Anonimi Thread: The Resurgence

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And I'm back! Morning errands took way longer than anticipated! Lets get back into things!

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Welp that's one fuck up already! Great start!

Fixed! Lets also come up with a decent header for next thread.

Basically this. However, I thought they would be perfect since their mascot is already basically a mob. They grow bigger the more Anons they consume, kinda like the upvote system, which makes them stronger and more prominent among their kind.

I hadn't realized it but you are correct, the heads do match up pretty nicely.

Alliances are not at all uncommon. /mlk/ exists in spirit since /k/ gets along with /mlp/ to some degree RL. So /mlpol/ could be a inter clan alliance and from what I heard they actually did get along rather well.

/k/ommandos and Veeky Forumstorians are both, though /k/ uses modernish guerrilla tactics while Veeky Forumstorians use the tried and true methods of ages past.

They would probably work well together if they can stop bumping heads over who does it better.

/b/arbarians are more or less the jack of all trades, but they're very /b/elligerent they're always causing conflicts were ever they go, raiding and pillaging.

And while all clans/tribes get a bonus of some kind to their specialty, /b/arbarians get a heavily reduced bonus, but it is applied to all skills.

Will get on that right away!

Glad to see you back, hopefully we'll get it done this go around!

>What would /qst/ anions be?

The /qst/ Givers? They keep track of the goings on in and around Anonimi territory and issuing quest as needed! They're basically the adventurers guild, giving quest and missions to those willing to lend their aid and possibly their lives for their fellow Anonimi.

>What would the defining feature or features of the clan be?

That's a good question, they issue quest, but what if they're on one? Maybe they'll always know what needs to be done even when their are no clues? Kind of like a selective clairvoyance? Maybe they get a general sense of what needs to be done, where to go, what to get and so on.

>I reckon they would be some kind of seer or oracle, able to tell the future using numbers.
That could be so, maybe they divine their answers through rolls of sacred dice.

Dice are a bit thing in Anonimi culture, used to settle disputes, haggle, etc... Since this is a Veeky Forums project I think its only appropriate that dice and games be prominent in their society.

Like the /k/ommando's mighty murder/k/ube as a large dice used in their clan's innerworkings.

The A/c/ute Tribe of Anonimi are an insidious bunch! They dress up in cute costumes, oversized clothes and other such things to put you at ease and then strike when you least expect it. They love all things cute and adorable and use such things to comfort themselves and others while using them to charm, beguile, and trap their enemies. They're known for ambushing enemies using stuffed toys and such as Trojan Horses.

They're also known for keeping hamsters and other such small creatures as pets, food and mounts.

They're like that because of the line of thinking that the cuter something is the more wicked it actually might be.


So, now that the things from last thread are out of the way, lets continue on with the creation.

Alrighty, guess I'll do the talking until those interested show up again.

So, we've been talking about the Anonimi alot, but what about the other denizens of the world of Inter.

The Tumblr Witches live in the frozen north in their special snowflake citadel! Here they... well do wicked things! Indulging in profanities and worshiping whole slews of deities, even some that are misshapen parodies of those worshiped by the Anonimi.

The prominent most and powerful Tumblr Witches use their Acolytes (Followers) to spread their hate across the land, converting the weak minded, wrecking havoc on those who with different beliefs and ideals, and destroying those that would dare try and oppose them.

I'm not really good at developing systems/settings, so I'm giving a bump to show my support

You are a good user, but it doesn't have to be anything serious, just throw out a suggestion and I'll see if I could make something of it!

Lore brainstorm: Anonimis used to live in a world of chans, each tribe build/ found their home near Boards, huge cube like construction which contained the archives where each clans anonomis '' soul would find rest' ( eldar like or something)

Any plans for /a/? I was thinking in some sort of fractured worship system similar to greece's muse worship, except everyone says one is better than the other.

Have we decided on a system?

Actually, I'm debating wither or not to include the Infinons (8-chan Anonimi) since they were considered last year as another group from another distant land. On one hand it would open up an entirely new continent, but on the other hand we'd be expanding the lore to fast to keep up.

As for the board being a home, I'm thinking the board being a sacred stone with the clan marking on it that each tribe's village is situated around. Having a temple built near or even around it, to contain the archives of each Anonimi's soul would possible though and I love the idea!

