What's the point of those? I mean, just a single shot at this clearly exposed woman will turn it off

What's the point of those? I mean, just a single shot at this clearly exposed woman will turn it off.

Refractor field I guess? *shrugs*

Faith shields her you dolt


Also , that is my shield too.


>noun: penitence; plural noun: penitences

>the action of feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong; repentance.

It's almost like.. that's the point!

The penitent engine is autonomous. The hooked girl is just there to say "look there is a pilot, this doesn't run on AI, see?"

She's not exposed dummy. She's protected by the light of the Emperor. No man is naked when clothed in faith. Even if she were nude she wouldn't be naked.

The woman finds repentance and an expensive warmachine gets incapacitated.

That's easy modo.

The servo skull inside that thing is the source of its locomotion and murderous actions. The person on the front is just the random maid who drew the short straw.

It's a really elaborate exhibitionism thing.

The Emperor's fetish is big-tittied women going into battle wearing nothing but thing pieces of paper and controlling giant mech suits. It's a really obscure and uncommon fetish outside of Veeky Forums, but it pleases the Emperor, and that's all that matters to the Sororitas.

>Wasting perfectly good imperial tech because some Bolter Bitch can't get over herself or even be arsed to use a jeep and some detpacks to go on her Self-pity and self-loathing fueled martyrdom quest.

>that pile of junk
>expensive war machine

If the limbs were shorter it'd be a fucking Killa Kan.

It is just a cargo loader and it is fine once you rinse the last pilot off and get a new one

It's for all kinds of heretics!

Well, it's meant to be a punishment, user, I thought that the fact it's called a PENITENT Engine just might have tipped you off about that.

It's a shittier sentinel with some bus saw arms and flamethrowers.

If anything, strapling on a bunch of grenades and blowing up a jeep would be more expensive. The pertinent engine has a good chance of being reused after the pilot dies

>Sister Amanda has completed her penitence. All Praise the Emperor!
>Sister Josephine, get the hose.

I wonder how many fetishes this thing has spawned

It's a punishment for criminals, you aren't supposed to survive.

a lot trust me

Isn't there a guy inside it driving?

She's just a meatshield of the vehicle.

Do they do one round on the machine and then that's their penitence? It's possibly even more grimdark to have these women get horribly mangled but live and then have to go the rest of their life like that.

In the Grim Darkness of the 41st millenium, nobody can fucking shoot straight at all, which is why super-soldiers still need to close into melee range to get the job done.

I'd test her faith.

Whoever is in front of the machine is piloting it.

You could just throw a grenade at it, use a flamer, hit it with a stolen civilian's car.
you've got options here

ITT: Heretics with no faith in the Emperor.

P.S. Don't give Games Workshop any money. They shat on the Sisters of Battle with the releases for the past five years.

Fuck GW. Buy this from a Chinese Recaster if you want it.

Slaanishi tentacle-dildo monster vs a bolter bitch wearing nothing but purity seals and strapped to a Penitent Engine. This could be an....interesting test of faith.

Except Tau. Which is why they are going to win in the end.

So it is called Grim Darkness because no one can see?