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It has a rpg, too.

Imagine a book series about a race of hermaphrodites that are basically guys iwth sea anemones for genitals, that exemplify everything Veeky Forums claims to hate about elves, vampires, and Mary Sues. Said race is supplanting the human population of earth, raping mens' souls and turning them into more of their kind. FOR THE GREATER GOOD. Women have no pllace among them. At best, they can co-exist as faghags. At worst, just more human brutes for the Oh So Good Wraeththu to cull from the earth with their omnisicent morality license, because the Wraeththu can do no wrong.

They also have to fuck each other to stay alive. Now imagine that it's written for 15 year old yaoi fangirls to the point that no self respecting gay man would have anything to do with it.

And it's written by a woman who calls herself Storm Constantine.

And someone decided to make an RPG out of it.

And it sold copies.

I saw it.
And now I need a de-nerualyzer.


Fuck off
Constantine is my pure kingfu and would have nothing to do with this shit

Examples of Wraeththu philosophy, quotes, and song:

“Evolution is just another name for mass genocide. If you ask me. What happened to the Dinosaurs should happen to men.”

“Weep away your world, pretty human, for it is yours no more. Weep it all away in that pretty red spray.”

"The thrill of the hunt, the heart pounding chase as the humans stumble and fall, this is truly the sport of Archons. "

“This is ridiculous, how do they expect to work with these new inceptees when most of them can barely string a sentence together?”

I want to be your torment, enemy.
I want to be your pain
I want to be your shriek of agony.
As your soul goes down the drain!

I want to be your ruin, enemy.
I want to be your rot.
I want to be your cry of agony.
As your soul is going to pot!

I want to be your hell, enemy.
I want to be your doom
I want to be your scream of agony
As your damned soul goes foom!

To be fair, the RPG also ramped up all of those things you mentioned making everything drastically more despicable somehow.

Wraeththu has had a cult following since the late 80s when the series first appeared. The fandom is especially strong among the Goth subculture, although in recent years fans of slash fiction, anime and manga have also gravitated toward Wraeththu.


So it's like Gor for fujos? Ok.

>I want to be your torment, enemy.
>I want to be your pain
>I want to be your shriek of agony.
>As your soul goes down the drain!
>I want to be your ruin, enemy.
>I want to be your rot.
>I want to be your cry of agony.
>As your soul is going to pot!
>I want to be your hell, enemy.
>I want to be your doom
>I want to be your scream of agony
>As your damned soul goes foom!

That seems like a really shitty Disney villain song if it was sung by some kind of Dark Eldar.

>On July 31 and August 1, 2004, a Wraeththu paintball event was in the USA at Realms of Ruin paintball field, Wilmington, Will County, Illinois (near Chicago).

I'm too confused to be mad or frightened.

I read 20 pages of one of the steaming piles of shit they prefer to call novels in the late 80ies when I was a wee lad of 14 or 15... even then I knew it was pure and utter bullshit geared towards "lonely dykes" i beleive i stated at the time.

>As your damned soul goes foom
>Your soul is going to pot

Jesus christ. That is fucking awful but i cant stop laughing.

How the fuck do you even pronounce the name "wraeththu"? It's like some horrible eldritch gay lisp.


>there are others who still remember the suffering that is wraeththu
ho shit.

That's shockingly accurate, except as far as we know, there's no one that treats Wraeththu as a bible for a bizarre variant of BDSM.

fuck i've played there, thats horrifying.

Did you even click the link in the OP?

>OMG so gross!
Awful lot of newfags in this thread.

It's not that.
It's the unexplained and unneeded genocide.

I was referring to the posters for whom this subject was apparently unknown prior to this thread.

Ah, my apologies for jumping towards conclusions.

Veeky Forums Here Me. I The Emperor Of Mankind Hereby Declare A Great Crusade Against The Wraeththu Menace.

I Myself Shall Rally The 20 Legiones Astartes To Aid In The Battle Immediately.

So Go Forth Valian/tg/entlemen. Go Forth And Smite Anemones.

Thus Decrees The Emperor Of Mankind.

>(transmission ends)

Haha ha... yeah... new fags!
>only learned about this last sunday when user brought this up.

You forgot the best part - they supplant the human population by making humans ingest their blood, which turns them into more wraeththu, but it has a low success chance so basically at best they're genociding humans to turn one tenth of them into more creatures straight out of Slaanesh and /d/'s wildest wet dreams.


Who would win in a war - Wraeththu or Chakats?


Aren't Chakats like Star Trek level sci-fi while raythoo are just post apocalyptic?

What the flying fuck.

NO user! NO!

The bathos on display reminds me of Theophilus Marzials' "A Tragedy," which is quite possibly the worst poem ever written.

>The barges down in the river flop.
>Flop, plop.
>Above, beneath.
>From the slimy branches the grey drips drop,
>As they scraggle black on the thin grey sky,
>Where the black cloud rack-hackles drizzle and fly
>To the oozy waters, that lounge and flop
>On the black scrag piles, where the loose cords plop,
>As the raw wind whines in the thin tree-top.
>Plop, plop.
>And scudding by
>The boatmen call out hoy! and hey!
>All is running water and sky,
>And my head shrieks -- "Stop,"
>And my heart shrieks -- "Die."

It goes on like that.

You forgot
>has been going since 1987

I can't forget. Every couple of months I reread Darren MacLennan's review of it and FATAL.

you know what?
you know what?
fuck my butt, little dyke girl.
just fuck my butt.
I bet you can't do it.
I bet you.

you say you like Yaoi but you won't even let a nice young man lick your feet. Your nothing but a big, fat, lesbian. You say you like boys but all you really want is a girl to stuff your twat.

Good lord, the last thread we had on these fucking things was NINE YEARS AGO.

I remember that thread. I'm glad the memory of this shitshow is still alive.

My exGF _loved_ the original trilogy. LOVED! IT! Suggested I read it. I thought it was some sick joke, and said as much. 3 guesses as to why our relationship ended? (the girl I went out with before her was inspired by Kathe Koja's Skin, so Wraeththu was a step up?)
anyway, one day during gaming the "what is the worst book you have ever read" question came up. I said W hands down if only because it took itself so seriously. (when they have sex, the penis of one opens like a flower? really?)
a week later I get a knock on my door, from the mailman who hands me a package.
I open it, and inside is the shitshow that is the Wraeththu RPG.
None of my friends admit to ordering it, and I sure as fuck didn't...
And I'll be damned if I'm the only one who is going to suffer from this shit. So I scanned it and put it online.
You're welcome! (if you have questions I will do my best to answer.