Is a Necron victory the best ending in 40k?

Is a Necron victory the best ending in 40k?

Chaos would crumble and Dark Eldar would be exterminated, protecting your soul from them. You also wouldn't be assimilated by Tyranids either. When they finished the other jerkass factions the Necron would shut down again, giving a chance for a better universe to arise.

Chaos victory is the best victory.
>Shit mortal universe replaced with realm of infinite possibility
>Become part of a god

But the chaos gods aren't worth it man
Gork and Mork are the only warp enitities that didn't screw anything up


Read Farseer Maechu's prophecy.

Anyone have the page?

You assume the Necrons wouldn't assimilate everybody.....

Additionally, the Necrons are soulless. As in, they possess barely any feeling, if any. They would exterminate and experiment violently, enslaving people.
It would be actually be really bad if they won.


The Necrons don't give a fuck about prophecies.

>He let himself slip from the skein, but was wrenched about, his spirit spinning away from the threads of fate. As he grasped for purchase, he saw stars moving and exploding, and a metal skull with a single green orb glowing balefully in its centre. It was haloed by a ring of gold and its monstrous, unmoving maw whispered to him…

>''Even your prophecies are not safe, Eldorath One-Hand. What does that leave you?''

>With a jolt, Eldorath felt reality reassert itself. He knew that yngiract, by reputation at least. The Diviner. Was it the source of the problems he and his seers had walking the skein? Senses returned, gravity took its hold and he felt the steady buzz of the infinity circuit, the whispers of seers long gone.

>I have seen the doom of the universe.

>It waits, ever-patient, at the end of the twisting, spiralling path that the young races have wrought for themselves. Like some malignant, patient beast it lingers unseen, but this horror is neither nameless nor unheralded. The potential for its sundered birth squatted within the minds of its masters long before Isha's tears fell. The black seed of its creation was sown long aeons past, and it has grown strong.

>I have seen the proud sons of Asuryan dwindle away to mere pockets of resistance on the cusp of the galactic wastes. I have seen the infinity circuits themselves, the lifeblood of the craftworlds sucked dry in obscene feasts. The lesser races war amongst themselves, unaware of the horrifying fate that awaits them, the reward of their intolerance.

>I have seen the mon-keigh brutally shorn of their precious civilisation, reduced to a weak and frail shadow of their gaudy, temporal grandeur. No more do their brutish warriors wage xenocidal wars; they could not fight against the inevitability of time. No more does their corpse-god's pallid beacon sputter and crackle in the warp; his feeble flame was long since extinguished. His appetite for souls was as nothing next to the ageless hunger of the Yngir.

>I have seen column upon column of shambling, hopeless figures trudging through the ashen dust, herded forth by the gleaming traitors plucked from the imperfect womb of their race. These guards are terrible indeed, their cold perfection a stark contrast to their sick and wasted charges. They drive them into the insatiable mouths of megalithic portals that punctuate the landscape like vast, black parasites, aligned in a blasphemous architecture of despair.

>I have seen the mark of the Yngir on the young and old alike, lest the others in their sacrilegious pantheon turn their deadly attentions to the wrong flock. They populate the geometric schism of changeless realspace that the Yngir have worked long millennia to construct. A psychic void, the warp cannot exist there. The spirit cannot exist there.

>I have seen the infernal machineries of the Dragon powered by the tired limbs of those which they are designed to consume, the exhausted husks that can work no more transmuted into brief flares of light. Hundreds of serried, fleshy forms, riddled with sockets and plugs, bleed their essence into the pulsing green heart of the Machine.

>I have seen the sprawling landscape of fear that the Master of Death has created, its craven inhabitants wading half-mad with terror through seas of blood. For the Destroyer savours the taste of dread, and cultivates it in his herd, his phantoms plaguing the living with premonitions of their inevitable demise. Then, at the peak of their horror, he feeds.

>I have seen the writhing, inverted geometries of the Outsider curl and tighten around his harvest as they clamber and crawl like vermin around his illogical labyrinth. Barely a shred of sanity exists in the broken minds of his prey; enough to comprehend the fact that they cannot escape this hideous paradigm, but not enough to quell the traitorous seed of hope that slithers unfulfilled within their breast.

>I have seen the Jackal god’s prey wander in a deluded reverie, imagining the lush grass of the Elysian fields when their bloodied feet trail through sharp stones and vitrified bone. Their toothless mouths twist into the vapid smiles of the ignorant as they wander into the soulforges, believing they are coming home.'

>But I have seen many things, as my soul has wandered the myriad paths of the future. I have seen both the death and the birth of stars. I have walked the very borders of the universe within the confines of my mind, and I know that the future is not immutable. The Yngir can be stopped, their nascent labours undone before they come to terrible fruition. This knowledge is the most precious of all.

