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Does your character have any servants? Followers? Cohorts? Animal companions? Eidolons? Tell us all about them!

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Anyone with experience playing a spheres blaster want to weight in on what worked? What didn't? Was it worth it?

They've got a maid

What archetypes give unarmed damage progression?

I know Enlightened Paladin gets half and an Oracle of astetics can get full. Does anyone else?

Crown of Fangs' miniatures are looking dope as fuck.

Hey, can you stop being a piece of shit already? The fuck is wrong with you.

He has: Maids, a butler, a bunch of personal cooks, employees, followers, hirelings, a cohort (who has an animal companion) and a pet dog named Abadar.

>Heart of Magic
>Magic is suffused through your entire body, and using it is as natural to you as breathing.
>Prerequisite: Dragon type or aether breath selected at least once..
>Benefit: You can use your Constitution instead of your Charisma for your avowed class features except for aether pulse shapes, such as clause DCs and pact abilities, pact abilities, as well as any other avowed class features and feats on the avowed bonus feat list that refer to Charisma (such as using your Constitution in place of your Dexterity modifier to qualify for feats with Two-Weapon Fighting as a prerequisite, if you have the Aether Duelist feat).

What does this mean? This has confusing wording to me. When is Charisma used for aether pulse shapes?

It means Avowed is shit

Sacred Fist does as well.

Order of the Hammer

It is used for area-of-effect shapes, such as Aether Blast or Aether Breath (the Fireball and Dragonfire analogues); for each instance of the shape you have, you add 1/2 your Charisma modifier to the damage. This is to account for the fact that you might be dealing halved or no damage due to the target making a Reflex save. The other half of the "Dragonfire Adept Rip-Off" build (AKA the other feat in that pair that moves all the Avowed stuff to Charisma) allows you to add that extra damage based on your CON instead.

Reflex saves for explosions and /aether circus/, Will saves for /aether well/, damage for /aether rampage III/, Charisma bonus for Area Shapes.

So if I take both I don't need cha for anything?

Correct. With both feats, you completely go from CHA to CON as an Avowed.

Isn't their unarmed damage bonus only for doing nonlethal damage?

see attached

That includes the DCs for modulations?

Those two feats should not exist IMO

Kineticist needs niche protection

You still get full damage-progression, just non-lethal. Sure, it's not as good, but it's still Unarmed Damage Progression. You could always take Improved Unarmed Strike to have it deal lethal damage, too.

>Spending two of my limited feats in order to replicate a 3.5 class is brooooooken
>When I could also spend two feats to move everything to CHA

Really, this is what people don't get. If you spend two feats to get Altered Life and Unnatural Resilience, you're now allowed to run all your things off of CHA. Alternatively, with two other feats, you run everything off of CON. If you don't spend any feats, then you're more MAD but get to keep two feats. What is people's problems with this, honestly?

I think it has a provision in there that if you take Improved Unarmed Strike, the damage progression still only applies to doing nonlethal damage. Not to say that it's not good.

I've found all my D20 games to be more fun for everyone when everyone, Players, NPCs and Monsters alike, all gain a feat per level instead of per three levels.

>tried to impress the quartermaster in Skulls and Shackles into giving me my gear back by flowing fire in the hold
>rrreeeeeee follows

Shut up Rory we know you're bitter that there's now a direct competitor to the Kineticist to reinforce the fact it's shit

So there is an initiating kineticist, right? How is it? Where can I find it?

My current DM runs a houserule where X times per level you can burn XP to get a stacking % chance to get things like skills and feats each level.
Example: 50x[attribute score] experience to get a %roll to get a +1 to that permanently, like the 4th level increase, and you can do this three times per level with one increase per attribute per level.
Say you rolled a 70 and a 40, you get a +1 to what you were trying, and get another roll for another stat. You keep any overflow for progress here, so next level you get a starting 10% to that first stat.

How did your characters learn to do the things they're good at, /pfg/? Did they have someone to teach them? Did they learn via a special training method?

Feats are every odd level

user, ignore him. It's ALWAYS a falseflag when this comes up. Everyone on /pfg/ loves the Avowed... right?


go on Discord and tell Rory that avowed his awesome

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Technology focused tiefling rogue in an Iron Gods game. Might end up with a robot pal eventually? Also the DM just realized Val is suppposed to be a kid after all the fluff about being a potential rival, cohort or replacement PC

I like it
But I also like the Kineticist (even without 3pp, I find it enjoyable)

Point being, I just remember seeing the Feat per Level thing in some old Monte Cook book and liking the idea. For a campaign where damn near everyone is a martial artist, having piles of feats means more variety in encounters since there are far fewer monsters cropping up.

Servants? Not a one.

Eh it's k, I'm still waiting on the damn thing to finally be released though.
also for the full BAB archetype.

