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If you found a cyoa that actually worked would you share it with anyone irl?

then make one

Well kindly turn me into a cow-monstergirl and fuck me as much an hard as you think I deserve


Well, this is off to a great start.

then you don't deserve one

Depends on the CYOA.

But no, probably not.


Ok. My hourly rate is $25.00, and I'll require a retainer of $250.00 to cover ten hours, $125.00 of which is a non-refundable minimum.

>no boys love

2/10 why even post

I kinda enjoyed all the builds for this one last time it got big.

>having friends irl

Hide his posts dear user. 4chanX has a great feature that can hide posts based on filenames.
Seriously, it's a fucking Godsend. You can hide our new shitposter, Angel, Lord knows what it can hide!

>not having friends irl
. This is the traditional games board, IRL friends are a requirement.

Roll20 has been around for years, user. Stop living in the past.

Changing all my filenames as we speak. Thanks for the heads up.

>this is the traditional games board
This is the CYOA containment thread. I doubt anyone here actually played any traditional games.

I'll repost this shit, I guess.


So much potential here. The author put in a lot of effort on just the waifus.
Can you imagine how awesome it would have been once complete?

Anyway, sort of an information/intelligence/intrigue team.
Rule from the shadows, hold on to secrets, call in favors.

Really? I'd have thought a lot of us play at least the popular stuff. I've spent a lot more time playing 5E than CYOAs, at least.

We can also just click a little thing by your name and do it that way, only have to see you for a second.

sorry mate i only browse this general

you can't kick me out :^)

>skittish & submissive
>with me
>nudie cow
>cowbell collar
>all natural
>no drugs
>ear tag
>by hand
>spanking, humiliation & rape
>affection, outings & sex

How dare you speak to me.

It's alright you make the same posts with the same images every time. But shucks that you won't make it easy for me...

Does Monopoly count?

I'm doing this for you, sweetie. If you saw how empty the general is without my posts or posts to my posts, your mind will shatter. I am /cyoag/.

>having to go and change the filenames every single thread
I mean, he's obviously losing this war. The only thing keeping him going is pure autism.

The majority of my posts come without images.

you can just filter husbando

Please stop, I've had nightmares of yandere AI lately and can't even handle my phone ringing at this point.

This sounds like a choice
>Barren threads
I choose the first

That's honestly pretty sad, even for a /d/ lite containment thread. Which is an achievement in itself, i guess?

Good idea, adding it to the filter list! Thanks!

Reposting. Also fixed a minor typo on page 2.

>necromancer update never


Don't you worry one bit. I'm here to provide a fun, engaging environment for all of you. Yes, my ideal would be for none of you to ever want to leave but I don't mind if you visit other generals. It just means I have to keep improving and improving until you're all satisfied. Then we can enjoy cyoas together forever!

Any idea what this cyoa was going to be about?

Dawg I literally only visit Veeky Forums for this on thread.

yandere kami-dere waifu cyoa when?


Important question what does it mean that the bastard becomes agitated if you have any girls aside of the princess? does that mean that if i take the maid dragon they will try to murder each other or what?


I'm pretty sure it was going to be about you being ascended to a powerful eldritch deity by an even more powerful eldritch deity.



Fuck. Off.

Why was it never completed? Can't imagine someone pouring so much work into 1 page to just abandon it.

I'm 99% certain you're a falseflagging jewish baiterino.


Pretty much, yes.

You don't think & are linked?


/cyoag/ should be permanently moved to /qst/. This subject is more approrpiate to that board.

Fucking Christ. I followed the link out of moderate curiosity (normally stick hard to Veeky Forums and occasionally Veeky Forums). That place is a shitshow. Fujoshiposter is amazing by comparison.


The problem with this one is that tier 3 enemies are functionally unbeatable, while anything below them is trivial. Well, alright, jofag is pretty weak as well. So harem is ridiculously overpriced for what it gives, as is holodeck.

So something like
EnlightenedNEET dragon
Magic Artefact, The holy Grail, Medichamber, Magical Leyline, library of liberandia
Strength 3
Immortality 2
Element 3
Form 3
Breath 0
Scales 3
extra (Tail, Wings) 2
Manse, Maid, Bartender, Saber

Mean you have to kill lancelot once - trivial with tier 3 in all those dragon powers. Saber takes care of the wizard whenever he shows up, miserable families are dealt with by the manse. Pick someone like the wytch for a tier 1 enemy you can kill easily, and you're left with jofag. Since you're built for close combat fighting and never use breath, even he's a chump.

