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> INB4 AoS shills.

>Mentioning AoS
I see that OP is still a faggot

I want a feature-length movie. AAA+ Blockbuster of the year, every year.

We'll see how wheel of time goes.

It'll probably be awful.

Best Arachnarok paintjob?


I don't understand. we lost like 2 guys.

North Star are doing some Dwarf, Orc and Elf plastic boxes. Might be decent GW substitutes in some cases.

There's also a box of pirate-looking chaps coming too.

That said, the most recent update kinda messed up the battle conclusion calculations and some of the auto resolve values

Here's some 3-ups for the pirates.

Of course it'll be awful. They shouldn't make movies like that. They should just use the universe, and tell interesting stories within it, with cameos tying them together at best.

One movie with the Night of a Thosuand Arcane Duels. Another movie as a love-story in Tilea. A trilogy about a small group of people and the Storm of Chaos. Yet another movie follows a Witch-Hunter that unveils the truth of the Skaven.

And so on.

Wow, the scale when they're right next to eachother like that really seem off. The dwarf seems way taller than he should, and the proportions compared to a human is just.. odd.

Scale him up and he'd almost just be an ogre.

What's the left guy supposed to be holding in his left hand?

I'm assuming it's a bow.
Might be a little WIP - the club the middle guy is holding is pretty rough too.

Oh man, those really could make some great Tilean or Estalian sailors, or Arabyans with some green stuff.


I think that's because it's the master engineer hero model, and heroes/lords are a little bigger by default to distinguish them from the crowd

Also, don't mention ogres

Here's an orc.
Not exactly modern GW style, but they might fit in with some Oldhammer stuff.

Yeah, I like the slightly Barbary corsair look the right guy has. I've always wanted to do an Araby army but historical miniatures are usually crusades-era which isn't quite right.

It is indeed due to hero scaling, which means you get 15% more Dawi per Dawi.

Fixed them up to be guild-approved and animated. Comes in Reikland Red and Middenland Blue.

Am i crazy or do the imperials have huge packages down there if you catch my drift.

Is FRP2e still popular or relevant?

I think it's fun and I've enjoyed it and heard it's considered the best edition, but fuck me if it isn't hard to find players.

The problem with movies like that is that it requires an understanding of the setting - not just by the viewers, but by the writers and directors and stuff.

I think if you had told Peter Jackson to make his own LoTR movie instead of the Hobbit, he wouldn't be able to do it - he's probably a creative guy, but he can't just pull an entire story out of thin air, and make it something that works for a movie.

>but not every movie is an adaptation!

But in that case they aren't using someone else's setting to make it. I would recommend that a WFB movie at least be based off a short story - and there are some amazing ones that I think could be stretched into a good film with some padding.

Yeah boi, that looks a lot better.

Is there no way to turn off Hero Scaling? I own the game, but have never played it, but if I do, I can see myself hating that shit.

Most people I know who play it have fairly long-running groups.
I'm not sure it's a game with broad appeal so much as it inspires a degree of loyalty.

What you'd want is this one: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=688554241

The second image I posted has the engineers at regular Dwarf size, rather than the default hero scaling.

I know a lot of people that plays it, and yeah, it's still pretty popular - especially once GW shat on it and people stopped waiting for a 2.5 edition or 4th edition.

It's got some minor issues, and some minor things that was introduced in Dark Heresy (made by the same people, building on the same system, so I consider it an evolution of the same system, with concessions/considerations due to the change of setting) such as a better way to gauge Corruption (like, at all), Perception being a proper Characteristic (more meaningful than you'd think), and a few things like that.

Other issues, such as the completely fucked economy (prices are all over the fucking place for seemingly no reason) are an issue, but it's not really major. But yeah, my point is that there are issues, it's not a perfect system. It's frustrating that no united elven or united dwarfen books were ever released, despite being planned.

But it's pretty damn solid, and surprisingly enough it feels a lot better and more consistent than the later WH40kRP games. Once you get the hang of it, it doesn't feel as dated as you'd think. Like, at all.