Kineticist with all 3pp allowed is more fun than Avowed, to be honest. WAY more variety

>Class that's been out for years with assloads of archetypes and support from multiple publishers
>more variety than something that's not even officially out of playtest yet

Is there a good archetype for an Unarmed Paladin? I don't want Monk, just Paladin.

Have you tried actually looking, or are you disappointed in the archetype that's already there?

It is true, though.

yea but it's like complaining that modern DOOM has fewer mods than the original DOOM.

>that's already there
I thought I was thorough, but clearly I'm just retarded.

Feat every level doesn't solve a lot of things, but it's probably at least enjoyable.

So in the game I may running it's looking very likely that the party will be taking one r more gnolls as captives during the next session.

They've infiltrated a ruined keep where 5 gnolls have been hired to guard and are most likely to run into their leader first who is currently lazing about in the dungeon as they came in through the roof.

The leader is a coward and will bargain for his life if the fight isn't going his way but beyond that I'm not sure how he would react should the party then come across some of his remaining troops.

The pack is everything to the average Gnoll and I imagine even a CE creature has some compassion for his fellow kin that would push him to aid them in battle. If not how is being seperate from the pact likely to effect one?

Anybody got a .pdf of Legendary Games' Occult Archetypes? Occult Archetypes II?

The complaint is valid...

Even if it is retarded.

They're still gnolls.
Being a part of the pack is one thing, and they should try to help each other and stand up for one another.

But if someone's shown himself to be consistently weak, cowardly, and unfit to be part of the pack then they're probably going to end up being worth more as rations than as a fellow warrior.

They should consider it merciful to end someone's life quickly before he does something like give up information that'd weaken the pack.

If a gnoll gets caught alone, he should probably run and try to find allies. If he's taken captive, he's probably going to lie and tell the PCs whatever he thinks they want to hear, but not actually give them useful information unless he's tricked into it. More than likely, his information should be leading them into a trap.

If Enlightened Paladin is the one you're referring to, it was disappointing. I was using the PFSRD to find archetypes, any ideas on where else to look? I'm going to be using natural weapons specifically if that helps.

Honestly, it's hella fun and if you've never run a game like that it's absolutely worth a shot. Balance is kept by virtue of the rule applying to EVERYONE though, so you gotta be ready to throw more feats onto the stats of anything you pull from a book. If you can do that, it's a blast!

So bit of homebrew here, I know there's overlap in names with the Gonzo PRC but whatever. Feedback or comments would be cool.

Blingmaker when??

My current character in a Homebrew is a regular student who goes on a trip. Outside of visiting some shrines slightly off the beaten path, he's been fairly normal.

She had a retired adventurer and her family to teach her everything she needed to know!

Do they not get unarmed attack?

Instead of calling it "Bomb in the Blood", why not "Burning Hot" or something catchy like that?

Otherwise, it's a good archetype


Blingmaker NOW.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, discard your fears of bamboozlement! It's time for the PCs of Blingmaker to be announced! For anybody that isn't aware, Blingmaker is a modified version of the Kingmaker adventure path I plan to run where the players can expect their PCs to get filthy stinking rich, even by the standards of adventurers (not to mention my own attempt at fixing some of Kingmaker's more egregious problems). Many people applied to Blingmaker, and before I announce who my players and PCs are, I would like to thank each person that applied for having put in the effort you did. I feel the general level of quality in the applications is very high- picking through all of them and making my choices was not easy, and if I had the time and talent for it I would have run several games to give all these wonderful characters their own story, their own kingdom, and their own HOARD OF RIDICULOUS BANK.

I had a lovely collection of apps for this game to look through and evaluate, and I've come to the conclusion that all of you made great characters. Even if you weren't selected for Blingmaker, I hope you had fun applying. I enjoyed speaking with many of you and giving you feedback on your apps. Beyond that, I think the process helped me become better not only at reviewing characters but also at recognizing what makes a good character good and a great character great. So again, thank you all for applying to Blingmaker, whether you were accepted or not.

And with that wishy-washy stuff out of the way, I'm going to move on to the announcements.


[F5 slapping intensifies]

>blingmaker apps wrapping up

Is the era of game recruitment over?


You poor child, you know not what the future holds


Show me the money!

These dubs are unreal

We still have Overlewd to keep us in this hell.

First up, we have... Captain Slow's Andrik Kaminski! The LG Warder was plucked out of obscurity by a traveling knight, an holy warrior who carried the wills of Brevoy's most venerated gods- Pharasma, Gorum, and Abadar. He learned more than just swordsmanship from the old man. He learned honor, generousity, and hope, for as the old man use to say, "Who knows what the dawn will bring?"

