Post mythological monsters from your culture please

Post mythological monsters from your culture please.
I need inspiration for my campaign and I normally show monsters and creatures around the cultures which I based on real life ones.
It makes the world feel consistent.
Anyway here is the karabasan which is basically a mere but I don't exactly know which culture came up with it first anyway its very wide spread.

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What''s this?

The Wendigo. Canadian winter spirit of starvation, created from a human committing cannibalism and transforming

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Nice thanks.


It's as Canadian as it is American, which is to say neither.

Wendigos are more north American, same as skinwalkers. A true Canadian mythological beast would be the sasquatch. Another great north American one is thunderbirds

From norske-torske land:

A water spirit that kind of looks like a man covered in tangled hair and branches, and had big glowing eyes. Will pull you into the water and drown you unless you spit in the water and make the sign of the cross (optional flavor text for post-Christian setting)

Little elf-man that lives under waterfalls, where he plays his fiddle. If you've got the stones and the dedication, he'll teach you how to play so sweetly that the trees will weep.

Beautiful mountain maiden who might try and seduce you and have you come live with her inside her mountain home. Has hidden cow's tail under her robes. Downside: you have to live there forever.
+ Can avoid an eternity in her realm if you marry her in church.
-She gets ugly
-She loses her tail

Super-magical zombie with various abilities ascribed to them. Essentially also have hexproof. Often the result of a drowning at sea.

Big, dumb, and strong, but still usually can talk. Multiple heads and long noses optional. Wives tend to be quite magical, and stir their cooking fires with their long noses.

Fearsome critters are silly, but basicly perfect monsters for rpgs, especially Western style ones. Argopelters, hidebehinds, jackalopes, hodags, etc

You already know this one

Little gnome-fellow who lives in you barn. As long as you leave him some food (typically porridge) on special days. If you don't, buy yourself a hat and get ready to hold the fuck on to it, because a vengeful nisse is a nightmare. He'll torture your animals, foul your food and water, burn shit, and just generally make life hell for you. So really, just make the porridge.

Also, the usual smattering of witches, elves (not the LotR kind) and dwarves. Satan himself (Fanden) might also be seen out travelling, being willing to strike all kinds of bargains. Just don't talk to him about nuts...

Pic reminded me of this

" Little black of the fields "would be the literal translation of his name ( Negrinho do pastoreio)
> The ghost/spirit of a young slave who died under his owner torture. Only appears at night, rides a horse,carries a candle and help those who lost something to find it if they have faith

>Blue Ben
A giant blue dragon that breathes fire. Lives in caves on the coast. Has to cool off in water after breathing fire. Built a limestone causway through the local swamps and fens because he was once captured by a devil who rode him into hell, and in his rush to escape he fell in the mud and got stuck.

>Black Shucky
Giant black shaggy dogs with disproportionately large eyes. Very variable, they can have one eye or two, that burn with evil looking fire in red or green, can fly or float and surround themselves with mist. The ones with green firey eyes are benevolent and kind despite looking evil. The red eyed dogs are sometimes actually evil. They are surrounded by cold auraus and make no sound walking. Often known to either protect travelers or those walking alone at night in danger OR cause death to come to those who they look at with the evil eye.

People who have gone through with a ritual with the devil to gain psychic control over horses. Possibly a secret society or group of witches. The ritual is also an initiation, where you catch a toad, hang it alive from a thron bush or nail it over a ant hill till the bones are clean, carry them on your body till they dry, thrown in a running stream on a full moon at midnight and watched till all but the last bone is washed away. The last bone is one never found in a normal frog, and is small and forkshaped and can be used to psychically control horses.

From Inuit mythology: the Keelut.
The Keelut is an evil spirit taking the form of a dog missing it's fur entirely except for it's feet. It feasts on the dead and is said to be a harbinger of death. It's tracks disappear shortly after they are made, regardless of the terrain, making it nearly impossible for those it stalks to know of it's presence.
Pic somewhat related

Tokoloshi, a little demon that will come into your house and rape you unless you elevate your bed on bricks.

Sorry about the accidental sage lads

I'm afraid this is not going to be too original because certain tropes tend to recur in many cultures
some slav (polish flavour) fold demons
essentially a kappa. They drown people in bodies of water and swamps and play very nasty tricks. They are known to look like shriveled little old men but have extraordinary strength and sometimes they wear red vests. They like tobacco and smoke very long pipes. They can be bargained with and tricked into favours
storm spirits, appear as old men wearing extraordinarily wide rimmed hats. Depending of how you show your respect to them (by throwing flour into the air or into fire) they can make storms come and ruing your crops or spare them. They also fight dragons in the skies.
forest spirit. Essentially a lawful neutral druid. Known to have birch bark white face and his height varies depending on the trees he's surrounded with. Can shape shift int forest animals or whirlwinds. Can help people cross forests or get them lost, depending on how they are treating the nature.
a vampire but not really. They drink blood and eat flesh but usually the victims are related to them. They are born with two souls, two hearts and two sets of teeth one behind the other. They can stand sunlight and such just right and they can have marks on their bodies resembling scissors (thus the name strzyga). Because they have two souls they can come back from dead, but usually only once and usually to have revenge on whomever killed them the first time.
treasurer. Lives in mines. Can reward good work, honesty, and cleverness but is ruthless if you happen to spite him. Among the things that he hates is, for example, whistling underground.

