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>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world where pants are optional.
Start here: theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on Veeky Forums.

Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Arms of the Chosen Previews
dropbox.com/s/15xddoahzedtkwu/Arms of the Chosen Preview.docx?dl=0

>Other Ex3 Resources

>Resources for Older Editions

Previous age: Underworld edition. What notable ghosts have appeared in your campaigns? Has anyone in your circle learned necromancy?

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>We didn't "need" Gods being able to shit out little Exalt's of variable power levels.

They can't shit them out. The idea is when there is a crisis or a compelling reason for a God to sacrifice themselves to Exalt someone, they can petition the UCS for the exigency. They're supposed to be pretty rare.

Exigents add cool flavor to the setting, set up precedent for there being exalts who are not automatically considered anathema, and are perfect fits to mixed splat games.

>We didn't "need" Not-Prometheans who possibly enroach upon Abyssal themes when Abyssal themes are already fairly weak as is

The sections on liminals and abyssals in the book are really different, so the fear that they encroach on Abyssal themes is unfounded.

>We didn't "need" Anti-Sidereals because Lunars exist, and everything outside of Fate exists

There is little information on Getimians, but they occupy the space as foils to Sidereals in their job of actually fixing snarls in the loom of fate, which was supposed to be important in previous editions but all you actually got was...dealing with the solars

What did he make? What were his complaints? I always thought that Craft would be fundamentally incomplete until the Artefact and, to a lesser extent, the Manse splats came out.

Is this going to be the bizarro edition where, because Holdorke was in charge of the core book, and people who know what the fuck they're doing are going to be in charge of everything else, Solars are going to be the ones with the poorly written charmset and everyone else's is going to be cleanly written, neat, and mechanically elegant?

Yes, but it's letting you do something with an Ability + Attribute combo that you normally would not be allowed to use to do that with.

There was a bit of that. Not having examples of any N/A artifacts left him floundering a bit at the high end. When he realised how useless the non-power tree was, I let him redo his character to ditch the useless charms, so he didn't really complain about that - but would have, if I hadn't been flexible with it.

He didn't complain about the system complexity, but he's that sort of guy. He made a crafting calendar to keep track of when each roll was required, and to manage his willpower expenditure in downtime, and all that jazz. We stopped tracking crafting XP when it got into the thousand-plus silver xp, since every project except N/A was a net gain.

I don't think it possible to play a Solar crafter the way it's intended (i.e. having ten-plus legendary projects on the go at once, as some charms require) without being a borderline autist IRL.

The most glaring gap I find is that there's no real support for being MacGyver - the jack of all trades who can whip up whatever's needed in a given situation. I mean there's Vice Miracle Technique, but that's one charm, once per season, and still requires you to be crafting something else when you activate it. That seems to be the second-tier popular craft archetype, after Craft All The Things.

It's pretty good! The combat system and social systems work well, and Paranoia Combat is definitively no longer a thing. Which makes me very happy.

You're right, one of the real fuck ups with Craft tree was the fact that it could be solved. I'm interested in the Craft trees of other Exalts though, in order to get a comparison.

been a while, heard the terrible two were fired

4th edition when?

Fuck off.

Wait, who'd they fire?

Holden Shearer and John Morke have been replaced by Robert Vance and Eric Minton.

Never. 3E Core is a good base for the rest of the line, at least according to Vance and Minton. Who also worked on the core as well, remember.

Holden and Morke.

This. And if you want a great example of the sheer difference, recall that when 3e Solar charm previews went up and were criticized the two of them basically had a chimpout and utterly closed off all taps for previews.

By HEAVY contrast, here's Vance's reaction to having his shit criticized: forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/exalted/1083449-dragon-blooded-charm-previews?p=1083684#post1083684

>3E Core is a good base for the rest of the line

Saying that a pile of shit is diamonds doesn't actually change the fact it's a pile of shit.

They needed to go into the direction of 1e with simpler mechanics, instead we got an abortion.


I've said it before here, but I'll say it again. Those two have done more in a month to win me over than the other two did in a year. Fucking amazing.

That's some pretty hot opinions user! It does nothing to change that 3E's still the best iteration of Exalted, and now a fairly good game even when it's divorced from the setting.