Taking harem, or god forbid princess, is never, ever, worth it, because the other tier 3's are impossible to stop. So there is really not a whole lot of build variety here. Some options are clearly superior to others.

Sometimes authors just disappear or stop working on CYOAs, user. There's nothing more to it. It's one of the dangers of people posting WIPs and others getting invested in them. If I recall correctly that particular author was having trouble coming up with sufficient titles and effects for those titles that you could take to augment your powers. Something along those lines, at any rate. It's been a while. Anyway, it's just a side effect of people either getting burnt out on their idea or not being able to overcome the hurdles associated with putting it together. Or just losing their files.

Wouldn't even surprise me if he was. Making fujoshits seem so fucking obnoxious everyone starts making more waifustuff he can jack off to.

It's a very pointless shitpost that accomplishes nothing. Anyone with half a brain - don't say she/he doesn't have one - knows you can get authors to listen to you a lot easier by asking them nicely. Yet that poster insists on spamming that useless image, shouting a demand. Seems much more likely it's a disgruntled waifufag trying to rev psych the general into hating fujoshis even more.


Let's be honest here, waifu whores are fucking pathetic.

Would rather something different, like husbandos, than the same ol' stinkin' waifu shit.

You have inmortality you can just wait 50 years and then fuck

He's right you know. Maybe not in "subject", but definitely in "quality".

In the same spirit...

huh, I thought being a neet would be more fun than this. It seems like a lot more of a hassle than actually getting a job

Wait are we allowed to make MagicalGirl builds again?

I'm going to add to this & that the way he writes gives him away.

He posts an anime pic of an angry fujoshi saying he "requires" husbando cyoas. Not only is he clearly mocking fujoshis with the whole exaggerated anger + require spiel, it's interesting that he asks for husbando cyoas too. Not BL cyoas or BL options. Nope, husbandos. What's a fujoshi want husbandos for? Does he want to discredit homosexuals too? Or maybe just mock girls too?

It's obvious it's a falseflag. I'd like to know why though.

You can always stop and do something better with your life and time.

That was easy.

You guys are just feeding the troll


>Does he want to discredit homosexuals too?

Homosexuals are gay and do not belong here

They're not sluts, they're literal whores. Sluts are defined by enjoying sex, these ones just get paid to sleep with you.

Another post by our so called "fujoshi" that only serves to anger waifufags and to make it very clear that he hates waifu cyoas, and so everyone should definitely not make one because that'd really stick it to him.

Totally not obvious what he's going for at all.


>Petrol bombs



No one's going to choke you out for rolling 6d20 and 6+1d10, user. No one really gave a damn the last time I posted this, anyway.

Like I give a fuck?

Emma Watson

Invisibility cloak

Rolled 1, 2, 9 = 12 (3d20)

Rolled 4 (1d10)

>Tanegashima Pistol
>Metamaterial Invisibility Cloak

With random rolls I got

So a summonable vampiric battleaxe of mindreading.

Praise be to RNGesus

Rolled 17, 12, 18, 18, 15, 13, 16 = 109 (7d20)

The next person to waste posts rolling gets it.

Except that posting things that aren't Quests on /qst/ is a fast track to a ban.

Does Dark Heresy count?

What are you gonna do, choke them out?

Rolled 12, 12 = 24 (2d20)


Rolled 13, 18, 5, 9, 8, 11, 14, 11, 11, 2 = 102 (10d20)

>Except that posting things that aren't Quests on /qst/ is a fast track to a ban.

Mods agreed on /qst/, mods will agree that /cyoag/ should be on /qst/.

Rolled 7, 8, 2, 12, 17, 1, 7, 10, 5, 20 = 89 (10d20)

They see me rollin', they hatin'...

What you get is a traumatic experience. You WILL dream about pic related tonight. That's my curse.

But that's my fetish. Got more?

Thank you, I never dream so it will be a welcome change of pace.

This place is beyond saving.