That actually pretty much nailed Clan /a/nima on the head there.

So far it's looking like the "d4/6" system suggested last thread is the front runner. So unless something better comes along I think that's the way we're going to do it.

Is meme magic a thing?

It's probably pol and xs thing.

To a certain extent yes.

/x/ deals with the paranormal and the dreaded 2spookies

Tell me if the 2spookies.

The 2spookies possessed skeletal remains of all creatures, though mostly fallen Anonimi, Tumblr Witches and other "intelligent" life in the land of Inter.

They cause unbridled terror and lumber around the most dangerous of places, usually were they died.

There are other variants too, the 2spooki4me is a more powerful version. Its ability to sow fear is much greater and it can cast illusions showing the deaths of those that encounter them.

There are even tales of an even worse one, the 3spooky5me, uttered on the lips of those unfortunate to survive an encounter.

Oh and also whirly spooks! (Skele-copters)

I would have said Savage Worlds would have worked best. Creating different races of Anonimis would be a piece of cake.

Well, yes.
But then you aren't making a system.

Agreed, while using an existing system would be easier you're have to conform to its rules instead of making your own.

What of /s4s/

Also archive where?

The Clan of Crie/s4s/ooth shout through the holds and villages of the Anonimi. They whatever that is heard by their ears, be it the discoveries of Clan Inv/x/tigate or the words of the Clan of /news/men. They shout everything and anything spoken by the other Anonimi.

Basically town criers and shout-agrams. Could also work as the city watch, just shouting that the /b/arbarians are coming or something. I've been kinda lacking with /s4s/


you know an archive of older threads?

Ah, sadly the threads of last year have been lost to time. We're starting fresh this year!

My fellow fa/tg/entlmen, OP here, I'm being suddenly shipped out on business for the next 4-5 days starting tomorrow. In the meanwhile, if you'd like to come up with any questions, Anonimi related art request, suggestions and proposals. Go ahead and put them down in a pastebin and submit it to me when I return.

When I get back hopefully we can all get this shit done. I'll have a proper header then too.

Hey OP!
Amazing setting and i love the asthetic of it so much!
Before you go can i get a Anonimi for
I'd like it to look like this man, with the NEWS ticket in his hat replaced with a /Pol/ and for it to be cutely holding up a blank sign.
I think it would be a viral meme and could help generate interest.
But mainly i just love the look of these guys and want one.

Thanks, I'm rather proud and fond of it!
Sure thing! Here you go!

That looks amazing! The shading is damned brilliant!
The pose fantastic
I am in love with the guy, I'm sure everyone else at home will be as well.

Thanks for delivering OP.

You are most welcome!

With sufficient autism they could probably be found in 4plebs I think. Do you remember the month you did this originally? I could go look.

Umm... hold on, a sec, I can look at the dates of these picture's creations.

Also, don't judge to harshly, some of the later threads spiraled into darkness a bit... also content created started shifting into the absurd.

And here you go February 23, 2016.

Alright here I go into the deep bush, wish me luck...

Good luck!

And I just got >>/k/ into helping us get the /k/ommandos more fleshed out.


You are a great man for Archive Diving, there is quite a bit in their and the subsequent threads that is salvageable I hope.

I'll have to read this in the morning

Hope you enjoy.

/k/ommando here popping to thank OP for the awesome thread he started, before ultimately being ruined by one or two of our turboautists. Can't wait to see the finished product!

It was a great learning experience! Well let you know when its finished!

Hey! Back from /pol/ got a few biters for the Meme, mainly Australians but we will see what happens, not much activity if I'm honest but I'd love to help out more with the setting, what did i miss going on in /k/?

Forgot pic

Ha! I like it.

I got them to basically tell me what makes /k/... /k/, from their prospective. No ones ever been able to do that before, get the prospective of the race they're building.

What is your motivation for doing this user?

Do you plan on commercialising this or is it purely for fun?

I'll help out with the /pol/ bit if you want help with it, but depending on what you're plans are changes the tone of what I'll hand over, for example, if you plan on commercialising it we can't have the /pol/ faction screaming about the Jew but we could use semantics to come up with another name that's close enough for people to get but distorted enough to make it satire.