The book contains rules on how to break a hearthstone, but I don't see anything saying why you would do so

There are more players in GURPS than Exalted right now.

A literal dead game has more players than one that is 'alive'.

They need to remake the entire game from scratch in order to have the remotest hope in hell of saving it.

It's powering the laser cannons on your First Age Tech power-chastity-belt.

It's pretty obvious that Rich sat on a bunch of stuff once he knew Exalted was going to be changing developers so we'd get this honeymoon period.
Not to say Vance and Minton aren't vital new blood just acknowledging there's spin here.

Wow, you counted them all???

Nigga, it's outselling anything else OPP is producing, so if you want to bitch and say that the sky is falling then get your ass on the WoD general and make that argument. If Exalted is dead then WoD is a reeking corpse rather than merely a sexy fanged one.

Huh. Well Holden and Morke seemed like alright dudes, but their design philosophies I strongly disagreed with so I'm sort of glad to see them gone as devs.

I like the mechanics of the core, but their PR skills were nonexistent.

Nigger stuff comes out for that game every month

Yeah, this, and frankly I feel like it's one of the core reasons it took a direct act of defiance to get Rich to put on his big boy britches and slap Holdemorke's shit. They may have been slow to put material out but what they got out sold (and still sells) like hotcakes.

>being MacGyver - the jack of all trades who can whip up whatever's needed in a given situation

this is most of what what I really ever wanted out of craft charms, more so than "wildly difficult to balance mix of setting breaking artificer/useless lump" in day to day play. It needed a tree like that


Pls no stacking of defense all year long until you were unkillable.

but you can't do it on most worthwhile timeframes, it takes days of rolling the rock around in your hands carefully examining it so you can split it with a single careful strike from a special jade chisel

Out of curiosity, I checked the core and manse splat from 2e and there doesn't seem to be anything there either. Did breaking a Hearthstone have any effect on the Manse in 1e?

IIRC, it just took a while for the manse to create a new Hearthstone.

Kill yourself


have you literally divorced the mechanics from the setting?

how does that work with the charms being all inherently liturgical wordicalities?

have you unplugged the poppycock and skated the balderdash?

My Dawn player spent too long in the wyld and is now five corgis. They share one mind and soul, and stay within a few feet of each other at all times. They move and act as one character.

That said, should they get some kind of special merit or merits? For size? Multitasking? Cuteness?

according to the informal polling methodologies available to gauge engagement in the rpg community, it's been received somewhere between poorly and meh.

if it is outselling everything else opp is making, that's a problem. opp nearly lost chronicles over the zak s clusterfuck

its bad news all the way down, huh


it's got about 60% the audience as the great german language rpg das schwarze auge.

so it's not 'dead' per se. just buried deeply in its niche

Yeah, here is a good merit: they can't use their charms or abilities because they're a pack of five fucking dogs.

Tiny Creature Merit. Page 561.

"Tiny Creature: Cats add +2 Evasion against any attack made by a larger foe. In addition, larger characters subtract two successes from any Awareness-based roll made to notice it."

Thank you sir. Would not have thought to look there.

Lol. Even though they've only been a mutant for half a session now, their stunts have been bananas. Supernal Melee with a Grand Daiklave. I expect someone in the party to figure out to fix them... eventually.

No, it just meant you didn't have the hearthstone until it reformed. Which took a while. And in 1E's land, where hearthstones could do stuff like "You literally cannot die, ever", sometimes shattering hearthstones was the only way to kill someone. It's also why in 1E manses were SUPER fucking fragile. Something that I really hated about 2E was manses were no longer these fragile places of power you had to devote resources towards to protect because the slightest thing could break one, they instead were fucking fortresses with goddamn laser canons and death traps and shit.

That's only for white diamonds. Yellow, blue, and pink diamonds mined from the ground are genuinely scarce, which is why rich people buy and hold them as easily transportable assets. You've also got sapphires, emeralds, and rubies in ascending order of value.

The lab cooked ones are only worth what the white diamonds are.

With the powers and fragility drawback, it could go either way. Maybe the pendulum will come to rest now that it's swung both ways, but I just hope that Manses give something more than just a Hearthstone and a roof over your head.