>I have seen the doom of the universe. And yet I have seen hope.

So yeah, seems like a grand old time!

I mean, I'm for a Necron victory as much as the other guy.
But are any of those lines valid since the C'tan got sharded?

The dragon.....refers to the ctan that did not get sharded.

So it's fully valid.

I mean it also references the other ones though.
Is this older than the Newcron fluff? I would think as it implies slavery to the C'tan, it wouldn't be valid if it is older.

Well it is from the 3rd Ed Codex so maybe not?

its a shame if so, I cant say I've come across any 'newcron' fluff thats as good.

Seconded. Becoming part of a getsalt conciousness of war, hatred and violence has always been humanity's destiny. Imagine bringing the eternal war upon the alien in other galaxies as a fucking Bloodthirster!

You'd be dead!

dead > assimilated > soul tortured and used as a power source > soul eternally tortured by chaos gods

BTW, nothing against shards reforming into full Ctan.

I'm obviously biased as a Necron player, but I've always felt the most powerful of the faction wanking fluff was that of the Necrons.

When the Imperium codices talk about the Imperium's might, fuck yeah. When the Tyranid or Chaos codices talk about the inevitable victory of their numberless assimilation, cool as fuck.

But when the Necron codex talks about the Necrons' ancient slumber, those who are not dead because they can eternal lie, about the unstoppable threat so fundamentally overpowering that memories of it's ferocity are fundamentally imprinted into the older races DNA, that's the shit that makes me want to play a faction.

Nah, a hybrid Eldar/Human victory would be the best.

That\s no longer valid.

The Void Dragon was sharded. His shards appear in the fluff.

Anyone have the prophecies from the Dante novel? Those are the most updated, and it pretty much comes down to chaos vs tyranids in the ruins of the imperium for the right to devour the emperor





More like they would strip humanity of their soul as well.

...not so bad if you think what the Chaos gods would do with it.

>More like they would strip humanity of their soul as well.
They might, but only as a side-effect of their failed experiments and attempts to reverse the biotransference.
They don't understand how souls work, there's no way they'd "strip humanity of their souls" on purpose

>Gork n Mork iz da best!

Fuck off Gendo.
Your son's a emo fag and your wife is gone forever.
Deal with it like an adult.

They're out of date.
Guilliman's return rewove the fabric of fate.

TIL nulls and pariahs don't exist.

This is only tangentially related but who is your favorite necron character and why? I like Orikan because it's implied he might be a c'tan himself.

Nemesor Zahndrekh
I like to think he just pretends to be delusional to have an excuse not to be an asshole.

No. Necron end is the same as Imperium or Tyranid end. Everyone else dies, etc.

Best ending is that the Imperium goes through an incredible upheaval that sets humans up to move back toward DAoT mindset and tech.

This guy


Nope, this piece of lore happens at the same time as the Gathering of Storm in the novel. In all likeliness, GW will follow this prophecy. GW is already writing the lore for the "Devastation of Baal"

>Here's hoping 8th makes him playable

>believing a fagdar


>Nope, this piece of lore happens at the same time as the Gathering of Storm

No, that was written by Sangunius 10,000 years ago.

Talking from a Meta sense. They wouldn't have brought it back in a book that features Gathering Storm events unless they going use it. The prophecy is already proceeding with Baal coming under siege in the coming novel.

Neither faction can beat the Necrons, especially not the fagranids, who would starve even trying.

In a narrative sense they've said that fate has changed.
So all ancient prophecies are forfeit.

Except that the Eldar prophecies are on the money even after Girlyman's rebirth.

It seems that the tech(Orikan) of the Necrons is enough to visions and twist Prophecies to their will.

No they're not.
All Eldar visions pointed to the End TImes buct now it's been pushed back.

No, they are not. They are merely delayed.

Best ending would be:
>Big E transforms into a full god and chimps out in warp
>Resurrects every human soul as an badass undead daemon, like LotD
>Crushes Khornes skull
>Outsmarts Tseench and kills him
>Drowns Nurgle in his own puke
>Assrapes Saanesh
>Proclaims warp as rightful Human clay

>Humans are happy as they become immortal transdimensional creatures and live forever with their Space jesus
>Eldar are happy, because their souls arent consumed by rapetentacle hermaphrodite demon anymore and since Humans are Transdimensional creatures, they can rule galaxy once again.
>Tau are happy, because they are retarded
>No one gives a fuck about rest.

Tell me a better ending, I'm waiting.

pushed back means delayed you idiot

Doesn't mean they are wrong as you claimed.

Tau establishing Space Soviet Union and conquering the galaxy is the best ending
prove me wrong
you cant