Also when it comes to system i recommend Runequest, it's free online in PDF form from the creators and although it's based originally in an ancient Greek kind of world you can easily re-fluff all the mechanics to fit in with what you in specific are trying to achieve, it has a culture system instead of class that basically functions the same but has a bit on making your own culture for your own setting that you could easily use to add crunch behind all your delicious fluff as to how the boards are different and different abilities based on a characters home board.

It also has a separate document that allows you to add guns into the game from early muskets all the way to laser guns if you want, also has a magic system that is probably closer to what you want with both high end fantasy magic available, but more commonly Folk magic, which is basically tiny buffs from necklace charms and very low-fantasy magic.

It's a good foundation i reckon for everything.

Commercialize!? Nope, I mean if someone wants to make Anonimi plushes to order, let em, I'd buy one! But make this a money making thingy, nope.

It's just something that Anons can enjoy, with in jokes and stories that only someone from a Chan could get. It's meant to be parody for most, nostalgia for some, and the rest just for fun!

However, I'm planning on making a monster/ creature specifically designed for each board. Like the Feinstein Monster I designed for /k/, wanting to disarm them and enslave/eat them. So something based on the stereotypes of Jews with out actually being called a Jew straight up would be made.

>Also when it comes to system i recommend Runequest, it's free online in PDF form from the creators and although it's based originally in an ancient Greek kind of world you can easily re-fluff all the mechanics to fit in with what you in specific are trying to achieve, it has a culture system instead of class that basically functions the same but has a bit on making your own culture for your own setting that you could easily use to add crunch behind all your delicious fluff as to how the boards are different and different abilities based on a characters home board.

As for the system, we're planning on making our own I guess, that way we don't have to conform to a system's rules.

But I'll look into Runequest just the same, its good to see what I can use from each suggested system since they all seems to fit or look like they would for one reason or another in the eyes of the suggester so there must be some merit in it.

>It also has a separate document that allows you to add guns into the game from early muskets all the way to laser guns if you want, also has a magic system that is probably closer to what you want with both high end fantasy magic available, but more commonly Folk magic, which is basically tiny buffs from necklace charms and very low-fantasy magic.

That would probably be very helpful, plz and thanks!


Okay i genuinely suggest watching a YouTube channel called "Murdoch Murdoch" more specifically a video called "The last son of the west" for a few ideas on end bosses, the idea of changelings or trolls should actually help you shape the /pol/ region, there is a hysterical paranoia that everyone is a "Shill" so i personally recommend that you build the enemies around the /pol/ area on this, but it adds in, KEK is a deity in /pol/ culture, an ancient Egyptian chaos God that has been awakened by 4chans dubs/trips culture, seriously Search it up. This "Numeracle Ouija" could also be the source for your settings evil magic - or even the catalyst that created the world, it means rolling two dice and getting doubles could have added bonuses to your magic system so you can represent the Dubs and Trips chasers on /pol/ and /b/

So your monster bosses could be a.massive build up of this energy, which is why traditional weapons like guns will not work on them.

Just a suggestion though, at the end of the day I'm just throwing stuff at you because you drew my picture and the setting would be sad to let die.

Just clarifying, the magic system is a part of the main document which is too large to upload to the website unfortunately but can be found at the bottom of this website

It's the "Runequest 6 game master pack" pdf in the general downloads section at the bottom of the page, firearms are in the RQ firearms pdf

Oh that might be a good idea for a mob!

I'm not sure about that, we tried to get into this kind of thing last time around which started the downward spiral that killed the thread and my desire to continue work on the project. We might want to keep deities to a minimum until later, but I will look into.

As for dubs and trips, they're actually being used as currency. 10 Sings make a Dub (Double Digit denominator) and 10 Dubs make a Tri (Triple Digit denominator) and so on.

I wanted to use Net's as first. Like "That post was amazing, you get 100 Internets!" that you might see RL.

But I figured using dubs and trips like that would be less... memey than it would be otherwise.

So I'd this getting cross board attention or something?

/k/ommando here. It's getting mine at any rate.