>if it is outselling everything else opp is making, that's a problem. opp nearly lost chronicles over the zak s clusterfuck

Wait, how is it a problem? I mean, it's a problem that OPP might have lost chronicles (but I doubt that was what was going to happen), but Exalted outselling everything else OPP is doing is not, in any way, a problem for Exalted.

Roll20 is a single website: we also have the sales numbers, including the fact that it was Drivethru's top seller on the GM's day sale.

>unable to muster an actual rebuttal

You're not supposed to be able to use your abilities if you get turned into a cat or bird or pack of five dogs.

There are multiple charms to prevent this very thing, not the least of which is destiny-manifesting method, which would let him become a dog man instead of a pack of five dogs.

Is there a page number for that assertion? Cause its fun so far, and I'm not about to shit on one of my players' enjoyment without good reason.

>implying melee supernal dawn buys anything but melee charms

He really should. Too many melee charms is liable to result in analysis paralysis when it comes to combat time, without much of an actual increase in power. Each of the subtrees is enough to murder people effectively, you don't need to do it three different ways.

Supernal is more about depth than width, IMO. It means you can start with a whole melee subtree, including it's capstone E5 charm if you want.

But after that, you should diversify, so you can have fun in not-punchy scenes.

I usually go with half my charm allotment into my Supernal and the other half into utilities and other useful outside stuff.

>nearly lost chronicles

How the hell did this happen?

>The sections on liminals and abyssals in the book are really different, so the fear that they encroach on Abyssal themes is unfounded.
Not the guy you're replying to, but the Devs literally changed the Abyssals from the Exalted of Death to the Exalted of Murder in order to make room for the Liminals, so you are objectively wrong there.

I usually have three abilities picked out for each character - supernal, secondary and combat.

I usually pick a charm in my supernal ability, and beeline for that, then divide the others between secondary and combat. There's a handful of other really useful no-prereq charms that I might toss in there if they suit the character concept (Harmonious Academic Methodology, Mastery of Small Manners, etc)

That's more of a 2.5e thing. 3e Abyssals are more death-y again.

The difference really seems to be that Abyssals herald death and champion it, whereas Liminals--true to their name--tend to guard the threshold between the living and the dead.

Their powers also seem to be different even if there is some overlap. The whole bodypart-stealing bodyhorror stick Liminals apparently will have hasn't really ever been a core part of Abyssal powers, and there is plenty of room to give them cool, thematic Charms without going into that territory.

That may be true, but nonetheless the current crop of developers have had a far, FAR less shitty attitude than Holden and Morke and really have restored some faith.

He's exaggerating terribly. There was a little bit of controversy over Zak Smith, but I guess WW didn't care and OPP didn't make a thing about it.

Based on comments by Holdorke regarding that one splash page in the core book, and more recent comments by the current devs in the ask thread, I'm betting there will be at least one more new Exalt type, beyond Exigents, Liminals, and Germans.

a lot more than that nigg, you been living under a rock?

I don't think most people really think that's bad, as long as we get some fan favs first. I know a few autistic ragebabies on Veeky Forums throw fits, but there's always gonna be a few autists screaming about edition wars.

We got Solars, getting DBs short after, Promised Lunars soon, at that point I'm happy. I know people WANT abyssals, but honestly most players who want to play Abyssals don't seem fun to play with 8/10 times. For Antags I don't need full writeups, as helpful as they can be. I can wait.

I have chained my love for Alchemicals up in a dark dark place, I did this long ago, and would have had to with zero new exalts.

A lot more than a number greater than or equal to one? Given the scope of positive integers, that sounds quite large.

Any predictions?

Apparently in the splash pic where Lissome Avid Engineer appears, *all* of the Exalts there besides her are, or at least were, intended to be some new sort of Exalt.

I'm just sad Sidereals aren't really on the radar. I'd prefer them before Lunars - if they're actually mechanically decent, you could make a good game with the sort of structure you get from the heavenly bureaucracy. Exalted's Mission: Impossible.

I believe they were all supposed to be an Exalt that didn't appear in the previous pages - which includes Alchemicals (obviously), and Infernals, as well as "new" Exalted.