There's some warhams user that runs a PnP Discord that focuses primarily on WFRP2, but I don't have the link.

Sorry i was at the first screening of Guardians of The Galaxy 2, excellent movie btw.

>*Tips fedora*

Look, if you're going to keep posting it, make it different. Its not hard to open mspaint and edit in jokes. Its not funny or tragic anymore, its just a forced meme now.

Put hipster stuff in there, or shoop him into a steampunk con as if he's just another asshole in a costume. Keep it fresh.

They fight their dead comrades risen as zombies, bloodthirsty Beastmen and uncomprehensible Chaos aberrations

I wonder how their bodies can hold the weight of those balls

After 6+ years of neglecting them, I am finally embarking on the task of painting my dark elves. I have these models waiting on shields and bases, but they look far better than the single color drybrush they had lived with all their lives. With 180 models left to go, I am trying to break them down into manageable 8-10 man chunks that I can complete in an evening.

Post pictures of your core units I guess so we can look at cool stuff (not mine).

If you look up the real life styles of the time period Warhammer is based on, it was the style.

HUGE puffy crotches.

I hate to say it, but AoS Skaven art isn't bad.


180 models, how horrifying user, I was in a similiar timeframe with my army, having only assembled 2 units and I found the best way to survive the monotony of it was to try and paint some of the units in a different fashion, slightly mind you but giving each unit it's own unique style really helped me keep my sanity. Also if you want them DONE. settle on a quality for your core and don't go beyond except for front rankers.
Rare and specials where your centrepieces are anyway
I have greatswords I have been chipping away at for months god help me

forgot my pic, here are some knights I finished off a month or so back, and a swordsman champion to the left.

Yeah, I'm trying to get through core first so that I can have my dessert afterwards. Sadly, when I was younger, I went on an ebay spree buying warrior boxes at $12-16 a piece, so I have dozens and dozens of the suckers laying around.

I like your axe guy on the left. That weapon looks like its made to do a single messy job.

hey thanks user, the empire greatswords kit(I only had the funds for one) comes with heaps of glue on sidearm axes/sheathed swords , it was easy enough to convert his original sword to the greatsword 1h axe.

I also gotta note that you can kill the monotony by buggering with poses too, anything to keep it fresh. Don't be afraid if you burnt out though,a similiar method, and after 28 bows, 20 swordsman, 15 knights+conversions , I could only do my first 10 of 20 greatswords before my productivity flew away. It doesn't help that they are my final unit in my army to actually get built and painted(before I worry about basing)

Pic related is not core, but I only completed him 2 weeks ago

I have 700 models needing painting over the summer.

Imma try 250~ a month and see what happens.

Cool heads. I was looking for a guy with a bandana for my space marines to recreate picture related.

Christ, he's as tall as a man and twice as wide.

On the other hand, in Vermintide the dwarf is more like a Halfling.

I could get behind these guys. Modern orcs has their own thing going on but their legs always looked a bit stupid.

It's a box too protect your groin, or a groin guard as they sometimes call them.

The Landsknecht of old though started to stuff them with padding, at first for practicality, then to ridiculous levels to show off their masculinity.

>groin guard as they sometimes call them.
Codpiece is the word you're looking for.

This is good advice, I stick to three tones of the base, shade and one highlight except for faces which get a minor one on the noes and cheeks. You have to be strict or you'll never get them done.

Also I would sit down and do some lists. Sometimes you just want more for the sake of them. Are you ever going to really use those 50 empire handgunners? Don't be afraid to sell some when you know 20 will do for 99% of games.

Well, I guess you could call it a codpiece but they're usually made from the same material as what they're attached to. A box is something you wear underneath but it's all pretty similar, it turns you into 'muh dick'.

