giant Adephage., also I'd cut Caller of the Pack and add blade of selves

Stop posting. Just share, like, subscribe like a good little boy.

Either I'm too basic to understand this or I'm just not seeing it. Anyone care to explain?

>I'm just happy to have you in my game.

Aww shucks, you're really nice, user!

In his defense not everyone wants to shill out money for an eldrazi titan

If you're losing to mill you're fucking braindead.

I'm just talking about total graveyard recursion nothing to do with mill you fucking moron

Moonring Mirror lets you store up a bunch of cards (especially with red's looting effects), then you use the upkeep trigger once you have a shit ton of cards and hopefully get one of the handsize matters cards to win.

>poorfag playing $50 cancer commander

Just fuck off forever.

There are literally 5 wheel spells that I can think of off the top of my head that shuffle your graveyard into your library. Those are all better than a do nothing card for nekusaur.

I think you must be retarded.

Anyone know of any cards that allow you to filter colorless mana into mana of any type or specifically blue outside of Mycosynth Lattice?

whats a gud deck

assuming you are going infinite, gemstone array should work.

Gemstone array.

Anyone picking up a Top now that they're crashing? I'm thinking of picking up 5 total, 3 for my decks, and 2 to hold onto in case they rise again.

I'm sure you're the retard here considering you got buttblasted by a simple recursion card especially when he didnt state if mill was a thing or not, only that he wheels, and me pointing out why he may be running it. Kill yourself.

The new land in Amonkhet can filter up to 5 mana into any one color or prophetic prism can do the same, otherwise you can use stuff like unknown shores/shimmering grotto. Not a whole lot of options honestly

Cascading Cataracts from Amonkhet lets you turn 5 colorless into 5 of any color.

Huxofreeblious Vault.

i'm just getting into commander and i'm having a hoot putting together a grenzo deck. uril mistwalker looks fun too tho. i'll probably try that next.

How do I goblin?
I have Grenko, a bunch of his buddies, a foil TukTuk and a foil warren instigator.
My usual EDH making process is
>get tribal/functional creatures
>toss in goodstuff

Mid price on TCGPlayer this second is $16. Try again.

They make cards that put cards from your graveyard into your hand you know.

>no Atraxa
>Elesh Norn in sideboard with no alternate art

You are confusing my robogirl lusting dick.

You don't. You build Purphoros and surround him with Gobs.


>Heavily Played
>Heavily Played

Those aren't real Memory Jars.

You would be surprised what people list as Damaged. I've rarely gotten worse than Moderately Played.

Has anyone tried a game where everyone played a Sliver Tribal?

I will dedicate an hour of my day shitposting comments on your videos on different alt accounts.

that sounds


I agree, but I like my Commander matches to be either slow, political and tactical or fucking off the rails right from the start.

No. Why would anybody do this to themselves.