Andrik strives to see the common folk's cause advanced, for people to have work and food. Despite his many years as a squire to a great knight, the man hasn't forgotten his roots as a poor farmboy, and would like to dedicate his time and money to ensuring the next generation grows up properly. After all, who knows which children are made for greatness by destiny? But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and at the end of the day Andrik hopes to be able to sit in a garden relaxing or sip at some drink with a few friends.

Certainly not, I hope! I'm optimistic that something new is around the corner. Besides, there are other games recruiting right now! Like Overlewd!

Anyone have any success playing a Vigilante?

I get what it's supposed to do, but it doesn't seem like anything you couldn't achieve playing any other class. If you're having fun with it, I'd love to hear about your character.


Captain Slow is fucking invincible.


>Captain Slow gets into another game
>Trips confirm

What is that bastard's secret. WHAT IS IT?

Changed that up

>that wishy washy stuff

Aw, thanks Wubu. You've done a good job of making people hype for your game but you're a pretty swell person too.


Self shilling and ERP

dude he doesn't self shill, kys

>Self-shilling and ERP

Of course, of course. He does it Rory style

I guess it's time to check my fives!

Ahhh, fuck. I forgot that was even a thing. That's more of a containment game than a real game though.. right?

I think it's more a dedicated fanbase at this point. People assume he's the best at ERP because someone said he was, and nobody tells them otherwise.

It's not self-shilling or even skill, just celebrity.

>Expecting quints
>Get Quads

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The magic is spent it seems

It's not like it's a bad thing. It's an anonymous board, why wouldn't you self shill?

Secondly, we have... Immortal's Branwen Gwas Ddraig Du! The NE Witch was raised to be a perfect minion for a dark, draconic lord... But she always knew she was meant to be more than a lowly servant and fortunately for Branwen, her scaled patron recognized the potential for greatness in her! Cenncroithi, a powerful black dragon who came to Brevoy from Iobaria after the disappearance of Choral the Conqueror, gifted Branwen with both a small hoard of her own and instructions on how to amass power through wealth before sending her on her way to explore the world and make her mark. Finally, a chance to move out of her parents' basement!

Greedy, greedy, and greedier still, Branwen's actions are entirely driven by gold and gems- or so she'd have you believe, at least. She desires to accumulate great wealth both to impress her patron and to grow her own magical powers, and is willing to use quite unscrupulous means to do it. Ultimately, she dreams of Scrouge McDucking it up with a massive hoard of her own, and would spare little expense to secure whatever finds its way into her bank account- just as her draconic patron would have it. But in actuality, Branwen has the naive heart of a young woman, and learning the meaning of friendship, camaraderie, and even love could certainly upset the plans dark Cenncroithi has in mind for her.

Truth be told, I plan to apply for Overlewd later, now that I can take a breather from reviewing and comparing apps and trying to assemble a party.


Because you then end up in a situation where it becomes too obvious, like with a certain user

Holy shitballs

>Andrew Carnegie Knight
>J.P. Morgon with scales and tits Witch

I had a horse that I donated to a small village because they were super poor. Then I had a giant lizard. Then she died and got reincarnated as a human because druids. Shortly after, I got a dire wolverine to replace the lost mount. Then I had a homunculus, until the wizard killed it in a party encompassing fireball. Then both the reincarnated lizard/waifu and the wolverine died in the same boss fight. Now I have a lizard horse and I'm scared to use it since it has only 1/3 of my health.

blessed by kek we are

>nearly get 7 dubs in a row, one of which was trips.


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>Blingmaker GM announcing picks
>people more amazed by the surge of dubs and trips

I can't even tell what the hype is for anymore

Hmm that makes sense and gives me the perfect idea on how to proceed. Thanks user

Up third, we have... Centarius' Antoinette Hearthsley! The NE Wizard is a lovely elven woman possessing great charms and an even greater insights into magic. Hailing from Kyonin's capital city of Iadara, the woman comes from an affluent family and was easily able to find her way into wizard college. Antoinette was intrigued by the mystique and power surrounding one particular field of study- unfortunately for the elven woman, she'd set her sight on the forbidden arts of necromancy. When her secret studies suddenly became not-so-secret and her maligned interests outed, Antoinette was left with no choice except to sever ties to her family, flee her home, and take a new name. After drifting to Brevoy she heard about the Swordlord's call for adventurers to purge the Greenbelt of bandits, and while she couldn't give less of a damn about politics or wars, she knows the chance to get at a few warm bodies when she sees one.

Given the chance, Antoinette would like to not only continue to train her talents, but to even teach others. She has signed to the charter to explore the Stolen Lands for the opportunity to hone her craft safely away from the prying eyes and strict morals of society, but also hopes to study some of the stranger magics rumored to linger in the area- including the undoubtedly magical explosion which shook the land nearly a year ago. Surely bandits couldn't really be responsible for such a thing, but in any case nobody is going to miss a few thieves or murders and they've got strong bodies that it'd be such a shame to waste...