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>Citadel Painting Guides:

>Figure painter magazine issues 1-36

>Paint range compatibility chart across manufacturers

>Painting Videos only

>DIY Lightbox

>DIY Spraybooth

>DIY Wet Palette

>How to Moldlines

>Fuckin Magnets how do they work?

>List of mini manufacturers for converting and proxy

>Stripping Paint (yes, the ellipses are part of the URL!)

>Priming With Acrylic Gesso

>Green Stuff Casting

>On the consequences of insufficient ventilation

>This planet is ours, witch!

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so, I'm about to use isopropyl to remove paint from minis that didn't come off to acrylic remover
any advice?

First bump for visibility - hadn't seen a WIP thread for a bit today.

Sharing my friend's new Typhon.

you beat me two minutes to it op

i hope to get some work done to my inquisitor warband tonight, will post pics when progress is made

Looks good, what did you use for the green?

Getting my second asscan and fist contemptor ready, this time a fancy resin one. Holy cow there's a lot of posability.

Here's his two friends. Should I give him a charging pose or braced and shooting? And focused on the fist or the assault cannon?

Noice. Looking forward to seeing it. Im not sure what he uses, actually. Ill ask him.

Castellan green.

How does my first kan look?

She looks like a cute little tugboat at the moment. Apologies for the phone camera.

the arms have massive gaps in them and there's a hair on its left shoulder.

Sea Dorfs sound so much cooler than sky ones

I forgot to post my actual question. How much more construction could I get away with?

You best be painting that little lad yellow, fellow.

Those gaps are pretty heinous but your paint is going well so far.

man ive loved following the progress of your condiment marines

What he said. You can still take care of that in a number of ways, you could apply plastic glue, gap filling agent (ideally) or green/brown stuff.

The stance is shit isnt it

Yeah but it's a shame AoS is a game that takes place on dry land

your stance on gaps, yes

Im retarded and yeah the arms wouldn't fit together right at all it ive never touched green stuff should now be the time for me to attempt it

It's passable, paints aren't too thick.

For dust, hair etc., get a blusher brush. Essential tool. See a lot of dusty models on /wip/, I fully wipe down my painting area if it hasn't been used for more than a day or two, and give my models a quick dust before every session.

Aw, man. Thanks user. It's been a very long road for a lot of them. Looking forward to striding into the next edition fully painted.

He's going to be purple sadly, Looking at WW1 Dazzle Camoflage to liven him up though!

Some super glue can go a long way for gaps as well pre painting.

No. Greenstuff shrinks when it dries and stays flexible which is undesirable more often than not.

You need Privateer Press Brown Stuff. That's got the best properties of any kind of modelling putty I've tried. Buy that instead, it works like a charm.

>Looking at WW1 Dazzle Camoflage to liven him up though!
Hey, that's a pretty good alternative if I do say so myself. Hmm, now I want to paint some tanks...

Maybe if you're desperate. But plastic glue, if you've just assembled a plastic miniature and have some slight gaps, is actually preferable to modelling putty provided you have the ability to file it back down once it cures

>No. Greenstuff shrinks when it dries
Liquid Greenstuff. Not the regular kind.

Shame 28mm ship combat died in 6th edition. These skyboats would be perfect for dwarf ironclads.

The kill team I've been working on for SW:A.

What's with the filter?

Fastest way to downsize the file size on my phone.

I was really confused how you are gonna use these in Star Wars: Armada for a moment.

Posting again from last thread.

Tried the technique user with the batman mini recommended when highlighting black and although I have room for improvement I think this Solitaire looks vastly better now.

Thanks Bat-user.

oh those black highlights do look nice. The one purple highlight on the side of that collar is a bit wide IMO but overall solid work.

Working on my arkanauts.

which scheme is best?

Number 1 but darker


do you mean the duster/west color or the red?
Had another version of that with darker browns and a terracotta instead of red.

This threads fucking dead as hell but I finally managed to make a nice collage shot of my valhallans, posting to bump I guess.

What are some minis I could get that are ladies in pretty dresses, such as those of nobles?

I already have what few I could find from Reaper, and ones from the Vampire Counts Mortis Engine seem to be sold out on bits sites.

Pic somewhat related.

We are a bit slower than normal today. I'm gonna get to work and hopefully have something to bump with.

Your valhallans look nice; I can't believe you took the time to give everyone a nice looking face.

The two GW ones that come to mind are those old female inquisitors and isabella von carstein.

I meant to mention excluding GW stuff as well, since I have what I want/can get from them. (The female inquisitors all being discontinued except for the recent Greyfax.)

Thoughts on finished vanquisher?

I just can't get over how stupid that gun looks.

Like stupidly long?

I always get a sherman firefly vibe from these - I just wish the rear of the russ was a bit longer to balance out the profile.

Your paintjob looks great, desu. Nice work with the distressed stripes and transfer.

If something on ebay is coming out of hong kong is it a guarantee its a recast?

Cheers buddy

Can someone recommend me an airbrush and compressor?
I'm not looking for anything fancy, just something that'll help me prime and basecoat without breaking to a stiff breeze. My price range is around $200 USD which is I heard the bare minimum for a decent setup.

I hear the Iwata Eclipse and Badger airbrushes mentioned a lot, but I don't know how the two compare with each other. I know nothing about air compressors, at least in terms of small-scale airbrushing.

