Food For Thought Fellow Autists/ bizTards

Also included is a thread that if OP is still around should repost. Until then here are some screen shots that I saved to remind myself that we are on the verge of something beautifully big and catastrophic at the same time.







can you please just close the fucking ad at the bottom. ffs so triggering

Surfing zh without Adblock? Dafuq you pleb!

From six months ago. Can't win em' all. OP, if you're out there, please repost. /biz needs a quality post to take away the light from the shills and the pajeet shills if not for just a moment.

its no use bro. i realized everything this guy was saying last year as well.
Veeky Forums is not the place for this. if anything /pol/ would be more receptive.
this is just a cesspool of pnDers and shillbots. youd have better luck getting the autists at reddit to read this long of an essay

I screencapped your screencaps.

0/10 larp. Go check your blockfolio principalfag

Touche mien neger

Do anyone have the more detailed article about the same kind of crypto singularity scenario ? It was following the same arguments (deflationary currency and debt fueled economy)

So basically, in layman's words, what u are saying is HODL??


Yes, there was a user who posted advice about picking six coins a year ago, investing a grand in each and then leaving them alone for a year. It couldn't have been better advice. I cannot understand why 95% of coins have the market cap and price per coin that they do but...

Now that I think about it, make that 99%*

lel fucking zh.

Pretty much there will come a time when we measure everything in satoshis.

One candy bar 199 satoshis

One lambs 2.5 million sats

Which were? I'm holding mostly BTC, ETH, LTC and XMR. The rest are all kinds of shilled shitcoins. Am I good to go?

He didn't specify. That was the beauty of it. This time in crypto is where we were in 1995/1996 during the dotcom bubble. You can pick almost anything shilled by McAfee or a respected crypto trader on Twitter and you'll more than likely get gains on most of, if not all of your picks

>NSA/CIA/NWO create cryptos and release them into the world
>hide their role in creation, fabricate story about some hermit jap quant
>causes the financial hellstorm in the screen caps above
>wars, famine, mass death and government collapses
>Jews accomplish goals of depopulation, new centralized disctatoeships post-conflict, kill off central banking system that’s as been leveraged to the max and couldn’t function the way (((they))) want it to
>start controlling cryptos with exploits built in during planning AND the massive wallets created at the start

So they’re restructuring things with their own tool. And this is supposed to be mind blowing?

So if a candy bar is USD equivalent to 1 dollar then a lambo is 12500 dollars?

seems off faggot maybe learn math.

>telling people what to do while not contributing anything

Good. It is supposed to make the financial system fail. People will suffer initially but without the banks and their debt/loan based economy we will be better off.
It’s hapoening and it is a good thing in the long run to put the power of the market back in the hands of the individual. Banks and more to the point their loans are the problem. The more people take out loans the more prices for things like houses go up. It sucks for the generation who paid for a house with borrowed money but shit happens. Time to start a new world market based on a fixed and decentralised currency that is manipulated by nothing other than the free market. We deserve this for using money lenders in the first place. Their time is coming to an end and they are lashing out and fighting till their dying breath. Let’s hope they leave enough of us alive by the end of it. We need to do this.

Doesn't sound too crazy desu

fucking phoneposting faggot
kys yourself

This isn't happening though, you overestimate the NSA/CIA/MOSSAD.

The nice thing is they cant shut it down because crypto holders are as decentralized as the currency itself.

If Govt cracks down then guess what? They dont get our fucking taxes on gains

If banks crack down guess what? Well take our accounts elsewhere

And alot of the boomers will face the financial losses after fucking us all to begin with

Feels unstoppable

you got them bud. great work

It's fucking Pharoah's Way bro

They manufacture wars and financial disasters. Why wouldn’t they look to create a digital currency for, at the very least, laundering? Also, the government wants to end cash, this is a good way to solve that problem. The incentives are there and it’s not that difficult to create cryptos as evidenced by the thousands in existence.

In summation, fuck off kike shill.

This is a bit too biased for my tastes.
>A Veeky Forums user writes that crypto will overthrow fiat and banks
Eloquent and articulate, but still very much a shill. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. We're at a $600b marketcap. A remarkable feat, but still very far from world-shaking, paradigm-shifting remarkable.

Ahead of schedule user

This is the first internet-era bubbly investment. There are far too many support communities like this one shouting "hodl" and encouraging users.
In 2009 if your property was quickly losing value you'd be left alone to your own irrational thoughts most of the time. nowadays you can just open up Veeky Forums anywhere to vent and shitpost your lfeelings away. This is absurdly helpful and the reason why crypto has been rising so steadily: demand keeps on rising while offer gets ever scarcer

thank you based OP

please post any more resources about this including youtube videos and articles
Is this, dare I say, the 4th turning?


>Also, the government wants to end cash
you realize the great thing about crypto its like digital cash?

Actual cash in bill form=/=crypto/digital anything

Please understand his objective truth.

nothing is stopping from printing private keys on paper bills and figuring out a way to make them uncashoutable

The thing is you can have stable coin like radix and all this supply inelasticity will be gone..

After the crypto crash, fiat will crash big time, just hodl mate until 2023.