Are there any mods that make TWW as good as MTW 2? Because everytime my friends and I play we think its fun for a bit, but then we get bored of the shallow gameplay and go back to playing MTW 2. We have a mod that supposedly slow combat down, but battles are still over in a few minutes. There's also an annoying auto route feature that ensures that battles can't longer than 5ish minutes.

The fact that its Warhammer makes me want to play, and I actually like how heroes work, but it isn't one of the stronger TW games.

>Are you ever going to really use those 50 empire handgunners?

but is your army really an army without at least 50 handgunners?

Codpiece is the name in English for both the fabric variety and the armour piece.

Yeah when it's attached to armour. A codpiece on a pair of trousers like the empire guys would just be a flap of fabric. Underneath they will have some cured leather to act as a guard.

> He doesn't own all 12 steam tanks.

They were just padded. There wasn't a cup underneath.
In either case though, 'codpiece' is still the word to describe it. 'Cod' is just a word for testicles.

What? No, no user. Is it safe to assume that English is not your native tongue?

Both the flap on hosen and the armour is refered to as a codpiece. Pic is one of my pairs of hosen.

This user gets it. How can I call myself a drucchi raider when I can only fill 10% of a black ark? These slaves aren't going to capture themselves. I need elfpower for this kind of work.

Yeah he is right. I fucking hate them but at least make if funny.

Or you can play Dawi and need an 8th of the amount of gay ass elves to reach that manpower.
Dwarf ironclad pirates when?

And not these steampunk sharts.

Dwarfs steampunked pretty hard originally anyway. It was just dressed sensibly in Norman aesthetics wheras now its a joke about how shitty and faux Victorian shit can get. I'm shocked the nuThunderbarge didn't have a handcrank record player, a stock ticker, tesla coils, and suspenders.

Listen dawi, you maybe be a short, spiteful little cunt, but I think we can both agree that ships are awesome wether stone or steel. Anything is better than faggy wood that those OTHER elves use. So why don't we go kill them together... I've got your back.

I know they did but it did not take up their entire identity.

It looks like the heads are separate - they might look decent if you combine the boiler suits with some more traditional heads.
Which might be difficult. Bare plastic dwarf heads are hard to come by, especially since a lot of dwarf models have their heads molded to their torsos.

Roight behind ya guvna!
Fer Grungni, wot wot!


I wonder who green-lighted 'lets just do some 'mysterious' butt-bandit steampunk squats for our totally brand-new setting where there's enough perfunctory gibberish phoned in that we can do anything we want!'

The AoS setting is so devoid of any meaning because everyone respawns to go capture another flag, i mean realmgate#00948431 whilst killing off anything that could resemble character development in 'realms' that cover apparent infinity with suitably vague terms like 'life' and 'death'. All the while fighting against an innumerable enemy that will inevitably win for you to respawn and create yet another bunch of planets or whatever based on some butchered ancient mythology to go and keep selling plastic crack to kids.

So rather than actual dwarf sky-pirates in zeppelins in WHFB. We get shitty, faceless stunty sigmarines in the worst setting possible.





Engineers can bump this

>Durgam we know you're excited but this is a super serous battle we might die in?

Sorry that I'm new to the hobby but I might have some really basic questions that I'd love to have answered.

>If you put a hero with a magic Resist orb into the same bunker as a lord; does the lord benefit from the hero's item?
>If the lord has a 4+ save from the orb of preserverance and get to have benefits from the Hero's orb, does the ward save get increased to 2+?
>Is it worth it to have a lord that has a 2+ save against magic?

>I'm playing Vampire Counts and their lords are somewhat topheavy.

>T. Didn't even bother reading AoS fluff at all and just listens to 1d4chan memes
If you're going to talk about AoS, go to their general and at least know what the fuck you're even talking about

Generally speaking it'll be too many points to be worth it. Its easy to spend so much protecting a character that they aren't effective enough to be worth protecting and costs more than redundant characters would be.



Thank you for posting a screencap of the rules instead of deriding me for not finishing the rulebook yet.

I greatly appriciate it, you wonderfull person you.