The mighty hodag!

From New Mexican Mythology, La Llorona
>Woman who went looking for her kids in an arroyo and drowned in a flash flood.
>Now a restless ghost who haunts arroyos after nightfall, searching for children to take as her own.
>Constantly crying, bemoaning the death of her children.
>Some stories have her touch leave deep red marks in the skin, which remain cold to the touch.

Growing up next to an arroyo was fun for childhood ghost stories.

From Sardinian mithology:


A man that during some nights transforms into an half-man-half-ox (kind of like the minotaur, but the skin, the "hands" and the "feet" are ox-like as well) and returns human in the morning, while he wakes up again in his room. Has steel horns on his head, and on top of every horn there is a candle on fire. If he passes in front of you or your door and hits the ground three times with his foot you are going to die soon. He transforms against his own will (usually as a punishment for a crime he committed, ex. he killed someone and did not pay for it) and the only way to break the curse is to be brave enough to wrestle him and to manage to break his horns or turn off the fire of the candles.


Women that during the day live a life that looks normal, but that during the night enter in the hours of other people to drink their blood. Especially children, and non baptized even more. They often get inside by transforming into flies. They are incredibly ugly, and can be recognized because they have a very little tail and/or an hairy cross on their back. Even if Surbiles are mostly born like that, apparently anyone can become one by doing a particular ritual. You have to enter in a graveyard on a Friday night, take the fat from a body that was put in the ground recently, mix it with the blood of a virgin girl and with holy oil and put it under the armpits and the footsteps and during the first night the transformation will happen.


A demon (an incubus, pretty much) that enters in your dreams giving you anxiety and distress while strangling you irl. Was considered very scary by sheperds and anyone else that had to sleep in the open.

This is the Doritos monster.
He is from the "Extreme!" mythos

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I didn't know about the rape, but I did hear about the toes.

One myth I don't know all of the details of:

There's a beast that is mostly comprised of hair, and has the frontquarters of a horse. It hands out in rivers and lakes and such. A person walking by is compelled to help the horse out of the water, at which point the hair entangles them and drags them under the water.

The only way to escape is to throw a magnetized needle into the water.

NZ has Taniwha, a type of large river serpent that're pretty much benevolent western dragons.

They sleep in deep caves/rivers/lakes/oceans and act as guardians of a particular area or tribe that lives near it's host water.

On the other hand, they'll also occasionally kidnap women for wives and kill enemy tribes that enter it's hunting grounds.

If you were from norway you'd know all those creatures and in fact all magical humanoids are trolls


Sleipnir: an eight legged horse whos mother was Loke

Jormundgandr: the giant serpent that is so large that it can reach around the entire world and bit its tail. Also a son of Loke (but as the father as this time)
But that's all just nordic lore. You all know that. It is pretty cool and stuff so I won't go too deep into it

Ellerfolk: these insanely hot elvish-sorta chicks who lure people with them just to dance. The kicker is that whoever looks at them dance forgets time. The ellerfolk can keep on dancing forever and there are many stories of young men who simply stare at these backless chicks for years before they die of old age.


Daevas are not originally part of our culture per see, they were imported from zoroastrianism but still.
This is one of the traditional display, for children fairy tales. For real, mythological-religious ones, they pretty much same as christian demons.

Isn't she the one with a empty back?
Or is that a later affectation?

OP said mythological creatures.

Anyway, a real mythological creature from Australia would be the Yowie. Its basically the Australian equivalent to Bigfoot, except theres even more disagreement as to what exactly it looks like, and what type of behavior it has. Usually described as timid/shy.

Theres also the Bunyip. Typically described as evil, water-dwelling creature, that stalks its prey in silence before consuming them. Definitely a bit more odd looking than the Yowie allegedly looks.

Sorry mate but I forget the names of most of them but we've got a few human shaped but not quite human ones

>fucker who hangs out in a billabong (not a flowing river) and will try and drown you and eat you because he's a cunt.
>I was taught it was human shaped with big teeth but others say it's some dog/croc hybrid with giant teeth or tusk.