I like good looking Leman Russes, and thus I like yours. The highlights on the tin bitz are great.

Yup. Nothing legit comes out of hong Kong.

those look really nice, I am still deciding on a color scheme I might do custom but barak-zon is my favorite looking actual scheme

Anyone here have advice on carving into resin?

My other option, but I want to avoid it, was to drill out the area and re-fill it with reshaped greenstuff/putty.

I know about the whole "recasting is the better choice" thing, but still, how hard is it to carve into resin pieces, in a pinch?

otherwise number 2

Dem teef need a wash n highlight.
Red needs an edge highlight.
Wild Rider Red is good for something subtle or an Orange for something stark.

Did you look up Hasslefree miniatures?

I did not. I don't know of many model producers.

The only one I could find on there was this steampunk sniper one.

They have a lot of nude and pinup ladies, but I don't need such currently.

How do I varnish minis without it dulling down my bright metallics?

can you guys give me your various tutorials in how to paint camo? I've got an airbrush, and I want to learn multiple ways to do it(Blood axes), other then a base color with dots on it.

Finished Solitaire, happy with the results. Thanks to everyone with the helpful advice and critiques!

Also built myself a Light Box but as you can see the lighting is still pretty dull with 2 50 watt bright white bulbs shinning in.

If you don't want to spray matte varnish and then pick out stuff in gloss varnish with a brush, maybe just try satin?

Apparently GW's own satin varnish, Purity Seal, is actually quite decent and forgiving if you spray lightly. Going to pick up a can myself, not at RRP though.

Behold, my wip land raider, named Pha't'karr

harbor freight air compressor + pressure regulator to get it to the right PSI. Then get a g22 airbrush.

or you can forgo that and just buy this.

God. 1300 points of Custodes is really nothing at all.

I'm adding these to my main force, but god damn it's its own army. Marathoning the gold armor isn't as bad as I thought though; but I definitely have miles to go.

How does my first kan look?

The Mek is clearly muckin' about.

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cyka blyat
the legs are a bit noodly

Daily reminder.


>Fat car

Uck, I wouldn't buy either of those compressors. Definitely not the ones from Horrible Freight; I had one, kept getting worried about lighting my apartment on fire from overheating. Lose the crap airbrush and no name paints, just get a tanked compressor:


I own it, it runs, doesn't overheat.

I can only vouch for the Eclipse (which I own); I doubt a Patriot (Badger's equivalent) would really let you down though. The two things that swayed me to the Iwata camp were the facts that I was able to import an Eclipse from Japan cheaply and parts were readily available locally for it.

what is the most basic glue I can use on plastic minis
pe/pp super glue, regular super glue, wikol or hot glue?

Not so much a recommendation as a tip if you can, but Hobby Lobby has a once per month 40% any item code. Just go to their site and its up there. They have a decent selection of compressors and airbrushes, and I grabbed a good Iwata for $80 rather than the 140 it was going for.

If there's one near you I'd give it a go.

At the same time, amazon has some nice package deals that are pretty cheap if its your first airbrush. Some compressor/airbrush packages go for about 80, and if its your first airbrush that should last you fine for basics, or help you work up to something more expensive.

An ancient terran name that carried power and strengh, appropriate for a land raider

You could use super glue, but I'd recommend plastic cement of some sort.

Almost done with this fucker, just a few touch ups here and there.
Was a joy to paint.

da cape

Working on some Nurglings for the Plaguebearers I've been doing.

and a final close up

And here they are attached to their new Plaguebearer buddies

But, user. The moldlines...

that's a pretty big cape

Yeah, usually the first drybrush is when I find all the mold lines I either didn't scrape enough or missed altogether.

My biggest flaw/thing that most needs to be improved, but it's inevitable that I still miss at least one mold line on each mini. I need better lighting in my work space.

Working on my first Sister at the moment (and the first thing I've painted in years). As someone used to painting Marines, she's a struggle. She's some way off being done but I'm happy with the armour. Does anyone have tips for getting the robes right? I haven't applied the white layer yet but would white scar, a wash and a second layer of white do the job?

...are you painting on bare metal?

It's on a silver spray.

Looks pretty nice, user. What wash are you thinking of using for the whites? I'd be kinda worried about staining it too much.

I don't think so. Looks like it's primed in metallic spray paint and washed with a black wash.

well I'm gluing only a small batch of second hand models for my dnd
soaked them in acrylics remover overnight and they came completely apart, apparently they weren't glued too well.
The moldlines and sprue marks are still there and there was no primer but different kinds of paints were used
wikol is water based, most commonly used for wood and paper but some use it for plastic because it's clean and dries neat and transparent with some filling properties, which might be what I need
I don't have any specialist stores in my area so I have to pick my tools from what a hardware store offers

Nuln oil but I'll probably just put the white on for now and see how it looks, I'm surprised how light the first grey dried


Using a plastic head for mini Vulkan because the finecast one is literally unuseable.

Like the FIRST Killer Kan user. Just needs googly eyes.

Gorgeous. Why is he out bush though?

my gaming table has a lot of grass, dirt and rubble, so I wanted the bases to kind of fit that
Also he's supposed to be the arkham asylum version, so pic related

Gotham has parks. Batman likes dogging when crime's slow.

That has to be the shiniest fucking six-pack I've seen on a mini.
Also nice paintjob, I dig the cowl.

Awesome, good blending

Extra killy