The ships were the worst part.

They'd need to much conversion to justify ever getting one for Dwarfs.

> When you have more armour than a Greatsword but you sit at the back and shoot and will never enter combat.

Seems about right.

But considering that you've sunk 500pt+ into a Lord character, wpuld it still be considered excessive?

Also; is damage from spells actually normal?
>It's states that it only blocks damage from spells and not magical attacks.

How normal is fire attacks? Do you expect to face 1-2 enemy units with flaming attacks, or are we thinking everyone has it?

And regeneration saves belonging to a Hero/lord; is that conferred to his mount?
>I've heard people talking about taking huge mounts with regeneration lords because the mount also get to use his save.

Can you choose wether to attack the character or his mount?
>If the mount dies will the character walk on foot? If the character dies, can the mount still fight on?

You don't have to take the time to post proof; i just want to know if you have information to share. = )

Not him but if you're playing vamps at 2500 points your Lord allowance is 625 points and you will need every scrap of that to make him as much of a meat grinder as is possible.

I see.
And is it ever a good reason for taking and kitting out a master necromancer rather than kitting out a Vampire Lord?
>The vampire seems better in all regards.

Few of us would give you shit for a legit question.

Other than that AoS douche. Who I am almost certain goes into AoS threads prentending to be a Fantasy cunt, but has played neither game.

Why the fuck does that "hundreds of thousands of knights" faggot keep coming here and where the fuck did that shitty meme start? The empire likely has hundreds of thousands of normal soldiers if we go by real life army size. I'm pretty sure at no point in history did any nation have 100k knights that's fucking ridiculous

ain't the Empire composed of multiple nations

Average army for the time period would probably be about 30k men, a third of them cavalry, and not all those horsemen being "knights". So if each Empire state can raise an army about that size when it needs to fight, that's more like tens of thousands of knights.


Saving points for shit like Blood Knights and Terrorgheists while a hero vamp works as a discount blender.

The following is the main builds.

>Blender Lord
>Cheap Wizard, vamp or Necro

>Master wizard, vamp or Necro
>Cheap blender or secondary wizard, vamp or Necro

>Master wizard, vamp or Necro
>Forbidden lore Lord vamp

All of the above will have one of the following
>Wight King BSB with Grave Guard or Black Knights
>Vampire BSB

Note that while you can use a Wight King who isn't a BSB Vampires are better for points even if you don't upgrade them.

You take Necromancers in order to save points. You don't want your wizard in melee usually unless you plan on a complete blitz so spending more to give them fighting prowess but costing yourself a BSB is a waste.

Wraiths and banshees usually suck. Not really worth bothering with.

If you combined every nation in Europe I'm still not certain they would have anywhere close to "hundreds of thousands." Regular armies barely had that many soldiers until ww2 and we're talking about a medieval society consult being attacked by barbarians already in the borders.

you gotta read the rulebook user, it doesn't take too long and their is a copy in the op. but heres the quick and dirty.

1. what item/unit?

2. depending on your enemy/your own army comp expect a canny player to back accordingly.
a certain lore of magic adds fire damage, as well as for example warrior priests being able to turn on a fire damage button every turn.

In short if you run a whole heap of shit with regen, expect to get flammed. just nuke whatever stuff has flames or throw zombies/skeles at it to ignore it.

3. "unless noted, special rules do not apply to either do not normally apply to the mount/vice versa with the rider"
. but you really gotta read page85- 86 of the big rulebook. it explains better than I can how cav are/

4. p85-86 user, if you have the little rulebook it's 82-83. you will mess up some rules if you don't familiarize.
in short no though. hits always strike the rider, monstrous cav get a special roll to decide what they do if the rider dies though sometimes

also as you are playing vc, here is a hint, try and have your angry killy vampire lord, with at least one back up necromancer so your entire plan doesn't go poof if your lord eats too many cannonballs.