I've come from /k/, we forgot to tell you about our awkward obsession with dragon dildos and anal play. We have some stories of people putting guns up their poopers.

Can confirm both. Once saw a man stick a .50 BMG round up his ass. Also a Mosin Nagant bolt. Also a Remington 700 rifle. Probably more I haven't seen too.

Remshit story where a /k/ommando found a hemorrhoid with the bead is his Remington shotgun

Oh, was it? Been a while since I've seen that post. At least since I stopped browsing the humor threads after they became so stale. Thanks for the correction.

after the sig MCX field test at a nightclub in FL, some gay user decided to jack off with his 870. He came, and couldnt get it out because the sight bead got stuck on a hemorrhoid

Veeky Forums visits /k/ and talks about board memes and making an inclusive Veeky Forums world. /k/ visits Veeky Forums and talks about butt stuff.

/k/ommando here. I don't know if anybody mentioned The Do/k/ument or The Ar/k/ in the other thread. Basically large compilations of everything /k/ related. Kinda like a crazier version of the anarchists cook book. They serve as our Holy Texts. Also, alongside the /k/ube, there is the Ar/k/ Angel. A sculpture of an angle made out of knives.

Good call /k/omrade

There are also a couple YouTubers that are pretty well known on /k/. That would be Carnikon, Ian, and Steve1989. Carnikon just fools around with guns, Ian gives little overviews and History Lessons on firearms, and Steve1989 eats really old food.


whoops, I thought I was in the /k/ thread, have pic related for apology

Where might one find the Do/k/ument or the Ar/k/?

I suggest you check out and specifically "the do/k/ument" and "mega folder". Lots of good shit.!ZtRwTKIQ!df0McwFrRwCp4IJkxd4Tu2O5fYDEBegtftyb63Epf40!ZwBE1L4Z!MylFonheVpVdCC6pRZjVB2F09Mv67TPRi8-GR1LWprs

You will need an AES256 decrypter.

KEY: 7332f53ff5b0035078680f8c7519abaacf071f61b5b2b579db0e35a9e6bd371f



When I said large, I meant really fucking large. Prepare for a long and arduous journey trying to download every bit of the do/k/ument or ar/k/.

I prefer the dragon fleshlights thank you very much fellow /k/omrade.

Because you know... real dragons are in short supply. And I'm not a faggot. Not that I will judge you for it.

.....there are dragon fleshlights? Has someone used one for a stock yet? Do they handle recoil well?

You fucked up OP, now that you've summoned us you're going to suffer the consequences.


>ITT OP begins demonic ritual to summon all the boards to Veeky Forums

>entire fantasy universe consisting of Veeky Forums

Lots more can be added, but this will probably be pretty entertaining.

Have another pic to give you character variety, if you haven't grabbed it from the thread hopping.

I posted some more information for you in the other thread, one is a comic detailing /k/'s capture of Sealand, and a few more

Also throwing in a more recent screencap that people liked

Wait why are they crossed out? Did I miss something?


Oh okay, I guess I need to add the board to it. Thanks bud

No problem.
The accumulation and use of mostly useless knowledge and skills is what I live for.

Aye, but you did get to see the posts right? Felt they would be helpful, especially the big comic we had done

Don't forget about the cookies.

/k/ommando stopping by just to say how cool this is OP. It's really cool to see something this interested in wading into a den of madmen just to research them.

Next we go to /b/

also a non encrypted file would be nice

You're talking about /k/, do you really think they even have an unencrypted version?

Pertinent to the game:

How do parties of anonimi's form? How would individuals from different clans come together in a common enterprise?

Maybe they come together either in response to, or for the purpose of carrying out "raids"

What do you guys think so far?

One thing you really need, if this is /k/ we're talking about, is a nice big crater in the middle of the landmass. One of us would have most certainly blown something up

Ok, just for clarification,is me, but I am not the OP. I figure a crater would fit best in the north where Tumblr is. Maybe have Fort Gunblr living in the base of it.

tumblr liking guns? That's a new one

It's a small fort.

Yeah, the crater would be better off in /k/ territory. Either that or in tumblr with the backstory being about the 4th of july raid

Yeah, probably. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it I guess.

Oh boy, do I got the story for you. /k/ maintains a horse farm...