I'm about 90 percent sure that they even said "no, there's not an Infernal in there either", but I could be wrong about that. I know for a fact that they said none of them are Liminals, Getimians, or Exigents.

I kinda agree DESU, but fucking... Lunar fans will burn down the barn with us all in it if they don't get a book.

Fucking... autofilter... alright

do you think rich fired some of his best people because "there wasn't a thing?"

still laughing at how stupid the opp audience is

uhh no, that was very much the 2e mirror charms approach that did that

Oh absolutely!

Why DID they get pulled off?
What act of Defiance?

The rumour going around is that Holdorke were upset over the ways OPP treated contractors regarding remuneration, and were threatening to withhold Exalted content until they got their way.

How cruel is the combat? Are players godlike or fragile glass cannons?

Did they really think they could do that with only the two of them involved?

That's not how you do it. You start a freelancer strike with the rest of the company's freelancers. That's bound to have some effect.

Two people breaking Rich's balls and his alone was bound to end like that.

Bloody americans. That's what happens when your worker movements have all been coopted for a century. Learn to class struggle pls.

The main thing Ex3 has over its predecessors is that it's better at making you feel threatened when you're not really in any danger.

>>What is Exalted?
A lie.

oh ffs
Onyx Path may not be perfect, but it feels safer there than it would with new White Wolf and that's where it'll be if Onyx Path fails, in the hands of people who apparently think a fantasy version of WoD was a mistake.

I don't see what that's got to do with writers being underpaid..?

More to do with the fact that the devs withholding further content after taking so long to get the corebook out could make the line fail

Which does sound like a strong card to play to convince Rich, but isn't actually true, because as Freelancers, they can be laid off with but a word.

You're falling into the same trap as Holdorke, here. Exalted was never in danger.

The irony is, their hissy fit - resulting in their sacking, and replacement with Vance and Minton - has probably done more to help the line than anything since the core leaks.

If the line failed and Exalted reverted to Paradox, I doubt Rich would give a shit about the long-term future of Exalted.

Seriously kill yourself. You care about developer drama over rpgs probably in lieu of being bitter over other drama about rpgs. Just kill yourself. Or go over to SV that's like being dead.

can you use martial arts while carrying a non-form weapon(like, readied in your off hand) provided you don't use it with any of your martial arts charms?

They've said there are at least 2 unamed ones so far, one that starts with an R.

solars need their cock fully sucked before anything else can happen, and lunars are a solar accessory


you should burn

Holden and Morke had an inflated sense of self importance. They had convinced themselves that they were the new Big Thing in the RPG industry and that Rich would have do what they wanted or else they would walk.

Rich called their bluff and proved that they weren't nearly as important or replaceable as they thought they were. In fact, judging by the communities response, everybody is fucking happy they're gone.

I really wonder how Holden and Morke feel when they realize that nobody liked them.

Indignant, I think. In a cartoonish "I'm surronded by philistines!" way.

So long as you don't use the non-form weapon to attack, yes.

>I really wonder how Holden and Morke feel when they realize that nobody liked them

I know people who did like them but how they're acting now has made them go "well... fuck"

I didn't agree it was like being dead until I saw Jon Chung popping up like he was still relevant, he may as well have been Henry VII or Abraham Lincoln

>but how they're acting now

Shit guys, Veeky Forums has known for some time they were asshats. I love how this pic has become more and more true the longer E3 has went on.

Does somebody know the name of the artist who did this?

thanks, that's what I thought.

I figure you also shouldn't be able to parry with it? or use a martial arts dodge while attacking with a non-form weapon?

You should be able to parry with it using the proper Ability, but not with MA.

This is more directed rather than general arrogance

boobs are big enough to be Nexus' work but it's not shit so I can't help you there

Did Exaltedfag not make it himself?

I assume not if they're asking who the artist is

Who'd he fire over it? Hill wasn't even remotely OPP's best person, and ended up quitting over the same payment issues Morke and Holden bitched about instead of getting fired over it.

Yeah, but distinction between quitting and being fired only matters to people who give a fuck about facts instead of only being interested in drama.

>tfw even Holden getting fired won't stop people from obsessing over their hatecrush for him.

Let's just make a separate Holden General where we can talk about his tweets or some shit.

But then this would fall off page 10 even faster.