It's canon, faggot. This is warhammer fantasy, not warhammer history. Take your shitty realism and shove it up your ass, there are as many elves as the plot requires, and the plot requires a fuckload

Warhammer numbers are all over the place like dozens thousands of dark elves in each watch tower.

Yeah, just like the real life Holy Roman Empire they have little ethnic ties, open dislike and bigotry towards each other, and are united only by adherence to the same faith and threat of invasion. Considering them one country, or even what the EU is, is a modern misinterpretation. Its more like the Delian League where there's more boddy assholes than just Sparta and Athens.

>sorcerous Sultan Jaffar

Don't think they can trademark that one, bro. Don't count on that being "canon".

user, "there are as many elves as the plot desires" implies numbers mean nothing. There there is no credibility to the writing.

That those "hundreds of thousands of knights" lose to Archaon and his retainers if they got lost and wandered into a portal from the Chaos Wastes to the Empire while stumbling around for their morning piss.

Did you forget how GW accidently wrote the Imperial Guard as being greenskin numbers?

You realize even historically sometimes specific numbers wouldn't be all that accurate - prone to exaggeration, or miscalculation? 'Hundreds of thousands of knights' could just mean 'a lot of knights,' like how we say we have hundreds of things to do, or thousands of problems to deal with.

>not canon
That's literally from the BRB and sultan Jaffar has been in the fluff since at least 6th. Oh wait, we get to choose to ignore actual printed fluff if it goes against our feelings, I forgot.

HOWEVER MONSTERS being ridden by characters do have a split profile,so read that.

so the dirty of it is this. if you have a vamp on a zombie dragon
you can choose which of the two to hit in melee, if you shoot them though unless the shooter has the sniper rule hits must be randomised.

oh also it's only monstorous mounts which get the special if the rider dies rules. keep that in mind

How important is the BSB in VC and what banner would you run with the Wight king?
>The banner of Barrows?

What is the Wight King + GG's usual role and at what how many points should I absolutely have them?
>I usually run Black knights and ghouls for hammer units as I don't actually have GG models, but it's not that hard to proxy.

I've never read any fluff that's newer than the 6th edition army books, it might as well not exist. Only in these threads because the video game made me interested in the setting again.

He's making a joke on how GW will dump anything they can't reasonably copyright as being their original ideas, so something as obvious as Jaffar won't fly.

Probably why Bretonnia was cut too - pretty much everything about them was obviously a ripoff of medieval history or literature (Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, King Arthur, etc). Tomb Kings might have gone for the same reason, even if it wasn't as direct.

Thanks for your locations of interest in the rule-book. I'll make sure to check it out, but it's a lot to take in at once.

So to avoid generalization; would a Terrorgheist ridden by a Strigoi ghoul King have access to the Ghoul King's Regeneration save?

BSB bubble will help with crumble, the Barrows is indeed the one, and Grave Guard are a durable and killy block of troops. Black Knights are the same thing but mounted and thus slightly more killy and durable.

GG/BK are not mandatory by any means. But they are good.

I forgot, there is one more useful character type. The one which is a Strigoi Ghoul King who's sole purpose is being yet another Terrorgheist on the table.

Empire is literally their least unique faction though, to the point you can just use historicals as perfect proxies, and they stayed.

At least TK are skeletons.

>Authors say "as many elves as the plot requires" to avoid autists getting into pointless debates about how the population figures don't make sense
>most sources leave the numbers intentionally vague to avoid this problem
>autists still end up throwing a bitch fit over numbers

The numbers don't matter, all you need to know are that massive armies fought and some irrelevant towns got destroyed and a bunch of people died. Trying to figure out how the populations and logistics would make sense will cause unnecessary headache and ultimately solve nothing. Unless you're so autistic you need real figures from the fluff, in which case you get anywhere from a large imperial army having only a few thousand soldiers at the major chaos incursion that was volgonoff to dark elves having 80k soldiers garrisoning a single watchtower


>it's not canon because I didn't read it

Why would anyone care about something written in an edition so bad it killed the game?