>tall hairy cunt, basically aussie Bigfoot is kinda a pussy unless cornered
>(there was a sighting of one in some cunts garage in 2010 in the A.C.T. of all fucking places)

>tall skinny human shaped dreamtime cunt
>he's a total bro who turns up to fuck up the next two cunts. If you see him and the others aren't around he's an arrogant cunt who gives 0 fucks about you. (Think craftworld Eldar)

>buff middle sized black coloured cunt.
>this cunt is a fucking cunt, making him a cunt^2.
>loves fucking up your day and eating people while they are still alive. However normally the tall cunts turn up and drive them away after they've eaten a few of your mates

>short annoying smelly hairy cunt
>these cunts are just annoying, not quite the mischievous imp type more chimpanzee on ice annoying.
>there was a report of someone catching one around '00, they locked it up in the local gaol overnight, and the rest of the little cunts tribe fucked up the town smashing windows and screaming until the little stinky cunt was let free.

If you want more information, I dont know search Wikipedia for yowie keep clicking related article or something, or ask /x/ quite a few girls on /x/ so I recommend this option (Alison is an /x/phile and she's a professional model)

The Best

Y'all got short red cunts in trees, too. I don't think anybody's made a movie or White Wolf game out of these idiot things.

Banshee. Not really dangerous but a good indication someone was a bout to die or has died.

Fuck oath mate.
Good job

I also like the world of darkness take on the bunyip (werewolf thylacene) even if it's totally removed from the whole "stagnant water" factor that is essential to a bunyip.

Also just for shingles I'll post the most widespread and also the most hated of all Australian crypto-zoology the competent member of parliament.

Sadly no pics are available.

I feel like the dreamtime doesn't get a lot of focus when it comes to mythology compared to other cultures. Which I suppose fair enough given how "Australia" came to be, but I always feel like I don't know enough about it to even be sure whether or not it's interesting.

The one I really like in slavic culture that isn't really represented in other cultures is Lady Midday (Południca)
She is heatstroke given form, appears in midday sun on the fields. Depending on the telling she is either a haggard, dried out corpse of a woman that drags fieldworkers to the ground and tries to kill them, or a pretty blonde woman who asks farmers riddles and lures the out into the fileds so they get lost and gives them sickness if they answer her riddles wrong.
It is said that the południce were women who died just before or after a wedding.

aka a noon wraith because the witcher did it

Month brothers.
12 brothers with each representing a month and having powers related to them.
April can make winter go away and cause plantlife to bloom again etc.
They are very nice and helpful, provided you first answer a question "which one of us do you favor more" with "each equally for you're all equally needed"
Story was about an adopted orphan who was sent to the forest by stepmother to go and die on impossible errands
>go bring me a bunch of violas, in the middle of fucking winter
>now a full pitcher of wild strawberries
>bring me pure silver money
But she made the errands thanks to the brothers, after the stepmother sent her for more money she stayed with the brothers, so the daughter and stepmother went looking for her, found the brothers, and started insulting them.
In retaliation Winter and February caused a blizzard and made them freeze to death

>Known to have birch bark face
I know the version where he's a very white man of size depending on health and size of the forest.

...Your point?
The Witcher is made on canvas of slavic mythology, I really don't know what you're getting at

He was killed by being strapped to a pole atop a huge ant's nest and was left there for days to be eaten alive (motherfucking huge Brazilian ants).

Then the legend says that after three days the guy that left him to die went back there and the little black boy was free of the ropes, his skin unharmed and besides him was the Virgin Mary, indicating that he was saved.

It is considered that he did die and that what the guy saw was his spirit, something like a vengeful spirit, but instead of seeking vengeace the spirit tries to help people.

The focus of the spirit on the Little Black Boy on helping people to find lost things is linked to the cause of his torture and death, he lost the herd he was herding twice before getting killed for it.

Witcher was a mistake.



From Brazilian Folklore we have the Saci Perere.

Descriptions vary a little but mostly the Saci is described as a black boy with only one leg and a red hat.
Sometimes it is not a boy but a grown man, other times it is not a person with black skin but a pitch black humanoid shape.
It is often depicted smoking and is said to move around inside or turn into a dust devil.

The Saci is a trickster spirit, usually linked to things like objects getting hidden for no reason, animals getting scared at night out of nowhere, basicly anything annoying that happens without a clear reason.
It is also said to be able to sit with his legs crossed ... even though he has only one leg.

In terms of tricksterness, this entity would be something like the Brazilian HUEHUEHUE incarnate.

He is lawless but if you manage to steal his hat, he is forced to obey you, kinda like a genie, all the while trying to get his hat back.

It might be that this character was created by mixing local legends with Muslim legends of Djinn and Ifrit.

You forget the Nettle Trees that have very long hollow bits of basically glass that open your nerves to the world. I understand the pain registered is "oh god why?!" Levels of fuck!

More from Slavic folklore we have mawka. It's an undead corpse of a drowned girl (especially one who drowned herself) who looks pretty from the front but her back has rotten off. She will try to charm you into the water and drown.

I thought the yowie had a common theme of being canine like. A little bit. Kinda.